How To Jump For Joy Now Spring Has Sprung

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Jumping For Joy

This morning the Sun entered Aries at 5:14am GMT signalling the beginning of spring and the chance for a fresh start. It’s an important date in astrology as it’s the beginning of a new cycle of the zodiac, an astrological New Year.

This year there’s a lively feel to the spring equinox as three other planets hook up with the Sun this week. The first is Mercury, planet of communication, up to its tricks moving backwards over the early degrees of Aries. The second is Uranus, planet of change and unpredictability, at the same place in the heavens. The third is the Moon which conjoins with the Sun on Thursday, the day of the New Moon.

This is brilliant for brainwaves, new ideas and spur-of-the-moment activities. It’s joyful, exhilirating and at times, a little exhausting. I read a quote recently that seemed to fit this slightly manic but delicious energy, “Change is the only aphrodisiac”. It’s by Leonard Cohen, a gifted songwriter, and surprising perhaps because he’s remembered more for his mournful lyrics that tapped into the dark depths of the soul.

If change is an aphrodisiac, where in your chart can you create a fresh start and jump for joy? Here’s a quick guide to the current astrology by star sign, although don’t forget that with Mercury retrograde until 4th April, keep bouncing ideas around and be flexible with your plans for the next two weeks.

ARIES 1st House: Your image or online presence benefits from a makeover, a relaunch. How to change the way you come across to other people?

TAURUS 12th House: Time to reawaken your inner life, your spirituality or quest for peace of mind. Perfect for a retreat and a period of soulful reflection.

GEMINI 11th House: It’s about the friends, the groups and the personal tribe. Network, make connections and most importantly, socialise and have a fun time.

CANCER 10th House: Your career or vocation benefits from a shake-up, a new sense of direction. An unusual career choice may shock others but deeply fulfil you.

LEO 9th House: Run for the hills on a holiday with a purpose. Expand your mind and read books, watch films or listen to people who inspire you and awaken your sense of adventure.

VIRGO 8th House: Be open to new ways of money management. Think differently in your pursuit of making money, investing it, living on less, or whatever suits.

LIBRA 7th House: Love thrives when you throw extra spice and excitement into the mix. Experiment with being more independent in business partnerships and in love be less of a coupley couple.

SCORPIO 6th House: Fresh ideas rejuvenate a tired work routine. Create an online presence or add another skill to your portfolio. Health – you are what you eat.

SAGITTARIUS 5th House: More laughter and entertainment make Sagittarius happy. Get on the phone and organise a fun night out. Kids? – it’s your decision to have them or not.

CAPRICORN 4th House: Inject some energy into your home life and do things differently. Change things around; no TV for a month, more talk, games and ideas? Now there’s a thought.

AQUARIUS 3rd House: A hectic commute requires a rethink. Cycle or walk now spring is here, run up and down stairs and escalators. Be in touch with a sibling.

PISCES 2nd House: Listen to radical ideas about wealth creation or valuing what you do with your money. There’s no right or wrong picture so earn it or spend it as you will.

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2 thoughts on “How To Jump For Joy Now Spring Has Sprung”

  1. I love jumping with joy now that spring has arrived. It makes you feel good whatever your star sign. Thank you for sharing tips to making the transition to the next phase easier. I shall be mindful over the next couple of weeks until the Mercury retrograde passes. Thank you Sally.

    1. hi Jan, thank you for your comment. Yes, bear in mind that Mercury turns direct at the beginning of April and that’s the time to put all those good ideas into action. best, Sally.

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