Stars Of The Stars: Britain’s Got Talent And The Voice

photo of Britain's Got TalentAre You An Extrovert Or An Introvert?

Saturday night TV has been dominated by reality TV for some time and tonight is no exception with new “talent” show The Voice on BBC up against Britain’s Got Talent on ITV. Being an astrologer, I am always curious to know what star signs people are who are involved in these programmes.

Last year I wrote a blog post entitled X Factor And The Emotional Factor in which it stated that X Factor judges Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa Contostavlos were all Cancerians, one of the water signs. This fits as X Factor is renowned as much for its sob stories, emotion and lots of crying, than solely its singing talent. It pulls on the heart strings.

This is an exception for TV talent shows, however, as the majority of people involved are born under a fire or air star sign, the extroverted signs, whereas earth and water signs are termed the introverted signs. Here’s a list of the star signs showing which signs are extroverts and which signs are introverts:


FIRE: Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

AIR: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius


EARTH: Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

WATER: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

This is a wide generalisation as most of us are neither completely introverts or extroverts and yet I’ve found that people often grow into their star sign. Being a Scorpio and one of the “introverted” water signs, I need my privacy and periods of time alone which benefit me deeply. I also have personal planets in Libra and Leo, the extroverted signs, so again, like most of us there are different elements that make up my personality.

Here’s a list of the key players in tonight’s shows with their respective star signs:


Judges:  Simon Cowell – Libra; Amanda Holden – Aquarius; Alesha Dixon – Libra; David Walliams – Leo

Hosts: Ant & Dec – Scorpio & Libra


Coaches: Jessie J – Aries; Tom Jones – Gemini; – Pisces; Danny O’Donoghue – Libra

Presenters: Reggie Yates – Gemini; Holly Willoughby – Aquarius

8 out of the 12 celebrities are air signs, easily the dominant element, ruling social interaction and people skills and it is the most popular sign amongst reality TV judges and presenters. There are 2 fire signs and 2 water signs, so the list leans heavily towards the “extroverts” of the zodiac.

The one element that’s missing is the earth element. In general, people born under these signs prefer a normal life or they excel in the business world and are often anti-celebrity. The one exception on last season’s X Factor was Gary Barlow, a Capricorn, who I personally thought added gravitas to the show, although some people rather unkindly thought he was boring.

Tonight’s shows will no doubt be full of colour, song & laughter and OTT behaviour; the perfect platform for a bunch of extroverts.

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4 thoughts on “Stars Of The Stars: Britain’s Got Talent And The Voice”

  1. Sally, I’m a really relieved Taurean. All my life I’ve felt obliged to be extrovert but the last few years, in my Fifties, I’ve realised increasingly just how much I love my own company and seek peace and quiet and solitude more and more every day. It was firstly reading in my Wealth Dynamics profile that I am 50% introvert which gave me permission to start exploring – and loving – that side of me. Now I learn from you that Taurus is an introvert. Hurrah! That’s all I can say. Even more permission to go inward which I feel compelled to do more and more, it seems outside my control and it’s lovely to have a reason so I can understand that pull,it helps and feels like back up and justification and explanation. Thanks, Sally. Judith

    1. Dear relieved Taurean, I’m so pleased. I too am one of the introverted signs and time alone is precious. I do believe that the more you grow into and become your star sign, the happier you are. You are already well on the way, Ms Money Lady, and the more you focus on what makes life pleasurable to you, the more at peace you will feel. I look forward to hearing the next stage of your story. best, Sally.

  2. I just wanted to say that as a Libran I am jolly happy to be an extrovert. I could not imagine being anything else! We just have to respect all our differences and appreciate one another for them.

    Thanks for this interesting read Sally. I too like to know what star sign everyone is…. it helps me understand them.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bianca. I agree; respecting all our differences, working towards understanding them and appreciating one another for them is the way forward. Bravo!

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