Happy Valentines Day: Tweet Ur Love

Tweet MeHappy Valentines Day!

Love it or hate it, it’s here…

As a thank you for reading my stars and visiting my website, here’s a quick Valentines Day tip for each of the 12 star signs, in 140 characters twitter-style.

Wishing you love, fun & happiness,


Aries Do ur own thing or do it ur way. Be passionate, dance the flamenco w a red rose in ur teeth. A night out with the girls? Just as much fun

Taurus  Celebrate love, universal or personal. A Valentines card from work, a Michelin-starred restaurant or a meditation to share the love – om!

Gemini Tweet ur love, text ur love, say it at least twice. Eat foreign food & make each other laugh. Dreaming of someone overseas? Get in touch.

Cancer Forget the ex & focus on the here & now. If u’re going to do it, do it proper. Sexy food & sensuality all the way. Share intimacy.

Leo It’s Valentine’s Day & u want to be adored. Give out love & ask for it in return. Grand gestures mean a lot – chocs, flowers, the works.

Virgo Look ur best & expect high standards in return. Love is in the small gestures, the loving touch. A new date? No worries – go Dutch.

Libra Make every day Valentines Day & share the lurve. Romance the one u love & make it special. Hearts & roses, cuddly toys… why not?

Scorpio Do it at home & get creative. Comfy slippers & shared memories seal the deal. If u’re single, it’s the perfect excuse to be super flirty.

Sagittarius Words mean the most so write down ur love. Be playful, have fun, enjoy yourself, date or no date. Be happy & make someone smile.

Capricorn Express ur gratitude with a thoughtful gift & kind words. Love is in the everyday moments & it only takes a little effort to mean a lot.

Aquarius Be unique & express ur love in a different way. It’s a chatty Valentines so hang out with the in crowd. U attract love like a magnet.

Pisces Embrace the dreamy vibe & let drinks, poetry & romance hit the spot. Be kind to u if u’re on ur own, indulge in a feel-good film or music.

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