Weekly Astrology Insights: 11th-17th February 2013

Language of AstrologySaturn plays a dominant role in the heavens this week and I’m sitting here at my desk looking out on sleet and rain. Brr… it’s cold here in the UK, very Saturnian.

Saturn squares Venus, planet of love, today, Monday 11th, and in the wake of Valentines Day on Thursday 14th, Saturn advises a reality check. This is the planet of responsibility and commitment, so definitely not a romantic vibe.

Sometimes however, it is important to consider where a relationship’s heading and check that the two of you have similar goals and wishes in mind. Any long-term relationship requires rules and boundaries that work for both of you.

The good news is that Venus is free of Saturn’s stern nature come Thursday, Valentines Day itself and with the Moon and Venus coming together, this feels more playful and frivolous. The perfect excuse for those of you who love the romance of Valentines Day.

Saturn (discipline) and Pluto (transformation) are at work in the week when they team up in easy aspects with Mercury, planet of the mind, and Mars, planet of action. This feels constructive and focused so it’s worth prioritising what’s important in your life and work hard to complete a specific goal. It may only take one phone call or a short burst of energy to feel that you’ve achieved something significant.

Next week, both Saturn and Mercury reverse in the heavens and turn retrograde, so it’s a good idea to see what you can get done before then.

You can read weekly stars for your individual star sign at Entrepreneur Soul and if like me, you are craving some summer sunshine, then check out my fellow astrologer, Joanna Watters’ summer courses below. She’s a brilliant and experienced tarot and astrology teacher who lives on the beautiful island of Lefkas in Greece.



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Wishing you much love, good health & happiness this Valentine’s week.


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