Weekly Astrology Insights: 18th-24th February 2013

Language of AstrologyThe Sun enters Pisces as the week begins on Monday 18th and connects with Neptune, God of the Sea, and Pisces’ ruling planet on Thursday 21st. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it’s said to contain something of all the other signs within it. Pisces rules spirituality which by definition embraces the whole of the universe.

Pisces is known for it’s romantic nature and a desire for something more to life, wanting to escape from all that’s mundane and boring. Yesterday, I spent a wonderful afternoon at the cinema watching the film version of Les Miserables.

If you haven’t seen it already, it’s almost 3 hours of singing, drama and huge emotion; there’s love, tragedy, grief, suffering, faith, hope & uprising. It touches on many themes including morality and God and it’s a brilliant movie and easy to lose yourself in it. The time sped by and I left the cinema having had a good sob and feeling elated. It felt a total Piscean experience, escapism at it’s best.

Neptune is also the planet associated with glamour as it casts a veil over what is real. We see life through rose-coloured glasses and yearn for beauty and to be seen as special. The 85th Academy Awards ceremony takes place this Sunday, 24th February. Full of actor & actress luvvies and gorgeous frocks, the Oscars is a true celebration of film and perfectly Piscean.

The awards used to take place in March when the Sun was in Aries but film is Piscean so it’s fitting that they brought the annual event earlier. I adore the Oscars but it is an all-nighter if you want to watch from the UK. I have done in the past, most notably when a friend’s uncle, Jim Broadbent, was up for an award. He was the dark horse of the Best Supporting Actor award but won. I was elated and so glad I stayed up to watch. I will be posting a blog with my Oscar predictions in a few days time, so do look out for them.

Dragging myself away from the seductive world of Pisces, it’s also important to note that two planets turn retrograde this week. When a planet’s retrograde, it gives the impression of moving backwards in the heavens and it retreats through the zodiac, retracing its steps. The energy of the slower moving planets tends to internalise as this process often lasts for a few months.

It’s Saturn’s turn on Monday 18th and it starts to reverse at 11 Scorpio. This is thought to weaken Saturn’s energy when it’s retrograde and it gives you a chance to reassess your situation. As Saturn tends to be a tough planet, it’s often about understanding and accepting your limitations. It’s a time of internal growth and adjustment, a slow and steady process. Saturn’s on go slow until July 8th and turns direct at 4 Scorpio.

Mercury, the communication planet, zips around the heavens at a much quicker lick and turns retrograde three times a year. It’s notoriously a time of communication breakdown when Mercury’s on go slow and it’s advisable to back up your computer files, ensure your car’s in good working order and anything else you can think of before Mercury reverses this Saturday, the 23rd.

When Mercury’s on go slow, it’s advisable to be prepared for misunderstandings and double check important correspondences and arrangements. Plans can go awry when Mercury’s up to it’s tricks and you’re best not to make any major decisions until Mercury turns direct on March 17th.This is when new information often comes to light and plans made during a Mercury retrograde period often have to change.

Mercury retrograde is brilliant for going back to an old project or chasing people up, however, and below I’ve listed three previous articles, which all give a slightly different take on this astrological phenomenon. Read all three and you’ll have a comprehensive idea on what Mercury retrograde is all about.

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Wishing you love, health & happiness and if you’re up for an Oscar award, fingers crossed!


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