Grand Water Trine: Breathe In

Grand Water Trine

Sun Cancer trine Jupiter Scorpio [13 degrees] – July 5, 2018 (12:04 GMT +1)
Sun Cancer trine Neptune Pisces [16 degrees] – July 8, 2018 (15:42 GMT +1)

This week sees a magical Grand Water Trine taking place in the heavens. It starts with one of the loveliest planetary aspects, a trine between the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Cancer on July 5th. The Sun is your essence, who are you becoming and Jupiter is the planet of good fortune which expands what it touches.

The annual Sun/Jupiter conjunction is often a peak moment in the year but the trine aspect too promises luck and opportunity. It’s a wonderful time to trust in life, have faith and do whatever you need to allow positivity and optimism to flow through you.

As this combination falls in water signs, this is instinctual and an ideal time to trust your feelings, your gut. Cancer’s ruling planetary body is the Moon, which governs the stomach. Do what feels right, above what you think is right.

These Grand Water Trines are a key part of this mid-year period. Venus in Cancer aligned with Jupiter and Neptune on June 1st and 2nd and Mercury in Cancer joined in on June 19th to 21st. The dates can be important but know that this whole period is influenced by this boundless, visionary planetary combination.

Jupiter and Neptune are co-rulers of Pisces, so use your imagination and listen to your dreams. Your inner world is currently a rich tapestry and this is confirmed because of Mars retrograde. When planets turn inwards, you can access your emotions and delve into your psyche where hidden riches and truths are found.

The Grand Water Trine emphasizes these areas of your life. Tap into the creative or spiritual world to immerse yourself fully in this wondrous astrology.

If the emotions want to flow, let them and, for the water signs in particular, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, this may be a sentimental or heart-felt time. Retrograde Mars is closely aligned with the karmic south node during this mid-year period, another symbol of release and letting go.

Most importantly, follow where your intuition leads you. This is what will bring you comfort, joy and fulfilment. Indulge your fantasies and be open to giving and receiving love. Lose yourself, in a good way.

On that note, I’m heading to the beach to feel the sea’s breath upon me. n.b. inspiration means ‘to breathe in’.

Grand Water Trine

Wishing you peace as soft, gentle waves lap at your shore.

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