Wimbledon Mens’ Tennis 2018

Wimbledon astrologyUpdate: Djokovic won his first Grand Slam since the French Open 2016. It was classic astrology – the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, turning direct on his Midheaven (success point) at 14 Scorpio. It was predicted some time ago that he’d be back to his best when his progressed Sun was conjunct his natal Mars, ruler of his Scorpio Midheaven, and it’s exact this year.

Angelique Kerber won the women’s final. She’s a Sun Capricorn and Jupiter was picking out a Mercury-Pluto square in her birth chart: Mercury at 13 Aquarius and Pluto at 12 Scorpio. You would expect Mercury to be linked to her career but with no time of birth, you can’t tell.

The tournament chart remains something of a mystery for Wimbledon this year. Usually, it can reveal a lot about the tournament but that wasn’t the case this time. Instead, it was lucky Jupiter by transit that coincided with both players’ success.

We are back for another round of strawberries and tennis at my favourite Grand Slam venue of the year, Wimbledon.

Roger Federer is the reigning champion and the no. 1 seed. Let’s dive straight in to see what the astrology for the start of the tournament can tell us (see chart left).

Tournament Chart

A couple of things leap out immediately. Firstly, the chart ruler and the planet which rules the Midheaven (success point) is Mercury. Plus, Mercury is conjunct the favourable north node in Leo. This often spells good news for the favourite.

Also, note the Moon in Aquarius void of course, which means it makes no more aspects before it moves into a new star sign. In horary astrology, this means ‘nothing will come of it’, i.e. nothing new, the situation won’t change. Looking at past tennis predictions, the favourite has won on the void of course Moon.

Two of these themes are repeated in the chart for the final (at bottom of article). The north node is conjunct the Midheaven and the Moon is once again void of course.

It’s likely too that Jupiter will play a significant role at this tournament because it turns direct on July 10th at 13 Scorpio 21. In fact, it only moves a few minutes throughout the tournament. Therefore, you would expect players with planets/angles close to 13 degrees of the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) to do well.

There is also a New Moon or Solar Eclipse on July 13th at 20 Cancer 41. This could prove significant as eclipses are game-changers and can turn a situation around.

Finally, Mercury is heading for an opposition with retrograde Mars in Aquarius, exact on July 5th. This feels bad-tempered, combative even. If temperatures remain as hot as they are now, tempers could flare in the heat.

Let’s look at some of the players’ astrology. As always, I’m concentrating on the top 20 seeds, with a few exceptions. I only comment on the players who have astrology of note, whether positive or challenging.

Roger Federer, b. August 8 1981, 8:40am, Basel, Switzerland, no. 1 seed

Federer has been on a roll over the last year or so, winning the Australian Open 2017, Wimbledon 2017, the Australian Open 2018. If the pattern continues he’ll win Wimbledon 2018. He’s done this under some stunning progressions; Mercury progressed (the tennis planet and Federer’s chart ruler and career ruler) conjunct lucky Jupiter progressed. Also, Mercury progressed sextile Sun natal, which is still strong, although starting to separate.

During this tournament transiting Jupiter turns direct square his natal Mercury at 13 Leo 28. Square aspects aren’t necessarily a positive factor, although Jupiter can be fortunate, however it connects with your natal astrology. It’s also his Mercury Return, exact on July 9th, followed by Mercury conjunct his Sun Leo on July 11th. Nadal just won the French Open during his Mercury Return. Federer’s astrology looks promising.

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3, 1986, 7:10pm, Manacor, Spain, no. 2 seed – Sun Leo

Nadal is the no. 2 seed and he comes into Wimbledon after winning his 11th French Open tournament. Clay is Nadal’s speciality and the French Open always comes around when Gemini is strong and Nadal has both the Sun and fleet-footed Mercury in Gemini.

Not a lot leaps out astrologically during Wimbledon. Venus, one of the benefics, moves into Virgo on July 10th and will be conjunct his Midheaven, but this is a minor factor. The north node is conjunct his progressed Mercury at 5 degrees Leo, which could prove beneficial. However, Saturn is conjunct his natal Neptune during the tournament which can be a disorienting or disillusioned transit. It’s rarely positive and his astrology isn’t as strong as it was during the French Open.

Marin Cilic, b. September 28 1988, 5:00am?, Zagreb, Croatia, no. 3 seed – Sun Libra

Cilic beat Djokovic at Queens in the run up to Wimbledon and he’s the no. 3 seed. Astrologically, he’s something of a mystery and during Wimbledon he has Saturn exactly square his natal Sun-Mars opposition. Sometimes, this transit can help strengthen an opposition and Mars in Aries is where Cilic gets his competitive fighting spirit. Saturn can also stop you in your tracks and halt progress.

A minor factor, Cilic starts the tournament on his Venus Return, which can be lovely but not necessarily focused on his tennis. Cilic was born with Mars retrograde in his birth chart. It will be interesting to see whether players with this planetary alignment natally do better with Mars currently in retreat.

Alexander Zverev, b. April 20, 1997, (11:00pm or 3am), Hamburg, Germany, no. 4 seed – Sun Taurus

I had my eye on Zverev for the French Open because of an exact Uranus transit to his natal Sun Taurus, which often springs surprises. He played some epic five-setters and it’s fair to say he had a good tournament. Transiting Uranus has moved away from his Sun but retrograde Mars is conjunct his natal Uranus during the tournament (exact July 7th), when he could either play exciting tennis or crash out – Uranus is unpredictable!

Zverev was also born with Mars retrograde close to his Virgo Midheaven, using the 11:00 pm time of birth. His astrology doesn’t have the same vibe as it did in Paris.

Grigor Dimitrov, b. May 16 1991, 5:30am?, Haskovo, Bulgaria, no. 6 seed – Sun Taurus

If Dimitrov’s time of birth is correct, he has some interesting astrology lighting up his natal Saturn-Jupiter opposition, Saturn being the ruler of his Capricorn Midheaven. The karmic north node which bestows good fortune is close to his natal Jupiter at 6 Leo and retrograde Mars is transiting back to his natal Saturn, although not exact during the tournament. Basic symbolism about Jupiter and Saturn is about turning dreams into reality. You can harness the optimistic nature of Jupiter and combine it with the practial realism of Saturn. Will it be lucky or unfortunate for Dimitrov?

Also, transiting Jupiter turns direct on his Descendant, which may be more about love than tennis. Again, if his time of birth is correct. As far as I know, he is still with Sun Cancer girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger (b. June 29 1978). A propopsal or a parting of the ways? – Jupiter symbolises celebration but also freedom.

Dominic Thiem, b. September 3 1993, 01:26am?, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, no. 9 seed – Sun Virgo

Thiem’s Sun is at 10 Virgo conjunct Mercury at 14 Virgo. Therefore, the Jupiter transit isn’t exact but Jupiter turning direct at 13 Scorpio does light up this natal conjunction in his birth chart. Mercury rules the hands, great for tennis players.

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, no. 12 seed – Sun Gemini

Djokovic hasn’t won a Grand Slam since the French Open 2016, when he held all four Grand Slam trophies at the same time. He does have a lovely progression which is nearing completion this year; progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars (exact on August 16th). This will help his competitive spirit and Mars rules his Scorpio Midheaven and we’re already seeing him win more matches.

Plus, Jupiter turns direct close to his Scorpio Midheaven at 14 degrees Scorpio. This is glorious and both the major progression and the Jupiter transit feel like a rebirth or reawakening of his winning ways. Admittedly, he still has Saturn square his Moon, exact a few days before the start of the tournament, which can sometimes play out as lack of confidence or feeling constrained. I hope to see Djokovic returning to form.

Andy Murray, b. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK, unseeded – Sun Taurus

Murray may not even play at Wimbledon if he doesn’t feel fit and it’s a hip injury that’s kept him out of the game for some time. Jupiter rules hips and last year, 2017, Pluto was square Murray’s natal Jupiter for most of the year. A difficult transit. This transit has now moved on but it’s unlikely that he will be back to peak fitness for a while yet. There’s not a lot to add with regard to his current astrology.

Kyle Edmund, b. January 8 1995, time unknown, Beverley, UK, no. 22 seed – Sun Capricorn

Lucas Pouille, b. February 23 1994, 4:00 pm, Dunkerque, France, no. 18 seed – Sun Pisces

I can’t find a lot of tennis players with key planets at 13 degrees Scorpio. Edmund has his lucky north node at 12 degrees Scorpio and Pouille is having his Jupiter Return. It’s not exact during the tournament but with his natal Jupiter at 14 Scorpio 37, that’s still a strong testimony.

Who Will Win?

I do think Federer’s got some good astrology again and the tournament chart points to the favourite doing well. I’ll also be interested in Djokovic’ progress.

I know there’ll be many of you asking about other players during the tournament and I look forward to hearing from those of you who know your astrology and your thoughts about Wimbledon. Bring on the tennis…

Wimbledon final

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  1. Hi Sally,

    Thanks a TON for your post.

    I eagerly wait for your predictions as much as for the tournament.

    I love to read everyone’s comments in this forum.

    One thing, you are most of the times bang on Target except when you predict for FEDERER.

    But I do hope, this time your prediction on Federer will come true.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      My first ever tennis/astrology prediction was for Federer to win Wimbledon 2012 – a gorgeous Jupiter transit on his Midheaven 🙂

      1. Hi Sally,

        I was checking all your predictions from 2012 Wimbledon . And that’s only case when you had predicted for Federer and he had won it .

        Still I am a big fan of yours.


        1. Sally Kirkman

          Yes, I agree. I think that’s my swan song, to be fair. I will post my reasons why after this tournament. I’m no longer enjoying the tennis/astrology pairing 🙁

  2. Roger Federer go go go!!! It would be 9 Wimbledons, his 99th career title. Look at that symmetry 999!!! What a wonderful marvellous player he has been through the ages.

    Thanks Sally, here’s hoping!

  3. What about Coric in Fed’s half??. He recently beat him in Halle. He seams to be a treat to Federer in 4 th round.

    1. That he won because of Federer’s mistake and casual play . I don’t think he will be able to repeat that again.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      No time of birth for Coric so I don’t have all the information. He is a Sun Scorpio (b. Nov 14 1996) so he has lucky Jupiter on his side all year. It’s not exact during this tournament – it peaks during October/November 2018.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to do,this every year since Wimbledon 2012! 6 years! Happy anniversary. Well I appreciate your insights and predictions,even though sometimes we all can a little too passionate about our players. I thank you for still doing this even when you don’t t have too.

  5. Thanks Sally. For me, Wimbledon starts when you post your prediction. From your description, it sounds like Djokovic’s astrology is great.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you. Yes, will be interested to see how Djokovic plays. I do think he’s coming back to form, although also dealing with a tricky Saturn transit.

  6. Hi, Sally,

    The tournament begins with your prediction! It’s nice to see your analysis.

    It will be interesting to see how things go for Roger, Novak, and others. I am also wondering about the solar eclipse of July 13. I have read that this could be a difficult one, and anyone whose chart is impacted by it should beware. Of course, eclipses are wildcards, and one never knows.

    Thanks for your Wimbledon insights! Let the tournament begin!

    1. Hi Sally,

      I am looking at some secondary progressions, etc., for a few of the top players.

      Roger’s wonderful progression of the progressed Ascendant conjunct Jupiter is now slightly past half a degree from exact and separating. So we may not see such success as he has had over the past year or so. In addition, his progressed Midheaven career factor is nearing the square to his progressed Saturn, less than half a degree from exact. That could bring problems. And his progressed Moon is close to the exact square to his Neptune, and that could bring disappointment. From the progressions, I would be surprised if he won. It will be interesting to see if the tournament chart brings him the victory.

      Rafa has some favorable factors, but the July 13 solar eclipse is within range of the opposition to his Mars. As an opposition, I think that could be a problem, and I would be surprised if he won.

      Novak has that progression of the progressed Sun conjunct his Mars, quite close to exact. That alone could bring him victory. In addition, the July 13 solar eclipse will be conjunct his progressed Mars. And transiting Jupiter will be widely conjunct his Midheaven career point. It will be interesting to see if these factors bring him success.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Thank you, AstroTennis. As you know, I like to use the progressions, alongside the transits for predicting. Federer still has Mercury progressed sextile Sun natal? It’s separating but was exact end of April 2018, so theoretically still strong for him and Mercury is his career planet. I agree it’s something of a mixed bag with the other progressions you mention. Always good to hear your thoughts on the astrology 🙂

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you. Solar eclipses are often like turbo-powered New Moons, but this one is involved in an opposition to Pluto. So that suggests an ending first, then a new beginning. I’m waiting to see how it plays out in the football too – some teams are particularly keyed into it. I’ve often seen Pluto transits play out as being sent off or getting a red card!

  7. Hi Sally,

    Thank you for posting Astrology for Wimbledon.

    Hope it will be exciting one.


  8. Sally, your prediction on Murray turned out to be true .


  9. Hi everybody, thanks very much Sally for your next prediction! After my fancy, the gap between Grand Slam 2 and 3 is still very short for various reasons.

    The draw offers an interesting constellation: most of the big servers and Grass favored players who are among favorites to go deep at Wimbledon, Cilic/Raonic/Querry/Anderson/Isner/Muller/Dimitrov are in the upper half together with grass king and defending champion Federer while most of the best top baseliners as Thiem/Djokovic/Zverev/Goffin/Schwartzmann/Nishikori are collected in the lower draw together with clay specialist Nadal.

    This might be an advantage for Nadal who repeatedly lost against big servers at Wimbledon. Nadal has good Moon transits in the mid of the tournament, but he has to overcome Mischa Zverev first who just won his first ATP title. Serve and Volleyer Zverev has interesting transits that day: Chiron conjunct North Node brought his triumph at Eastbourne and the Moon is conjunct natal Jupiter at Round 3 accompanied by his Venus Return. Nadal with the Sun conjunct Venus that day. Schwartzmann and Del Potro again waiting in the draw later for Nadal.

    Jupiter turns direct on Djokovic’s Midheaven for the Quarters squared by the Sun and accompanied by Mars square natal Pluto (his Career rulers) that day. Sally, intensifying the strong astrology for the defending champion that you mention, Roger also enjoys one of the best sports transits with Jupiter trine energetic planet Mars even mirrored by Mars trine natal Jupiter – both rather precise throughout the whole tournament. The opener’s axis mirror the birth horoscope of Roger. Maybe North Node strongly attached to Mercury in the charts indicates the 150th edition of Wimbledon.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Patrick, welcome back. Thank you for mentioning Jupiter transit trine Mars for Federer. I was so struck by Jupiter turning direct exactly square his career planet, Mercury, that I missed the other one. So Jupiter is on his side. Will be interesting to see how it goes this tournament.

  10. Yeah Sally! I love love love Wimbledon and your thoughts and input are the icing on the cake!

  11. Hi Sally

    Here is another prediction. It is translated from Spanish.


    The tournament starts with theVOC moon next Monday. Above, Roger Federer will debut next Monday, not only playing under theVOC moon , but with a trine between the Sun (hissun sign ) and Jupiter , a planet that symbolizes victory, which for me indicates that he has high chances of taking his 9th tournament title.

    On the women’s side, I put my chips to Garbiñe Muguruza to repeat, since she debuts on Tuesday under anexalted moon on Jupiter , with trines between the moon and the sun and Jupiter and the sun . If it’s not her, can Serena Williams?

    However, I think there will be no new Wimbledon champion.
    Last edited by jhptygate date: 06-26-2018 at 13:34:26

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for sharing this. We have had a VOC (void of course) moon before and the favourite did win. That’s what you would predict with it in the opening chart – ‘nothing will change’, i.e. there won’t be a new winner. We shall see…

  12. Hi Sally

    This is from Lana:

    Roger Federer – Seed No. 1

    The last couple of years have seen an outstanding resurgence of Roger Federer’s form, after a few years when it looked as though he was beginning to struggle. At the age of 36 (going on 37) he is still a force to be reckoned with, still as popular as ever, and breaking numerous records. He beat Marin Cilic (winner of Queens this year) in the final of the Australian Open in January, but decided not to compete at the French Open. He skipped the French Open last year, and went on to win at Wimbledon.

    At the beginning of Wimbledon this year, Jupiter will be square his Mercury: mentally, he will be enthusiastic, though his form may be slightly off beam, exaggerated, overstretched. Jupiter will be trine his Mars, so he will have plenty of energy, enthusiasm and vitality. Saturn will still be square his natal Saturn, so there will still be some frustration. Pluto will still be sextile his Moon, so he will have plenty of emotional drive. The North Node will be sextile his Jupiter, so he will have self-belief.

    By the end of Wimbledon, Mars will be trine his Jupiter, again, keeping his energy levels buoyant. The red planet will also be trine his Saturn, so he will have more control, and it trines his Midheaven, so he will be confident and assertive. Jupiter will still be trine his Mars and square his Mercury (see above), and Pluto will still be sextile his Moon (see above). As well as being trine his Jupiter, the North Node will also trine his Saturn, so his karma will be steady. Not a bad set of aspects at all.

    Rafael Nadal – Seed No. 2

    Nadal won comfortably at the French Open in early June (with the power to surprise from Uranian transits, and added strength from Neptune and Pluto), but is more comfortable on clay, and has not done so well in recent years at Wimbledon.

    At the beginning of Wimbledon, he retains Neptune trine his Venus from the French win, Pluto sextile his Jupiter and Ascendant (a great strength), Saturn is sextile his Pluto (more strength), but Saturn is on his Neptune (some sort of a dampener, but not enough I think to make too much of a dent in his initial performances).

    His transits for the end of Wimbledon show again Neptune trine his Venus, Pluto sextile his Jupiter, Saturn on his Neptune and sextile his Pluto, Pluto still sextile his Ascendant, but newly in the picture the North Node trine his Saturn (a stabilizing transit, one which Roger Federer also has).

    Marin Cilic – Seed No. 3

    Marin Cilic won at Queens, just prior to Wimbledon, so he is on good form. He beat Novak Djokovic, who is on the up after a low key year or two. His winning transits at Queens were Saturn square his Sun and opposite his Chiron (so is mastering those difficult aspects).

    Novak lost despite having Mars sextile his North Node (fighting spirit), and Saturn trine his Venus (personal strength). Neptune was square his Mercury which may have unsettled his mind. Novak is now seeded No. 12.

    At the beginning of Wimbledon Marin Cilic has Saturn still square his Sun (absolutely exact), plus Saturn square his Mars. He may be experiencing problems right now, and they may be on a personal front. He no longer has Saturn opposite his Chiron, however, or it is at least on the wane.

    At the end of Wimbledon, Saturn has moved away from the square to his Sun, but squares his natal Mars, sapping his energy. A compensating transit is the North Node sextile his Jupiter, so he may have a little luck along the way, though I am not sure whether that will be enough to get him to the final stages.

    Alexander Zverev – Seed No. 4

    Alexander Zverev, seeded No. 10 last year at Wimbledon, has moved up the ranks and had some success in the intervening year.

    I wrote last year: “His Sun is right at the beginning of Taurus, and he has 0 Water planets (so may not be so emotional) and half his planets in Earth so is practical. He is sensitive, though, with Neptune exactly square his Sun, and Chiron exactly opposite his Sun. He has Mercury conjunct Venus, which may give him writing or diplomatic abilities. With Mercury exactly square Uranus, he is not afraid to be controversial.” Since then, I have obtained a birth time for him, which reveals a very driven Scorpio Ascendant to add to the picture.

    At the French Open he demonstrated his Scorpio endurance, winning some five set matches from two sets down, eventually succumbing to Dominic Thiem in the quarterfinals. Neptune was opposing his Mars, and continues to do so throughout Wimbledon, as Neptune is slow-moving.

    Starting out at Wimbledon he also has Mars trine his natal Moon, energy combined with emotion; Mars on his Uranus (excitement), Saturn trine his Venus (some containment and steadiness in his feelings). That’s a promising start, but he finishes Wimbledon with that Neptune opposition to his Mars still lurking, and only a trine from Venus to his Venus as back up. I don’t think that would take him to the final.

    Of the top four men’s seeds, Federer and Nadal have the best transits for the final, which sounds predictable…but I will have a look at the prospects for other players along the way.

  13. hi sally thanks for your insightful assessment of the astrology for wimbledon. Let me give my thoughts based on the sidereal system.29th degree of leo rises for the start of the tournament ant midheaven falls on 26degrees in taurus.so sun is the ruling planet and venus is the planet ruling the midheaven.sun placed in the 11th house and the moon not influenced by any planet can show the favourite winning. as federer is the top seed he is the favourite and the tournament chart gives a nod to the favourite.but as venus the planet ruling success point is placed in the 12 th house the possibility of the favourite winning is not so sure.jupiter turns direct on 10th july at 20.44 degrees libra which is just 1 degree from djokovics midheaven which is a great transit for career success.jupiter turns direct in an exact trine to wawrinkas midheaven normally a sure transit for career success. but his career planet saturn is retrograde which can deny success.anyway we have to watch how djokovic and wawrinka go in this tournament.the rising degree of the tournament chart is in a sextile to nadals natal point ascendent and the success point ruler venus is in a square to nadals point ascendent. jupiter turns direct in an exact square to nadals career planet sun on 10th july. moreover the moon of the tournament chart is going to an opposition to nadals midheaven though about 4.5 degrees away and on the day of the final moon is going to a conjunction with nadals midheaven though 4 degrees away. so i do not rule out nadals chances at all.the winner most likely between nadal and djokovic.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, James. Always helpful to hear what you have to say from a sidereal perspective. I’d missed Wawrinka’s Jupiter transit trine his Midheaven, which is always positive. Interesting what you say about Nadal. I agree about Djokovic. Bring on the tennis 🙂

  14. If Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Wawrinka all have something significant going astrologically, we are all going to witness some excellent tennis this fortnight.


  15. Thanks Sally for 7th Wimbledon Prediction and Entering the 7th year of Grand-slam Prediction. Grand Slams get great value addition through your prediction(s) and they should make you brand ambassador !! I fully remember, recollect happily how you predicted that King will be back in 2012 Wimbledon. Now you are saying the King will Remain !! Looking forward to great Forum Discussions and Great Tournament !!!!

    (Founding Member Sally’s Fan Club !!)

  16. Dear Ms Sally,

    You say that there is a New Moon or Solar Eclipse on July 13th at 20 Cancer 41. According to you this could prove significant as eclipses are game-changers and can turn a situation around.

    During US Open 2017, if my memory serves me right, there was a solar eclipse. And the eclipse proved beneficial to Nadal.

    Who all could benefit from the Solar Eclipse that will happen on Friday the 13th July-the day of Semi Finals?


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, you’re right there was a Solar Eclipse during last year’s US Open and it proved strong for Nadal. This eclipse is slightly different as it’s opposing Pluto, so as mentioned in an earlier comment a theme of endings followed by a new beginning. So not as clear cut that this will be beneficial.

  17. Wow RF left Nike !!! New Uniqlo deal. Didn’t see that coming. Anything related to astrology that made Fed take this decision.

    1. Uranus just entered his Career sector, money-related Taurus. Neptune might be involved too 😉

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Uranus has entered Federer’s 9th house not his 10th house, Patrick. I’m sure it’s about money though – he’s got Jupiter and Pluto transits to his Moon Scorpio during this mid-year period. I would guess it’s a savvy deal. Jupiter/Pluto are about big wealth.

        1. As Sun Leo, Taurus is the Career Sector, isn’t it, Sally? We won’t need to worry about him, I guess 🙂 It shall be a 300 Millions deal..

      2. Sally Kirkman

        Fair enough – you’re talking sun sign astrology and yes, that’s correct. I saw that he has 1 degree Taurus 55? on his 9th house and I thought you were referring to his natal chart.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            and you’re spot on – from a solar perspective, Uranus’ move into Taurus is the perfect time to swap allegiances professionally for Leo!

  18. Hi Sally,

    It was unfortunate to have Andy withdraw from Wimby this year. I would love to see him compete with the field.

    Let me know when you expect him to be back on a regular basis.

    As far as Federer is concerned I would see him win Wimby and USO. Its been 10 years he has won USO

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Not sure, Amit. Jupiter moving into Sagittarius might help him, but that’s the end of this year, November. He will also have progressed Sun conjunct competitive Mars, like Djokovic is having this year. For Andy though, it’s two years off so not that helpful for an early comeback. At least he has no more difficult Pluto transits to his Jupiter (hips).

      1. Sally, Andy will not have been off for 2 years – but just over one…..as he played Wimbledon last year…

        1. Sally Kirkman

          hi Lucy, not sure why you mention that? Did I say he was off for 2 years somewhere by mistake?

  19. Greenstone Lobo: Roger Federer can go on till 2020, win 3-4 more Grand Slams
    Hi Sally

    Nice to see Federer have chances

    Here is some extract from greenstone ( Feb 2018) , although i seriously doubt 🙂

    Roger Federer has had a fabulous start to 2018 – winning Grand Slam No. 20 and reclaiming the world No. 1 spot. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is: how many more Grand Slams can the Swiss win?

    The answer lies in his tormentor, the Saturn. When Saturn was in exaltation between 2012-14, Federer couldn’t win the Olympic gold and had just two Grand Slams to show. During this phase, Saturn was transiting Federer’s third house of the ‘hands’, and his ‘hands’ let him down in these three years.

    In 2015, Jupiter was exalted into his twelfth house of losses and he couldn’t win then too.

    Thereafter, since 2017, Fedex is enjoying the transit of Planet-X (2007 RH 283) into his tenth house of career, staging a remarkable turnaround and winning three of the last five Grand Slams.

    What’s more in store for him, then?

    Federer can continue his success spree till Saturn comes back into his life once again, which will be in February 2020. The Swiss would this struggle to win tournaments with Saturn getting stronger and staying till 2022.

    Beyond that, an even stronger planet, Neptune, would enter into its own house into Federer’s eighth house of transformations and he will just leave the arena to spend time with his family.

    So, arithmetically, Federer has a possibility of having a shot at another 10 Grand Slams. Even if he has a 30 per cent success ratio, which is a strong possibility because of his current transit of Planet-X, he can end up with another three-four Grand Slams. He may call it quits any time post 2020.

    So, Federer is not done yet. The world No. 1 will end up with another three-four Grand Slams under his kitty or will keep winning them till 2020, whichever is later.

    1. Don’t doubt on Lobo . 90% of his Sports predictions ( cricket, tennis, badminton) are bang on target.

      When everyone was doubting Roger in 2013, he had predicted that he would definitely win many more slams.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        I do like Greenstone Lobo. Do you really think he’s 90% correct though? That’s pretty high. I know he predicted Liverpool to win the Champions League and they had a horror of a match.

        1. Sometime back Greenstone Lobo had predicted disaster for Djokovic when he appointed Boris Becker as his coach. Its now history that Djokovic won 6 majors with Becker.

          But I still like Greenstone Lobo and his predictions.

          1. Raman,

            I think you are misunderstood. Greenstone Lobo predicted disaster for letting Becker go which has come true. He has not won a championship since firing Becker.


          2. Octozone: Novak Djokovic will regret appointing Boris Becker
            Saturday, Dec 21, 2013, 8:59 IST | Agency: DNA
            Greenstone Lobo

            A ppointing Boris Becker as the head coach is a decision Novak Djokovic will live to regret. The appointment will not make much difference to the fortunes of the World No. 2.

            Becker has an extraordinary horoscope that made him a legend. But he is currently undergoing a tough phase till end of 2014. Whatever he undertakes during this phase may not give him fruitful results. By Djoker’s extremely high standards, 2013 was disappointing. But his association with Becker would actually result in further decline in his form. Becker will not be able to do what Ivan Lendl has done with Andy Murray.

            Djokovic’s association with Marian Vajda has produced six Grand Slams. They were a superior combination as Vajda has a good horoscope and his best in career coincided with the best of Novak. Contrarily, Becker’s best in life is already over. Djokovic himself is going through a middling phase of Saturn and 2014 can’t be his best year in career anyway.

            Meanwhile, the other two who matter —Andy Murray and especially Rafael Nadal — are going through purple patches and things can only get tough in the Slams for Djokovic. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Serb and the German have an ugly fallout by the end of year 2014.

            Lobo is a city-based astrologer.


          3. Interesting and thanks for the clarification. Though, Djokovic, worked with the former Wimbledon, US and Australian Open winner for three years. He won six Grand Slams under Becker and held all four major titles at the same time when he won the French Open final in June.

          4. Well, the immediate Australian Open Nole lost, after appointing Becker. Which he generally used to win.

            But the heading of the prediction isn’t the best.

        2. sally Greenstone Lobo always talks of planet X planet Y and planet Z i have never understood what they are perhaps you can enlighten me

          1. Sally Kirkman

            James, I have not got a clue. They often come with co-ordinates so I guess they are something orbiting around in our universe but no idea what.

          2. This YouTube video is on Planet X…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__DB60QET94

          3. Incorrect statement.

            His predictions of grand slam finals is perhaps 90% or more correct most of the times. I don’t refute.

            He also gets some other interesting things right in tennis. But regarding details, he also gets some interesting things wrong. I’ve followed his tennis predictions closely.

          4. That’s some different convention including positions of planets (X, Y, Z) which are yet to be discovered, apparently.

            Going by that convention / theory, people’s sun sign etc also change.

        3. He’s not 90% correct in tennis predictions. I know as I track his predictions closely. At least, till date, that can’t be said correct.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for posting. Always interesting to read. He doesn’t speak specifically about Wimbledon 2018 but he seems to think Federer’s success will continue…

      1. Greenstone lobo predicted Argentina will win the world Cup which has not turned out to be correct also his prediction on the ipl too went wrong

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Thanks for posting. I have to say I don’t understand Greenstone Lobo’s astrology but I do know he often does well with his predictions. For example, this is what he says in the article mentioned:

            “Highest achievers in sports who win the biggest championships come in clusters. They are born during those years when planets are extra powerful.

            Like 1981, when the planet Uranus was in exaltation. In tennis, Roger Federer and Serena Williams were born that year, while in cricket it was MS Dhoni and Michael Clarke. The next such patch was in the second half of 1983. So, if we were to predict who will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we need to look into when the big tournament winners were born in other sports after 1983.

            It will thus be a captain born in 1986-87 who has the best chances to win this Cup.”

            Firstly, Uranus is in one star sign for approximately 7 years, so I don’t understand how it can be in exaltation in only one year or part of a year? Secondly, I’m not sure what he’s basing his prediction on, about a captain born in 1986-87? I don’t follow that train of thought from what he says previously. So… thank you for sharing so we can read his predictions but I’m none the wiser about his astrology. If anyone can help, please enlighten us 🙂

          2. 1987 born athletes we have 3 of the Big 4 in Tennis, seems to be connected with North Node Aries. Lionel Messi part of it, too. No clue about the planets he uses.

          3. Well, it doesn’t explain WHY he has chosen 1986/87, just describing the teams who have a captain born that year. I go with Sally’s prediction that Brazil is the hot favorite. France’s Coach Deschamps with Sun square Sun at final.

          4. Brazil lost and France in Semis.

            The way Belgium playing seems its hard to stop them ….

        1. This is what he has replied to one guy on his Facebook post:

          I was waiting for someone like you to comment. Just go and see the video and the article in DNA once again. It was about a 1986-87 born winning the WC. Not just about Argentina! It was because of morons like you that I had to make this video again!

          By the way,he has predicted that the winner of Uruguay n France will win the World Cup.

        2. Greenstones chances are rising as Deschamps’ Sun Sun square builds a T-Square wuth Saturn at final. Sally is still in the mix with her Belgium tip..

  20. Hi Sally
    Glad to read your predictions for this grand slam again. : Wimbledon is my favorite. A bit disappointed that Murray cannot play but I hope he will be back soon. Thanks also to all other astrologers who give their views. It is a pleasure to read all the comments in this blog

  21. Stan Wawrinka defeats Dimitrov. I think Novak Djokovic will win Wimbledon. I think James Green made good prediction about stan and Djoko.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      That was a tough draw for both of them, don’t you think? Yes, Wawrinka triumphs with Jupiter transit trine his Midheaven (thank you, James Green, for the notice) – nice!

      1. Good prediction James! How nicely the astrology plays out with Stan who comes out of his slump with Saturn just having left the 2 degree gap of the square to natal Sun plus Jupiter boosting his performance.

      1. I always have a strong liking for James green’ s sidereal astro predictions in addition to Sally’s astrological prowess.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Can I ask, is anyone else seeing a name/email in the comments box when they come to leave a comment? I’ve had one of my fans 🙂 say that they do, so wanted to check. Thank you.

  22. Lesley Jackson

    Although this isn’t astrology related I’ll throw it in anyway – forgive me Sally. We are having a heatwave here and it’s set to continue. The grass will be hard baked and it’s sunny and hot – always good for Rafa. Just putting it out there.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I know, I’m in it! I was just thinking the same and wondering how it shows astrologically. I guess the chart ruler Mercury in the sign ruled by the Sun, Leo, conjunct the north node, or perhaps Mars retrograde is about the heatwave as the earth heats up – Mars is heat and retrograde goes inwards rather than outwards. It is going to have an effect on the tennis for sure as the courts will be fast and the temperatures are set to remain hot so fitness levels are crucial.

      1. hi sally as per sidereal astrology leo rises aspected by mars in the tournament chart bringing on the heat at wimbledon

  23. Lucas Pouille is out (it was Dimitrov earlier). But the shocker was Two time former champion in Ladies, Petra Kvitovo loosing in first round !!!

  24. Federer played best tennis after a long time. I hope he can win the tournament. I hope your prediction come true Sally.

  25. Hi Sally,

    Nice to see your prediction.

    Nadal really need more more more luck to win wimbledon or atleast to reach 2nd week.

    Yes i agree that federe is hot favourite to win at this point for sure. Hope your prediction will come true …

    Kannan C

  26. Marin Cilic – One of the major contender is out in 5 Sets to Guido Pella !!! If Federer reaches Semis, he does not have to face Cilic.

    1. What a surprise with Cilic! Saturn square his Sun and Mars almost exact today and Mars retrograde probably wasn’t helpful for him, too. Although the square was already active at Queens.

  27. Hi Sally,
    As Djokovic and Nadal won easily their matches today, who do you think has better chances to win when they’ll have to play against each other later in the tournament. I know it is a bit premature but if you have any idea already that would be nice to know.

  28. i saw highlights of Nadal’s match today. He looked very good against Kukushkin, a grass court expert. He doesn’t have any big server in his draw, so he may surprise everyone.

    Given that he has won the tournament twice before, can the tournament chart be compatible with his victory??

    1. Nadal seems to play ok in this match , but yes if he can reach semis then he is dangerous opponent.


      Nadal [2] bt Kukushkin 6-4 6-3 6-4

      Nadal – 19/18
      Kukushkin – 28/34

      Nadal – 5/3
      Kukushkin – 3/1

      Nadal – 5/13
      Kukushkin – 2/13

      Nadal – 66
      Kukushkin – 72

      Nadal – 64/71
      Kukushkin – 58/52

      Nadal – 106
      Kukushkin – 85

  29. 6/8 Top 8 seeds are out in Women’s championship are out including defending champion. A new Wimbledon champion this time??

      1. Sally Kirkman

        I think Halep is still in? no. 1 seed. But yes, not many top seeds left in women’s draw.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            I know. Interesting what’s happening in the women’s tournament, not sure why in the tournament chart? Anyone have ideas?

          2. To Sally, first of all thanks a ton as always. I am stating non Astro logically 😊. Nothing happening on woman’s side I would say. Halep though won French but she was never a favourite for Wimbledon. May be one of top contenders but you cannot give her a tag for favourite. Serena still stands above many others but then I would say there are actually no clear favourites on woman’s side of Tennis as against men. Isn’t that true?

  30. Today transit north node and transit south node are in exact square to djokovics natal Venus his career planet as per sidereal astrology could prove tricky

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Interesting about the nodes, James. I know they are more important in sidereal astrology. I also feel this match will be a battle of the Jupiter transits – Jupiter conjunct Djokovic’ MC; Jupiter conjunct Edmund’s north node! Could be close…

      1. very interesting about jupiter conjunct edmund’s north node also transit north node is in an exact trine to edmund’s natal jupiter today which can prove stunning though without a birthtime one cannot be sure

  31. Roger is determined to add another wimbledon title. Plays flawlessly and the draw will get him to the finals. I’m expecting fogini to beat Nadal in 4th round. It would be good to see Federer vs Djokovic with Federer waiting eagerly to beat him like he vanquished Nadal in all the 4 matches played between them.

  32. Sally Kirkman

    I disagree with you completely about Roger and I don’t see what you’re seeing at all. I think it’s more that you’re anti-Roger because you love Rafa. Personally, I always think there’s room to cheer on everyone in sport. One of my recent favourite pics of Gareth Southgate (England coach) was him comforting the Colombian player who missed a penalty when England beat Colombia, because he knew exactly what that felt like. For those of you who don’t know, Gareth Southgate missed a penalty in 1996 that put England out of the Euro Cup competition. Sportsmanship is something to be respected in players and fans alike.

    1. Sally why don’t you delete this kind of comments. This is too bad to read in a astrological forum .

  33. One more jealous comment about King Roger. There are reasons he is the most popular athlete of our times.

  34. After a while, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are all doing well. Rafa is definitely a top contender as he seems to be playing really well and no big servers (most common cause of his downfall at wimbledon usually). I don’t see effect of Saturn yet.

    1. Nadal will play Vesely next, 6’6″ with big serve and volleys wel, also leftyl. What all others who beat him Wimbledon had: Rosol, Kyrgios, Brown and Muller

      1. I believe he will be tackled easily. The courts are already getting slower as the tournament progresses.

  35. Hi Sally – just observed that most of the upsets are happening on court 1. Center court is going fine.

    Even todays upsets – zverev, halep were on court 1.

    Is there something to do with astrology here.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Not that I can think of. Maybe it’s to do with how the court’s playing?

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Why do you say that? Because I wasn’t happy someone called Federer smug and arrogant? I would be exactly the same if someone said that about Nadal. I don’t have a favourite tennis player. I’ve favoured different players at different times: Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray. And no, my astrology isn’t clouded by a particular player – I say what I see.

      2. Akash, Sally always sticks to the astrology and you will have to come me up with evidence if you claim her to be biased with Federer. Like last Wimbledon, Roger simply has the best astrology in this tournament. Point.

      3. akash you are wrong about sally giving her predictions in a biased manner. federer does have the best astrology as jupiter trines his natal mars and squares his natal mercury.djokovic has got jupiter turning direct just one degree away from his mid heaven though he has got one bad transit also of the transit nodes squaring his natal venus career planet as per sidereal astrology.nadal does not have any great astrology during the tournament just some minor good ones but he does not have any bad astrology also.any way sally always says it as she reads the astrology and not in any biased manner.

      4. Biased – yes ofcourse

        Read the other predictions from 2012 onwards. She predicts Federer to win all of them. Right !

  36. Hi Sally,

    Who do you think has a better astrology if Nadal & Federer meet in the final.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      I haven’t looked at specific players astrology for individual matches. Overall, Federer’s astrology is the strongest.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Which is what? It would be helpful for us all to hear what you think the best astrology is for Nadal. Thank you.

      1. Please Sally delete all comments of Akash : it is unbearable to read them. Fortunately you have a lot of supporters who are also very good astrologers.

        1. My suggestion Lydia and other long time followers of Sally the great is to ignore these kind of comments and feedback from time-passers. They come with specific agenda / intention. If you ignore, they will have no choice and go to some other forums.

          Sathya (Sathiamoorthy N)
          Founding Member – Sally’s Fan Club

          1. Satya Sir,

            Great to know you are the founding Member- Sally Fan club.

            Same for me, I follow her astrology from 2012 Wimbledon.

            I keep on asking her on Facebook that when she is going to give her prediction 🙂

            And what’s your prediction ?

          2. Hello Pagal Baba,

            I do not know to predict. I enjoy following (with respect) Tennis grandslam predictions provided by Sally and other interested forum members (Patrick, James, AstroTennis). It adds more interest to enjoy Grandslam matches personally for me. I am a fan of Tennis first. I have my favourite players (Roger, Rafa, Del Potro and in Youngsters A.Zverev, Shapovalav, Coric) and I respect whoever plays hard and win in the finals… that guy of course is the Champion !!

  37. Despite all the favorites crashes, two Grands may repeat the 2016 Women final.
    Kerber with an exact Jupiter Mercury square at final joined by Sun square Jupiter and Mars sextile Mars. Williams with Saturn square natal Sun at final suggesting to end her comeback.

        1. But i m not sure about kerber. She plays on court 1 where all the upsets have happened. Cilic, halep, zverev, muguruza, keys, wawrinka, venus. I think court 1 is cursed for the seeded players.

        1. Thank you James! The last paragraphof the above article about Federer’s horoscope gives him a Sun in Cancer which suits to Greenstone’s elobarations.

  38. Kannan C - Rafafan

    Djokovic was playing great in 3R.

    I think he can meet Roger in the final for sure as he improved his game and mentality well now.

    Sally what do you think about ROGER vs DJOKO .. Who will win as per astrology

    1. Sally Kirkman

      That would be a really interesting final as they both have strong astrology this tournament. Right now, not sure.

      1. My non-astrological prediction is Nadal vs Federer Final? Will he get his revenge for 2008 or Rafa repeats his feat after a decade?? Sally, is there some astrological hints of this happening? I mean, some planetary combination after 10 years?


        1. Sally Kirkman

          That’s a good question. I have taken a look at the final chart for 2008 – nothing leaps out in particular, although the nodes were in the opposite signs – north node Aquarius/south node Leo. Although not at the same degrees as this year’s tournament.

          1. sally when the 2008 final started the moon was on nadals mc though by the time the match ended over 7 hours later it had moved away more than 4 degrees away from nadals mc.another interesting thinh is saturn during that match was in an almost exact trine to its position today. but it was direct at that time.

          2. Sally Kirkman

            I like that the Moon was conjunct Nadal’s Midheaven. Just been reading about it again – the final took over 7 hours with rain delays, a truly epic 5-setter and Nadal dethroned Federer. Plus, they haven’t met at Wimbledon since. If it is a Federer-Nadal final, now that will be interesting!

  39. I dont know this ever happened before !! All the 10 Seeds are out in Women’s Section before Quarterfinals !! It is unbelievable !! I am not sure it will ever happen again !

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Not especially! He has a Saturn transit conjunct his Sun Capricorn, which traditionally isn’t great, although sometimes for Capricorns, it can signal achievement. Not my favourite astrology though.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Sorry, I was talking about Raonic with a Saturn transit of his Sun Capricorn.

  40. Rafa Almost swipe the clay season 2018, After 2011 he qualified for fourth round in Wimbledon but Grass is not Rafa favorite surface, However Rafa beat Roger here and the other is Novak, Roger Must Avoid these two player in finals if he qualified, If Rafa Won he is the only payer in the world won three different slam in three different surface, I’m waiting to see that.

    1. Don’t degrade serena Williams achievement or steffie’s . He is not the only player to win . He will be the third.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Seriously! The top guys are dominating… not like the womens’ side of the draw. Interesting.

  41. Hello Sally anything interesting for Del potro? He should win tomorrow against simon and will meet Rafa? Does he have a chance to go all the way?

    Thanks alot

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I don’t have a time of birth for Del Potro (b. Sept 23, 1988 – Sun Libra). I do for Gilles Simon though (b. Dec 27, 1984, 8:55am, Nice, France). Simon’s Midheaven is 14 Scorpio so Jupiter’s turning direct on it – lovely. Plus, Simon is a Sun Capricorn with Saturn exactly conjunct his Sun. Also Pluto transit conjunct his Jupiter – he’s got it all going on, although likely that the more difficult astrology (Saturn/Pluto transits) will outweigh the lovely Jupiter transit.

  42. I watched yesterday Novak Djokovic match against Karen Kachanov. Djokovic plays very well and truely back to form. You have to have very minimal Unforced errors to beat him. He retrieves everything as he was doing prior to Injury !! He is a serious contender !! Nadal played very well too.

    1. I thought different. The opponents of Roger, Rafa and Novak in R16 were clearly not in the same league as these three, and at several points in the match, Karen essentially gave up and was not even trying to reach balls. Same with Visely- he was either nervous or something, very different quality relative to his previous match. Roger looks tired, Rafa looks a bit awkward in his movements still, and Novak is still missing a lot of easy backhands, shots he wouldn’t miss in his peak.

      Hard to tell where they are, form and level wise, up until this point. The real tests begin on Wednesday!

  43. sally during this years scheduled mens final at wimbledon the moon is 4 degrees away from nadals mc and going towards a conjunction to nadals mc. moreover in the tournament chart the moon was a little over 4 degrees away from an opposition to nadals mc and going towards an opposition to nadals mc.that is why i do not discount the chances of nadal winning this years wimbledon even though he does not have any stunning astrology that leaps out.

    1. Hi

      Reading everybody astrology. You said that Nadal moon heading awards nadal’s mc but the moon is void says the tournament chart.

      Is that right?

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Yes, the Moon is void of course in Leo, but it then enters a new star sign, Virgo, and Nadal’s Midheaven is 0 degrees Virgo. It will take the Moon 3 hours to reach his Midheaven during the final. That’s why James is saying it’s a testimony for victory, a minor one but a nice symbolic testimony nonetheless and relevant if it’s a Federer-Nadal final. The last time they played at Wimbledon was the epic 2008 final when the Moon was at 0 degrees Virgo at the start of the match.

        1. Hi Sally

          It means that Nadal wins Wimbledon with this Moon. I thought Roger has got the best astrology.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Steady on… it’s not a Nadal-Federer final yet – my bet is still on a Federer-Djokovic final as they have the best astrology. James Green mentioned the Moon placement at the final, but we’re not there yet.

  44. There is more interest to Federer Vs Anderson match … They are scheduled to play in Court 1 !! this means Federer will be playing first match outside of Center court after so many matches. And in our discussion thread, we discussed about Court 1 causing upsets !! I hope that upset is limited to One Set Drop by Federer winning in 4 Sets !!

  45. Anderson just took the third set from Federer!! Upset alert. Anyone with match astrology?

  46. Hello.

    wow, what a match (federer vs anderson).
    @JamesGreen, I guess it is because of Federer’s Rahu. mercury and rahu in the same house (12th) and they are extremely inimical to eachother. But his dasamsa (career chart) is excellent. There also Rahu (but not really bad). But in any case, he will play next year.

  47. Novak enters semis and Roger has lost an epic 5 setter match that he could have won in 3 sets. Does it mean stars are conspiring a Novak win???

  48. Just a bad day for Federer : it can happen and it does not mean that Federer will not win other grand slams if he decides to continue to play.
    Now who will win this grand slam : certainly Djokovic.
    What do you think Sally, Patrick, James, Astro Tennis ?

  49. One of the best matches witnessed this season, Federer beaten after being 2 sets up and had a match point too!!! I am not criticizing any astrologers here, but it failed for back to back slams. First at Roland Garros and now here at sw19..really liked the way Anderson played, hats off!!!
    I hope Rafa wins against Del Potro and Djokovic and play against Anderson in the final..

  50. Kannan C Rafa fan

    Djokovic has more chance now after federer exit.
    Great match by both players.. there can be only one winner finally .. Anderson …

    Rafa potro 1-1 now

    1. OK, I take it back. I thought Federer-Anderson was the match of the tournament but while I was busy watching England lose to Croatia, it seems like the Nadal-Del Potro match lasted almost 5 hours and they needed to hug it out at the end! It sounds incredible….

      1. That was an awesome match.

        Delpo got so many chances of break points in last few service games of Nadal but couldn’t convert unfortunately.

        1. As in first set at Paris. He doesn’t come up mentally to his full strength playing Nadal.

  51. Can one interpretation of chart suggesting “nothing changes” means the last GS winner, a.k.a Nadal, wins again?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Well, originally I thought it might mean Federer and Muguruza might both do well, but that’s not the case.

  52. It looks as retrograde Mars killed Roger with Mars in his natal 10th Career house. I wonder if the square of Jupiter – just turned forward – ‘overpowered’ him – maybe that suits as he was 2-0 sets in front. We could have talked about Mars retrograde with Roger, but on the other side, Nole and Rafa with Mars as their (Career) Ruler haven’t shown any greater weakness so far. Career ruler Mercury conjunct natal Sun doesn’t appear to have brought upset today – usually a superb combination for Roger.

    People will discuss what caused this upset and it may be a conglomeration of reasons Roger couldn’t play out his favorite role today. On thing I didn’t like for him since day 1 was the new clothing deal. It was my subjective impression that he appeared a bit insecure on the court in his first match and I immediately thought about his new appearance. Roger is sensitive with his fans and he certainly got aware of upsetting reactions from his supporters wearing Uniqlo instead of stylish and traditional Swoosh from now on. It may have been one detail which brought him out of his self confidence and winning certainty this Wimbledon.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Interesting what you say about the new clothing deal – perhaps somehow symbolically unsettling. It was an epic match today and I guess it will be the match of the tournament so Federer did little wrong. It was so close in the final 5th set and could have gone either way time and again. I just kept thinking ‘one tiny mistake’ and you’re out – whoever that applied to, and it fell to Federer 🙁 Happy for Anderson though. He hung on in there like a true Taurus 🙂 So I think we have two Geminis (Nadal v. Djokovic) and two Taureans (Isner v. Anderson) left in the competition!

      1. Oh that’s interesting with Taurus and Geminis playing against in the same sign now, Sally! With Roger I missed his winning certainty, the mental edge which in most closed matches agsinst lowers ked opponents – and especially at Wimbledon – propels him to victory normally, I just habe seen the first points of today at TV snd he again looked very insecure in the end. Un-Fedex like. We don’t know what bothered him today amd of course, Anderson played the match of his life. Hats off for him!

  53. SF lineup:

    Nadal v Djokovic
    Anderson v Isner

    Hmmm…. I don’t know. Djokovic in good form and Nadal tested heavily against Delpo and shows he’s still capable of marathon wins. Not sure when was the last time we saw that from him.

    Whoever wins “Nadal v Djokovic”, if not too tired, is likely to win title, I suppose.

    Kevin Anderson suddenly doing pretty well in his thirties.

  54. I am sorry for your team Sally! What a great tournament of Harry and his squad 👍😃

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, Patrick. I never thought we’d go all the way, although there’s always a little bit of you that thinks “what if”… They are a young team and did great. The captain Harry Kane, Sun Leo, came out well (north node transit conjunct Sun) but perhaps faded a little towards the end. I think he may still win the golden boot? My favourite astrology was the goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford (b. March 7, 1994). Not the most well-known goalie in the UK and a Sun Pisces! Wouldn’t be my first choice for a goalkeeper. But with a Mercury (hands) Mars (head) conjunction in Pisces, he kept those balls out of the net for a lot of the time. And his Sun at 16 Pisces was trine Jupiter at 14 Scorpio, so he had the Jupiter transit pretty close and was in sync with the recent Grand Water Trine. He was my favourite player of the England team and I would guess there’s been a lot of love flowing his way 🙂

      1. TV experts talk about, in four years time, the young team will be on it’s peak and matured for an even bigger success. I love Hurricane being a Sun Leo and giving the team a winning mentality which it lacked for many years. So that’s what you needed, too, a great goalie 👍🏻 😃 The whole team should receive… 😎

  55. James, you duobted Fed win from start. So that has come true. You also said winner between nadal vs Djokovic will win. So now whom do your think sidereal astrology favours more. One thing is for sure that Nadal will be more tired than Djokovic so Djokovic already has advantage.

  56. I wonder wwhat Federer is going to now? Will he play Canada and Cincinnati? I think that him takjng the time offf can mess with is rhythm. Oh well, you move now and on to the next.

  57. I am not at all surprised federer lost in my very first post in this blog i had stated that nadal or djokovic will win this year.in vedic astrology there is a sub planet called guliga which is extremely malefic. guliga of the tournament chart was exactly on federers natal moon which usually spelt disappointment.

    1. Hi James, who would you choose between Djokovic and Nadal and why? (astrologically speaking).

      1. hi fedal i will have to look up the start time of the match to get a clearer picture.as it is jupiter turning direct very close to mid heaven of djokovic is fantastic astrology for success which nadal does not have. at the same time djokovics natal venus career planet as per sidereal astrology being squared by the transit nodes is bad astrology for success.so djokovic has one great transit and one bad transit both at the same time.whereas nadal does not have a great astrology but neither does he have bad astrology.so we have to wait and see how it unfolds.

        1. Maybe that means Djoker will be up, down, sideway all game while Rafa will be more consistent and steady? 🙂

        2. @James: there are other players left in the tournament apart from Djoko and Nad! What about looking at their charts?

    2. James,

      Congrats on that call. Since I started reading this blog, you have been the one I follow the most because you’ve called several tournaments right. Now, between Rafa and Djokvic, which one do you think will win out?

        1. I only discovered this blog over a year ago. Since I started reading, you have been the one who got more right. 😉 Thanks for all your work.

  58. It would be refreshing if someone even had a look at the other players’ charts, apart from Nadal and Djokovic!
    What about Anderson’s chances – after all, he downed the favourite….?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I agree with James – when you don’t have a birth time for a player, you only have half the information, if that. You’re only looking at the astrology to the planets when they were born and you don’t know which planets rule their career, their physical body, etc. etc. I’ve looked at both Anderson and Isner’s birth charts but without a time of birth, there’s nothing obvious to tell you. The key information is missing. That’s why it was so lovely predicting these astrology blogs when it was all about the Big Four, as we have a time of birth for all of them – Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray. The first ever astrology blog here was based on a prediction with Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven and you only have that information with an accurate time. Sorry we can’t give you anything more.

  59. Hi all astrologers,¨
    Regarding the womens who do you think has better chances to win. I read in this blog Kerber has good astrology. Has Serena chances to go to the final and win a new grand slam ?

    1. Serena has Saturn square the Sun from today on. She might manage to prevent a German final and lose against Kerber who has goid astrology – see my post before Round 4.

  60. What a strange tournament. The fifth Round of Women without any Top Ten player left and Federer moving out in the Quarters. The Men’s Quarters with 4 Top Servers/ Grass Court players on the top and 4 baseliners on the bottom draw. As Sally mentions, now the top is left with 2 Taurus player and the bottom with 2 Geminis. So which starsign to win the Championship?

    Starting with the Gemini baseliners, Djokovic with Jupiter turned forward on his Midheaven and Venus trine Venus may be a hint for his participation at Sunday. Mercury as his Gemini starsign ruler in Leo ignites his Jupiter-Saturn trine building a Grand fire trine at Friday. Novak enjoys the Moon sextile natal Sun then while Nadal loses the support of good Moon transits with a Moon Moon square at the match start of the second Semi final. The Moon approaching natal MC during the final appears to be the only astrological hint for Nadal to be there at Sunday. Although to feel (Moon) in touch with his career, he need not to be on court.

    Djokovic loses his Saturn Moon square at final which I wonder has rather been helping him in a way as he is a Capricorn (ruling planet Saturn)? When I look at the astrology of his coach – Vajda with Saturn square Sun – doubts are rising the Djoker will lift his next GS trophy.

    When you look at the two Taurus Giants and top servers Isner and Anderson, you might think matches with their participation will be short for as points in average don’t last long due to their height favoring them at Serve and disfavoring them in movement at Return. Yet, these two extremes are bringing them all too often into a tie-breaker which regularly puts them into long hours. With Wimbledon Record Man Isner – see his legendary match versus Mahut ending 70-68 in the 5th set – we can see endurance is a typical Taurus attribute, also shown by Kevin Anderson yesterday turning 0-2 sets over into a victory over Super favorite Roger.

    When you put turned Jupiter precisely on the AC, you receive 7:30 PM as birth time for John Isner and the Sun conjunct natal Cancer Moon at Sunday. Mercury will be on his way to conjunct natal Midheaven as in several career finals of John. His coach Macpherson with Jupiter trine Sun and USTA President Adams with her Chiron Return – indicating the healing of the US Tennis’ wound to wait for a male Grand Slam champion for 15 years? That comes fittingly along with John’s longstanding hope for a personal GS triumph expressed by progressed Sun exactly conjunct progressed Chiron. Pr Moon trine Jupiter 0,1/ Pr Jupiter sextile Pr Uranus 0,4/ Pr Venus sextile Pr Mars 0,4.

    My prediction is John Isner to win Wimbledon 2018.

    1. @Patrick: I loved your post but I think that Djokovic is a Taurean, not Capricorn…..?
      I also think that Isner may be the ultimate winner on Sunday!

        1. Hi Sally, thanks, I stand corrected! I thought he was a Taurean because his birthday and Andy’s are so close together….!

          1. Sally Kirkman

            I know it’s weird that they are only born a week apart but are completely different Sun signs.

    2. Isner to win wimby…..wow…..that would be one surprise after Stan won his first slam at AO

  61. I give a lot of weight to secondary progressions. I think things look good for Novak, with his prog. Sun conjunct his Mars.

    Also, there is a solar eclipse tomorrow. It is conjunct Novak’s secondary progressed Mars. I think that’s a positive. A solar eclipse can be quite powerful.

    Of course, I don’t have times of birth for all the semifinalists. But I do think Novak has winning factors.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I like Djokovic’ astrology too, AstroTennis. The Sun/Mars progression and Jupiter turning direct on his Midheaven. I hadn’t looked at the Solar Eclipse conjunct his progressed Mars which would add intensity – the eclipse is opposing Pluto. He was quite feisty in his quarter final Hopefully all that heat and intensity will work for him, not against him!

      1. Thanks, Sally. It will be interesting to see.

        I’m wondering if the many upsets we’ve seen, especially in the women’s tennis, could be related to the eclipse?

        1. Sally Kirkman

          It’s a good shout, AstroTennis, but I don’t know for sure astrologically. Most of the upsets were last week pre-eclipse and I don’t really see this in the chart for the start of the tournament. Let’s see what happens over the next few days and I’ll try and puzzle it out.

  62. Sean calvert the betting guy has picked nadal. He has said djokovic’s lack of best of 5 set matches may play a part in that. Apparently he also picked anderson for making life difficult for Roger and perhaps even causing an upset. Im not sure who he has picked as the winner of wimbledon though

    1. Agree with his analysis. Plus he doesn’t have any bad astrology. However, Sally did mention something about Saturn??

  63. For all the astrologers: The starting time for the semi-final matches are: 1 PM local time for the A & I match and 3 PM for the Nadal-Djokovic match. Of course, if the first match goes to 4 or 5 sets, the 2nd match will be delayed.

    1. Oh oh…rain forecast for the entire afternoon. It won’t stop until 7 PM. How are they going to play two semifinals?

      1. Roof will remain closed throughout I guess. Not sure if that will make court faster or slower??

  64. patrick if the birth time you have given for isner is correct he has some fantastic astrology. jupiter turned direct exactly on his ascendent mercury the tennis planet on the day of the final is close to his mc and sun on the day of the final is on his natal moon which is his career planet as per sidereal astrology.the bad astrology is the nodes squaring his natal sun.his astrology is better than djokovics and so if djokovic and isner play the final i expect isner to win.but i am not ruling out nadal yet.

    1. Thanks James. Yes the transits as I mention. Good to know the Moon is his Career Ruler per sidereal. Today’s Solar Eclipse picks up natal Moon and could be the game changer for John. Per Western astrology the Sun is his Career Ruler – conjunct natal Moon at final.

  65. Dear Sally,

    All of us would like to get from you a thread bare astrological analysis of the SFs slated for today. What will be the impact of Solar Eclipse on the players ?

    1. The Solar Eclipse is interesting for all four players today. Normally, a Solar Eclipse can be a whoosh of New Moon energy. However, this Solar Eclipse at 20 Cancer is directly opposition Pluto at 20 Capricorn which is more testing. Patrick has rectified a time of birth for John Isner (b. April 26 1985) of 7:30pm which puts his Moon at 20 Cancer with the Solar Eclipse directly upon it. His opponent, Kevin Anderson (b. May 18 1986) has Mars at 20 Capricorn. So you would think that the Solar Eclipse energy would benefit Isner and not Anderson. A battle of the Taureans – could be a long game!
      Re. Djokovic and Nadal – Djokovic has his Ascendant at 16 Capricorn/Descendant at 16 Cancer; Nadal has his Mars at 22 Capricorn opposite Venus at 15 Cancer. So neither have a direct hit from the Solar Eclipse, although it’s close. They both currently have great astrology – Jupiter is moving to a direct conjunction with Djokovic’ Midheaven at 14 Scorpio and Nadal has a Grand Earth Trine culminating at his Midheaven at 0 Virgo. Currently Venus is at 3 Virgo trine Uranus at 2 Taurus and Saturn at 4 Capricorn. So not exact, but not far off. You have to prefer the astrology for Djokovic but out of the two I would say that Nadal’s been playing better and Djokovic is still flaring up (his progressed Sun moving to a conjunction with Mars?). Nadal has been winning slams recently/Djokovic hasn’t and will be desperate to get back to form – that might not help him. So, I’m not convinced either way. I hope it’s a great match.

        1. Thanks Sally. How does this changes if they play tomorrow..which is a possibility at this point?

          1. Sally Kirkman

            The major transits they’re both experiencing doesn’t change. However, once you have a time for the match to begin then you can look at whose favourite, whose second favourite and what planets influence both. I haven’t done that much this tournament and to be fair, there was going to be no set time for Nadal-Djokovic today. Who put the Taurus pair on first? Did they not realise it would last forever in true Taurus style!!!!

  66. Dear James Green,

    When good astrology meets with bad astrology at the same time for the same player, then will the situation become ‘ astrology neutral ‘ and become unpredictable ?

    Please enlighten us.

    1. Raman if the Good astrology is substantially better than bad astrology then the Good will prevail and vice versa if both are about equal then it becomes difficult to predict and success or failure will depend on how good or bad the astrology is for the opponent

      1. thanks-a-lot James.

        Now, please tell us in Djokovic’s case whether Good Astrology has upper-hand over Bad Astrology.

        thanks, once again

        1. In djokovic case they are pretty even in isner case the Good astrology is slightly better than bad astrology in nadal case there is no great astrology like for djokovic or isner neither any bad astrology like for djokovic and isner as I don’t have Anderson birth time I cannot say how it is for him

  67. I just wish that may the best wishes from Nadal’s fans overpower the astrology and make him a winner:-). Of course, as always, may better player win!!!

  68. Numerology – Nadal birth no.3; year’18;win will give him 18 slam. He will win Wimbledon this year but also it will be the last slam for this great champion. He will do well next year but will not win any slam.

    1. As predicted last year Nadal has fantastic astrology till next August. Wimbledon Nadal vs Djokovic is anybody’s match but Nadal has super transits for us open this year and
      Aus and Roland Garros next year.

      Djokovic looks good this Wimbledon( but still might lose. Difficult to predict today’s outcome) Djokovic has super astrology for next Wimbledon.

      Overall I predict Nadal will win more than 20 slams. Djokovic will around 17-18. Federer will play till 2020 but might not add any slams.

      Overall golden era for all fans till 2022 for tennis.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Can you please remind us of Nadal’s fantastic astrology till next August. That would be reallly great. Thank you.

      2. This has to be one of the best news for Nadal fans even though it should be embraced with pinch of salt. 🙂 If this comes true Nadal the most hard working of all will be GOAT.

        1. Don’t jump to any conclusions till it has happened 🙂

          Agree with the present 🙂 .

      3. dr dhairya if you are referring to sub period of jupiter in the major period of moon for nadal then it gets over in september 2018

          1. Would be curious to hear from the Dr Dhairya what are the astrological facts his predictions are based on. As it differs from renowned lastrologer’s view.

  69. Sally Kirkman

    OK, who decided it was a wise move to put two Sun Taureans on before two Sun Geminis. Didn’t they know the match would last forever….. Anderson/Isner – 5 hours and counting!

  70. Whoever wins this match is doomed to loose in straight sets in Final….if they can even play!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      You might be right. This is where it becomes ridiculous without a tie-break. Two Sun Taurus could go on and on and on… think of the Queen – Sun Taurus – longest reigning monarch and I would be very surprised if she gives in/abdicates. Taurus goes on and on and on….

      1. Isner broken!
        Nadal Nole to play tomorrow or at least some part of their match. Any impact because of stars?
        From Numerology, better prospects for Nole – no. 7. But I still believe it is no. 3 , I.e. Nadal’s slam

  71. Hi Sally,

    Do you have some thoughts regarding the beginning of 2nd semifinal? Does it change the ascendent or the astrology for both of them?

    kind Regards,


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Well, there was never a start time for Nadal/Djokovic as no-one knew how long the Anderson/Isner game would last, so there have been no predictions based on the actual match time. So far, the predictions have been for their transits/progressions during the tournament.

      1. Sally, even though you had given Federer an upper hand, but you also have predicted for Djkovic to watch out for.

        I think your prediction on Djkovic is going to be bang on target.

      1. Indoors. Play has to be in the same conditions. Umless both agree to have the roof open. They already announced it is closed. Djoko probably didn’t want it open as he knows is how Nadal prefers

  72. So set time for rest of the match between Djokovic and Nadal is 1pm. Sally and fellow astrologers, could you please look at specific transits? Thanks

  73. Kannan C Rafa fan

    Anderson played great match .. he deserved to be in final.

    rafa is 1-2 now against DJOKO.

    Lets wait and see…

  74. Dear Sally,

    Post solar eclipse will there be anything significant astrologically when Nadal v Djokovic SF resumes today?


  75. Still under the roof on Djokovic’s insistence although Nadal wanted the roof open. 2 sets all now so a final set.

  76. Sally, Take a Bow for your accurate prediction .

    Someone above had asked who has the better astrology if Nadal/Djkovic meet in the Semi Final, and you had predicted on Djkovic.

    Cheers !!!!!!

      1. Again, you presume everything 🙂

        Please wait till Djkovic reaches that stage 🙂

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Dear Kalpana, as per the article, Djokovic has strong astrology with Jupiter transit heading towards his Midheaven, success point in his birth chart. There is no time of birth for Sun Taurus, Anderson, so cannot predict conclusively for him. I would favour Djokovic.

  77. The roof being closed played a massive role in Nadal’s defeat & it favored Djokovic chances hugely .

    1. Nadal taking more than 25 seconds between serves favours him hugely , against any of his opponents 🙂 🙂

      1. I think you’ll find Djokovic’s constant ball bouncing before serving favours him and takes longer than Nadal. Even the commentary mentioned he was bouncing the ball over 20 times before each serve – ridiculous.

        1. They were both bouncing the ball a lot when I watched some of their semi final. It seemed equal to me, although I didn’t count 🙂

    2. I think it is incorrect to say that. Both had the same conditions and the better player won.

    3. Really? Nadal played mote aggresively than Djokovic. Only few points made the difference. Imo, both played well, Rafa a bit better

  78. Dr Dhairya was right to say that it was difficult to predict today between Rafa and Djokovic. But imo.. Djokovic was luckier to have Jupiter aspect to his 1st and 10th house. As per sidereal , he is undergoing sub periods of Jupiter as well so that proved crucial. Rafa played better than Djokovic but luck was not on his side today
    By the way I tried to post my prediction earlier but they were not posted due to some reasons.
    Sally pls look into this issue as it could be some technical issue with your website

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Seem to have been a few technical issues with the site. I don’t see your earlier comment, Praveen, but there’s been a problem with comments being posted not by the person it says it is. Going to clear my cache/refresh my browser, etc. to see if that helps. I’d suggest anyone who has a problem does the same. Thank you.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Agreed. Great shout, Patrick. You said it would be tricky for Serena with Saturn square her natal Sun.

    2. Thanks Amit and thanks Sally! That’s nice! Also congrats to you for picking Djokovic over Nadal 😃

  79. Apart from tennis, one interesting thing on Sally’s tennis blog.

    90% of people who follow n comment on her blog are from India, including me 🙂

  80. patrick congratulations for getting the womens winner right and also to sally for picking djokovic over nadal.at the beginning of the tournament i had piced either nadal or djokovic to win. now that nadal has lost i expect djokovic to win wimbledon.

  81. Sally, great going. Doesn’t the absence of birth time makes the final match between Anderson & Djokovic a mystery. Most of the people are rooting for Djokovic, but who knows Anderson has better transit today. Whats your view on this ?

    Patrick you are a genius mate. Very well predicted for Serena. Who’s your pick for the men’s champion ?

    1. Yes, when there is no birth time for a player, we don’t have all the information to make an accurate prediction. Just the way it is. Djokovic’ transit is pretty stunning through. Jupiter (good fortune) conjunct his Midheaven (success point).

    2. Thank you Andy 😃

      Apart from astrology we know much speaks for Djokovic apart – also Anderson could rest yesterday he is expected to be far more exhausted than Novak and, maybe to compare last year’s US Open final, I would see it difficult to beat Return Giant Novak for Kevin who so much relys on his serve.

      Astrologically we know Djokovic’s formidable Jupiter on his MC plus the Sun Mars progression. To give Anderson fans some hope, I am curious about Novak‘s coach Vajda‘s Saturn Sun square which gave upset to Serena yesterday. If Vajda’s natal Moon is conjunct Saturn in a square to natal Sun, it would explain Djokovic’s run – turning a bad transit into a good one. Few to say about Kevin without a confirmed birth time.

  82. I hope Federer will win one more slam before retiring. I know astrology will be tough for him from now on but somehow he can win one more slam.

      1. I know little about Indian astrology. It will be tough for him from this year if my calculations are correct. He can maximum win another slam.

          1. Greenstone indicates Roger’s run since 2017 to end when Saturn arrives in his Opposite starsign Aquarius. Nadal struggled 2015/16 when Saturn was in Sagittarius opposing Gemini. I wouldn’t rule out high performance of Roger as long as Saturn doesn’t aspect his Leo North Node, Leo natal Sun/Mercury conjunction or square natal Scorpio Moon. This will happen on several occasions for some weeks each from 2020 on. Winning another Slam even 2020/21 is something I wouldn’t rule out for Federer if Saturn allows. Maybe he retires in 2021 at Wimbledon as he said several times to be willing to play until 40.

          2. Federer has his North Node Leo Return at November which offers another outstanding time for him: maybe winning the ATP final and even coming back to the ranking top? We will see if North Node leaving Leo next year will lower his performance in comparison to the last 18 months.

          3. Wao, and another one: Roger had Saturn square natal Saturn this Wimbledon. We obviously all have missed it! It repears at the end of this year so his NN Return could indicate upset.

        1. That’s what I am saying Patrick..this year is the end of Fed . I won’t be surprised if FED retires this year after Swiss open. I really hope he wins US’O this year. I think Fed will win one more GS

          1. The Saturn transit is for four weeks and North Node changing signs into Cancer to connect with Career end I see no clear connection.

  83. Congrats sally, james and Patrick for picking winners correctly. What a tournament it has been. I hope to see more predictions in future. I have a strong gut feeling that Federer will win US open and retire this year…Let ‘s see what happenens

  84. Dr Dhariya Roy says Federer will not win any slams and Nadal will break his record. Green Lobo says Federer will win 3 to 4 slams and Nadal won’t catch up. Why does astrological prediction differ from person to person?? They all use the same birth time and Indian method for prediction. I know little about astrology and I am confused. James Green is expert in Indian astrology. Maybe he can clear my confusion. I know astrologer s can be wrong but Astrology will always be true.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      It’s the astrologer’s interpretation that counts. Personally, I don’t think it’s easy to make such bold predictions about how many slams a player will win or not. You can see when a player might peak and you can see when a player might struggle depending on progressions/transits but otherwise it’s a bit of a guessing game. That’s why I always prefer to look at a player’s astrology for each individual tournament. Hope that helps.

      1. I agree with your comment but little difference in prediction is ok just like you picked Djok as second favourite but these two predictions contradict to one another just like north and south pole… Assuming that person’s major good and bad transit can be known easily there should be little difference but this difference is to much.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Agreed. I also think astrologers should say what astrology they are basing their prediction on. Then it’s easier to decide who you agree with and who you don’t.

    2. dear fed fan i am no expert in indian astrology i am sure there are far better astrologers than me .it is very difficult to predict how many majors a person can win in his career.the method sally uses is correct take the planetary transists and progressions during a tournament and the tournament chart to predict whether a player can win that major or not.at this point i can say nadal has got some good transits during the usopen which may bring him success.

  85. Great tournament frpm both players! Congrats to Djokovic. This was an outstanding tournament with absolute awesome matches in the Men’s final Rounds and record breaking collapses of favorites at the Women. Novak Djokovic is back at the top and I think that’s enriching for the upcoming Slams.

    Thank you very much, Sally, for your comments and your prediction over two weeks. I know myself that takes very much time and highest concentration analysimg the charts. Congrats for taking Djokovic as your second favorite who’s Jupiter transit snd Sun Mars Progression turned out nicely. You indicated a comeback of Novak already one year ago and it proves amazingly right!!

    I am happy with my prediction before Round 4 of Kerber to beat Williams at final at a time when favorite after favorite in the Women draw went out and 9 of the Top 10 seeds were on their way home. Kerber with Jupiter square Mercury (see Roger) plus it speaks for my rectified time for Kerber, 12:09 PM, putting the Sun on natal IC in a square to natal Jupiter. One reason I picked Isner to win before the Semis was Novak’s coach Vajda with Saturn square Sun (see Serena) in the final days. After Novak’s success I assume (no birth time) Saturn activates a natal Sun Moon square which may turn a negative into a postive transit. As with great transits of Roger this is another example how complex astro predictions are.

    1. Hopefully see you all soon for New York. Please ignore black sheep posts Sally! We are all enjoying this blog as you know so much! 😃 👍

    2. Congrats to you James, too! I had a hunch Nadal can go deep this time due to good Moon transits, but it was you to be right with doubts about Federer picking Nadal or Djokovic to triumph 👍

    3. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you to you and James Green this tournament, Patrick – you both made some strong predictions.

  86. Thank you Sally as well as to other astrologers who contributed and provided an insight into players fortunes. It will be an incomplete experience of a slam without this blog, so please keep it going Sally.

    Anyone with a general forecast on US open 2018? Sorry, I know I am being greedy but..

  87. By the way, from day 1, Greenstone Lobo has prefdicted that either France or Uruguay would win the World Cup.

    1. Greenstone makes good predictions again and again. It seems he uses also statistic as he predicted a 1985/86 born Captain will win.

      I haven’t seen a tennis astrologer who predicts the winner BEFORE a tournament with the success rate of Sally. Greenstone you cannit compare as he predicts before finals.

      1. When the whole world was asking Federer to retire in 2014, he had predicted that he would go on to win 20 Slams.

        1. At the same time, he doesn’t give Grand Slam wise predictions n that’s why I would rate Sally more.

          Cheers Sally n Keep up your fantastic work.

          A Great Fan of You.

  88. Thank you Sally and all the others for the predictions it made for a very exciting week of grand slam hope to see you at the US open for which bu the way im sticking my neck out and saying Alexander zverev will win!

  89. Special thanks to Sally, James, Patrick and other astrologers who made this blog very interesting! I cannot wait for US open to start. Keep the good work and make it more interesting. Best Wishes

  90. Although I’m a Fed fan, I really felt bad & sad for RAFA . He could have been the one lifting the trophy today , if he was not screwed up with the roof being closed in his SF match. That condition played a massive role in his defeat and benefited Djokovic hugely . He couldn’t see the ball clearly to put it into play . Hence, he lost the big points in crucial moments of the match. He had every right to complain and this is not being a sour loser . But as an observant , I felt that he was robbed of an excellent opportunity for another Wimbledon title.

    1. The same way he has robbed other players by taking more than 25 seconds for serve 🙂

      Remember his match against L Mayer in US open ?? The cartoon chair umpire warned Mayer for taking time whereas he should have done it to Nadal for doing so . Mayer was shocked to get the warning n it broke his rhythm when he was leading by a set n a break .

      1. As far as I know , & it’s been written so many times , RAFA is one of the most respectful players towards his opponents and an example of great sportsmanship in his sports .

      2. Nadal has been known for playing fairly , & he earns the respect of his opponents throughout his career . He is a true sportsman. There are rules & he abides by it. We are not the ones to implement them but the officials .

      3. Nadal has been known sa a true sportsman , playing fairly & his opponents have attested to that fact. He has earned a lot of respect from his opponents & he respects them back. There are rules , & we are not the ones to implement them but the officials. Sadly, some people see otherwise.

        1. Sorry but Nadal very often takes more time than allowed to serve. That is a true fact and usually he is not penalized for that in contrary of other players and that is not fair !

          1. There are rules & there are officials to implement them . Nadal has been warned a lot of times about his time to serve , so he is not like getting away with it. Sometimes fans act as if they were the officials & they knew the rules.

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Exactly! We see it time and again in this forum that fans think they are the officials.

        2. Sorry Fedal. It belongs to Nadal’s game to wear down opponents with mind games and stalling. When he’s up in scores he hurrys up between points. He uses the crowd to demoralize lower ranked players. I am not sure if these are fair methods and you don’t know what players discuss behind the scenes. Few want to criticize publically. For me Nadal will never be upon Federer as the Maestro doesn’t need those means to win.

          1. That’s you view Patrick. I guess you have to question Federes last year Australia open win when he took the break when he was behind and suddenly started playing much better. Interesting to know what’s your view. Hope you don’t choose and pick.

          2. But he won biggest title of his life AO17 by exactly these same tactics. I hope you remember. And he won 2 more after this.

          3. That was the only time Roger used the toilette break after one set at AO 2017 with Stan and Nadal. Why shouldn’t he when his opponents do? And he didn’t at Wim17/AO 18 as you propose. Rafa went to toilette after first set against Thiem. Stalling is another subject as it is constant with Nadal between points. I don’t pick as these are obvious facts Rinku.

          4. In Ao 17 he used medical time out at crucial point. Please see your statement he you mentioned maestro does not win by these tactics and yet he won Ao 17. And I am sure if he had not won AO 17 he would not have won other 2 slams. These are facts as well. So Mestro now wants to cheat and win because everyone is cheat. I think he is no maestro then. He is like others at least for me.

            One more thing to note is how many times have you predicted Nadal win in last 3 slams he won. Zero, if I remember correctly. Maybe because you dislike him. Harsh but true. Probably my comments will be deleted. But that’s my observation.

          5. Sally Kirkman

            Playground bickering! And you only pick a player if you see they have good astrology. Enough, please – the tournament is over. Finished, completed. Djokovic won.

          6. It’s not a fact Roger won Wim17+AO18 because of winning AO 2017. He simply played extraordinary throughout the whole year. You are right with AO17, Federer used the time out – ONCE in 15 years long career! Didn’t again. Fact is Nadal’s stalling which Federer never did.

            Watch my prediction for AO 2018 when I picked Nadal as my favorite. This time I mentioned him to go deep for Wimbledon. RG 2017/18 was heavily Uranus embossed which usually suggests new champions. I like fair sport, Rinku. The matter for all players should be finished when the shot clock comes.at New York.

          7. I completely agree with Patrick.Just to say I am not a fan at all. I simply read this blog because I like astrology and I am interested to know how astrology can determine a winner.
            By the way congratulations to you Patrick for the right predictions in the women’s grand slam and also to Sally to have picked Djokovic over Nadal and all other astrologers who gave their comments.
            But as I am not an astrologer I will no longer give my points of view (enough as per Sally)

        3. Sally I am sorry. I just replied to Nadal criticism that had nothing to do with his astrology and individual like and dislikes about him. I like you because your prediction is never clouded by you likes and dislikes. And you have predicted numerous Nadal wins since 2012.

          1. Thanks Rinku for writing Sally I would cloud astrology which was clearly refused by Sally before. By the way, Sally didn’t see Nadal as favorite RG 17/18 and US Open due to Uranus, too.

  91. dear sally congratulations to you for correctly picking djokovic as your 2nd favourite and he won the championship.from 2012 onwards your success rate is extremely good.congratulations to patrick for picking kerber to beat serena in the final quite early in the tournament which is remarkable.the astrology keeps working it is just sometimes our interpretation may not be proper when we are having bad transits in our horoscope.people who find fault with the astrologers when their predictions go wrong in grand slams should remember that the birth time of all the 128 players who start the tournament is not available.never the less sally and patrick are doing extremely well with a high percentage of success.keep it up sally and patrick.

    1. That’s nice James. Thank you! Sally has outstanding record since 2012. You forgot to include yourself ☺

  92. I noticed one thing the pars fortuna of the tournament chart was exactly on djokovics natal venus his career planet as per sidereal astrology. research is needed in this aspect.

    1. Congratulations, James green ! You have maintained your integrity & wisdom throughout. You are one of the MOST IMPARTIAL AND UNBIASED astrologers here & with that you have earned a lot of respect & admiration among the followers of this forum .

      1. Thanks rinku for your kind words but even Sally and Patrick have given their predictions in an unbiased and impartial manner.otherwise they would not have the remarkable success rate in prediction of the majors

      2. I completely agree . His predictions are not influenced by emotions nor by his personal preferences.

      3. BTW, Sally this is not my comment but there is some technical fault on the site and this is getting published by my name. Not sure why. This happened to me as well. As I could publish with somebody else name.

        Hope this issue is fixed sooner as this could create lot of misunderstanding.

    2. Dear James Green,
      May I know what ayanamsa do you follow, Raman? What dasa periods donyou get for Novak. In any case his Career planet is Mercury, right?