Gemini Monthly Stars July 2012

Gemini Maldives StampVenus, planet of love and beauty, is moving along nicely in your sign of Gemini all month and picking up on themes that were evident mid-April. Think of second chances and, whether this is about love, finances or pleasure, you have a green light and can make things happen.

On the 5th, Venus teams up with Uranus, planet of spontaneity and inspiration, for the 3rd time. These two planets met on 9th April and 21st June so look back to what happened then and whether there’s someone you can contact or reconnect with who can help you. Venus/Uranus are likely contenders for love but with Uranus in your friendship and future sector, this could be about group activities or exciting plans and ideas for what next.

On the whole, this month’s astrology suggests you go with the flow and take life as it comes. Have fun romantically but don’t try and plan too rigidly. See where life takes you, discover new people, keep an open mind and enjoy life to the full. Your planet Mercury is in a dance with Venus this month on the 4th and 14th. Mercury’s in Leo, the sign that rules communication and on the 4th, Mercury makes the move towards Venus and on the 14th Venus reciprocates. This looks flirtatious, friendly, sociable and wonderful for making new connections.

If you are wondering what someone thinks about you, then initiate a conversation on or around the 31st when Venus teams up in an easy aspect with the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of commitment and it’s currently in Libra, the sign that rules new romance, kids and your creativity. It’s a good day to decide what you want with regard to love, children or a creative project.

If there are going to be difficulties this month they’re likely to be mid-way through. Mars, the action planet, enters your fellow air sign of Libra on the 3rd where it remains until late August. This is wonderfully passionate and good news for those of you who are looking for love, wanting to become a parent or keen to start a new creative project. But Mars clashes with the Uranus/Pluto square on the 17th and 19th so try not to tread on someone else’s toes and make sure that money isn’t an issue with regard to what you’re planning.

Whatever obstacles comes your way, try and work out how to change the situation for the better. Mars also teams up with Jupiter, planet of optimism and opportunity, and Jupiter’s currently in your own sign. This also takes place on the 17th and it suggests that your persuasive talents are at their peak. This calls forth your protective and caring side and you can go a long way towards helping a friend or child who needs you on or around this date.

Mercury, your planet, turns retrograde on the 15th and remains on go slow until 8th August. This makes communication twice as complicated, so double check all arrangements and any correspondence you send. It’s traditionally an indication that you’re wise to plan and come up with ideas but do nothing momentous until Mercury turns direct. New information often comes to light after Mercury’s retrograde period and you’ll be glad you waited.

All in all, July is wonderful for gathering information, learning, applying for jobs, initiating new conversations and making new contacts. Have plan B up your sleeve if you’re travelling and don’t rely too heavily on one form of communication, i.e. your phone or computer. Keep your files backed up and ensure you have a spare phone if communication is vital. Otherwise, kick back and spend more time away from your phone and laptop and interact with real people. The more you’re out and about, the more you’ll thrive.

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