Taurus Monthly Stars July 2012

Taurus Maldives StampYour ruling planet Venus is back moving in the right direction and picking up speed from where it left off mid-April. There’s a theme of second chances, especially with regard to love and money, so it’s a good month to follow a hunch, try something again or ask for a second or even third time for what you want.

If property matters or family members are linked in some way, then circle the 4th and 5th as key dates to get things moving. Venus teams up with Uranus, planet of change and inspiration, on the 5th for the 3rd time. These two planets met before on 9th April and 21st June. This last connection of three is often the most successful and events may play out in a way that’s pleasantly surprising. Follow your inner voice at this time and do what feels right.

Venus never quite catches up with Jupiter, planet of opportunity, the whole time it’s in Gemini, the sign that rules money, possessions and what you value in life. However, you do have the two benefics, the luckiest planets of the heavens, in your cash zone now, so this is a promising time to take risks, to practise the Law of Attraction and to be open to abundance in all its glory.

If money comes your way out of the blue via a lottery win, a new job or an unexpected bonus, thank your lucky stars. Jupiter’s in action on the 17th, 22nd and 24th, perfect days to think big, take a financial risk and be open to new money-making possibilities.

Mercury, the talk planet, is in a sweet dance with Venus this month too. Mercury catches up with Venus on the 4th and as it slows down, your planet Venus catches up with Mercury on the 14th. These dates are perfect for a communication about money and also home, family and domestic affairs. It’s a helpful vibe, sociable and friendly and what you hear or discover may help you fit some missing pieces of a cash or home puzzle into place.

Another promising date is the 31st when Venus is in an easy relationship with Saturn. Make a commitment regarding work or money, start a new discipline or apply for a job. Venus and Saturn together are helpful and being one of the earth signs you tend to warm to Saturn’s preference for steady application, responsibility and considering the long term future. A positively cautious approach brings success on this date.

So far so good but are there any challenges this month? The main challenges seem to be for a significant other in your life, perhaps your partner, either personal or professional. Mars is the planet that rules your relationships and on the 17th and 19th, Mars is caught up with the Uranus/Pluto square. This square has the feel of a ‘stop’ hand, a barred gate, which takes some ingenuity to work your way around. Work and health are the areas under the microscope. It could involve a change of heart or changes due to external circumstances. Either way, do your best to find solutions to problems and help your partner do the same.

Uranus, planet of inspiration is currently hidden away in your chart, focusing on your inner self. Uranus is active all month so listen to your dreams, write down your ideas and follow your intuition. Mercury is retrograde from the 15th onwards and, down at the base of your chart, this means taking your time with decisions to do with home, family or your past after this date.

Mercury picks up speed again on August 8th but until then listen to your inner voice and avoid initiating major change concerning these areas of life. You will find that once the August date comes around, new information comes to light and you’ll be glad you felt your way along and took your time.

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