Full Moon Scorpio: Passions Run Deep

Full Moon Scorpio

Full Moon [27 Scorpio 38]

London – May 18 2019 (22:11 GMT+1))

New York – May 18 2019 (17:11 GMT-4)

Sydney – May 19 2019 (07:11 GMT+10)

The Moon is currently reaching its monthly peak, swelling in size night by night. This month, the Full Moon takes place in the deep & dark water sign, Scorpio, the star sign linked to healing, regeneration & transformation.

Scorpio rules sex, money, death & rebirth and all things taboo. It’s linked to the psyche and what’s hidden. Scorpio’s keyword is power, whether you use it to good or bad effect. We’re hanging out in the underworld when we’re in Scorpio’s domain.

Full Moon Energy

Full Moons are a time when emotions are heightened and important matters can be brought to completion. The light of the Full Moon is exposing, sometimes confrontational.

In Scorpio, you can enter into the dark, untouched places releasing emotions that have been hidden away or ignored. You encounter the shadow side of life. By digging deep, you find the part of yourself that’s fearless, authentic and real.

This is not always a comfortable place to be. If you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio planets in your chart, you might already understand that a journey through the underworld can unearth hidden riches. When you explore and embrace all of life, the dark as well as the light, you tend to emerge wiser and stronger for the experience.

Cycle of Life & Death

The cycle of life and death is clearly shown through the opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio. During this Full Moon, the Sun is in the earth sign Taurus linked to nature and growth and the Moon is in the water sign Scorpio linked to death, also rebirth. Regeneration, compost, the eternal cycle of life and death which is never-ending.

The Full Moon in Scorpio can highlight where you need to be healed and where best to channel your own healing abilities. You might uncover issues around power or where you feel powerless. You might discover where you’re in control and where you can tap into your own inner power to accomplish incredible feats.

Venus/Uranus [4 degrees Taurus]

There are two other key factors to note during this Full Moon weekend. Firstly, there’s a Venus/Uranus conjunction on the same day as the Full Moon. Venus rules love and money, art and beauty. It’s strong in Taurus.

Uranus is the planet of the unexpected. Put the two together and love is potentially exciting & unpredictable, fast & furious. Liaisons may begin swiftly and sweep you off your feet or can end quickly too.

Moon/Mars Mutual Reception

Also, Mars rules this Full Moon as the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Mars is now in Cancer which means that the Moon and Mars are in mutual reception, i.e. in each other’s sign of rulership. This means they’re working together, united in a common cause. You can read this astrology in different ways.

One current example is that Cancer rules the womb and Mars, ruling men, is interfering in women’s business. This shows up clearly in the men who are inflicting their control on women’s bodies in the outrageous abortion laws in Alabama.

Yet, women, represented by Venus, are strong in Taurus. Plus, they have the power of the internet/social media and the collective, represented by Uranus. Stand up for what you believe in this weekend. Take care of the earth, Taurus, and nurture women’s rights, Venus/Uranus.

It’s a heady mix of planetary activity during this weekend’s Full Moon. Emotional and passionate, intense and surprising. May it play out in your own life in ways that are thrilling and exciting. This is what I wish for you.

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