Uranus, Planet of Surprise And Synchronicity

I’ve long considered Uranus one of the most intriguing planets. For starters, you can pronounce it two ways, one of which always raises a smile.

More significantly, Uranus transits tend to play out to the exact date, which is unusual as this is one of the slower-moving planets, even if it does have an erratic orbit.

Plus, Uranus is about bolt-out-of-the-blue experiences, those things in life you didn’t see coming. Uranus transits coincide with change and the unexpected. They tap you into the strange workings of time and the universe, eliciting new opportunities and sometimes drastically altering your world view.

Take Tuesday’s jaunt up to London when transiting Uranus at 3 degrees 45 Taurus was exactly opposite my natal Sun Scorpio. I was meeting Christina, my podcast partner, to record our Gemini podcast. We chose the beautiful gardens of Chelsea Physic Garden as it was a lovely sunny day and London is, after all, a Gemini city.

The Surprise

First synchronicity. We met at 12:30 and the cafe in the gardens was fully booked until 2:30pm. Both starving, we asked where we could eat locally. The nearest pub was ‘The Surprise‘. It seemed apt for a day when you’re experiencing a major Uranus transit, the planet of surprises. The pub turned out to be a real gem and the food was great.

Christina & I were talking about Gemini in the pub, the star sign most closely linked to words & reportage, newspapers & the media. I nip to the loo and on the wall there are framed front pages of old newspapers.

One described J F Kennedy’s assassination (Kennedy was a Sun Gemini), another Beatle Mania (we’d only just mentioned that Paul McCartney, who wrote most of the Beatles songs, was a Sun Gemini). Plus, I turned the corner to be confronted by a huge photo of Marilyn Monroe (yes, you guessed it, another Sun Gemini).

One other mention about our jaunt to the pub. We walked past a van bearing my name (see pic on right). I don’t run into many Kirkman’s, so that seemed a coincidence too.

My Gemini Friend

The best (or weirdest) synchronicity came in the afternoon after our podcast recording was complete.

Wandering around the gardens, I was telling Christina that a certain Gemini friend of mine would be able to tell us all about the wonderful plants and flowers. My friend is a tour guide & linguist (typical Gemini careers) and one of her specialities is garden tours.

Christina asked whether she gave talks in the Chelsea Physic Garden and I replied that most of her tours were out of London. Two minutes later, we turn a corner and who do we see in front of us? Yup, my Gemini tour guide friend. She was as surprised to see me as I was her!

A Quick Exit

Even the end of the day was a little weird as Christina & I miscommunicated on our way out. I nipped to the loo (again) and thought she was waiting in the shop. I couldn’t find her in the shop. So, I went out of the exit and the door shut behind me – no way back in.

I’d obviously missed her but then I saw my bus appear to take me to the station so I decided to leap on it. The two of us were split apart in another odd occurrence (Uranus is the planet of splits). A strange way to end a lovely day.

Obviously, Uranus transits mean different things. However, Tuesday’s experience confirmed to me that Uranus is the planet of surprises and synchronicity. Uranus’ orbit is erratic and it works in our lives in unexpected and coincidental ways.

Uranus’ Diversions

When Uranus transits oppose or conjunct your Sun sign, the planetary body which represents the ego, your essence, it can feel disorienting. Also, whatever you do, don’t hold on rigidly or tightly to plans, because they’re unlikely to work out.

Perhaps, it was Uranus in play during the start of my journey into London. There was an incident at Clapham Junction and all the trains were delayed. I ended up running back and forth between platforms at Guildford, trying to work out which was the best train to get on.

In the end, I found myself on the fast train that I’d got off 20 minutes earlier in search of a better train to my destination. Uranus – it takes you here, there and everywhere and you can almost always guarantee a diversion! A bit like the diagram below 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Uranus, Planet of Surprise And Synchronicity”

  1. Oh Sally, hope you are ok. This is really funny too. There few more weeks left of this transit. Many loops left.

    I am a bit down because it is exact opposite my Juno (commitment ) in Scorpio. There is no sales in my business since March. Everything stopped. I have a day job in government. Thank God! I wanted to be an entrepreneur, being a single mother developed some online skills by night time and started this business in Sep 2018. Since March no sales at all.

    I got an expert to work on web page ranking, we’ll see how it goes. I have Capricorn Jupiter at 0 and N Node 23 Capricorn. Sun Libra 4 degree. 27 Sep 1972 at 8.47 at Colombo. I am very ambitious, something is blocking.
    I hope your uranus transit is milder.

    Thank you.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      It’s never easy building a business when you are also holding down a day job. General wisdom states that success comes after 3 years if you stay on track. Your Jupiter Return at the end of this year will be helpful – work towards it 🙂

  2. I have been wondering what this transit will be like for me. I have My Sun at 18, Mars at 14 and Neptune at 7 Scorpio all in the first house. I have Aries on the cusp of the 7th at 21 so the house is predominantly Taurus. Empty house. Not in a relationship and my headed doesn’t turn easily. That being said, I am ready for my Divine Relationship, forever partner. A couple of people from my past circling around me but we didn’t end badly. I don’t believe in that. We are connected soul friends so they never really left. We just don’t communicate as often as when we were together. However, I don’t see a way either could work out as they are both unavailable. Just a note about Uranus. It has never been my favorite planet as it has never been very kind to me, however during the Leo/Aquarius eclipses back in 2017, the 20 Leo eclipse landed on top of my Uranus in my 10th house. I worked for a start up company at the time and was in an area I no longer enjoyed and was way over qualified for. My manager decided to allow me to work part time in another area which I loved. After a month they jerked me back (basically because I was there best, most responsible and reliable employee) because they said they “needed” me in that department. I was miserable but there didn’t seem to be a way out. Literally, at the moment of the eclipse my manager called me in and told me she knew that I was happier working in the other area so she was going to release me to go over there full time! For once Uranus worked in my favor! But then again with all the crap it’s given me over the years, I think it owed me that one! LOL!!!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      You never know with Uranus, Kelly, literally! I have seen it play out both ways – good/bad, so it is definitely an unpredictable planet. I do think it turns your situation on its head, so it’s very likely that someone new will come into your life while it moves through your 7th house and triggers your Scorpio planets. I have a similar scenario happening, the opposite way around, i.e. Uranus moving through my 1st house triggering my Scorpio planets in the 7th. Sending best wishes.

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