Full Moon Pisces: Harvest Moon

Full Moon, Harvest Moon

FULL MOON [17 Pisces 41] 

London – September 10, 2022 (10:59 GMT +1)

New York – September 10, 2022 (05:59 GMT -4)

Sydney – September 10, 2022 (19:59 GMT +10)

This weekend’s Full Moon falls across the Virgo/Pisces axis, the axis of work & service, healing & health. During the Full Moon, the Moon at 17 Pisces 41 opposes the Sun at 17 Virgo 41. The Full Moon will be most powerful for you if you have planets or angles in your natal chart at the Full Moon degree.

This is the time in the month when the Moon is at its brightest, shedding light on what’s below the surface. Here in the UK, the heat of summer has broken as rain & storms kick in bringing much-needed nourishment to the dry earth.

Emotions are heightened during the Full Moon phase and this is doubly emphasised during a Full Moon in the emotional water sign Pisces. It’s a time to feel your emotions fully, ready or not. It’s a positive period to let the tears flow and release what’s been pent up or blocked. 

This is an ideal Full Moon period for losing yourself in your imagination, exploring life beyond the everyday and delving deep into your dream world. Those sleepless moments in the middle of the night may be unusually creative as the magical light of the Moon shines down upon you.

Feminine intuition and magic powers are heightened at the time of the Full Moon. In many traditional & modern societies, the Full Moon remains a time of celebration and ceremony.

Harvest Moon

This Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon because it’s the closest Full Moon to the Equinox that falls on September 23rd. During this period, the Full Moon provides extra light at the end of the day.

This allows people working outdoors, such as farmers bringing in the harvest, more time to get the job done before darkness settles in. This is why it’s called the Harvest Moon.

In the northern hemisphere, much of nature reaches culmination during this period. Therefore, it’s not a time to be wasteful but a time to reap what you’ve sown. Take care of your harvest, literally or metaphorically, so it sees you through the days that lie ahead.

On a recent walk, the fruit trees were full with apples in the orchards. Yet, many apples were lying on the ground and hadn’t been collected. Instead of being used for desserts, crumbles, jams & chutneys they will mulch back into the ground providing much-needed compost for the soil. Nothing goes to waste in the great cycle of nature.

This is your opportunity to tune in to what you need and what will offer you sustenance and comfort as we move into a new season.

Opposing Energies

The dynamic of a Full Moon in astrology is an opposition and always presents a challenge on how you synthesize opposing energies or clashing wants and needs.

There’s invariably an element of conflict but with that comes the opportunity to find a way to work together and use complementary skills or interests for the unity of the whole.

Ideally, aim to flow between the opposing star signs of the Virgo-Pisces axis. In Virgo, you’re on dry land, sorting things out, taking care of your body, getting organised. Whereas in Pisces, you’re swimming in the sea, losing yourself, heading into the unknown and marvelling at the boundless nature of the universe.

Take some time out for you during this powerful Full Moon phase. Engage your logical left brain and intuitive right brain and encourage creativity and miracles to spring to life.

Uranus’ Role

The closest planetary aspect to the Full Moon is a powerful trine aspect to Uranus at 18° Taurus, one of the earth signs. Uranus is the planet of change, spontaneity and the unexpected. Therefore, this may be a time to try something new, as this brings an extra edge to the powerful Full Moon energy.

On the same day as the Full Moon, September 10th, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde, a time when life often brings the unexpected or a diversion is necessary.

This seems to be doubly true with Uranus in play during the Full Moon. Therefore, it’s a time when you’re wise to be flexible and adaptable and go where life leads you.

What Does It Mean For You

Here are the areas of life highlighted by this Full Moon depending on your star sign. This may reveal where opposing energies or influences are playing out. Read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Pisces: Personal goals & self-care – relationships & one-to-one partnerships
  • Aries: Retreat & recuperation, solitude – work, service, health & fitness, duty
  • Taurus: Friends, groups & social goals – self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Gemini: Career & vocation – home & family
  • Cancer: Travel & exploration, big picture thinking – communication, education, community
  • Leo: Other peoples’ money, taboo issues – personal possessions, values & self-worth
  • Virgo: Relationships & one-to-one partnerships – personal goals & self care
  • Libra: Work, service, health & fitness, duty – retreat & recuperation, solitude
  • Scorpio: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs – friends, groups & society
  • Sagittarius: Home & family – career & vocation
  • Capricorn: Communication, education, community – travel & exploration, big picture thinking
  • Aquarius: Personal possessions, values & self-worth – other peoples’ money, taboo issues

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