Full Moon in Capricorn; Jupiter Enters Cancer

Glorious Jupiter

This month’s Full Moon takes place this weekend exact on Sunday 23rd June at 11:32 GMT.

This is a powerful Full Moon falling two days after the Summer Solstice and three days before Jupiter’s annual change of sign.

It’s also one of the closest Full Moons of the year to earth dubbed a Supermoon and already looks glorious in the night sky.


Full Moon Opposites

Full Moons represent opposites in astrology. The Moon in Capricorn opposes the Sun in Cancer highlighting two different axes of the birth chart. You may encounter an imbalance at the Full Moon with one axis more dominant but Full Moons are an opportunity to create unity between opposing forces and bring matters to completion. It’s a time to confront issues instead of avoiding them.


Cancer is the sign that rules home, family, tradition and where you come from. Capricorn rules work, status and where you’re heading in life. The urge to settle down and nest, have a home or raise a family brings comfort and security but goes hand in hand with more responsibility and the need to provide for and care for the ones you love.

Questions may be raised now about whether you’re working to live or living to work, whether there’s an imbalance between the time you spend at home with loved ones or pursuing your ambitions and financial goals or other issues regarding work, ageing, taking care of loved ones or any sadness surrounding family who are lost to you.

My natal chart – work

In my natal chart, this Full Moon cuts across the MC/IC axis almost exactly. This means that the Midheaven point of my chart is 2 Capricorn and this is the degree of the Full Moon. Not surprisingly issues to do with work, home and family are currently foreground in my own life.

Where work’s concerned I’m aware of the more sobering side of Capricorn ruled by Saturn urging me to ‘get real’ and consider whether I can afford to pursue the passion I love i.e. astrology. It’s time for a reality check to see whether I’m on target to help support myself and my family and if not, how to create more work and financial stability in my own life. It’s time to be ambitious.

My natal chart – home & family

This last week has seen developments with regard to our immediate neighbours. It’s a long story but since we moved here over 11 years ago, we’ve not had the easiest of times with the people next door. Ideally your home should be a haven, a place of retreat where you to go to relax and recover from the pressures of work and life in the big wide world. This is the crux of Cancer/Capricorn; comfort v. ambition, nurture v. challenge.

When your peace & quiet or sense of security (Cancer) are challenged, it’s important to put boundaries(Saturn) in place. Our fence was falling down and that’s now been rebuilt creating a physical boundary that allows us privacy. Yet when a neighbour behaves badly and disturbs your home life, sometimes you need to speak up and ensure that boundaries are firm between you.

This is what happened for me this week and I didn’t respond in an enlightened way by any means. It was pure reaction on my part and I let rip and told my neighbour exactly what I thought of him. Afterwards I realised that after years of selfish behaviour on our neighbour’s part, I’d had enough. I felt like a Mamma Lion protecting her family and the fact that my daughter and partner have both suffered because of his behaviour was no longer ok.

Jupiter enters Cancer

Astrologically this coincides with the personal planets moving over my IC and into my 4th house of home and family but more importantly Jupiter joins the party on Wednesday. Twelve years ago when Jupiter was last in Cancer we moved here and unsurprisingly my desire to move elsewhere currently feels strong. This time around it may not be an option to move but with Jupiter in my 4th house, I not only want to protect (Jupiter) my family (Cancer) but I want my home life (Cancer) to be happy and joyful (Jupiter) as well.

I don’t know exactly how the rest of the year will develop with Jupiter in this area of my chart but it’s where opportunities lie and sometimes you have to do what feels right. Take a risk, be the best you can be and live life to the full and for our family personally, if there’s a chance to move, we may well take it.

What it means for you?

Here are the areas of your life which the Full Moon are highlighting and which Jupiter will boost over the coming year. Read both your Ascendant and your Sun sign to get the fullest picture. Full Moons can be emotional and dramatic but they bring the possibility to move your life forward in a way that’s constructive and make important decisions.

  • Aries – home, family v. work, status, responsibility
  • Taurus – communication, neighbours, siblings, local neighbourhood v. travel, study, exploration
  • Gemini – personal finances, possessions v. other peoples’ money, money owed
  • Cancer – image, self-identity, personal goals v. relationships, other people
  • Leo – retreat, secrets, self-undoing v. work, service, health
  • Virgo – friends, groups, society v. children, creativity, entertainment
  • Libra – work, status, responsibility v. home, family
  • Scorpio – travel, study, exploration v. communication, neighbours, siblings
  • Sagittarius – other peoples’ money, money owed v. personal finances, possessions
  • Capricorn – relationships, other people v. image, self-identity, personal goals
  •  Aquarius – work, service, health v. retreat, secrets, self-undoing
  •  Pisces – children, creativity, entertainment v. friends, groups, society

Jupiter in Cancer will influence the areas of life that come immediately after your star sign/Ascendant. The second group is the area of your life ruled by Capricorn and highlighted by this weekend’s Full Moon.

Think back 12 years ago when Jupiter was last in Cancer (July 2001-August 2002) to see what was happening in your own life and whether this resonates with the areas of life that are currently under the spotlight of the Full Moon. If so, what can you do this week to help move your life forward in a positive direction?

If you have any questions, please do contact me and I’ll do my best to help. My July horoscopes will give a deeper insight into what planets in Cancer will mean for you not only this summer but for the next 12 months as well.

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