Who Will Win Wimbledon 2013?

Wimbledon 2013

Update: Sunday 7th July 2013. WOW!!!! Andy Murray has won Wimbledon and I am delighted for him. What an emotional final. My head was with Djokovic and being a Brit my heart was with Murray. All I can say astrologically is Andy’s Mars return was almost exact to the day and with the backing of the country behind him, he wasn’t going to give up that title without a fight, especially after losing last year to Federer & then crying! Djokovic didn’t play as well as he could in my opinion, certainly not as brilliantly as his epic semi-final against Del Potro, the match of the tournament for me.┬á I’m not too disappointed about my prediction and I feel I got a lot right. It’s risking a lot putting my astrology predictions on the internet but I love doing them and I shall continue. Thank you to all of you who read my blogs and comment. Your support is so much appreciated. Well done, Andy Murray, 1st British men’s singles champion for 77 years. Amazing!

Final update same day: Just seen a post on Facebook which says that Murray’s progressed Midheaven was today at 2 Cancer 52 with Jupiter bang on it. Just checked and it is. Another astrology tool to add to the tool-kit…!

The Wimbledon tennis fortnight begins next Monday, June 24th 2013, and it’s time to see if astrology can predict the winner. At time of writing, the top 8 in the men’s singles tournament are:

  1. Novak Djokovic
  2. Andy Murray
  3. Roger Federer
  4. David Ferrer
  5. Rafael Nadal
  6. Tomas Berdych
  7. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
  8. Juan Martin Del Potro

Here’s what they’ve got going for them astrologically:

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:00am, Belgrade, YUG

[n.b. this is a new birth time for Djokovic giving him a Leo Ascendant. The time originally used was 11:25pm giving him a Capricorn Ascendant. Neither birth time is confirmed. Most people I speak to think the Leo Ascendant fits Djokovic as he has the nickname the ‘Djoker’. The Ascendant is how you approach the world and how people see you, first impressions.

The new chart puts Venus in Taurus conjunct the Midheaven and Djokovic’s best year was 2011 when Jupiter in Taurus transited both Venus and the Midheaven (success point) in his chart. This coincided with his domination of the Grand Slams when he won Wimbledon 2011, US Open 2011 and the Australian Open 2012 back to back.]

Re. Wimbledon. Mars is the competitive planet and in Djokovic’s chart, Mars is at 0 Cancer 49. This is significant as Jupiter, the success planet, enters Cancer on June 26 2013 and transits his natal Mars during the competition. The Midheaven of the chart showing the start of Wimbledon 2013 (June 24 2013, 1:00pm, Wimbledon) is 2 Cancer 23 with the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Gemini straddling the Midheaven. In the Wimbledon final chart (July 7 2013, 2:00pm, Wimbledon), Jupiter is at this same point in the heavens, 2 Cancer 37. Both charts highlight 2 Cancer and Djokovic’ Mars at 0 Cancer 49 is close enough to this point to be significant.

My only concern with the astrology for Djokovic is that Mars is in fall in Cancer, i.e. it’s weakened and he has a Saturn transit opposite Venus, his career planet, but Jupiter conjunct Mars, the winning planet has to be a strong testimonial, even though it’s separating away from it.

Andy Murray, b. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK

Andy Murray has had some brilliant astrology over the last year which isn’t surprising as in September 2012 he became the first Brit to win a Grand Slam since Fred Perry in 1936 beating Djokovic in the final of the US Open. He also reached the final of Wimbledon in 2012 but astrologically was pipped at the post as lucky Jupiter was closer to Federer’s Midheaven of 6 Gemini 09 than Murray’s Midheaven of 7 Gemini 46 (they were both finalists). It was a close shave.

Earlier this year, Murray was unlucky to be injured just before the French Open as Jupiter was very closely conjunct his Mars at 26 Gemini on the day of the final but he’s come back fighting winning the title at Queens, often thought of as the precursor to Wimbledon. Jupiter remains in his 10th house that rules career success until September 2013 and in addition Mars, the winning planet, is in Gemini during the Wimbledon tournament and Murray has his Mars return, which takes place approximately every two years, on the day of the final. He’s going to want this one badly and will be there or thereabouts.

Roger Federer, b. August 8 1981, 8:40am, Basel, Switzerland

Roger Federer is the Wimbledon reigning champion and he was my prediction to win Wimbledon 2012 thanks to Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven (see also Andy Murray). Federer hasn’t had the best start to 2013 although he has just won the Gerry Weber Open on June 16 2013. As with Murray’s chart, Jupiter remains in his 10th house of career success until the end of August 2013. Venus in the Wimbledon final chart is at 11 Leo 55 close to Federer’s own career planet, Mercury at 13 Leo 28 but the Ascendant degree in this chart is 21 Libra 28 and very close to Federer’s natal Pluto.

Federer is always one of the most-favoured players at Wimbledon, much loved by the crowd, and the Venus transit conjunct Mercury shows his popularity. However, I have to say the Ascendant/Pluto connection in the final chart makes me think that Federer won’t be there as Pluto rules absence or loss. If he’s not in the final, I wonder whether Jupiter leaving his 10th house and transiting conjunct his Mars in Cancer (August 2013) may be the announcement that he’s retiring, at least from the major tournaments. Mars is square Pluto in his own chart and Mars rules his 3rd house of communication. I may be wrong and I know that this won’t be a popular prediction but time will tell.

David Ferrer, b. April 2 1982, Javia, Spain (no birth time)

Ferrer is a Sun Aries which gives him the drive to be competitive and a winner and on June 26 2013, he has Uranus transiting conjunct his Sun. This transit is about expecting the unexpected and it could prove to be a shock result for Ferrer, swinging either way. Born on a Sun-Mars opposition, Pluto is closely square his natal planet Mars at 9 Libra throughout the tournament. This may give him extra grit and determination but as Pluto is the wipe out planet, I don’t expect him to do especially well although without a birth time it’s hard to give an accurate prediction.

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3 1986, 6:20pm, Manacor, Spain

[n.b Nadal also now has a new birth time (!) and this is confirmed from his birth certificate. The birth time that was originally given was 7:15pm. Nadal is still a Scorpio ASC (of course – intense, steely determination) but this puts Pluto on his Ascendant, intensifying the Scorpio obsessive nature, and gives him a Leo Midheaven so the Sun in Gemini is his ruling planet. As Gemini rules the hands and tennis is a racquet sport, this is the sign that I associate most closely with tennis.]

OK, I have to admit it, Nadal’s astrology is baffling me. How do you come back after a long injury, go from strength to strength in 2013, beat Federer in the Italian Open final and beat Djokovic in another epic 5 set final at the French Open all with Saturn conjunct your Ascendant! Admittedly Saturn did retreat away from Nadal’s Ascendant in May when he won the French Open but only to bump into Pluto in Scorpio in his chart. Saturn’s meant to slow you down but somehow for Nadal with Pluto conjunct his Scorpio Ascendant, he’s turned into Superman! I am amazed and wonder how long he can keep going without his knee injury (Saturn rules bones/joints) flaring up again. He’s proving to be bionic.

Re. his Wimbledon chances: Jupiter has moved away from his Mercury in Gemini (the conjunction was exact on the day of the French Open final propelling him to victory) and makes no other major connections until it reaches his Venus at 15 Cancer 40 in September 2013.However, the Sun on the day of the final at 15 Cancer 34 is very closely conjunct his Venus and this year his progressed Venus conjuncts his Midheaven (exact on August 5 2013). This is only effective with the new birth time and does suggest that Nadal is the ‘Comeback Kid’.

The day before Wimbledon begins Saturn is conjunct Nadal’s natal Pluto which feels heavy but you just can’t count him out. He has a mix of brilliant astrology and challenging astrology throughout the year and so far in 2013 he’s proved to be a consistent player. Again if he stays injury-free, he’s got to be a strong contender for the title.

Tomas Berdych, b. Sept 17 1985, Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic (no birth time)

Berdych is a Sun Virgo and with both the dexterous planet Mercury plus action planet Mars in Virgo, he’s a strategist, a thinker and has great hand-eye co-ordination. His chart lacks fighting spirit for me and again with no birth time, it’s harder to make a prediction but there’s no astrology that stands out for Berdych during the Wimbledon tournament.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, b. April 17 1985, 4:15am, Le Mans, France

Tsonga is another Sun Aries, the fighter of the zodiac, and with a stubborn Mars in Taurus opposite Saturn natally, this adds grit and determination to his competitive spirit. Saturn is at the apex of his chart which lends commitment and status but can also bring self-doubt. Tsonga’s been playing well so far this year and with the Cancer planets, including Jupiter, moving through his 5th house, he may have a lucky run at Wimbledon. However, there’s no astrology that leaps off the page to say it’s his title.

Juan Martin del Potro, Sept 23 1988, Tandil, Argentina (no birth time)

Del Potro is a Sun Libra and is born on a Sun/Mars opposition with a strong competitive Mars in Aries. He won the US Open in 2009 making him the only man to take a Grand Slam away from the big four (Djokovic, Murray, Federer, Nadal) since 2005. This year he has his Sun progressed conjunct Mercury which must prove favourable for his tennis playing, as Mercury is fleet-footed. Again as I have no birth time, there’s nothing else for me that jumps out from his chart to suggest a Wimbledon win.

My Verdict:

I have also looked at solar returns and lunar returns for the top four, i.e. Djokovic, Murray, Federer, Nadal and again mixed messages for Djokovic. Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant of his solar return but he has a fantastic lunar return beginning June 29 2013 with the Sun and Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven. This plus Jupiter conjunct his Mars is why I’m choosing Novak Djokovic as my Wimbledon winner 2013. I should just add that grass isn’t his favourite surface to play on so I suspect it will be a tough competition for him (Saturn opposite Venus/Saturn conjunct Ascendant of his solar return?) but he’s already proved that he can win at Wimbledon and I believe he will do so again.

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119 thoughts on “Who Will Win Wimbledon 2013?”

    1. He has more than slim chances. He is proving to be bionic man. With the new birth time which puts Venus progressed conjunct his Midheaven, he’s looking better (astrologically!) than with the old birth time and the new birth time is confirmed as correct.
      I am still aghast that he is surviving such a tough Saturn transit but time will tell. Now his natal chart has Pluto cnj Ascendant, it shows his total drive & obsession. More than a slim chance I would say but surely injury’s going to catch up with him some time soon! I would be thrilled if he went all the way and won Wimbledon!

  1. Why a drastic prediction like retirement for Roger? As in what exactly is it about the astrology that suggests retirement as opposed to, let’s say, temporary withdrawal from a couple of tournaments.

    It;s not hard to figure out he’s not the favourite for Wimbledon. His form says that. But retirement after he’s announced he wants to play till 2016 Olympics? I don’t get it and I can’t imagine tennis without him. He’s the very last of successful attacking players left on tour.

    1. hi Tennis fan, thank you for your comment. Always appreciated. OK, Roger has lucky Jupiter over his Mars, the competitive planet, and it hits three times – September 2013, January 2014 and April 2014. This may bring more tennis success his way. However, it’s the fact that Mars is square Pluto in his chart and the connection between his own Pluto and the Wimbledon chart that makes me feel he could make a decision to withdraw from the major competitions this summer.
      Plus next year 2014 he has amazing astrology, Sun progressed conjunct his 1st house Venus and Jupiter progressed sextile Mercury, his 1st house and 10th house ruler, plus Jupiter conjunct his Leo planets. This looks glorious but because of the emphasis on the 1st house I think this is about his personal goals as well as his career. It suggests new beginnings and Roger is such a popular figure that I feel he may already be thinking what next.
      He has Gemini on the Midheaven which is often two distinct careers. You have to remember that he’ll be 32 this August and he’s the only man to have won Wimbledon aged 30 or over since the 1970’s! An amazing feat. I imagine that Roger won’t want to continue playing competitively if he’s not at his best (he is a proud Leo after all) and I think his performance at Wimbledon will be pivotal.
      I hope that helps clarify why I’ve made my prediction.
      best, Sally

      1. I don’t know. I guess it just seems too big a change for me. Roger’s entire world seems to revolve around tennis and he can barely stay away from the game for more than a few weeks. Even assuming he loses early at Wimbledon, it’s difficult for me to fathom such a big shift in his attitude over one tournament. He’s said before that he’s never played tennis just for ranking or titles. He will be disappointed, I’m sure. He might even lose a great deal of confidence. But I have to wonder if that’s enough for him to leave the game altogether. He’s had back problems for a while and unless they get so serious that he cannot compete after Wimbledon it’s tough for me to think he’ll leave for tennis-related reasons. He seems to care too much about it and it’s not like his records are secure. His major tally is likely to be passed by Nadal in the coming years given that he’s only five majors (likely to be 4 by the end of the year) away. I know he’s old in tennis terms but Connors played till 40 so it’s not impossible for me to see Roger playing till 34 at least.

        1. hi Tennis fan, I admit my prediction may seem harsh as it’s based partly on a Jupiter transit! However, as an astrologer, predictions have to be made in context and apart from Wimbledon 2012, Federer has only won one grand slam since early 2010. That’s why I feel that the stunning astrology he has next year suggests a renaissance, a change of direction. Are there other titles or accolades he can achieve through tennis other than the grand slam titles? That would be descriptive of the astrology.
          He’s also a generous, big-hearted Leo and he is already supportive of different charities and created the Roger Federer foundation in 2003. He may want to focus more on his charity work, spend more time with his family or have more children. Any of those activities fit his Leo Sun sign and Leo the lion gains a lot of pride ruling his pride of lions.

          1. Well, there’s always the Davis Cup he can still win if he takes his mind off singles and hopefully avoids Spain on clay. But I can’t see it happening. As for his foundation: He has his entire life after tennis for that. I doubt he’d give up his career for that as it’s the career that helped his foundation. Moreoever, he has very long-term endorsement deals with most sponsors so it’s tough to see him out of the picture. I see your forecast coming true if Roger’s back problems keep getting worse and show no sign of improvement OR due to any personal issues. I don’t see a potential loss at Wimbledon as the end of his tennis career.

          2. Thanks again for your comment. I’m as intrigued as you are to see what’s going to happen with Federer. best, Sally

  2. Oh no Sally, so wanted to read Rafas name.

    Who has 2nd best chances after Novak?Rafa or Murray?

    Also reading about Fed gives impression he will do bad this Wimby? Any cahnce of going out before quarters?

    1. Federer has the least impressive astrology of the big four for Wimbledon but I can’t say exactly when/if he will go out. I will be waiting to see along with the rest of the world and would be delighted if he blows my prediction out of the water and does well.
      I think Novak, Rafa and Murray all have a good chance but astrologically Novak is the one to beat.
      best, Sally

  3. Mmm…. Federer and loss. I have certainly felt for a while that he’s going through some kind of transformation and think he has something else to give the world besides tennis; magnificent as the gift of his talent to tennis has been. Will be interesting.
    Might give up watching tennis myself when RF goes!!
    Thanks for sharing with us Sally.

    1. You’re welcome, Lesley. I know it’s not the prediction you would have hoped for but I do like to be honest. I think this year could be the turning point for Federer especially if he doesn’t do well at Wimbledon.
      He’s the one of the big four with the least exciting astrology for the coming fortnight but I know he loves Wimbledon and the crowd love him. I hope he performs at his best. Will be glued to the television… best wishes, Sally

  4. @Sally: From your predictions it looks like Nadal is the second best contender with Murray the third best. That most probably means a Djokovic-Nadal final.

    Once in the final, I know he will try really, really hard despite his stars. He has been out to prove something ever since he came back. Hopefully, he can defy Djokovic’s stars once again.

    1. Lots of Rafa fans out there and rightly so. An amazing player. With the new birth chart and Pluto conjunct his Ascendant he’s a real powerhouse. I’ll be calling him bionic man if he can play at the top of his game throughout Wimbledon and claim the trophy!
      You can’t predict the final right now as we don’t know the draw and with Nadal probably going to be seeded no. 5, it’s going to be interesting!
      Can’t wait. best, Sally

  5. HI Sally,

    it was nice reading the blog. Actually, it is very detailed and it is good to read about Nole and Andy. Probably I would like to see Nole winning it but lets see. I really like to appreciate, its best of the blogs and I am very thrilled reading it ­čÖé

  6. Amazing Sally. Good news for Nadal fans. One more thing how long that injury is going to take Rafa out of the tour. Hope not for long.

  7. Draws are out – tough road for roger@31 years
    Potential matches
    QF- Nadal
    SF – Murray
    Final – Novak

    I think your prediction does make sense. I am expecting a rematch of AO final.

    1. Thanks for your confidence, Linda, but it’s early days! The draw’s fallen in Djokovic’s favour, that’s for sure! best, Sally

  8. Wonderful article again Sally. Draws were announced yesterday and wouldn’t you know it Murray, Federer, Nadal, Tsonga all on the same side. No reason why Novak won’t be in the final as long as he stays grounded and sticks to the task. I’m sure he would really love to win another Wimbledon in memory of the coach who recently passed. Djokovic will also be experiencing a sextile from transiting Jupiter to his Midheaven and Venus. it’s not tight the day of the final but it is energy approaching. Looks like Lady Luck is already bringing him some benefits with a very good draw. I don’t discount Nadal being the likely finalist on the other side. Murray has yet to prove he can beat Nadal at a Grand Slam semi final. We have to wait and see if he can overcome this hurdle. He is good at handling pressure but he will no doubt be feeling it.

  9. @Sally: What I’m about to ask is not necessarily related to Wimbledon. But I was wondering if you could also blog on the Djokovic Nadal rivalry sometime. Meaning, till when are their careers going to last and who is more likely to dominate more in the coming years… etc. I mean is there any chance Nadal may return to world #1 before he retires… Or will it only be Djokovic till their careers end? That would be interesting to know and probably something a lot of people would like to know. Maybe you can also throw Murray into the mix for this. Nadal, Djokovic, Murray are all around the same age.

    1. hi Anish, thanks for your question but it’s not how I make predictions. Astrology works best when it’s taken in context with peoples’ lives. If I was having a personal one-on-one with any of the top four, then it would make sense to look years ahead. What works for me is to focus on the astrology in the now and base that on what we know about the players this year. That’s how you can make successful predictions.
      I think this is probably quite different from vedic/jyotish astrology where your fate is written in the stars. Western astrology works differently in my opinion and with clients I work much more with their potential and how they can take the best possible course of action. I feel a new blog post coming on to explain more. I hope that helps. best, Sally

  10. Hi Sally,

    I was desperately checking your site thrice a day for your prediction on this years Wimbledon . A great follower of your blog .
    Was upset after knowing that Federer has the least exciting astrology among the top four .

    Just wanted to know can astrology go wrong ??

    And you have mentioned Federer has a great time in 2014 ??? Does that mean can he add one more slam in 2014 ??


    1. hi Samarjeet, thanks for your comment. I wouldn’t say the astrology goes wrong, more like the astrologer’s prediction goes wrong! Federer’s stars do look fab next year so I will predict more on him but not right now. I’m waiting to see what happens at Wimbledon and over the summer. best, Sally

  11. Hi Sally – Who do you see as most likely to win the Wimbledon womens’ tournament? I love Serena – I hope she wins this one!

    1. I had the quickest of looks as the problem I have with the womens’ tournament is that I only have a birth time for Serena but none of the other top players. You can’t count out the amazing Serena but Azarenka’s chart looked most interesting from an astrologer’s perspective! best,Sally

    1. hi Byron, thanks for your comment. Well, it makes Federer’s side of the draw a shade easier for him but it doesn’t change my prediction of a Djokovic win. best, Sally

  12. Hi Sally,

    Your prediction has gone slightly wrong ….You mentioned that Federer has the least exciting astrology among the top 8 ,but it was Nadal’s …


    1. hi Samarjeet, thanks for your comment but I disagree. Nadal’s astrology was way more exciting than Federer’s for this Wimbledon. Sadly, it’s the injury symbolism that dominated. I watched the match yesterday and you could see he wasn’t ok physically. I feel gutted for him. best, Sally

    1. Me too. He’s such a fantastic player and I feel so sorry for Nadal. Grass was always going to be his nemesis as it’s way more slippery and was obviously hard on his knee. He really proved himself this year as the comeback kid winning most of his matches and triumphing at the French Open. Delighted for him that he’s in the record books as the first man to win one title 8 times. I hope he’s proud of himself. Yes, I worry what the future holds for him now as Saturn’s hanging around. Time will tell. I can’t see him giving up, that’s for sure. The man’s a born fighter. best, Sally

  13. Has Saturn on the ascendant finally caught up with Nadal? Was this a complete surprise for you Sally? Federer looked good but am mindful of what you have said so not getting carried away – difficult though!:)

    1. hi Lesley, I was always worried for Nadal this year with the Saturn transits and in fact I am quite amazed yet delighted that he’s achieved so much this year already. An amazing tennis player and it will be so sad if his knee continues to trouble him. He deserves his French Open title and new record of 8 grand slams in one competition so much. Federer breezed through, didn’t he? Gorgeous player. Hope he progresses a way yet, that’s for sure. Keep watching! best, Sally

      1. Yes, RF: gorgeous player. He has something else – a fluidity of movement that’s unique – and such grace…Hope, like you, that we get to watch him for as long as possible.
        Sad about Nadal. I also read that he has more than the average number of routines and obsessions about keeping things in the exact place both on and off the court. Is that also reflected in his astrology?

        1. You’re on the nail with the obsessions. Rafa’s new birth time puts Pluto on his Ascendant making him a total obsessive. Works in his favour as a tennis player adding an incredible drive & intensity to his game but it doesn’t surprise me that he has ocd-like tendencies too. Fits completely. He also has a very strong Mars, the fighting planet, in Capricorn and a fellow astrologer said that in a former life he would have been a gladiator. I love that. He’s a winner no doubt about it. Long may he play tennis!

  14. So sad to see Nadal knocked out of Wimbledon in the 1st round but with all that you have said about his chart Sally it was only a matter of when. No reason now that Murray can’t make it to the final.

    1. Thanks, Shelley. I’m sad about Rafa too. I really feel for him. So much talent and such a shame about a dodgy knee. It’s never going to be 100% again, is it? It’s such a hard physical game especially on the knees! He’s done amazingly well this year and really does deserve the title ‘the comeback kid’. Wimbledon and grass courts were always going to be his nemesis but I hope he still has some incredible tennis left to show us. Paves the way for Murray and Federer. best, Sally

  15. Byron T Houson-Frederick

    U said something about federer’s astrology for september 2013, is it possible he wins his 6th Us Open, January 2014 he wins his 5 australian open, as 5 is his occult number? Not sure for April 2014 ..

    I have a strange feeling that something strange is happening at wimblen all those injuries. I have a feeling that federer will win his 8th wimby.

    1. Don’t know about Federer right now. Let’s see what Wimbledon holds. At the moment, his side of the draw is looking easier and easier with all these injuries. I think Tsonga would have been his opponent too if Federer continues to progress.
      Yes, you’re right re. the injuries! What is going on?! Can’t clock it astrologically except Mercury turning retrograde today but it seems a harsh showing for the planet of communication turning around. Azarenka was one of my faves for the women’s title but not to be. At this rate, whoever wins is going to walk it!

  16. Sally , You have hit the Bulls Eye with the prediction of Federer ­čÖé …
    One of the saddest day in my life …


    1. Blimey, they’re dropping like flies today! I’m astonished. I thought Federer would get further than the second round as he’s such a natural on grass. Didn’t watch the match so can’t comment more. It’s all going on at Wimbledon on the day Mercury turns retrograde bringing chaos, injuries and shocks galore!

      1. I’m in mourning – absolutely gutted….. Must be something going on beyond tennis! No light in wimby without him. Must be hard for him to come to terms with this one.

        1. I’ve been thinking of you, Lesley! You and Bianca, another die-hard Federer fan. It is going to be a strange tournament now and let’s see where Federer goes with it. It will be interesting to see what the next few months bring. Take care! best, Sally

          1. Thanks Sally – for thinking of me. I took it hard!! Have been thinking about him since. My friend is an also an astrologer and she agrees with your thoughts on his chart for next year- some kind of renaissance. I feel he has something else to offer the world. I think my friend said something too about the 12 th house in his chart. Make sense? It just seems like such a severe blow for him at the moment.

          2. Federer has both his Sun and career planet, Mercury, on the 12th house cusp, the house of retreat. It’s quite common for people in the public eye to have a 12th house Sun as they have two separate lives, their public life and their life behind closed doors (12th house). It will make it especially important for him to have privacy in his private life. People with a strong 12th house often have a deeply spiritual side too. I’m really intrigued to see what he does next. Sending you (and him!) good vibes… Sally

          3. Thanks Sally – was glad you mentioned RF’s spiritual side re the 12th house. I too will be intrigued to see what he does with this. It feels like a deep wound just now and the healing of it will be the making of him, I’m sure. Glad of your good vibes!

  17. Philippe M├╝hlemann

    I can imagine that Richard Gasquet is going quite well in this grand slam. Would you like to have a look, Sally? He’s born on June 18, 1986, 9:00 AM
    in S├ęrignan in France

    1. hi Philippe, the French are doing brilliantly at Wimbledon so far! Had a quick peek at Gasquet’s chart and he’s another Sun Gemini, the tennis sign. It’s in late degrees Gemini but Jupiter, the success planet, is now moving away from it. He has Aries on the midheaven, so very competitive, and a strong Mars in Capricorn, same as Nadal. A fighter and a hard worker. I’m liking his stars for next year more than this year. Hope that’s helpful. best, Sally

  18. I love your tennis posts, and i hope that you do more of them in the future. Too bad that Nadal and Federer lost early but I think this may the path for Andy Murray to make it to the final. I don’t know if he’ll win it but it seems the stars are aligned for him to do well. Still a huge Federer fan but I so hard tried of hearing about England’s drought of Wimbledon champion.

    1. Thanks Lisa. With Nadal, Federer and Tsonga are out, it does make Murray’s side of the draw a way lot easier. I hope we continue to see some great tennis now some of my favourites are out. I expect some unknown faces to make their mark. best, Sally

  19. I’m going for Serena and Djok for the top two now. Looks like your Djok prediction is still going strong, Sally!

    1. Yes, so far so good. Shame about Azarenka as she was my other fave for the womens’ title. Something weird going on at Wimbledon, that’s for sure… best, Sally

  20. Gosh today two Arians are playing each other as are two taureans! I guess this is where birth time is important to try and guess who will win!

  21. Dear Sally,

    Sorry to bother with this question will Astrology get better for Roger Federer and will he win anymore Grand slams and other tournaments this year?

    Fed fan

    1. I’m playing a ‘wait and see’ game with Federer at the moment. I think we might see some significant changes that may not be tennis-related. Will report back later this year on Federer. Thanks for your comment.

  22. Hi Sally, I am a huge Nadal fan and eager to know what are his chances at US open 2013 and rest of this season ? Also, can you take a detailed look of his chart and predict will he win more/equal slams as of Roger??

    1. hi Rafa fan, I’ll look at the players’ charts before the US Open in August. If you read my blog on Nadal “The Comeback Kid” you’ll see that the astrology that has shown as his knee injury is still active this year and into next year. It depends on how he progresses, although I think he should quit playing on grass for sure and stick to clay and hard courts… best, Sally

      1. Thanks Sally. Did you get a chance to check if Nadal can match Federer in terms of number of grand slams? Also, can you take a look and comment can Djokovic overtake Nadal for more number of grand slams?

        1. In a word ‘no’ but said in a nice way… I’m more interested in trying to predict who’s going to win a specific tennis Grand Slam but thanks for your comment. best, Sally

  23. Now, it looks like Murray’s side of the draw is easier with the way things have developed.
    Nadal, Federer, Tsonga, Cilic out. No one in the top 20 left on his side.

    Djokovic has potentially Del Potro, Berdych and Ferrer to contend with. Should be fine, but still the tougher path.

    @Sally: Then, I guess it looks like a Murray-Djokovic final. But the way things are working out for Murray, I think he will be fresher for the final.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anish. Murray may be fresher but are the stars on his side? We’ll know soon enough… best, Sally

  24. Philippe M├╝hlemann

    I could imagine that the german Player, Sabine Lisicki, has good chances against Serena. Maybe she’s not going to win, but can challenge Serena a lot.

    Sabine is born on the 22th of september 1989 in Troisdorf, Germany. The 1/8-final starts on the 1st of july, 2 pm bst

    What do you think Sally?

    1. Philippe, great shout! Sorry I couldn’t reply to you earlier but I’ve been manically busy with my monthly stars and have had all kinds of techno problems (I blame Mercury retrograde). Just took a quick shuftee at Lisicki’s chart and she probably has her Moon in early degrees Cancer. Her Jupiter is at 8 Cancer so her Jupiter return will be exact early August. It would be great to get some birth times for the good women’s players to make more accurate predictions. Lots of shocks happening at Wimbledon this year. Come on Murray! (and Djokovic…)

  25. Philippe M├╝hlemann

    Thank you Sally. I’ve earned a lot of money because of Sabine. But now I’ll finish with betting. It’s too addictive.

    1. hi Val, I haven’t had time to look at any other charts. My prediction is still for a Djokovic win. best, Sally

  26. Hi Sally:

    Who do you predict will win the Ladie’s Singles Championships?

    Thanks for your help,
    – Krishna

    1. hi Krishna, Sorry but I haven’t looked at the charts for the women who are remaining in the tournament. best, Sally

  27. You were so right Sally about Djokovic having it tough during this Wimbledon but what a match he played against Del Potro in the Semi final. If Del Petro doesn’t become a world number one before his career is finished I would be thoroughly surprised. He has the right steely temparent to be secure at the top of the game. I’m hoping for a Djokovic victory on Sunday he has certainly proven that he should be Wimbledon champion by the match he played today. Murray on the other hand has been reverting back to his whinny and passive self he struggles with too many demons inside of himself.

    1. hi Shelley, I watched the Djokovic/Del Potro match which was an absolute epic and I believe the longest Grand Slam semi-final ever – almost 5 hours. Saturn is Lord of Time in traditional astrology and with Saturn currently stationing opposite his Venus, Djokovic did the only thing you can do with Saturn, hang on in there, be relentless and keep going. They both played incredible tennis. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s final – I’m hoping we’re in for a great match. best, Sally

      1. Wow, what a match Djokovic and Del Porto played. Sure its going to be an interesting final tomorrow? May I know if you got to revisit the charts? What is your opinion, the result is gonne be that is last year’s us open or this year’s Aussie open?

        Many thanks ­čÖé

        1. Both have transits to Mars – Murray’s Mars return and Djokovic Jupiter conjunct Mars. Going to be a glorious battle. My money is on Djokovic; my British heart is with Andy Murray! best, Sally

  28. Sally, I don’t follow astrology, only tennis, but must say your predictions so far are absolutely spot on – I am so impressed!
    Murray and Djokovic are my two favourite players – I want them both to win, but I guess that’s not possible.

    1. hi tennispompom, well I was with you today. I wanted Djokovic to win because of my prediction and I love the guy more and more and I wanted Andy to win because I’m a Brit and well, Andy’s a Brit and he deserved it so much. I’ve never seen a tennis player want to win a match so much in my life. He lost last year to Federer and he was not going to let go of this one. Djokovic didn’t play as well as I know he can either and I think his semi-final win against Del Potro was one of the best matches I’ve seen ever. Incredible how he came out of that match on top. It’s been a brilliant end to a Wimbledon that’s been full of surprises. I so love Wimbledon! Bring it on next year…

    1. hi Anish, Murray did it and I’m delighted for him and for Britain. Being a Brit, I’m emotional too and a little sad for Djokovic who I’m warming to year by year. best, Sally

  29. Andy Wins ! However, this is still a very good prediction. Djokovic played the finals and identifying this at such advance level is really something good. I hope the birth time of Djokovic is correct.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s really appreciated to hear that you like my predictions and means a lot to me that you have posted your comment especially today. I suspect the new birth time for Djokovic is correct as the timing to his Venus/Midheaven in Taurus matched his best year so far – 2011. Andy was phenomenal today and he really wasn’t going to let this one go. It brought out his Martian fighting energy. Good for him. Sad for my prediction! best, Sally

  30. Well… you did say Murray would get there or thereabouts! He did. So, it’s not really wrong. You just thought Djoker had a better chance.

    Nadal and Federer fans would be happy that Djokovic’s grand slam tally stays at 6 rather than increase compared to Nadal’s 12 and Federer’s 17. ­čśë

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anish. I did pick out Djokovic/Murray as the top two so I’m feeling quite pleased from an astrologer’s perspective, although astrologically to get the prediction right would have been perfect. I’m obviously pleased from a patriotic point of view! I look forward to more offering you all more tennis predictions in the future. best, Sally

  31. byron twain houson-frederick

    Well I am happy Andy and England won their own grand slam but it was very painful that federer was not there. I really hope federer comes back with a bang. An astrologist said September 2013, January 2014 and April 2014 some spectacular things are going to happened. I have a feeling he wins us open 2013. Please let me know what you think.

    1. I agree that the dates you mention are going to be spectacular for Federer, whether it’s tennis or something else however I’m not sure as yet. I shall of course be writing up my predictions for the US Open in August. I love making these tennis predictions and I have to say I’m a little bit in love with all the top 4, Djokovic, Murray, Federer & Nadal. In a way I shall be sad when there are new players on the block but that looks imminent… best, Sally

  32. Good prediction. Bit sad that Djokovic is not playing up to the mark, though finals is a good achievement. Congrats to Andy who is improving year after year.
    I am just wondering if Djokovic’s best is slowly fading away. He is not like he used to be in 2011, thats for sure. That extra mental energy and stamina he used to have is not evident. I hope he picks up some motivation for the US open. May I know, generally speaking how is his chart and his career (i.e. tennis) in the coming years. How does one say ones’ success as a tennis player is going to be great, is it because of Jupiter etc.?

    Thank you.

  33. Byron T Houson-Frederick

    There is an astrologist who have been predicting amazingly well federer’s career. And a few have said he will have 19 by the end of 2014 and he makes a decision……..

    1. Interesting. Can you point me in the direction of the astrologer predicting 19 Grand Slams for Federer? I’d love to read more. Thanks for your comments. best, Sally

  34. Hi Sally, thanks so much for your prediction at Wimbledon this year. I think you did a great job and for the most part you were spot on. I’m looking forward to what you have to say about the US Open later in the year. It was sad to see Djokovic lose today but he can’t win them all and well it wasn’t meant to be his day. Looks like that pesky opposition of Saturn to his midheaven caused him great frustration. Interesting side note about Murray’s progressed midheaven. I hadn’t looked at his progressed chart either but this was the difference. I have noticed that Djokovic’s progressed midheaven is moving away from his natal sun so maybe his dominance at number one will begin to fade too. Regardless, he is a great player and no doubt there will be a couple of more grand slams for him on the horizon. I’m not a fan of Murray but I respect what he has achieved. So congratulations to him and his fans. And thanks for these fun predicitions Sally.

    1. hi Shelley, yes I think the Saturn element slowed Djokovic down as the tournament progressed and the epic against Del Potro must have taken it out of him. He was relentless in that match and nowhere near as consistent in the final.
      The progressed chart is indeed a new tool to add to the astrologer’s predictive tool box! I’d added solar and lunar returns this time around but will undoubtedly need to check out the progressed chart too in future. That made the difference. I couldn’t understand it yesterday and I kept thinking Novak would come back at Andy. Jupiter transiting Andy’s progressed Midheaven was like a tidal wave of support from the whole country and represents his truly remarkable achievement. I’m happy for him.
      Thanks for your kind commments too and I am happy that so many of my readers do appreciate what I do so I intend to continue with the tennis predictions. It’s become something of a niche. Must try and chase up some more birth times though especially with new players on the block! We could be seeing the start of a new era after the domination of the Big 4!

  35. byron twain houson-frederick

    Me too not a fan of Murray but I am thankful he won. He just done have the elegance and artistry of federer for me to be a fan. Hope federer wins more grand slam

    1. Thanks Byron for sending through the link. Much appreciated. It seems to be based more on numerology than astrology if I’m correct? Interesting though and Roger does have a big year coming up. Let’s see what it brings… best, Sally

  36. Hi Sally ,

    Thanks a Ton for your predictions on this wimbledon which was almost 100% correct …..Waiting to see your prediction in US open…

    Regarding the link sent by Byron , the numerologist Damodaran seems pretty accurate…He had predicted of Murray’s 2013 Wimbledon triumph last year !!!!

    1. Thank u Samarjeet. Your kind words are appreciated. best, Sally. Interesting to hear about the numerologist predicting Murray’s win!

    1. hi Byron, thanks for sharing this. Interesting reading. My only question mark is that it was written in 2012 and the astrologer felt Federer might win the Olympics plus he didn’t mention Federer’s recent fall in form. Food for thought though. best, Sally

    1. hi Deidre, thanks for your comments. I am on it just slow as it’s summer school holidays. May be up today if not mid-week! Thanks for being patient. best, Sally

  37. Hi Sally,

    Now that Rafa has won both Montreal and Cincinnati back to back, how do you see his chances in US open 2013 starting Aug 26?

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