Mercury Retrograde: Here’s One I Wrote Earlier

Mercury retrogradeOn the day that that Mercury turns retrograde (June 26 2013  13:08 GMT), here’s a quick blog post on the planet of communication’s retrograde motion through the zodiac.

The trickster planet gives the illusion of moving backwards through the heavens thrice-yearly and for approximately three weeks at a time so I’m giving you 3 blot posts.

In the spirit of revisiting the past, one of Mercury retrograde’s themes, they are blog posts ‘wot I wrote earlier’. Each one’s a little different and together they will keep you informed and up-to-date on what Mercury retrograde means for you.

Mercury is back in direct motion on July 20 2013 18:22 GMT. Good luck and do post your Mercury retrograde stories in the comments section or on my new astrology Facebook page, Sally Kirkman Astrology.

Here are the blogs:

Help It’s Mercury Retrograde!

How To Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You

Mercury Retrograde And Not Knowing

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2 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde: Here’s One I Wrote Earlier”

  1. I think that is why Mercury Retrograde has such a bad reputation. I have been working with Mercury Retrograde successfully for years with no problem at all. But then I do not fear difficult energies. Mercury Retrograde is actually one of the lesser difficult energies in astrology, just a frequent one, and is therefore easier to handle than most. Try an outer planet square sometime – then you will know what difficult is.

    Most of the time Mercury Retrograde is more of a pinprick than anything else. But someone who just always wants to be positive and optimistic all the time will not even appreciate a pinprick.

    The difficult energies of astrology are wake-up calls. If one does not like to be awakened to reality one will not like the difficult energies of astrology.

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