French Open Tennis 2017

Update: Venus/Uranus conjunct the Midheaven of the tournament chart showed the non-seeded (Uranus = outsider/surprises) winner in the womens’ tournament (Venus rules women). Jelena Ostapenko (b. June 8 1997) took the trophy – another Sun Gemini, the tennis sign.

In the mens’ tournament, it was a popular win for Gemini Rafael Nadal (b. June 3 1986). He had the strongest transits (see below) and this year he was unstoppable. It was a Gemini (Nadal)/Aries (Wawrinka) final, which on a basic astrological level fits the chart for the tournament.

There was a lot of debate in the popular comments section whether we could put a case forward for Nadal being a surprise winner. Yes, he’s won it 9 times before (2014 being his last win) and this was ‘La Decima’, a record 10th win. As Patrick suggested in the comments, this could also be a symbol of Uranus dominating the Midheaven of the tournament chart – Uranus represents all that’s new and Nadal has stamped his mark in stunning fashion. He truly is the ‘King of Clay’.

My tennis predictions and the astrology of the four Grand Slam events are now reaching their fifth year. Yet every time it gets to the French Open, my interest wanes. I’m not entirely sure why this is but as a Scorpio Sun sign, this is when the quicker-moving planets are opposite my Sun.

The Sun left Taurus (Scorpio’s opposing sign) only a week ago and this is often a period when your motivation is lessened. Plus, once again there’s a Uranus factor involved in the chart for the start of the tournament (see left). Uranus springs surprises and my surprise has been not to post a prediction!… so far.

The tennis predictions do draw in a lot of attention however, for good or for worse!, and I’ve already had numerous people asking where the predictions are. So in the spirit of Uranus, a last-minute spontaneous rush of astrology.

First a quick look at the astrology chart for the French Open 2017:

What an interesting chart this year. A Venus/Uranus conjunction on the Midheaven (career/success point) and a Mars/Saturn opposition, Mars being ruler of the Aries Midheaven. So the action planet, the male planet Mars in the tennis sign Gemini is being held back by a retrograde Saturn whereas the planet ruling women Venus is in the warrior sign of Aries and very lively next to unpredictable Uranus.

Surprises are Uranus’ trademark and this year, Roger Federer, is not gracing the clay courts. Another factor why my interest waned (see below). Two years ago, it was Sun Aries Stan Wawrinka who was the surprise winner but last year, it wasn’t a great surprise when Novak Djokovic won his fourth Grand Slam in a row. Is Uranus easy to predict? Rarely.

It will be interesting to see how players fare if they have key planets triggered by Uranus in Aries. That might show in a positive light as Uranus currently creates a dynamic Grand Fire Trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node in Leo, all at 25, 26 and 27 degrees of their respective fire signs.

Also, one of the major planetary events taking place this fortnight is lucky Jupiter moving from retrograde to direct motion on June 9th. Jupiter is often a transit to note as it’s played out time and again to boost the winner’s prospects.

Yet this Jupiter isn’t going anywhere fast. It’s at 13 degrees Libra in the opening chart and still at 13 degrees Libra in two weeks time. Sam Querrey (b. October 7 1987) has his Sun at 13 degrees Libra and Philipp Kohlschreiber has tennis planet Mercury at 12 degrees Libra. I notice that they’ve both lost today so it looks as if Jupiter’s good fortune isn’t working whilst it slows right down.

More on the key players:

Roger Federer – b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland

I know Roger’s not playing but I wish he were! He stunned tennis fans at the Australian Open earlier this year when he won his 18th Grand Slam at the age of 35 after a six month break from tennis. Incredible! Mercury is Roger’s career planet and Jupiter rules good fortune and it was an amazing astrological progression of Mercury and Jupiter almost exact that was the signature for his win.

I don’t always have time to look at progressions as these predictions are written for free. This tends to be a quick whizz through the most important transits and a look at the chart for the event. Yet progressions have shown to be important recently – see Andy’s section too – so I will try and look at them for at least the top few players. You also need a time of birth for a player to use them well.

What’s interesting about Roger’s chart is that Mercury, his career planet, is at 13 degrees Leo so Jupiter is turning direct sextile his Mercury, a positive aspect. Originally I liked this transit for his chances here at Roland Garros but perhaps Jupiter’s not playing out with regard to the tennis.

We’ve already seen that it didn’t boost Sam Querrey and Philipp Kohlschreiber’s tennis fortunes. So maybe this is the right decision for Roger to take a breather and get himself ready for his favourite tennis tournament, Wimbledon.

Andy Murray – b. May 15 1987, 2:10 pm, Glasgow, UK

The no. 1 seed, Brit Andy was a finalist here last year. He went on to win Wimbledon 2016 and won the much coveted no. 1 placing off Novak Djokovic. He had the best Saturn Return and there was a key progression in his chart last year too. Again this lit up his career planet, Mercury in Gemini and it was Venus, one of the benefics, i.e. positive planets that was exactly conjunct his Mercury in 2016. It’s still active but beginning to separate.

What Andy does have in his chart is a host of planets in the fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, and his Venus at 27 Aries is trine Uranus at 25 Sagittarius. The North Node, a destiny point in astrology, was exactly trine his Venus on May 29th 2017 and is sextile his Mars at 26 degrees Gemini on June 10th 2017. Plus it’s currently his Mars Return, an event which happens every 2 years, and indicates a surge of dynamic energy.

In fact, his chart is popping right now because the Sun at 7 Gemini 13 in the tournament chart is conjunct Andy’s Midheaven at 7 Gemini 46. On its own, the above is lovely astrology and strong for Andy.

There are a couple of tricky planetary aspects however. Firstly, he has foggy Neptune conjunct his Descendant, relationship point, but that might be more personal than professional. Secondly, Saturn is opposing his natal Mars Gemini and he has come into the tournament recovering from a sickness bug. Otherwise, his astrology is looking good.

Rafael Nadal – b. June 3 1986, 7:10 pm, Manacor, Spain

Rafa is the French Open star and if he wins this year, it will be his 10th win. He also has Mercury Gemini as his career planet and at 26 degrees Gemini, it too is receiving the rays of the Grand Fire Trine that’s so strong right now.

Uranus at 26 Aries is sextile his Mercury as is the North Node, exact on June 10th 2017. But like Andy, he has a Saturn opposition, to his Mercury, although it was exact before the competition and Saturn is beginning to retreat away.

Rafa is one of the tournament’s birthday boys as his birthday takes place on the coming weekend. I’d love to see him win his 10th French Open Grand Slam. It’s not convincing astrology but hopefully he’s in with a shout.

I missed an important transit writing this article at speed. Thanks to James Green for pointing out that Nadal’s Sun is at 12 Gemini 49 and lucky Jupiter turned direct at 13 Libra 13, i.e. in a positive trine aspect to Nadal’s Sun during the tournament.

Novak Djokovic – b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Does Novak have the added motivation and impetus to carry on winning after his incredible achievement last year, holding all four Grand Slam titles at the same time? This is the big question and astrologically it was Pluto that proved to be the power planet for Novak.

Pluto is strong in his natal chart, close to the Midheaven, and it was when Pluto was going over his Ascendant by transit, the personal point in the chart and one of the key angles, that Novak found super-human strength to complete an amazing tennis triumph.

Born one week after Andy, Novak also has some lovely fire sign trines in his natal chart. Yet not quite as strong now as for the Brit. What is intriguing about Novak’s chart is his progressed Sun. The progressed Sun takes 30 years to move through one sign of the zodiac, one degree for each year of life. Novak’s progressed Sun is currently at 29 Gemini 59 and could not be closer to the end of the sign. In fact, it moves into Cancer by progression during the tournament.

Now usually, this might mean you’d think it was the end of his dominance as a tennis player (Gemini and its ruler Mercury both show strongly in the charts of tennis players). Yet Novak’s Mars is at 1 degree Cancer and Mars is his career planet, so next year could be stunning for him and a return to form. For now, this feels more like a transitional phase. Although like Andy, his Mars Return takes place during the tournament, exact on June 6th.

Another tough test for Djokovic as he failed to regain the last of his four Grand Slam trophies that he held all at the same time only one year ago. Pluto is the all-or-nothing planet and it returns to 16 degrees Capricorn later this year, Djokovic’ Ascendant degree. I think this with the critical degree of his progress Sun, 29 Gemini, shows the contrasting fortunes of the last two years. He might have to wait for the progressed Sun to conjunct his career planet, Mars, before he’s back on form – 2018.

Stanislas Wawrinka – b. March 28 1985, 11:05am, Lausanne, Switzerland

Stan also has a strong progression about to happen as his progressed Venus at 6 Aries 24 is close to his natal Sun at 7 Aries 41. However, progressions are slow-moving so this looks lovely for next year, 2018, rather than this year. Venus rules love so 2018 will perhaps be a special year for him on a personal note.

Stan has done well before at this event winning it two years ago and getting to the semi-finals last year. The Aries energy that’s once again strong thanks to Uranus seems to suit this Sun Aries. Yet he has no really good transits taking place this year so his astrology isn’t leaping out.

Thanks to Astrotennis for pointing out that I missed Stan’s progressed Sun moving to a strong conjunction with his natal Mars Taurus. Usually with progressions, I look for a major transit to back it up and there wasn’t this year. Yet he made the final and seems to excel with the Uranus Aries energy, being a Sun Aries.

The Best Of The Rest

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – b. April 17 1985, 4:15 am, Le Mans, France

He’s on home turf and his Sun is at 27 Aries 01 so being zinged by Uranus. It’s never guaranteed that Uranus will spring a positive surprise as it’s so unpredictable but very possibly exciting times for Monsieur Tsonga. If you look at his natal chart, it’s more likely to be about love and relationships for him as the Sun rules his Leo Descendant, relationship point.

n.b. two more Sun Aries players: Roberto Bautista Agut (b. April 14 1988) – Sun 24 Aries 40 and Thanaki Kokkinakis (b. April 10 1996) – Sun 20 Aries 30.

Dominic Thiem – b. September 3 1993, 1:26 am, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

It’s Dominic Thiem’s Jupiter Return, a 12 year event, that promises opportunity and good fortune. A Sun Virgo, he has an energetic Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Libra and Jupiter is his career planet, if his time of birth is correct. It will be interesting to see how he fares this tournament and whether Jupiter’s switch of direction will boost or squash his chances. A good run for Thiem, only losing to the champion Nadal in the semi-final.

Gael Monfils – b. September 1 1986, 4:50 am, Paris, France

It’s his home town and his Midheaven, the career/success point in his chart is 26 Aries 36 so Uranus is very close. Another Sun Virgo, he’s one to watch.

Who Will Win?

There’s no obvious winner this time around, which is perhaps indicative of the Uranus energy. It might be someone unexpected or perhaps Andy or Rafa will pull through and use their Saturn oppositions to strengthen not weaken their tournament chances.







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  1. Dear Ms Sally,

    I thought the ASTROLOGY OF FRENCH OPEN TENNIS 2017 may not come after all ! You have surprised us.

    In spite of the delay and in spite of no clear winner prediction, the column makes interesting reading.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi sally madam I am krishna from India. I am big fan of u and following ur tennis predictions regularly thank u for posting french open prediction .sally during final rafa has jupiter trine to his natal sun .jupiter is at 13 libra and his natal sun is 12°49′ .and mars is trine to his natal pluto during final mars is at 4°38′ in cancer trine to his natal pluto in scorpio at 5 degrees which is very close whether it will help him sally. And also during final his transit sun in gemini 20°48′ opposition to natal uranus 20°42′ in saagiratius what about this .please tell about this sally thank u.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for your comment, Krishna. I like Jupiter trine his Gemini Sun definitely. That’s a positive uplifting connection. With all the players there will always be a host of other transits taking place, some helpful, some not. They need to be in context to the tennis/their career potential. Sun opposite Uranus might be an interesting one for Nadal as he has a Mercury/Uranus opposition in his chart and Mercury is his career planet. As always with Uranus, it springs surprises. Tsonga was knocked out in round 1 with Uranus conjunct his Sun. Yet Monfils and Bautista Agut are still going strong and they too have Uranus transits. I like Nadal’s current astrology because Uranus is in the Grand Fire Trine that’s so powerful right now.

  3. Hi Sally..Just a question…Is it easier for you to make your predictions with the draw already out or not?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Well, it’s easier in so far as you know what’s already happened! Otherwise, the astrology remains the same whenever you make your predictions.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          The answer is the same, I don’t base my predictions on the draw (although yes, I do count anyone out who’s injured or not playing!)

  4. Thank you só much Sally! I Uranus again :/ surprises!? 🙄 Let it be!
    It would be Nice to have Patrick around this time around too! He is very good too! Its Nice to see your different point of view;)

  5. thanks for the analysis sally. though there is no precise winner prediction it is still very interesting.

  6. Thanks for your analysis Sally. Looking at it and form heading upto tournament, Rafa’s chances looks the best. He has decent draw as well. Will be interesting.

  7. Thanks so much, Sally! I love to read your analysis of the tournament chart and of key astrological factors for the players most likely to have success. It’s always fascinating to see how the planets end up expressing!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I look at all the players’ charts, although not in-depth due to time constraints. When the astrology leaps out, I add them to the article. If not, I don’t. If players are still in near the end of the tournament, I’ll take a second look.

  8. Hi Sally,

    thanks very much that you are launching a prediction for Roland Garros in spite of circumstances being against. I assume the tournament start also intervened with your monthly star sign predictions. All the more we are happy and appreciate you took the time again to present us your analysis. So “Happy 5th aniversary” to your tennis Grand Slam articles, I hope many more will come 🙂

    I am happy sharing my observations to the tournament. It’s become quite long as astrology is stunning 🙂 Regarding the opening chart, you mentioned Uranus involved in the Grand fire trine with NN and MC conjunct Uranus/Venus. In addition there is Jupiter trine ‘the Underdog’ Descendant and square ‘the favorite’ Moon which is retreating in 12th house. I guess Rafa Nadal will have to postpone his run for ‘the Decima’. Nadal’s progressed Moon conjunct natal Chiron (conjunct natal Sun).

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hey Patrick, good to hear from you. If you remember, there was a big discussion about Chiron in the Australian Open predictions earlier this year. Whether it would be good or bad for Nadal. He reached the final – good! – but lost to Federer – not so good!. As I said then, I’m still unconvinced by Chiron in predictions. In Nadal’s natal chart, the Sun/Chiron conjunction opposite Saturn has always been about his run of injuries but the progressed Moon is a kinder influence. Also, are we counting Nadal the favourite – or not? Theoretically he’s not the top seed but this is his favourite tournament.

      1. Hi Sally, yes I remember, wasn’t it Mars conjunct Chiron at Melbourne? Kvitova won Wimbledon with a Sun Chiron conjunction at final’s day. Maybe it can mean either way: an opportunity for healing or rising upset by tapping in the wound?? Isn’t it like that with Jupiter? Sometimes a harmonic transit can bring luck by gaining something or otherwise it brings luck through learning a challenging/painful lesson?

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I never think of Jupiter as being challenging or painful. Yes, it also brings freedom and I have seen Jupiter transits in play when relationships break up or even when people have died. You could say that death can bring a release from pain, depending on the situation or sometimes you recognise that it was the right thing for a relationship to break up (often in hindsight!). Freedom, opportunity, success, celebration are the major keywords for Jupiter. Overall it’s shown as a positive transit in the tennis or at least I can’t remember a time when it hasn’t?
          Chiron is a different matter altogether and as it’s a relatively new astrological influence – only since 1977 – we are still learning about it. I don’t see it as a positive influence personally. I think it often shows a wound that can’t be healed. Hope that helps.

      2. Important point with the favorite, Sally. In ATP Race, counting only results of this season, Nadal is No. 1 and his standard at Roland Garros is known. Moreover bookmakers put him as top favorite. We don’t know what the universe is having in mind. On the other side, there are strong signs for a surprise winner.

    2. One thing to add strengthening the Underdog embossment for the tournament: Uranus conjunct Midheaven in the opening chart is also the ruler of the descendant – symbol for the Underdog.

  9. Studying the favorites’ charts I see Djokovic as the one worth to focus upon. As already mentioned by Sally, Saturn is conjunct natal Uranus 0,07 – a transit with the theme of ‘breaking free’ which supported World Champion Nico Rosberg in last F1 season. Ruling planet Mercury hitting natal IC – returning to harmony of private and career life for Novak?

    I have a hunch that Andre Agassi might be the game changer and probably already was the key for Novak’s increase of form at Rome. At a possible Quarter against Dominic Thiem, Nole gains great support from his Mars Return (natal House 6)! Indicating a new career cycle of success? I prefer Novak versus Rafa at Semis as the Serb has good transits that day, too, with Moon conjunct his ruling planet Saturn, Sun conjunct his star sign ruler Mercury and triggering the natal sextile with Aries Jupiter 0,04 precise. Mercury in his star sign Gemini moreover sextile natal Aries Moon. It would be the High Noon match day against Gladiatore Rafa Nadal.

    As we can see with most top players who engaged Ex-tennis stars as their coach, connecting many of these successful combinations is that they are built on similiarities. Andy Murray suffered from losing several Grand Slam finals as Lendl did in his early career before winning US Open with the Czech. Edberg as sophisticated Gentleman suited to Roger and helped the Swiss increasing a more offensive style which Ljubicic continued so successfully recently. Chang and Nishikori, Ivanisevic and Cilic: same game structure as well as physics as cultural heritage. Becker and Djokovic: both having problems with approval of people, Becker nationally (after career) and Nole internationally.

    Agassi had similiarities in his base line game with Djokovic and possibly is the most spiritual of all the Ex-coaches and so suits perfectly to Novak. With that he also may handle Pepe Imaz better than others before – an important issue if true. Agassi has not only huge experience at peak performance level of play himself – he has also tremendous life experiences as we know from his bestselling autobiography. Jupiter conjunct Djokovic’s natal 9th house throughout the tournament – a refinding of life purpose for the spiritual athlete?

    As an intervention of fate, Agassi – sitting at home in Las Vegas – was connected into a media conference at Melbourne by Skype after Djokovic’s loss against Istomin in January and asked about the Serbian’s future: “There’s no reason in the world that he will not regain his abilities as soon as they left him.” Then concluding and nicely suiting to this wonderful place of discussing astrology here 🙂 …..

    “We have all our unique journey.” (Andre Agassi)

    Agassi reached his career highs after receiving counseling from Super life coach Tony Robbins in the 90ies. Andre has so much to deliver psychologically for Djokovic, I guess, who has recently been searching for meaning in life as Andre did once and describes himself in “OPEN”. In my eyes, this combination will boost Djokovic back and Sally already mentioned his progressed Sun to be conjunct with natal Mars soon. So Novak was thinking something to do different before releasing his coaching team recently…

    For Novak Djokovic, the final chart’s DC (symbol for the Underdog) precisely conjunct natal Moon and Venus conjunct natal Venus the day after. The Sun conjunct natal Chiron at final’s day. Rather speaking for upset, doesn’t it? It would correlate with the surprise astrology of the opening chart.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I didn’t know Andre Agassi was Djokovic’ coach. Thanks for the heads up. Just had a quick look at his chart, Sun Taurus, and they have a lovely Sun/Venus connection going on. It works both ways – they make the perfect team! Agassi’s Jupiter Return later this year in October and Jupiter is his career planet. I like Djokovic’ Mars Return as Mars is his career planet. My hunch is that he will be back strong next year when his progressed Sun fires up his Mars.
      I actually prefer the Grand Fire Trine for Nadal as it triggers Mercury, his career planet, although the Saturn opposition is a concern. He’s a fighter though so he won’t give up.

      1. Hi Sally, saturn is a slow movibg planet. Then considering that i must say the opposition to saturn was not relevant 3 weeks ago or even 4 weeks ago when nadal won both in barcelona and madrid! At this time looking in his transit chart the opposition was within less than 0,5 dregrees! Now is within more than 1.0 degree! So i would not bet in such opposition for him to loose! Iam more concerned with the uranus factor and the fact we dont have accurate birth charts for all players! There could be the answer! With uranus favouring the underdog and the fact Nadal is indeed the favorite it does not seem to bode well for lifting the trophy!
        But lets see day by day!!! Kind Regards to all

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Interesting point, Sam. Saturn oppositions can indicate you have to work your socks off and we know Nadal is a fighter! Yes, I think a lot about this tournament’s prediction depends on whether you see Nadal as the favourite or not – with the bookies he certainly is and he has a track record at Roland Garros. Yet he’s the no. 4 seed, so it’s how you read it.

  10. As Jupiter turns forward at day of Semifinals, it seems worth to focus on Libra player as ATP 8 Maren Cilic who shows highly interesting astrology for this years’ Roland Garros. As star sign Libra he enjoys Jupiter support since last autumn reaching a career high ATP 6 at the end of last season. Let’s compare his chart:

    Born 5 A.M., 28th of Septembre 1988, the opening chart’s Mars Saturn Opposition precisely hits Maren’s natal Midheaven axis. So he started with a magnificent Mars natal MC conjunction and there was also Venus trine natal Venus companying his confident first round win versus Gulbis at Tuesday and probably creating early belief. Mars stays in the Croatian’s 10th house throughout the 2 weeks. The Opener’s MC axis moreover highlights Cilic’s Saturn Return – still 0,8 degree active – a moment of growing up in astrological meaning and often a time of reaping what we’ve sawed as you point out with Andy Murray 2016, Sally: I remember, Agassi had his most successful year 1999 when he reached three GS finals – the year of his Saturn Return.

    Already the day before Day 1, Maren might have previewed something Great coming up as the Sun clashed with his natal Jupiter in Gemini triggering the natal trine with Libra Sun. Neptune – squaring the Sun/opposing Chiron in natal chart – conjunct natal North Node. The above mentioned Jupiter DC trine of the Opener builds a Grand trine with natal Pholus throughout the tournament, Pholus often indicating life’s turning points.

    Coming to the final’s chart, the Cancer Midheaven of June 11th hits Maren’s natal Chiron both conjunct Mars in his 10th house. The Midheaven Mars conjunction so is firing up the natal Sun-Chiron-Mars T-Square with Cancer Mars squaring natal Libra Sun 0,81 and squaring natal Aries Mars 0,8. All these mentioned aspects for Cilic are very precise.

    Jupiter in Libra turns retrograde the day before final – just in time for a Libra surprise winner. Progressed Venus exactly conjunct the US Open 2014 Champs’ natal Ascendant rounding up these congruent transits. Coming back to the strong Uranus embossment of the tournament, Cilic’ Career planet Mercury builds an Opposition to during the 2 weeks. Astonishing Astrology, I guess! Monfils’ Uranus hits his Midheaven opposing natal Venus. Venus conjunct natal North Node. Progressed AC conjunct ruling planet Mercury. Yet I prefer Cilic as both would clash at Quarters.

    As Sally points out in her prediction, there is no major astrology leaping out for other star players. So Cilic versus Djokovic is my prediction for the final. Cilic to win Roland Garros. Would rise to ATP 3.

    1. Something to add: Venus to conjunct MC/Uranus
      as Sun Libra is Cilic’ ruling planet building a trine to natal Venus and sextile natal career ruler Mercury all together triggered by the Grand fire trine Uranus/North Node/Saturn involving Cilic’ Saturn Return.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Interesting what you say re. Cilic, the Sun Libra. Another one for whom the Grand Fire Trine is strong, also to his career planet, Mercury, at 27 Libra. Uranus is opposite Mercury today, 1st June, so it will be interesting to see how he gets on. Could be his biggest test. Jupiter will be conjunct his Mercury at the end of September, maybe useful for the US Open. best, Sally

  11. i think nadal has got a very good chance of winning this years per sidereal astrology (19.10 birth time)28th degree libra rises and his mc is at 8.15 degrees in sun is his lord of mc. on 9th june jupiter turns direct in 20.34 degree in virgo in exact trine to nadals natal sun.this is a very powerful transit for career success.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks for posting the sidereal astrology James. Yes, I didn’t see Jupiter trine Nadal’s Sun – it is powerful if he is still in the tournament after June 9th, the day Jupiter turns direct. Plus even stronger in sidereal astrology as the Sun is his career planet, as you say. best, Sally

      1. i looked up jupiters position in june 2005 as rafa won his 1st french open and also his 1st grandslam in june 2005. jupiter turned direct on 05.06.2005 at 16.26 in virgo(sidereal) in a trine from his natal sun but 4 degrees away from exact trine.nadal won that year. i think the final was on 05.06.2005.this year jupiter is turning direct exactly in a trine to his natal sun. this is even more i predict that rafa will do ladecima on 11.06.2017.

        1. Thatt’s interesting James. I am not sure how much turning Jupiter will support either player as Jupiter is practically standing still at turning day and still at final. Also it’s wide margin with above 0,5 degrees from an exact trine to Rafas Sun. For Cilic I meant Jupiter turning positive more in a symbolic way, Jupiter in his star sign Libra.

          1. actually jupiter turns direct on 07.06.2017 at 20.34 libra in an almost exact trine to nadals natal sun at 20.36 taurus (sidereal position).interestingly the junior champion in 2005 french open was cilic. so a good jupiter return for him also.another interesting fact is at french open 2005 nadal was ranked 5 and seeded 4 as hewitt the no 2 in rankings at that time withdrew. this year also nadal is ranked no 5 and seeded 4 as federer the no 4 in rankings has history repeating itself? is it going to be a nadal cilic final?

          2. Rafa is ranked 4 before the tournament start & hence seeded 4. There is no elevation because of RF pull out.

          3. Sally Kirkman

            I think that Jupiter will be powerful when it turns direct even though it’s not moving. It feels like a super-intense Jupiter energy which has to be a good thing as it’s a positive planet and often shows well for players?

  12. Amado Bustamante

    The Uranus factor of the opening chart of the tournament was the surprise loss of Angelique Kerber & Alexander Zverev , both Germans. What are Juan’s predictions on the tournament & also the Argentinian astrologers ?

  13. Am I the only one who sees this but isn’t Djokovic’s Natal MC the apex of a kite configuration? With The French Open charts Neptune trine Moon both sextile Mercury (Mercury being directly conjunct his IC opposite his MC) Isn’t that significant? Or does his Midheaven take a back seat to the tournaments Midheaven?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi David, yes you’re right, there is a kite formation to Novak’s MC and it is important too. I feel it’s about his personal happiness in some way as the Moon Cancer is close to his Descendant, influencing his relationships, as it creates the Grand Trine/Kite. Also what Patrick said earlier about the spiritual aspect being important for Djokovic now, a sense of coming home perhaps (Mercury Taurus IC), rediscovering his purpose. I think Agassi will be good for him because of the double Sun/Venus synastry between them.

  14. Sally Kirkman

    Just a quick comment to say thank you so much to all of you who’ve left comments thanking me for the prediction, late or not! It’s much appreciated. Won’t answer them all individually. Now on to reply to some of the astrology suggestions.

  15. Hi friends,

    Why so many argument, I do agree with its tough to predict winner’s, when players level are very high.

    Djokovic loss to Rafa in semi
    There might be chance for Stan vs Rafa final

    If luck permits Stan win but their is very slim chances for upper half people to win French open.

    Third LA decima for Rafa
    G saravanan

  16. The way it seems to me, this RG will be a test of the accuracy of the 6:20 p.m. time of birth I’ve seen for Nadal.

    If it’s correct, then he has a couple difficult progressions in effect. Progressed Ascendant conjunct progressed Saturn could bring limitations and difficulties. Progressed Midheaven square progressed Uranus could bring an upset in his career efforts. A positive progression, Midheaven trine Mars, was in strong effect earlier this spring, but it will soon be over half a degree from exact, separating, and less of a factor.

    None of this applies if the 6:20 p.m. time of birth is incorrect.

    1. the 7.10 pm birth time appears most correct.if he wins this years rg then it will be confirmed beyond doubt.

      1. Amado Bustamante

        Thank you, James. I’m a huge fan of Nadal & I love your predictions. Hoping & praying for “La Decima ” …

      2. Sally Kirkman

        Why do you say that, James? The Jupiter trine to the Sun will still be in action whatever his time of birth. Is it because of the Saturn opposition to his Mercury? 7:10pm gives him a Virgo Midheaven (western astrology) so Mercury is his career planet which fits for him well. 6:20 pm gives him a Leo Midheaven, so the Sun would be his career planet? So if he wins, that could favour the 6:20pm birth time. I’m playing devil’s advocate here and to be sure we would have to look at all his past wins to confirm what time works best!

        1. dear sally there is a thing called dasa system in sidereal astrology which is used to time events. nadal is presently running the major period of moon and the sub period of the north node. if the time of birth is 6.20pm then the sub period of the north node will end towards end of august. if the 19.10 birth time is correct then ithe north node sub period in moon major period ends on 07 06.2017 and the sub period of jupiter starts which is much more favourable.after checking with some of the past events like his various injuries and his appendicitis surgery it looks like 19.10 birth time is more correct.but as you say unless some one from nadals family confirms it one cannot be 100% sure.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Thanks James. I do know about the dashas in vedic astrology. Interesting what you say about Nadal. I’m currently coming to the end of a long Saturn dasha! Will be glad when that’s over 🙂

    2. Sally Kirkman

      True – the Ascendant/Midheaven progressions are only relevant if his time of birth is 6:20pm. As many of you will know, there have been lengthy discussions about Rafa’s time of birth with different times mentioned. Without confirmation from him/his family, we cannot know for sure. I opt for the 7:10pm birth time which seems to work best.

  17. Amado Bustamante

    I’ve come across three different birth times for Nadal. Sally has 7:10 PM , another link has 7:19 PM & Astro Tennis has 6:20 PM. Which one is correct ? Could someone please provide us the correct one ? Thank you !

    1. Sally Kirkman

      The short answer is no, sorry! Different birthtimes have been given so without a definitive answer from Rafa or his family we have to work with what we’ve got. For me, the 7:10pm time chart works best.

  18. Thanks Sally most appreciated. Horrible for Murray to have Neptune on descendant. I have wondered if he is still with Lendl or how things are between them.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, it might well be about his relationship with his coach – Neptune cnj DSC. I didn’t realise that Lendl wasn’t as present as he could be this year. They talk apparently but he’s not always there in the flesh. Sounds like Neptune – more of a ghost than a hands-on connection.

  19. Hi,

    This will be perfect Rafa – Rogers years, the twol rival could face each other in many finals.

    Djokovic was saved by gods grace on yesterday and he has threat against Ramos Vinolas , Theim don’t have formula to overcome Djokovic .

    So its going to be a perfect Rafa – Djokovic semifinal I’m waiting for the treat.

    Absence of Rodger is a good sign for Rafa in third LA decima.

    G saravanan

    1. Amado Bustamante

      Federer is never a threat to Rafa in French Open, so his absence or present is NOT a factor.

      1. Oh oh oh…!! Somebody missed this year’s start of the season 🙂 With his tremendous form and new game style, Rafa might have struggled against Roger in clay, too. Federer, winning all big tournaments before clay, skipped clay in respect to his body, ensuring to be fresh still at autumn.

          1. Lesley Jackson

            Sorry Patrick, but have to agree with Rinku, Roger knew he wouldn’t beat Rafa on clay over 5 sets.

  20. Hi! Cilic, murray, Wawrinka, all through!
    From those guys i would peak murray or cilic to face either thiem or djoko or nadal in the final! I think those are actually the players astrologically with probability to lift it!

    I was wondering one the situation of the favourite! I think this but i night be wrong! If nadal reaches the final depending on the guy on the other side he mau be considéred the favourite or not!
    If cilic again at him – cilic might pull it as he is lower seeded than nadal! If murray which runs very good astrology too then mUrray seeded Higher than Nadal and in this circonstances nadal is the underdog! Or even with Wawrinka! Because they are seeded higher than him! We will see but i would very much put it this way!!
    What do you think Patrick? Sally?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      The chart for the start of the tournament means the favourite for the whole tournament rather than individual games or the final.

  21. If allowed, Sally, a short note to the upcoming CL final as it might add to understanding the astrology of Roland Garros. Real Madrid and Juventus Turin both founded in 1897. 

    Tonight’s match chart’s Libra midheaven ruler Venus conjunct ‘surprise’ Uranus, interlaced in the Grand fire trine, might speak for Juventus Turin? The old dame’s natal Venus conjunct Libra Jupiter trine natal Pholus (the latter see also Cilic’s current astrology).

  22. Based on this clay court season Rafa has the better chance to hold the grand stand again.

    Djokovic struggle with his form , Stan of course his level is high in French open.Andy has final exam fever,

    Based on this knot most of the tennis analyst says Vamos Rafa for third LA decimal,

    This astrology formula does not show who will be the winner but the good people deserve good things , now the good and best is Rafa.

    G saravanan

  23. Hi Sam,
    I think statements of the openng chart are related to the tournament in a whole. If we look on the astrology about the favorite and underdog at the final, we may might prefer the final chart. Then again, we cannot be sure if the favorit is related only ranking-wise or in a broader meaning including current form, past performances at RG or on clay this season.

    1. Yes true! So who in your opinion Is probably reaching the final? Djoko thiem or nadal?

      Have you looked into thiem chart? It seems maybe a long shot but he is with his Jupiter return and i would not count him Out easily even if djokovic is 5-0 against him! And that could be as well a surprise!!

      I even think that nole va rafa= Rafa wins
      If thiem vs Rafa!!! Not sure about outcome!

      Thanks to all!

      1. I stick to my initial prediction Sam. Djokovic – Cilic with the Croatian as surprise champion. Nothing obvious astrologically for Thiem in my eyes who has to face Nole with Mars Return now. Cheers, Patrick

  24. Amado Bustamante

    I’m waiting for Juan Cruz predictions & those from the Argentinian astrologers. I wish they would share theirs.

  25. Dear Ms Sally,

    You said if players are still in near the end of the tournament you would take a second look.
    Who are the players who merit a second look.


    federer fan

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Dominic Thiem is one I mentioned in the original article. A lovely Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Libra and Jupiter turns direct close to it. I fancy his chances against Djokovic because of it. Although of course it is Djokovic’ Mars Return right now and Mars is his career planet. So another strong testimony. Should be a good match between the two.

      1. Your Prediction came true. Thiem defeated Djokovic in straight sets including third set bagel (6-0) !

  26. Just my observations but Nadal is not considered the underdog here at all this year. If anything, Murray might be considered the underdog, in spite of his ranking, because most people gave him little chance of progressing through the tournament, due to illness….
    I have a feeling that Nadal will reach the final but may, strangely get beaten by his opponent this year. This could be either Cilic, Murray or a virtual unkown. It’s a great tournament for sure!

  27. @Sam: Disagree that Nadal would be the underdog if he faced Murray in the final. Murray may be no.1 right now but Nadal is the bookies ‘favourite’ and the one most people expect to win. Murray came into the tournament with almost zero chance, due to recent illness and injury, so irrespective of ranking, Murray remains the outsider, the underdog and Nadal IS clearly the favourite. We shall see how it all unfolds!

    1. Yes i dont disagree! But it can be seen in both ways! We will see! But i do not feel like Nadal to lift the trophy! My intuition tells me the same! He might get to the final bit not going to win it!!!

  28. Interesting Astrology with Djokovic. His struggled against Schwarzmann may have been due to Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter 0,02 precise. Pluto conjunct in Novak’s natal chart an co-ruler. Today this transit is exact – so maybe again hard influence for him with Ramos as an even better opponent. Hopefully for the Serb, yet his upcoming Mars Return might help him as his career ruler Mars enters Cancer in these minutes and the 1 degree gap to his natal Cancer Mars. Also Mars conjunct progressed Sun as well as natal Lilith today.Things may turn in favor for the Serb just in time. The later the next match starts – the better for Nole I guess.

    In a possible Quarter against second most successful clay player this year, Thiem, Pluto is 0,02 over the exact conjunction with Jupiter in decrease phase. As in time for this big challenge, Novak would enjoy his Mars Return 0,4 precise. Another boost from heaven: his star sign ruler Mercury – ruler of Gemini – exaxtly conjunct his Mercury Sun.

    Against Nadal in a possible Semis, Pluto square natal Jupiter 0,06 may have lost it’s irritation and – vice versa to Quarters – Gemini Sun conjunct natal Mercury 0,4.

    For further information to the importance of planet Mercury as key planet for tennis players and the ‘double effect’ of natal Mercury in Gemini’ see Sally’s beautiful article:

    1. Corrections:

      -Pluto SQUARE Djokovic’s natal Jupiter
      -Pluto conjunct MIDHEAVEN in Novak’s natal chart AS co-ruler.

      1. Patrick,

        If you will be kind enough to explain the effects in laymans terms that will be greatly appreciated.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      hi Patrick, sorry I’ve not been around for a while. A lot going on. I presume you mean Pluto square Jupiter at the beginning of your comment? It is closely square Djokovic’ Jupiter so must be troubling him somehow – Jupiter is linked to money/colleagues in his chart. I do like the fact he has his Mars Return right now, his career planet, plus Mercury will be in Gemini in a couple of hours and yes, as you say conjunct his Sun Gemini. Thiem has the stunning Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Libra so it depends whether Jupiter will be a strong influence yet or not. It’s still retrograde until Friday. I know you don’t like the Jupiter station as it’s not moving but I think it will be helpful from Friday onwards. I can’t call it.

      1. Thank you Sally for your response, it was Ana asking, yet I appreciate your explanation. You are the pro, Jupiter turning would probably help Halep and Cilic. So interesting that also the Full Moon is involved at Friday and Murray/Djoker with Mars Return now.

  29. Hi Ana,

    looking on transits between a transiting planet and a planet’s position in the natal chart of an athlete, a square with 90 degrees relation between 2 planets is seen as a ‘tension aspect’ – often creating challenging energies as nervousness or inner pressure. Whereas a conjunction of two planets – sitting on same degree at the sky – predominately gives harmonic energies. Both transits energies (0 + 90 degrees) greatly depending on the planets involved. As the transiting planet has overcome the transit’s degree, for example 91 degree with a square, it’s in it’s decreasing phase.

    Djokovic is just enjoying his Mars Return which means Mars returning (conjunction) to the place as it was at times of his birth: 1 degree Cancer. As Mars is related to physical action and additionally related to his career, energy boost should be huge for Nole next 2 days. As more precise these transits are, the greater it’s influence. 

    Kind regards, Patrick

    1. patrick mars return for djokovic can also favour nadal because then mars is in exact sextile to nadals mc (19.10 birth time)

      1. Good point. If Nadal’s birth time is right than this was very helpful against Bautista, James and still active next round. Yet, Mars too far away from a sextile at Semi final with 3 degrees.

        1. what you say is true for djokovic also. mars return will be too far away with 3 degrees for djokovic also.

          1. Mars 2 degrees away from a conjunction with natal Mars for Djokovic at Semis. So yes, pressumably gone as direct effect. As Mars is Djokovic’s career planet it is to expect that it gives him tremendous confidence for the next days.

    1. Patrick, I will hope that you are wrong this time like last time when you predicted last time for Cilic win.

  30. Djokovic struggle in last two matches in service games here after he has to play against top ten players, D theim didn’t have formula to overcome djokovic, he will go for some preparation to win over djokovic, With this service game winning against top ten is tough for djokovic, he has a poor balance sheet against top ten players in this year.

    D them will win tommorow if djokovic playing same kind of tennis in the past round.

    There is a chance for Andy Murray could pack up from Rolland garros today.

    God know the best.

    G saravanan

  31. Hello everyone, I write for the first time.
    A clarification: Sally and everyone you use make a sinastry between the tournament’s birthday card, and the player’s native theme.
    But would not it be convenient, perhaps more predictive, to compare even with the new moon and in what sign falls before the tournament?
    As we know, in fact, the New Moon acts with the characteristics of the sign in which it is born, giving the natives of that particular sign, and to all that corresponds to it, a strong and constructive vital momentum.
    In this last case, it is born in Gemini, exactly on May 25th.
    From this it is understood that my heart is with Nole, ;-), but I ask your opinion beyond the personal cheer for this or that other player.
    Thank you

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Antoine, thank you for your comment. Yes, the New Moon in Gemini means the Sun is in Gemini so it’s a strong time for Geminis, which helps Djokovic and Nadal.

      1. Hi Sally, the New Moon fell next to Cilic’s natal Jupiter 6 Gemini trine natal Sun. The full moon at friday 3.00 PM – 30 minutes before a possible Semi versus Rafa as it might be Semi No 2 – at 18,5 degrees Gemini directly falls onto Djokovic’s ruler Mercury (and n. Chiron) as you indicate. Cilic’s MC and Nadal’s Mercury at 25 – and 26 Gemini.

  32. Jupiter turning right before the single competitions’ finals might be a key for Libra players Maren Cilic and Simona Halep. Halep, born September 27th 1991, has progressed Sun square progressed Midheaven/Saturn and trine natal Mercury. The final chart’s AC conjunct natal Sun both squared by transiting Mars which is conjunct final’s Midheaven (MC). If I suppose Halep’s birth time right and final’s Midheaven (conjunct Mars) precisely opposes Halep’s MC, the square would be part of a T-square with natal MC. Maren Cilic, 3 years older and born 1 day apart from Halep at Septembre 28th, also enjoys a T-Square involving Mars and natal Sun at final, added by natal Mars. This T-square also triggers the natal Sun Jupiter trine with transiting Mercury – Cilic’s career ruler – conjunct Jupiter the day before final. Pluto these times may add emotional strength to Cilic with a trine to natal Taurus Moon.

    Another player waiting for a Grand Slam triumph, since even longer time than Halep, is Caroline Wozniacki. If born 12:16 PM – rectified time from her career highs – she’s Ascendant Libra and also enjoying Jupiter! Both players with more Libra in their team: Wozniacki’s hitting parther Sasha Baijn, working for years with Serena Williams and recently Azarenka, born October 4th and Darren Cahill, coach of Simona, born Octobre 2nd.

    At final, the Sun conjunct Wozniacki’s natal Venus, the planet connected to limelight and Midheaven conjunct natal Pholus. Very encouraging: progressed Venus conjunct natal Jupiter. Chiron trine natal Mercury. Moon transits at first set speaking for Wozniacki with Moon trine natal Mars whereas Halep starting into match with the Moon square natal Mercury. A lot might depend from Caroline’s birth time, Mars 3,5 Cancer could be conjunct her MC within 1 degree giving the Danish tremendous energy. I take Wozniacki to win Roland Garros.

    So there could be two Libra finalists at Singles with their Sun only 1 degree apart at Roland Garros 2017. With no former Grand Slam Champion left at Women Quarter finals, the surprise theme of the tournament already shows up.

          1. Cilic to win on clay. I don’t care how good the astrology is, he can’t beat all these great all-around or clay courters. Use common sense. He could go further, have an upset. But 0% chance of hoisting the trophy.

          2. Easy to say, David, after match is half over! Cilic had brilliant form in mstches before, not losing 4 Games a set, only Nadal could match up. Somehow he was blocked today.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I agree that Jupiter in Libra is a boost for Sun Libra but I think it needs to be a close transit personally? Jupiter remains in Libra for 13 months so it will be more powerful at certain times than others.

      1. Certainly Sally. Maybe it is a symbolic advantage for them? Indicating something positive to come for the final rounds..

  33. Mens quarterfinals postponned for tomorrow due to rain!!!
    Astrologically speaking maybe things shaken up a bit for both nadal and djoker!
    No Mars effet for tomorrow!!!

  34. Hello Patrick,

    Since the mens Qtr finals has been postponed tomorrow, does anything change? how will this effect the outcome if any???

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Ana,
      not much change regarding Djokovic’s Mars effect I guess, with 0,4 apart from exact conjunction still very strong. Nadal may still receive support from Mars sextile Midheaven 1,17 degree apart from 60 degree sextile. Kind regards, Patrick

  35. Hi Sally,
    we have seen several match stops caused by severe injuries of well-known players as Goffin, Almagro and Anderson the first week. I have seen all f them occured within a 2 degree gap of Mars square Chiron, Chiron still square Saturn and altogether building a T-square last week triggered by the Grand trine. As you reminded me, there was Mars conjunct Chiron on the opening chart of this year’s Australian Open. Moreover I have recognized Kivitova winning a Wimbledon final and Nadal winning several Grand Slam finals at Roland Garros both with Sun conjunct his natal Chiron (conjunct natal Sun).
    Kind regards, Patrick

    1. the reason for several matches not completed due to injuries is due to the opposition of mars and saturn in the tournaments chart.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Agreed! James, what do you think about the Thiem/Nadal semi? I mentioned that Thiem has a strong Mars/Jupiter conjunction at 14/15 Libra and Jupiter will turn direct on it on Friday 9th June – Jupiter is his career planet. He’s just knocked out Djokovic in some style. Do you think Nadal will have his work cut out? Jupiter will be trine Nadal’s Sun but surely the Jupiter to Mars/Jupiter by conjunction is stronger? No time to look at the rest of the astrology as I’m dashing out but I’ll try and catch up again tomorrow.

  36. Its Rafa- Djokovic
    Andy – Stan semis,

    Rafa- Stan finals

    Rafa won third LA Decima

    Vamos Rafa.

    G saravanan

    If Rafa not in final Stan will be second favorite.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        My comment from yesterday: “Dominic Thiem is one I mentioned in the original article. A lovely Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Libra and Jupiter turns direct close to it. I fancy his chances against Djokovic because of it. Although of course it is Djokovic’ Mars Return right now and Mars is his career planet. So another strong testimony. Should be a good match between the two.” I should have stopped after my 3rd sentence 🙂

  37. I think we should be looking at Nadal vs Theim SF. Whats the prediction? I think the guy winning that one goes on to win the title

  38. My friends Just one thing! Thiem is on his way to lift the trophy!
    Nadal lost to him recently !
    I think nadal is next one to lose! The way he is against Diokovic dont believe nadal is going to make it!
    Opinions regarding astrology?

    1. @Sam… I think RG is another ballgame..Thiem is good, but in a 5 setter my money is on Rafa, but it’s going to be a battle for sure.. We’ll see..Nole said it himself in his presser, the match was done after the 1st set , he had resigned already!!!

      1. Amado Bustamante

        I agree with you, Getsemaneh. Thiem is a very talented player, but he still has to prove that he can beat two top five players in a row ,not mentioning Novak and Rafa , & at a Grand Slam event at that. It is just hard to comprehend. He still lacks consistency & mental toughness. My prediction : he will be flat & erratic against Nadal , just like he was against Djokovic in Rome SF after beating Nadal. After beating a top player, he can’t sustain his power to the next level. Lest we forget , Nadal was very tired then when he played Thiem in Rome , & this is FRENCH OPEN !!!

        1. And I am guessing he wanted to avoid Djokovic in Rome so as to not give Djokovic more insight into his strategy against Djokovic. This is what I also wanted.

        2. Amando!!! you were so right about Thiem!! so here we are Rafa vs Stan…It’s going to be challenging maybe but my money is still on Rafa!!! Rooting like crazy for his Décima!!!

  39. Make no misstake iam a huge Rafa fan! But not feeling like he is going to make it! This is my gut feeling! :/
    We will see soon

  40. Lesley Jackson

    Djokovic out so it’s a Thiem v Rafa semi and I like Thiem but I want Rafa to win his 10th RG. Go Rafa.

  41. I think Thiem has a slight advantage over Nadal. He has a strong single handed flat back hand to nadal’s backhand side which was nadal’s weakness against federer this season and against thiem at the itialian open. But who knows nadal might have worked on it already.

  42. Thiem absolutely thrashed Djokovic, no one would have expected this from Djokovic to go down this easy, he had recently beaten Thiem at the Rome masters…
    So Thiem avanged his loss to Djokovic now it’s Rafa’s turn to return the honors to Thiem

    Sally can u please have a quick look at Nadal-Thiem semifinals ?

    1. Depend how you look at it. Thiem lost to Rafa in Monte Carlo & Madrid. He avenge only 1 in Italy & he still need to avenge 1 more in France in order to even the score.

      1. Amado Bustamante

        This is French Open . This is a Grand Slam event . This is best-of-five sets. This is a completely different ball game . It is just hard to imagine Thiem beating an in-form Nadal on clay at French Open after beating Djokovic , beating two great players consecutively at a Grand Slam ! Even harder to imagine Thiem beating Nadal on clay two times in a row & at French Open.
        I’m not using astrology here, just common sense. I believe Thiem is a very talented player & his time will come.

      1. Amado Bustamante

        I told you so! I’m not an astrologer but my prediction was right. I am just a keen observer & I base my prediction on observations. I knew Thiem would be erratic & less stellar against RAFA because he had just trashed Djokovic. Look what happened in Rome. Only this time, it was the other way around.

  43. Patrick,

    We are in need of your predictions :)) since Novak is out & Cilic also has one foot in the door so to speak(match ongoing),
    how do you see things play out astrologically in the Semis & finals.


    1. Hi Ana,
      thanks for your unterest, I appreciate 🙂 I am not sure if you want to read as my picks for final both went out today in straight sets 😉 I will post some thoughts to Raf-Thiem below… Kind regards, Patrick

      1. Hi Patrick of course we want to réad them! 🙂 thanks! Iam sûre you did not misunterpret the astrology ! Maybe it Just did not play Out but you are good astrologer

  44. Lesley Jackson

    Stan’s through and i have a feelling Murray will follow so who will lift the trophy? I’m still going for Rafa making history.

  45. Hi,

    Theim Stroms Today and as i said djokovic has poor service game, Today He did double faults in main stage of match, Also he loose Two Match points and it shows his confidence level is not good.

    First set is the key and Theim using it 100 % .

    Semi Finals in Rolland Garros is not a Easy Task for any player,

    Nadal Strom in semi Final,

    But All the four player qualified for semi finals deserve for win french open.

    Today Djokovic is not 100 % with low confidence and it cause heavy for him.

    Rafa will prepare how to overcome Theim.

    Stan has good chance for to overcome Murray.

    Rafa will lift the title its based on this year performance and clay court performance.

    Rest will be the best.

  46. I wonder what will happen if both murray and rafa enter the final.Even though I don’t 100% believe in astrology to some extent I still have faith in it.I am looking forward for predictions for men’s and women’s semi finals.I have been a huge fan of this thread since Australian open this year.

  47. hi sally the jupiter return for theim is very good but stii about 2 degrees away. for nadal jupiter trine nadals sun is exact. so nadal will win. the other semifinals murray will beat wawrinka and play the final against rafa. rafa will win his 10th rg on sunday.

      1. Patrick, I believe that astrology might be strong for Cilic and Djokovic(and it proved to certain extent), but Nadal/Theim were working more harder than these 2 guys. And as Sally always says Astrology can take you only upto certain point and from then on probably changes depending on how much work they are putting in…

        Is that right Sally?

        1. Rinku, sure astrology is one part of influences for athletes as it is their fitness both physically and mentally. Djokovic still seem to lack in confidence and he appears not yet comfortable with the uncertainty in his team. Cilic so strong in first rounds, too, appeared to have struggled by a mental block against Wawrinka who he hasn’t beaten on clay yet in now 6 matches.

        2. Sally Kirkman

          Hi Rinku, yes, to some level at least I agree. Astrology works best when it’s taken into context in a person’s life, so it really needs to be read as a whole rather than what we try to do here and hone in on the tennis success. What I mean by that is there are always going to be other factors in a person’s life that affect their performance on court, e.g. relationships, fitness levels, other distractions. A good example is Federer who had a gorgeous Jupiter transit to Mercury, his career planet, during this tournament. Yet he chose not to play to take care of himself and prepare instead for Wimbledon. No doubt there will have been some other factors involved behind the scenes that we’re unaware of, e.g. what his wife says!, what his coach/fitness guys say, etc. Plus taking into context his age. Actually a really sensible move on his part.

          1. i wonder if roger consulted some astrologer and he told him that he cannot beat rafa in this years rg and so roger pulled out.

  48. Comparing the astrology of Nadal and Thiem for tomorrow: with his defeat at Rome versus Thiem, Nadal obviously suffered due to Saturn opposing his natal Mercury 0,01 exact. As Sally stated once, Saturn transiting through natal house 1 and opposing Rafa’s Sun in 2015/16 intervened with his troublesome time. At Paris’ start Saturn already was above 1 degree away from the opposition, increasing day by day and obviously not bothering Rafa anymore at Paris.

    Tomorrow, vice versa, transiting Mercury (Nadal’s ruling planet and career ruler if 7.10 PM birth time is correct) is in 1,0 degree opposition to the Mallorcine natal Saturn (natal house 1=physics)
    at 1 PM. If both playing Semi No. 2 with match start at 3:30 PM it might get tricky for Rafa as Mercury makes a jump in the first 20 Minutes of the match than making a 180,5 degrees opposition to Saturn. Same time, 3 PM, the full moon is completing with the Sun falling about 2 degrees apart from an exact opposition to natal Uranus. The Moon approaching natal Uranus and conjunct at about 2 hours play time triggering the natal square with Jupiter. Match end after 3 sets? At Rome match of this season’s best clay players, Mars was in a 1 degree square to Rafa’s Jupiter – tomorrow it’s the Sun square natal Mars 1,5 during the match. Sally it would be helpful to receive your opinion about Nadal’s transits? Thanks a lot in advance!

    Besides Jupiter next to his natal Mars/Jupiter conjunction, Thiem has Pluto conjunct his natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction these times. North Node conjunct ‘turning point’ Pholus indicating a point of destiny in his career? I am not sure about his rectified birth time 1:26 coming from Jannis Okun ( Jannis got a personal statement from Dominic once at Kitzbühel tournament with Thiem saying born “at night”. Maybe the Moon conjunct AC Cancer at tournament start?? Thiem is the one player left to apply with the surprise message from the tournament opening chart saying the favorite not to win.

    1. …..Nadal: the full moon with Sun between natal Sun/Mercury opposing natal Uranus conjunct Moon building a Grand trine with natal Jupiter.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      hi Patrick, thank you for adding your comments and predictions. You learn by making predictions and along the way mistakes are made, always. It takes courage to predict in public.
      The more I do this, the more I find that keeping the astrology really simple can help. I’ve had a look at the semis and I do think it will be both favourites going through, Murray and Nadal.
      This is based partly on using the astrology chart for the start of each semi final to predict. Murray-Wawrinka – a similar ASC/MC to Andy’s own chart. 9 Virgo making Mercury the favourite’s planet, extremely strong in Gemini conjunct the Midheaven, career/success point. It’s next aspect is a good one to lucky Jupiter in Libra. Plus Mercury is at 4 Gemini and Andy’s career planet Mercury is at 3 Gemini so it’s his Mercury Return adding to the testimony. The only question mark for me here is the Full Moon at 18 Sagittarius. It falls on Andy’s Saturn and Stan’s Uranus. We have seen before that Stan (Wawrinka) taps in well to the surprise Uranus energy that’s once again strong in the tournament chart. In fact, he was the surprise winner 2 years ago when Uranus in Aries was conjunct the Aries Midheaven.
      The later chart, drawn up for 3:30pm is a Libra Ascendant and Jupiter sits close to it, a nod towards the favourite. Venus is therefore the favourite’s planet strong in Taurus and about to make a sextile aspect to Mars in Cancer, the symbol for the non-favourite as Mars rules the Aries Descendant, the point symbolising the other. Mars is weakened in Cancer. So this chart too gives a nod to the favourite.
      As James said, both Thiem and Nadal have strong Jupiter transits but the closer one is for Nadal. Plus I love the Grand Fire trine – Saturn/Uranus/North Node – picking out Nadal’s career planet, Mercury at 26 Gemini. In addition, the Full Moon falls close to his Uranus. So Nadal with the stronger astrology of the two.
      I’m going for a Rafa-Andy final, which means we would once again have to debate the ‘Uranus’ – surprise/outsider factor. We shall find out soon.

      1. Thank you very much for your explanations Sally! Much appreciated. Yes there’s much learning on each Slam and I appreciate your analysis. I keep it with Stan’s tatoo :”fail better ..” 🙂

        Reading your prediction for Semis, as Murray is ATP 1 and the favorite is about to not win RG 2017 doors appear to open for Nadal. Sounds as Rafael Nadal would reach his Grand Goal and Uranus appears to be connected less with a surprise winner than with the historical event – together with NN in the Grand fire trine – similiar to Real Madrid first time defending the CL title. The Sun oppose natal Uranus was another hint for me speaking against Rafa, as soon as I found out it is involved in a Grand Square with natal Jupiter. What do you think about Mercury oppose Rafa’s first house Saturn 0,5 degrees? Thanks!

        1. Have Patrick i checked it too! But is going to be exact at 2h30 a.m friday to saturday… (Mercury opposite saturn) ! Maybe it wont play so much of a factor tomorrow?

        2. Sally Kirkman

          Mercury, Venus and Mars are all relatively fast-moving, so I pay more attention to them when they are conjunct a planet rather than opposite. A minor testimony. If anything it might help enliven Nadal’s stamina/determination?

      2. in the tournament chart the lord of mc is mars irrespective of western or sidereal system. mars is aspected by saturn. saturn denotes old people and in tennis terms we can say 30 years or above. remember ao 2017. 3 of the semifinalists or 30 and above.this leaves out theim. of the remaining 3 stan is the oldest and murray is the one may say stan is the favourite. but mars also mutually aspects saturn which shows repeat winner.stan has won rg once 2 years ago. but the biggest repeat winner is rafa. so i predict rafa will win.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Rafa is also the ‘old hand’ when it comes to the French Open as he used to dominate here for many years.

          1. Sally in this case do u think it is applied the age or the number of times the title was won? Back in january the oldest man on in australia and coincidently roger apart from bei g olde won aussie open more times than nadal!!! What are ypur thoughts regarding it? Thanks 🙂

          2. I’m not quite sure what this refers to? I think it was one of James’ comments? Stan is older for sure, but Rafa is an ‘old hand’ at the French Open. There’s a case for either.

      3. Amado Bustamante

        I love your predictions, Sally ! We’ve seen a lot of surprises already, Djokovic’s loss being the most surprising one. Perhaps this Uranus effect has already peaked with Novak’s loss, hence, no more surprises.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Thank you! Yes, Djokovic is quite extraordinary. Four Grand Slam wins and he didn’t retain any of them. It feels very Pluto to me – all-or-nothing. Pluto is still quite close to his Ascendant as it moves back to 16 degrees Capricorn later this year. Also I think this is about his progressed Sun at 29 Gemini – always an important degree, the last degree in the sign, a time when things shift and change on a major level. I don’t think he’s going to come back this year but next year could be a different story when the progressed Sun gets closer to his natal Mars, his career planet. Also Pluto will then be moving away from his Ascendant.

  49. With everybody talking about Rafa to win a historical ‘La Decima’ at Roland Garros there are parallels to the Champions League night Rafa’s favorite club Real Madrid first time successfully defending the CL title at his 31st birthday. The Grand fire trine with Saturn (the Door opener), North Node (Destiny) and Uranus (NEW/Breakthrough) mirroring this moment of time with the midheaven’s ruler Venus conjunct Uranus and ruling planet Jupiter of the Sagittarius Ascendant closed to the Libra Midheaven (=career) same as the Moon (AC + Moon both symbols for the favorit). Venus conjunct MC/Uranus at the Paris opening chart is the AC ruler (favorit) of the final chart – so guess no direct connection between both charts and so no paralell to Glasgow. At day of RG final, the Sun OPPOSING Nadal’s natal Uranus.

    At Paris, the Moon and AC ruler of the opening chart appeared to speak AGAINST the favorit. Djokovic is out as defending champion not knowing if Rafa to be seen as the favorite astrologyically seeded No. 4? In 2015, Uranus was also strong at RG with Rafa No. 6 seeded and surprise champ Wawrinka triumphed. If I remember right, Sally, you were connecting Uranus with a first time winner at a former GS prediction which proved to be right? Besides Murray, this is for Thiem, Murray being ATP 1 hard to suit the Uranus theme?

  50. Stan who has been gaining momentum should be able to overcome Murray’s challenge. Stan is being discussed only in this column. Even in Stan does not figure in key discussions.
    My gut feeling is Stan will punch his ticket to Finals.

    Nadal riding on his experience and form should get past Thiem.

    It is going to be STAN v RAFA in the finals.

      1. Good shade but I would like to see a new player in the final (whose game is quite enjoyable to watch) and it is too bad he is playing against Nadal. With that being said, I am rooting for good tennis and Thiem. Throwing shade back, I am sure you are a Nadal fan! Enjoy the game. Cheers mate.

          1. So mac as long old face winning is Fed you will be fine but that old face is Nadal or Djokovic you want someone new, right?

        1. Amado Bustamante

          With all due respect to Thiem & his enormous talent, I still don’t see him as one who can beat two great players consecutively in a Grand Slam. Maybe someday, but not this time. He even confessed in his interview after trashing Djokovic that he is way worse in his next match after beating a top player & he will try to improve on that. See what happened in Rome. This being said, I expect him to be less stellar in his match against Rafa.

          1. Whatever the outcome, I hope for great matches. With that being said, Nadal has been a great champion even though I don’t favour his style of play. I would prefer seeing Del Potro in the final over many players.

            As a tennis fan, I like Thiem’s game and I’ll be rooting for him–and Stan.


          2. Rinku

            I like Federer because he has a great game. However, if he were playing a new player or Del Potro, I would root for the new player or Potro, so don’t assume.


  51. Hi sally,

    Everything was already written we born here to do that.

    Rafa’s third LA decima was already written it comes true on Sunday,

    How about Wimbledon can Andy holds Wimbledon again or any surprise winner waiting for your comments,

    G saravanan

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I will look at Wimbledon nearer the time. Looking forward to doing the predictions this year 🙂

      1. Due to Sally vey good for Rafa, Ana! He’s Sun Gemini and full moon energizes him hitting natal Uranus..

    1. if the 1.26 am birth time is correct for thiem then both sun and moon are in exact square to theims mc on opposite sides.

  52. Hi sally,

    Why the astrology formula doesn’t shows any favorite,

    It means it granted for Rafa,

    Two years before you had written in your blog that Rafa and Roger has a good time in 2017.But at 2015 roger will Strom in 2017 but he did now its Rafa turn in clay.

    It means king of clay will win French open.

    How you look sally can we grant to favour for Rafa.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I don’t remember writing that. Do you know where you read it – that Rafa and Roger would do well in 2017? Thank you.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Here come the upsets! Wawrinka, Sun Aries, does it again. He’s a sly dog and seems to be excelling each time Uranus in Aries is conjunct the Midheaven! Yes, the late start does make a difference. The Ascendant has now moved into Scorpio meaning that the favourite is Mars ruled and the second favourite is Venus ruled. Venus is currently stronger than Mars! It’s going to be a nail-biting match…

          1. But iam not convinced by nadal performance! Wawrinka lookes quite unbeatable! Is uranus (surprise) gonna surprise the favourite?
            Well wawrinka is ranked 3, rafa ranked 4!

          2. Here we go again with who is the favourite! That’s been a tease all in itself this tournament. I just looked back at the original odds and a lot of the bookies had Rafa as the favourite, yet Stan is seeded higher than Rafa. Round and round in circles… I’m still rooting for Rafa who has the better transits.

          3. Still it seems nadal is the favourite!!! On the papers! Because in terms of form and power wawrinka lookes relentless right now!

            Any thoughts!?

            I hope he wins la decima! The hardest achievment ever in tennis!!! Quite of a surprise too! And unique! We shall see soon

      1. Sally, easy to resume in retrospect, I remember that AC/DC statements have been unreliable for me in the past, too. Astrology also often seems unclear in it’s message as MC conjunct Andy’s MC. Let’s what the final chart has for us. Seems to underline the opner message – the favorite not to win,

        1. hi Patrick. Yes, but who is the favourite! Again it’s not clear cut. Rafa is favourite with the bookies, Stan is the higher placed no. 3 seed! The astrology keeps teasing us this competition and maybe that is part of the role of Uranus conjunct Midheaven of the tournament – there’s a trickster quality to Uranus, which is the higher octave of Mercury. Both planets have a trickster element, hard to get hold of.

  53. Stan win the match means there is a treat for us on Sunday , now Rafa will win the match bcuz taking the chance from Rafa hand is not easy for them.

    Magnus Norman Stan coach know how to prepare blue print to win against nadal but winning against Nadal in final is heavy tough for Stan in ths time.

    G saravanan

  54. dear Sally
    You have been right about Stan and Uranus.. and all your readers who comment and try to explain astrology were wrong.
    What I do not understand is that they just wrote about Djokovic, Cilic Nadal but almost nothing of Stan.

    Anyway congratulations for your predictions. It is always a pleasure to read you.


    1. Thank you, Lydia. I’m not sure I can take credit for predicting Stan to be in the final. I did say with the Uranus Aries on the Midheaven (surprise winner!) that you can never count out the Sun Aries, Stan. He won here two years ago with the same symbolism… although this time around it’s not a direct hit as it was two years ago.

      1. Guys don’t go overboard. Nothing is certain. If Murray would have been in final then it would have been easier but Wawrinka is different beast altogether.

        1. Hi,

          Certainly we don’t underestimate Stan he is great player, he is the only player holds great record against big four, we can say big five , but I’m telling based on this tournament performance and clay court performance, even if Stan win he is the second favorite guy after Rafa but very practically its tough bcuz Rafa level is unimaginable.

          God know the best and to overcome Rafa Stan put very much extra effort to win French open, but previous record for both of the player is unaccountable.

          1. Wawrinka played a more convincing tournament so far than Rafa. Compare their opponents and see Stan’s results against Monfils/Fognini/Cilic.. No set lost before defeating ATP 1. Don’t misinterpret Nadal’s clear results against average players.
            Nadal only had light weights and a w/o so far and a weak Thiem today. Nobody knows how he will do against a strong one and Wawrinka might have ade himself a prsesent today with this big test passed.

  55. Final – Stan and Rafa

    It will be an interesting match between these two great players. Rafa hasn’t lost a set at this tournament and Stan never lost a Grand Slam final – I am intrigued.

    1. Hi

      Stan is amazing player there is no second taught, prior to semi finals Stan never loose a set , At this point Rafa plays unimaginable tennis, whatever the formula Stan discovered it won’t be work out,

      Previous record is the record in the board and it doesn’t give any impact on final.

      1. G. S., remember everybody talking Federer small before Melbourne final? Reread the comments…”never will happen..”,”Nadal will destroy him”, “Roger hasn’t the backhand..” etc… And what happened?!

        I guess, a little bit patience and humility is good to have as a match has first to be played and Rafa nonetheless was not convincing today.

        Wawrinka is maybe the only player – besides Djokovic being out of form – who has the game to crack Rafa. Nadal doesn’t like hardhitters, see Söderling, and Stan has developed huge stamina and confidence during the tournament as he did not the first time at a Grand Slam several times ending up with the trophy. Also he’s already won Paris. The astrology is still not clear as the favorit is not about to win with Nadal being best clay court player, 98-2 record at Paris and ATP Race No. 1.

        1. Patrick,
          I apologize for requesting answers from you, but, if you may indulge me this last time,
          How do you see the astrology for Sunday?

          Kindly let us know your thoughts on the Mens final, please?


          1. Hi Ana,
            please excuse my late reply. Astrotennis and Sally have posted the prediction for the final below. It favors Nadal with good transits, Stan has a great progression (long time astrology) with orogressed Sun conjunct natal Mars.
            Kind regards, Patrick

        2. I do agree robin soderling was beat Rafa in fourth round, Stan beat Rafa in Aussie open, when Stan beat Rafa in Melbourne he was Amazing and unimaginable form, Rafa had mental fear to face Stan in that particular final and the head to head record Stan vs Rafa at Melbourne final is 13-0 in Rafa but the record never speaks, the confident level both mentally and physically gave a good result to Stan.

          Here I’m not argue but the confident level, the level of tennis for Rafa is unimaginable so he has edge says 90- 10 with Stan and there is possible chances for straight set win in the final.

          1. Patrick is more than right nadal has been not tested in Paris so far! He did play well Monte-Carlo Barcelona Madrid with convincing wins but not at Rolland garros! He hasbeen blessed in his run to the final ! There is no other player i would like more to win than nadal! But he did some misstakes today that are not looking like great shape for final ! Iam not sure only the stars know but to be fair it looks more like Stan (60%) nadal 40% to win :/

          2. Lesley Jackson

            You seem to forget that in the Aussie final against Stan Rafa had injured his back. Other players would have retired but, sportsman that he is, he carried on playing.He was actually crying whilst on court. Don’t let bias make you make inaccurate statements please.

        3. Come on Patrick, both players u predicted to win did not even reach semis…so your analysis is totally wrong, same will be happening on Sunday too..

          I think you don’t want Rafa to win, and that’s what u portrait through your astrology..totally negative towards Rafa…the biggest joke was that u predicted Cilic to win, who had never reached the semis at the Roland Garros !!!!

          1. I did not predict Wawrinka to win the final. Where do you read that?

            I was stating my opinion that Rafa was not tested as Wawrinka, yet. Rafa’s weakness yesterday are shared by his uncle. Same as with Melbourne, I personally don’t like one player to be overwhelmed and his opponent underestimeted in comments.

            Thanks for your respecful words. Who estimated Cilic to win US Open 2014? His performance at clay, among winning Istanbul, and results in first rounds have been well above your comment on that.

            I offered the astrology as the opening and final chart offer: both charts speaking against the favorite – LEAVING OPEN who the favorit to be astrologically. If you read my earlier posts before the Semis you will see that I compare Roland Garros with the CL final’s astrology both involving the Grand fire trine with Uranus. The differences were the favorit Real Madrid meant to win at Glasgow with Uranus conjunct Venus – Nadal has a Uranus Sun opposition at final. Later I discovered that opposition being part of a T-square for Rafa in favor for the Spanish. Not having found relevant astrology for Thiem, if there are challenging ones for Rafa I surely talk about.

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Harsh words, Rafafan. Please play nicely in these comments. All of us who make the predictions are taking a brave step and it’s important to acknowledge that whether we get it right or not.

      2. Must have sticked into a wasps’ nest 🙂 With my arguments for Wawrinka I am opening up discussion for a broader – and in my eyes more realistic – picture. Obviously some of you are not able to share a discussion also based on facts speaking for Nadal’s opponent – only seeing their wishing result. This was already the case at Melbourne and you know the outcome of that final.

        Rafafan, Jean climbing on the bandwagon, just helping you to put down your glasses, I predicted Rafa’s final participation before Melbourne, Nadal being not in the game at all at this time. Same with Stan I predicted for final at New York. I don’t need your approval, yet playing fair is something to expect. Very courageous comments from both of you while predicting the final’s outcome without using astrology. I suggest you to dig inside yourself first and think if you are sharing values your idol is living – respecting other people.

        Wasn’t it you, Rafafan, to state 5 months ago: “when it’s a Rafa Roger final and that too in a grand slam, astrology does not matter”… 🙂

        I appreciate comments as from Astrotennis or Sam, fan of Nadal, who are open to discuss arguments, ready to agree also on weaknesses about Rafa. Rafa struggling at match start against Thiem was obvious and astrology offered some difficult transits. Toni Nadal stated not being satisfied with his nephew’s performance yesterday.
        Nadal is the favorite against Stan, yet it is far from being a clear thing – something Rafa certainly being aware of in opposite to some of his supporters. I remember Nadal fans’ arguments from Melbourne before the final. Stan already managed several big tests and Rafa, I suppose, wished to have been up to more resistance so far. 3 straight sets is possible – yet in both directions, I guess.

        Amado Bustamente, I respect Rafa Nadal and I like him very much personally – what I DISLIKE is accusing people in public just because they are not sharing their own opinions!
        So better keep up to the rules here, my friend.

        So guys, you will understand me standing up against those kind of comments. I suggest some of you becoming aware of your own projections accusing people for things they fail themselves and open up for an equal rights discussion. It is shocking your response to factual arguments.

    2. Amado Bustamante

      But Stan had only been in GS Finals three times prior to this. In contrast, this is Nadal’s tenth French Open Finals & he has never lost.

  56. Seen first half of the match today, Rafa appeared beatable if Thiem had been able to repeat his form against Nole. Rafa made unusual mistakes at the beginning and lacked the usual relentless attitude. The match started when the Moon was conjunct Uranus and opposite the Sun (full moon) building a T-Square with natal Jupiter. Either that energy was confusing to him or Mercury opposite natal Saturn (house 1) was the reason – remember Saturn opposing natal Mercury precisely against Thiem at Rome.

    Thiem could not turn to account Rafa’s instability – possibly due to Sun square/the full moon falling in square to natal Midheaven if birth time 1:26 PM is right. He was far from his performance versus Djokovic and far from the confidence from Rome. It was strange to me.
    So both players vulnerable due to challenging transits with Thiem having the heavier influence? The square to his MC was about 0,5 same as Mercury opposite Saturn with Nadal. Maybe it was Jupiter who helped Rafa out, just turned forward, in trine to natal Sun.

    Besides strong phases and a strong end, Wawrinka appeared strangely shacky today, too, again and again producing incomprehensible errors – letting Murray back into match several times. He had Mars opposite natal Neptune, his career co-ruler, 0,15 – over 1 degree apart at final. Similiar to Semi 2, the opponent couldn’t leverage this help to his advantage as himself he wasn’t at his best. Seeing both Semis, maybe the full moon was irritating all of them. What do you think, Sally? The full moon triggered Stan’s natal Aries Mercury/Venus conjunction- often in play at his biggest triumphs – and Murray’s natal Saturn.

    1. Patrick to be honest quarter final is djokovic match, he loss two set point in first set.

      Give gift two points ( double fault ) at the main stage of the match, Theim capitalize the opponent mistake means djokovic did his job bit the confidence level was questionable.

      Today’s match most of the people said Theim is good form he is the one to beat Rafa in sf. In today’s match Rafa never give chance to capitalize the match.

      The same will happen in final he will complete the match in three sets.if the players plays well and its sure astrology formula favour for him.

      1. Thiem was extremely weak today and so automatically the opponents play appears bigger than it is. Rafa still had no real test at all.

        1. Completely agree with Patrick! Thiem must have felt confused and nadal too the Mercury opposition Saturn and sun/moon square thiem mc for sure caused that! He was powerless and erroneous ! With that nadal won but his play too was poor!

          1. Amado Bustamante

            Could you two guys , Patrick & Sam , please be fair to RAFA ? I know you both hate RAFA , but give credit where credit is due . Thank you !

          2. It was obvious Sam and Toni Nadal was unhappy, too. Thanks for your comment. Some people here can’t handle any critics at all here 🙂

        2. Theim not felt confused or tired as I said playing on semi finals is completely differ from other matches, Them is highly pressurized bcuz he didn’t get a single chance from Rafa, Regarding final Rafa comes mentally and physically well to take Stan challenge he don’t feel pressure to play against Stan in this tournament, Stan will give some challenge but not a winning level.

          Third LA decimal for Rafa

        3. Lesley Jackson

          I’m sorry but i have to disagree. Thiem was blown away by Rafa and just didn’t know what to do. This is what Rafa does to people on clay over 5 sets and especially on the Phillip Chatrier court at RG. It’s the biggest court and Rafa has a lot more room to chase down balls. He wears his opponents down.

        4. Rafa plays in such a way that he dectates the play to his believe me, Stan won’t be able to test him also…This the unique quality not many players on tour have…I am sure after the match, you would say the same, Stan also did not test him…

    2. Patrick, as of now, you supported Cilic and djokovic to be in final and both lost…now you u support Stan so I am already considering Rafa will win now!!! Don’t take me negative, it’s just an observation…

      1. Capricorn Tim


        You exhibit negativity about players you don’t like (Nadal) and bullishness towards players you admire ( think Cilic, Novak). I begin to feel that your analysis is no longer objective. Cilic, Wozniaki, Novak all lost even though you tried to indicate their stars are aligned for great results. When Nadal wins, you’d say it is because his opponent is weak. When he loses, you’d say that his astrology indicates so.

        What makes Sally a good astrologist is her objectivity to interpret the stars without attempting to “twist” it to support a win for her favorite players. I am not a big fan of Nadal, but I got to say that the way he is playing now, he is untouchable. He makes it look easy because his opponents cannot stay with his level for extended time and start to make errors. Give him credit when credit is due please. I support Stan, but honestly, Stan played five sets over 4.5 hrs to beat Murray compared to straight sets in two hours for Nadal. I think Stan played well but definitely not as well as Nadal who won in straight sets.

        We all support our favorites but this site is about astrology; what makes it interesting is the analysis of the astrology, and how it plays out in reality. Please don’t take it personally; I enjoy reading yours and Sally’s astrology analyst, but when it is no longer objective, it undermines credibility


        1. Capricorn Tim, big things you are accusing me of.

          All my posts were underlined by astrological arguments, so very interesting you are accusing me of bullishness towards Cilic/Djokovic and telling me “this blog is about astrology”. You must have ignored by posts throughout the 2 weeks.

          Where do I “twist” astrology to my favor?

          Please show me where I exhibited negativity about Nadal. In posting my observation from yesterday’s match stated on factual impressions – underlined astrologically? Others share my opinion in this blog about Nadal being nervous and making unusual errors yesterday. Toni Nadal stated not being satisfied with Rafa’s performance yesterday. I stated all four players to have shown weakness yesteday – aligned with astrology of the full moon and other transits.

          My earlier statements were Nadal was not as convincing as most say as his opponents were not strong, yet. An argument explained and agreed by others here in the blog. The other one was “play appears bigger when opponents get weaks”, explained by many occasions Rafa not at his best making unusual errors and making a nervous impression. What’s unfair in these statements? Everybody’s free to share his thoughts, so even if you have different position, how come you confront me with false accusations? Look at your’s and your fellow fans’ comments: “Nadal untouchable”, “La Decima already written in stars”, “Wins final in straight sets”. It is your problem if you don’t like me commenting tennis performance, too, aside to astrology.

          Now it’s your turn, tell me! This is public stage and I await your response.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            I don’t see you being influenced by which players you like or dislike, Patrick. You always focus on the astrology, in my opinion 🙂

        2. Lesley Jackson

          Well said Tim and i agree wholeheartedly. I read this for the astrology and i am a massive tennis fan but i have to say i find some of the comments very ill informed. I am a Rafa fan but a tennis fan more. I would love him to win tomorrow but if Stan wins then i would say “congratulations.Too good Stan’ and i know Rafa would say the same.

        3. Amado Bustamante

          I completely agree with your observations, Capricorn Tim. Spot on !!! I just wish that emotions ( hatred, favoritism, etc. ) would not influence astrologers’ predictions so they can give an unbiased & honest, let alone , accurate predictions.

          1. You have to remember that as astrologers we are human and therefore we all have our preferences, biases, etc. For example, looking at politics from an astrological viewpoint is so difficult because you can’t help but bring your feelings, opinions, fears, hopes, etc. into the mix. We’re not androids 🙂

      2. Amado Bustamante

        I totally agree with you , Rafafan.
        Why don’t we look it this way, especially those who hate Nadal. Nadal has been the most consistent on tour this 2017,especially this clay court season. The next one has been Thiem on clay. Djokovic, Murray & Wawrinka have all been out-of-form lately , though once in a while they showed their brilliance & genius. My point is : an out-of- form Murray battling an out-of-form Wawrinka in the first SF , so the match looked equal & even great to some. & it went to five sets, an epic ! Thus, they belittling the SF between Nadal & Thiem. Although Nadal wasn’t at his best today as admitted by Toni Nadal, it was enough to get him to the finals. Thiem has consistency & mental toughness issues as proven again today after beating a top player. If the Wawrinka who beat Djokovic two years ago would show up on Sunday, he would have a very good chance. Right now , he has consistency issues, too.

        1. Amando maybe you got me wrong because my opinion about Rafa tennis yesterday but iam a die hard Rafafan! Just yesterday and this tournament it feels he has not been tested!
          I really hope our Rafa wins but iam trying to analyse what i saw yesterday!
          He did unusual errors from his firehand side, i know he was nervous and that makes errors to increase

          1. That being sad Stan played shaky at times yesterday but at the same Time so powerfull ( he made 87 winners) that iam Just affraid australien open repeates it self and that would be horrible :/
            Then there is the analysis from the initial chart that the fsvourite may not win and all turns to be uncertain

          2. Amado Bustamante

            The reason Nadal was nervous was because he knew that Thiem could beat him on clay as he was the only one this year who did it, though not in a Grand Slam. As for the final on Sunday, I believe that it won’t be a repeat of AO. Nadal was injured then, therefore couldn’t fight back. Nadal right now is healthy , in-form & this is French Open . Need I say more ?

          3. Amado Bustamante

            Sorry, Sam, if I got you wrong. Honestly, I was more worried about Thiem than Wawrinka. Wawrinka has been very inconsistent this year. His game is up & down, a lot of times shaky & erratic. The reason why he looked so good against Murray is due to the fact that Murray is out-of-form , too. The match went to five sets. If Wawrinka was at his best, or near his best, the match should have ender in straight set victory. Just an honest observation.

      3. Rafafan, Nadal is the favorit much speaking for him. The situation reminding me of Australian Open with everybody rooting for Nadal and me predicting Federer to win. Don’t take me negative, it’s just an observation…

    3. hi Patrick, possibly Full Moon energy. I tend not to look at the smaller transits throughout each individual match as they often give a conflicting message. Full Moons can be jumpy…

  57. Rafa did his test in semi final with Dominic Theim , bcuz only three player had a good clay court result prior to French open, A Zevrev, DTheim and Rafa, the others are in competition level, Rafa beat the best player in semis,

    If Rafa in infinite level of tennis, whatever Magnus Norman preparing for Stan will not provide the result. That is for sure

  58. Thought I’d throw in my two cents’ worth about the upcoming final. I usually don’t attempt prediction, I’m not that brave, but I do like to look at some planetary factors and then see what happens. I have the greatest admiration for our Sally with her excellent record through years of predicting outcomes, and also her always interesting analysis. I also enjoy predictions and remarks from Patrick and others.

    I like to focus on progressions. If Rafa’s 6:20 p.m. time of birth is accurate, he has some difficult ones in effect. Progressed Ascendant conjunct progressed Saturn could bring limits to his success. Progressed Midheaven square progressed Uranus could bring an upset in his career. And progressed Moon nearly exactly conjunct Chiron could bring an emotional “wounding.” Some difficult stuff. I would be surprised if he won IF these factors are in effect. And they’re not if the 6:20 p.m. time of birth is incorrect.

    Stan has a good progression in effect, progressed Sun conjunct Mars. This emphasizes Mars, “planet of the athlete,” as Sally says. This progression in not powerfully exact yet, but it is close enough to perhaps bring success. It should bring out the warrior in him. He does have a potentially difficult progression, progressed Moon square Saturn. This could bring disappointment.

    Some transits to consider. Rafa has the Sun opposite his Uranus and square his Jupiter. This could bring a talented or unusual opponent to deal with, and he may try to go for too much in response. However, the Sun transits repeat the Sun-Jupiter-Uranus configuration in his natal chart, and that could bring out his own unique and exuberant style of play.

    Transiting Jupiter will be making an excellent trine to Rafa’s Sun, as Sally has mentioned. That’s a very nice transit for success. A challenging transit could be Mars opposite his Neptune. That could bring some “off” play.

    Transiting Mars was opposite Stan’s Neptune in the semifinal, but it will have moved away for the final. It will be making a nice trine to his Pluto, as well as Rafa’s, and that could bring quite a battle!

    It seems to me that progressions are often stronger than transits unless the transits are powerfully exact. If I knew for certain that the 6:20 p.m. time of birth for Rafa was correct, I would predict Stan to win. But I’m not a pro at this, and I come here to learn from Sally and others. And it seems to me there is always more to learn and experience in astrology. It is truly a study for a lifetime!

    What do you think, Sally? I hope you will do an analysis for the final?

    1. I’m not sure Astro tennis know astrology,

      Astrologer predict to some extent but they are not 100 % sure about the result, he Astro tennis plays a wonderful mind game , Till yesterday people believe including Astro tennis finals should be Rafa – Andy.

      Astro tennis if you don’t Rafa accurate time of birth then don’t go for probable prediction which is unfair.

      I appreciate your prediction on Stan and it work for certain extent and it purely works on how he perform on the court against Rafa, At this point Rafa performance is sky rocketing so he could win the tournament, don’t try prove illogical thinks.

      1. Astro tennis knows astrology! S/he said that some of the predictions are based on a birth time of 6:20 pm for Rafa which we know may not be correct (I don’t think it is). Plus I had missed a major progression for Stan – Sun conjunct Mars – which does suggest he’s going to be a tough competitor this year, that Astro tennis spotted. I’m still going for Rafa based on the major transits.

        1. Thank you, Sally! You are so welcoming and kind to all of us, another of the many reasons I love to come here.

          As to Rafa’s time of birth, the 6:20 p.m. would have Leo on the MIdheaven, and transiting Neptune would have been pretty close to the exact opposition to it when Rafa won his first French Open in 2005. That really doesn’t make much sense, a tough opposition from foggy Neptune to the career point during a pivotal career victory. So that’s an argument against the 6:20 p.m. time of birth.

          By the way, I am a “she.”

          1. 6.20 PM would have been Jupiter conjunct Nadal’s MC at his loss against Djokovic in 2015. So another argument against this time.

        1. Thanks for the support, Patrick!

          I think sometimes people get so excited in their hopes for their favorite player that they attack any astrological analysis that may question the probability of their guys’ victory.

    2. AstroTennis, thank you for your prediction and well worth writing down because I hadn’t see Stan’s progressed Sun conjunct Mars! I saw progressed Venus coming to a conjunct with his Sun Aries next year but had completely missed this major progression. It’s really strong for him as Mars is the physical/competitive planet – exact later this year but still dominant now. Personally I like to see a major transit backing up a progression to be able to predict with confidence. Yet this wasn’t the case with Roger winning the Aus Open earlier this year. It was his amazing Jupiter/Mercury progression with no major transits if I remember correctly.
      So really interesting. Stan has no major transits unlike Rafa who has the lovely Jupiter transit plus the Grand Fire Trine – Saturn/Uranus/North Node combination lighting up his natal Mercury, career planet. I don’t think Rafa’s correct birth time is 6:20 pm as the later times seem to work better for him. I’m going Rafa for the championship but I guess it will be close.

      1. Sally you are the best. That’s will be the like best for Nadal fans in last 3 years equivalent of Roger winning Australian open this year. This will cement that hard work at some point will get rewarded and has Rafa worked hard for this? No.

      2. Thank you, Sally, for your reply and analysis of the final.

        Good transits for Rafa!

        I hope it will be an exciting match!

      3. Congrats Sally, you were right with Rafa winning the final! 👍 It turned out that Uranus for Women was meant for a surprise champ and you mentioned Venus conjunct MC at the opener indicating that. As with Real Madrid, the Grand trine involving Uranus possibly was meant for another moment in sports history with Uranus for new records.

  59. rafael nadal is winning this years rg no matter what. it may be another straight sets win for rafa against stan in the final on sunday

  60. dear all
    in astrodatabank the birth time is :

    Source Notes

    A Spanish newsletter Cyklos (December 2010) gives 18:20 from birth certificate. Himself said 19:00 to Cédric Pioline on French TV ( Jabrun).

    so who is right ? may certainly be in the spanish news letter

  61. As per *Greenstone Lobo*

    Can the man who has never lost a Grand Slam final stop the ‘King of Clay’ from regaining his Crown? Planets indicate that it will be a grander story that will unfold at the Roland Garros. Both the finalists of the French Open 2017 were born with super strong planets. Stanislas astonishingly has Uranus, Planet-Z (2008 FC 76), Planet-X (2007 RH 283), Moon and Venus in exaltation and Mars in own house. That makes it six planets in strong positions! Not a mediocre chart by any measure. Rafael Nadal has the same Uranus, Planet-X and Planet-Z in exaltation. But the Spaniard’s chart is a shade better as the planet of extraordinary successes and grand glories; Planet-Z is much more deeply exalted than Wawrinka’s. That indicates why Nadal is way ahead of Stanislas in the tally of Grand Slams.

    Looking at the current scenario, the most powerful Planet-X has transited into the twelfth house for Wawrinka and the eighth house for Nadal. Twelfth house indicates the legs, ‘foreign’ territory and ‘losses’ while the eighth indicates obstacles, transformation and great comebacks. If Stanislas wins this, it would be just another Grand Slam win for the Swiss. One more win added to the kitty. But if Rafa wins this, it would be a remarkable story of one who has almost gone into the oblivion and had come back into reckoning in an astonishing fashion. Eighth house indicates ‘Coming back from the dead’ and ‘rising like a Phoenix’. That would exactly sum up the story if the Spaniard goes on to win La Decima. Though Stanislas likes clay, it is still a foreign territory when you are facing Rafael Nadal. In all probabilities, the twelfth house will fasten the loss for Wawrinka. Nadal appointing Carlos Moya as the coach is a big astrological help too. He definitely has a better chart than Richard Krajicek, the coach of Wawrinka. Rafael Nadal will attain Grand Slam immortality if he wins this! He will become the first man to win ten Grand Slams on the same surface. Astrologically, it seems Wawrinka cannot do much to stop this from happening.There is one final factor that goes in favour of Nadal. If Rafa wins this he would move ahead of Pete Sampras into the second place on the all-time Grand Slam winners’ list behind Roger Federer.That is a big possibility as Nadal’s horoscope is definitely better than Pete Sampras and that was something which was waiting to happen. This is a better chance for Rafa to move ahead especially on a surface which he has made his own since more than a decade.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I never understand what Planet-Z or Planet-X are but Greenstone Lobo is often correct. So another nod towards a Rafa win.

    2. That’s what Greenstobe stated at Melbourne with same Planet-X in house 8 for Nadal:

      “Unfortunately for Rafa, Planet-X has transited into his eighth house of obstacles. Thus, for the Spaniard, it could be a case of so near, yet so far, which will surely be a huge disappointment for him.”

      1. Amado Bustamante

        Fortunately for Nadal, Planet-X into his eighth house also means transformations & great comebacks, ” Coming back from the dead ,rising like a Phoenix “. Many have written off Nadal, finished & all done. The Uranus factor will surprise us all with Nadal , NEVER A FAVORITE anymore, winning ” La Decima “. WHAT A SURPRISE, INDEED !!!

  62. Thats true Sally! Very good News ! 😀 so we can take a deep breath and wait the king to take his crown Back !!! Rinku rafafan james Green saravanah amado 😉

  63. Sally,

    Looking at simplistically, the Uranus factor involved in the chart for the start of the tournament which springs surprises has proven true as Jelena Ostapenko has won the women’s singles. It would also be a case of surprise too, if Rafa wins for the 10th time, as no player has won it in the Open Era…

    May the best player win….

    1. Amado Bustamante

      I believe the Uranus effect is with Nadal ,too. Not too long ago, many tennis fans & experts have written him off. His career is done. He is finished. He is NOT A FAVORITE anymore to win any Grand Slam, French Open included. If he wins on Sunday, many will be surprised & will find it hard to believe that he has come back . WHAT A SURPRISE, INDEED !!!

      1. I agree with you. A lot of people had written Nadal off and he’s had a tough few years since his dominant patch. No-one would have expected it a couple of years ago with his injury problems.

  64. Halep won the first set but unable to capitalize and unable to put pressure on opponent,

    So opponent taken the crown , Stan has much pressure than Rafa , Stan know very its hard to pic a single point from Rafa in finals.

    Stan know Rafa service game, how he perform on clay
    I have nothing to say about tommorow match,

    French open ends with Spanish national anthem.

  65. i do not give too much importance to uranus neptune and pluto. i stick to the 5 major planets the 2 luminaries and the 2 nodes south and north. i think they are good enough to give correct predictions

    1. Amado Bustamante

      I’m saying it again. James, I love your predictions , and Sally’s , too. They are very objective & you & Sally don’t let your emotions & favoritism get in the way to present an unbiased astrological predictions. Hence, you two have been more credible & trustworthy.

    2. They are the 9 important planetary factors in Vedic astrology, I believe? 5 planets, Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu (nodes).

  66. After Nadal win tommorow his 15 major, the mother of all questions is to all the astrologers here:
    What will be the final GS number for Federer and Nadal?
    19 or 20 for the Swiss, 17 or 18 for the Spanish?
    I want to know if you can anticipate the final tally for them. That’s the only important thing left to know, Without bias or hatred to one of them I expect your predictions.

    1. it is a very difficult to answer that question as who wins which grand slam depends on a lot of factors like the horoscope of various players the chart for the start of the tournament etc. all i can say is nadal is having good transits during the uso 17 and ao 18.

  67. Now transiting Jupiter is trine to Nadal’s natal Sun which rules his tenth house.
    Transiting Venus is trine to Stan’s natal Neptune which rules Stan’s tenth house and transiting Neptune and Moon impact on his natal MC.
    Wish Stan good luck!Here root for you!

  68. Like always I go with Lana Wooster, who has a good flair for right predictions:

    The Transits for Stan are: Pluto square his natal Venus peaking at the end of Wimbledon; Nodal Axis exactly square his Saturn, peaking now; Mars opp his Neptune, just peaked; and Mars trine his natal Pluto, peaking around now. He is looking to discharge a great deal of energy today, and might just do it. He has had to overcome a lot in the last few days to get here (notably his 5 set match against Andy Murray). His energy is powerful and focussed today.
    Rafael transits: the strongest transit for Rafael is Uranus approaching his North Node. The trine of Jupiter to his Sun is weakening. Even bearing in mind his affinity for Roland Garros, I think Stan could beat him.

  69. The final’s chart shows the Moon (favorite) approaching a square to Jupiter – interestingly same as the opening chart and speaking for the underdog – and sextile Wawrinka’s Midheaven. The Moon is Stan’s AC ruling planet and Jupiter his MC ruler. At 5 PM Uranus conjunct ‘Underdog’ DC. Besides Wawrinka being 1 place ahead Nadal in ATP ranking most will agree Nadal to be the favorit today. AC ruler (favorite) Venus in strong Taurus, yet Mars in Cancer conjunct Midheaven. Mars both square AC and DC – showing a closed match? We will see how it plays out. Advantage Stan as the underdog here, I suppose.

    A lot speaking for Nadal, yet, there are also factors for Wawrinka. He had far tougher tests throughout the tournament and yet not losing too much energy so far. Similiar to NYC Stan beating Djokovic, the Serb with several walkovers before.

    Stan may be the only player with belief to beat Rafa at Paris, besides Novak in form, as he already won the tournament and already has beaten Nadal in a GS final before. Stan winning ATP 250 Geneve same as 2015 before winning his first trophy at Paris with MC conjunct Uranus – same as 2017.

    Some more facts to Stan Wawrinka’s astrology: Uranus conjunct Natal ‘Turning point’ Pholus. MC square natal MC appears critical, yet 1 degree apart. Strong for him: Mars (conjunct MC) today in precise trine to natal Pluto. The opening chart showed AC Ruler Sun sextile natal Sun,

    1. patrick you were always trying to find something astrologically favourable for nadals opponents. well nadal has trashed wawrinka in straight sets. i am still wondering why you did not give importance to jupiter turning direct in a trine to nadals natal sun his career planet according to sidereal system.even sally missed it when she wrote her predictions for the french open.after i pointed it out she said only nadal will fact even though i did not specify in these coloumn i was expecting him to win rg without dropping a set. 19.10pm is definitely the birth time. any doubt about it should not be there here afterwards.

      1. Has Rafa got any chance for Wimbledon? Matts wilander is say Rafa is favourite along with Roger? What does your astrology say?

  70. Stan loss to Rafa

    I love Stan playing style and he is a great champion but this is Rafa tournament,

    Stan never did much mistake, Rafa make him to ran between two corners, Stan never had a chance to implement his game plan.

    If Stan plays this level he either pic US open or Wimbledon.

    Rafa win means astrology also win if the planet XZ and Y indicate sign of Rafa to win.,( I know little bit vedic astrology but I believe in god and fate instead of astrology).

    I love all the sally fans comments and their analysis part, prediction which entertaining the entire tennis follower.

    Thanks sally for your prediction and this blog.

  71. Well…Sam, Rinku, Rafafan, James Green, Saravanan, Amado, let’s hear it for the boy!!! I knew Rafa was going to win, I don’t know anything about astrology, but I had the feeling he was going to win.. however not in such a clinical fashion!!! unreal!!!

      1. Me neither!!!! Oh that was sweet and kind of short… I was bracing myself for a 4 or 5 setter!!! I was sooo happy!!!!

        1. Amado Bustamante

          I knew that Wawrinka has consistency issues,too, as I have been observing him. I’m not a fan,but I like him & always root for him whenever he is not playing Nadal. I was confident that the Wawrinka of 2015 would not show up in the final & the in-form Nadal would win easily. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

  72. Oh and thank you Sally and all the others who shared their knowledge of astrology with us!!!! it was enlightening, if sometimes hard to comprehend for someone like me!! hahaha.. thanks for your hard work and input!!! Hope to see you guys for Wimby!!

  73. Thank you very much, Sally, for the French Open blog and your prediction! 😃👍

    Thanks for your analysis and comments in your used symphatic manner. The astrology was very interesting again as it was not clear how to interpret Uranus.

    Congrats to Rafa for another title at Paris. Great performance throughout the 2 weeks. Unfortunately Wawrinka couldn’t match up to his used level of play. MC/Sun square natal MC for Thiem and Stan wasn’t meant to their favor.

    Looking forward for Wimbledon and Roger Federer returning on tour 🙂

    Short notice to some of Rafael Nadal’s fans: you are proud of your idol – ask yourself if he would be proud of your behavior here.

    Kind regards,