Capricorn Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

There are a host of planets in earth signs as the month begins and this is good news for you because your sign of Capricorn is ruled by the element earth. Earth is fertile and productive, it represents steady application, long-term growth and common sense.

It’s not only about the sensible aspects of life however because earth is the sensual element and this is a time to indulge yourself and focus on activities which heighten your senses. You can achieve this when you slow down the pace of life, when you’re mindful and practise being in the moment.

This month isn’t about being ambitious or chasing after new big goals in life. Your turn will come later this year when a new phase or chapter in your working life begins in September 2016. For now, you’re better off focusing on what you enjoy doing and what you want more of in your life. Prioritise play and pleasure and don’t feel guilty in doing so.

The earth sign that links to play and pleasure in your chart is Taurus and as the month begins both the Sun and the feminine planet Venus are in the earth sign Taurus where they remain until May 20th and 24th respectively. Venus in particular is strong in the sign which represents the earth mother and sensuality.

So indulge yourself, seek out pleasure. Be in nature more, cook or garden, have a massage, pamper yourself, rest and relax, focus on art and creative activities and be around the people you love. Taurus rules romance in your chart and the first half of May is wonderful for falling in love. If you’re in a relationship or married, do something special together and spice up your love life.

Taurus rules children & pregnancy too so if you want to start a family or bring someone new into the family, here’s your opportunity. The best date for new beginnings is May 6th when there’s a New Moon in Taurus, a perfect day to set your intentions in one or all of the areas mentioned.

Plus this New Moon makes a stunning Grand Earth Trine in the sky with two other important planets. They are Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, in Virgo and your travel and study sector and Pluto, the planet of transformation, in your own sign of Capricorn. So personal goals, new experiences, adventure, activities to look forward to – all of these are important to activate now and prioritise in your life.

This Grand Earth trine is fertile and productive and it adds the feel-good factor to your life. If you want to take a holiday or go on a trip, the first two weeks of May are perfect for doing so, especially once Jupiter turns direct in your travel sector on May 9th.

If you’re looking for love, a holiday romance is on the cards or meeting someone from a different culture. The 9th to the 14th is a peak period for you with regard to love and romance.

This isn’t however a time when you’ll be flowing smoothly along in life because there is another planet in Taurus and that planet is Mercury, the communicator. Mercury is currently retrograde or on go slow and remains so until May 22nd when it picks up speed once again.

This is a wonderful time for reflection, for catching up with someone from your past, a childhood friend or a sweetheart. Relax and retreat and don’t try to force the pace. Yes, Mercury retrograde can bring misunderstandings or delays but when you let go of control and go wherever life leads you, it’s a more enjoyable experience.

This might not come easily to you being a Capricorn as you’re someone who likes to be in charge but doing things the usual way this month won’t work. You have to let go to some extent and give in to life’s twists and turns.

The planetary energy shifts again in the last third of the month when some of the faster moving personal planets start to enter the air sign Gemini. The first is the Sun which moves into Gemini on May 20th followed by Venus, the planet of relating, on May 24th.

Gemini rules your working life, your everyday lifestyle and your health and it’s important to focus on these areas once the planets begin to gather in this sector of your chart. Look to your well-being and how much you enjoy your life on a daily basis.

You’ll discover whether you’re on track in these areas during the Full Moon period on May 21st which cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart. This is a powerful Full Moon because it pulls in the planet of passion and anger, Mars, which is currently retrograde in your previous sign of Sagittarius.

Emotions tend to be heightened during the Full Moon but this lunar phase feels especially dramatic with Mars in the mix. It’s an impatient combination whether you’re dealing with someone who’s holding you back or you’re unhappy with what’s going on in your working life or with regard to your health and fitness.

Try not to take any impulsive risks during the Full Moon phase and look after your body and your physical well-being. Slow down the pace and calm your emotions. Whatever’s going on, it won’t help if it raises your stress levels so avoid people or situations which you know will inflame the passionate side of your nature.

There might be one person in particular who pushes your buttons, someone you know through work or someone you’ve been involved with in an intimate fashion. When Venus and Mars oppose each other on May 25th, this encounter could erupt so bear this in mind and back away if you’re in a tense or difficult relationship situation.

Remember too that you’re currently going through an important period of personal development when your beliefs and views on what’s significant in life are changing and shifting. This might be the reason why you don’t get on with some people the way you used to. Accept what’s different and adapt your life accordingly.

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