Cancer Your Year Ahead 2016

Cancer, 2016Angela Merkel Sun Cancer (b. July 17 1954)

Chancellor of Germany, voted most powerful woman in the world by Forbes

the Germans call her ‘Mutti’ (mother)

Cancer 2016 – Summary (see Special Offer below on how to purchase your in-depth annual horoscope).

2016 is potentially a big year when you can move away from everyday matters and search further afield to find fulfilment and happiness.

Look out for new opportunities to travel, study and gain knowledge. Move beyond your comfort zone and set up home somewhere different, even if only for a short spell.

Think big journeys, a trip that inspires you on a soul level and re-awakens your spirit. Look to what you believe in, get in touch with your spirituality, find your faith.

Career demands hint that you’re balancing a 9-to-5 job with a true vocation, an activity or pursuit outside of work that acts as a spark, a trigger, a rush of excitement. You want stability and yet you yearn to do something different, to embrace change that can turn things around overnight.

Learn something new this year and create a community feel in your life. Be with people, learn from them and give something back. Young people will benefit from your care and experience.

A happy home life puts a big smile on your face but it’s a passionate relationship or reviving the passion in a 1-to-1 connection that offers you the deepest fulfilment and satisfaction. Anything’s possible when you believe in love.

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