Gemini Your Year Ahead 2016

Gemini, 2016Russell Brand, Sun Gemini (b. June 4 1975)

comedian, actor, radio host, author, wannabe politician

shot to fame in 2004 hosting ‘Big Brother’s Big Mouth’

Gemini 2016 – Summary (see Special Offer below on how to purchase your in-depth annual horoscope).

You need to find new outlets of communication to satisfy Mercury’s long stay in earth signs and a slower pace fits the bill. Writing acts as a form of inner therapy.

A need for more privacy or a desire to be in control of your subconscious requires a new way of looking at your mind and how you spend your time.

Home and family catch your attention and these areas of your life are full on. It’s not only everyday matters that are important but big celebrations, a blast from the past, travelling to meet new family or long-lost family. Your home life, your living situation is up for review, whether you’re keen to move, team up with others or create more space.

You can lay down solid foundations for the future in 2016 and money coming in helps boost your coffers and brings more financial security to you and the ones you love. A new addition to the family brightens your day whether the birth of a child, an adoption or a new step-family.

1-to-1 relationships are potentially your biggest challenge with Saturn demanding answers. You can’t escape an ultimatum and even the commitment word sends shivers down your spine. Work hard at a loving relationship, don’t fall prey to a controlling situation and consider your long-term future carefully.

Your career path leads you on a circuitous route but whether you’re moving up or down the ladder of success, keep your options open. Tie your flag to your chosen mast when the eclipses point you in a new direction in March and September. The fame game brings you to prominence and tapping into your deeper purpose in life helps you move closer towards your true vocation.

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