Leo Your Year Ahead 2016

Leo, 2016

Roger Federer, Sun Leo (b. August 8 1981)

highest-earning tennis player, most popular tennis player (the awards prove it)

“In an era of specialists, you’re either a clay court, grass court or hard court specialist… or you’re Roger Federer” [quote by John McEnroe]

Leo 2016 – Summary (see Special Offer below on how to purchase your in-depth annual horoscope).

2016 is the year to consolidate what you started in 2015. This might mean you have to work hard, build up a new business, earn a regular income.

Put time and effort into your work and money goals and your persistence pays off. Set yourself up for the future and invest wisely.

The urge to travel or study something new remains with you throughout the year and a desire to better yourself or live life to the full brings in new faces and new places. This links in with a need to communicate and you can spread your network far and wide once Jupiter jumps into the communication sector of your chart in September.

Saturn’s definitive move away from your home and family sector is a chance to leave any sadness or difficulty behind. There’s a sense of urgency to build new foundations, to move on and ensure your family are happy and healthy. Looking after the ones you love is high priority.

Creative projects demand extra effort whether you’re learning a new skill or talent or keen to express yourself in other ways. Your creative and spiritual source is a deep well that can only be accessed if you do so on a regular basis.

Loves brings a new level of commitment but feeling responsible and duty-bound can tarnish the rush of love. Be careful what you commit to as you’re in it for the long term. August brings the happiness you desire and Christmas is filled with love-shaped surprises.

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    1. Thanks Mike. I’d seen it attributed to McEnroe so obviously it’s got ‘lost in translation’ along the way. Good to know. best, Sally

  1. Speaking of RF…are you working on the Australian Open Sally ?

    I love your enthusiasm for the sport and your predictions are a must read!

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