Astrology Talk Investigate: What Do Retrograde Planets Mean In My Birth Chart?

Astrology Talk are branching out and bringing you a new series of podcasts to run alongside our regular monthly astrology podcast. 

You may know us as Christina and Sally but we’re turning detective. Kirkman & Rodenbeck will be using their astrological lens to investigate a new topic each month.

You can also watch the video on our Youtube channel: Astrology Talk Podcast.

This month’s investigation investigates retrograde planets in the birth chart. Throughout February & March 2024, all the planets are in direction motion. However, most of us will be born with one or more planets retrograde, i.e. in retreat.

In the latest episode of Astrology Talk Investigate, Christina & I discuss what this means for you. The media knows that Mercury retrograde is often associated with communication chaos. Yet, there’s more to retrograde planets than first meets the eye. In fact, they serve an important purpose in the birth chart and in your life.

Join us as we talk about the inner planets, Mercury, Venus & Mars. And, please let us know about your experience of the retrograde planets in the comments box below. 

Once you’ve listened to the podcast, do be in touch with any suggestions that you would like us to investigate in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Astrology Talk Investigate: What Do Retrograde Planets Mean In My Birth Chart?”

  1. I have no PLANETS in retrograde in my chart but I do have CHIRON in retrograde with my true node in Capricon in the 5th house. could you tell me what this means please ( I am in Australia if that’s n.b.)

    1. It depends… if it’s closely conjunct the north node then it may be relevant. The 5th house rules children, creative projects, love affairs and Chiron is the wounded healer. So look for issues linking those.

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