Why Did You Come Here?


Last Saturday, I was at an all-day workshop hosted by the excellent Oxford Astrology Group lead by the equally excellent astrologer Darby Costello. The subject of the workshop was the Progressed Moon.

After 25 years, I still love to learn and even if you think you know all about the astrological topic that’s being discussed, you come away with new gems of insight and understanding.

To be fair, the Progressed Moon isn’t a technique I use all the time, except in my Year Ahead reports. So it was an utter delight to be immersed in the mythology of the moon, the moon’s link to the mother in the astrology chart, and a timely reminder that the Progressed Moon mirrors your soul’s path through life.

This is where you connect with your emotional vitality and the 27 year cycle of the Progressed Moon helps you know what it is to be a human. Just writing these words helps connect me to something deeper and nudges me closer to the realisation that it’s the creative and spiritual source which flows through our emotional realm.

The day in Oxford was a deeply nourishing and soulful experience on many levels.

So why the title, ‘Why Did You Come Here?‘ Because Darby happened to mention that sometimes she enjoys asking this question to people, to random strangers even. Of course, it doesn’t mean ‘what are you doing in Waitrose?’, but instead ‘why are you on this earth, what are you really here for in this lifetime?’

Which is, of course, what astrologers are doing whenever they look at your astrological chart. It could even be the reason I became an astrologer in the first place. The desire to reconnect with spirit, with soul.

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