Aquarius Monthly Stars May 2015

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The month of May starts off swimmingly as Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your fellow air sign of Gemini. In your chart, Gemini rules all the good things in life such as new love, children, creativity, entertainment and luck. Basically, it’s about doing more of what you love.

Mercury remains in this sector of your chart until July 8th. Mercury is joined by Mars, the action and passion planet, on the 12th and by the Sun on the 21st. By month’s end, there are three key planets in this sector of your chart.

This is an indication that it’s time for you to focus on fun, to prioritise play as much as work and to re-engage with your love of life. However, this isn’t always going to be a straightforward process this month and next and there are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, Mercury turns retrograde on the 19th and remains on go slow until June 11th. This is notoriously a time when things don’t go according to plan, You can experience communication chaos and more misunderstandings, for example. Other people let you down, you double book yourself and you realise how important it is to remain flexible.

When Mercury is retrograde this isn’t the time to be making major decisions and this is because new information often comes to light when Mercury turns direct. You might also find that you need to backtrack a little, get back in touch with people from your past, try and try again if things don’t work out the first time around.

There could be frustrations around a pregnancy, a creative project or a major social event. Be patient, don’t give up and use your ingenious brain to find new ways to approach any problem or issue. Lateral thinking is the way forward when Mercury’s on go slow.

Secondly, your ruling planet Saturn opposes all three personal planets in Gemini throughout May. The key dates are the 3rd (Mercury), the 15th (Mars) and the 23rd (Sun). Saturn can slow you down, slam on the brakes and make it harder for you to get from A to B. You might find that other people block your plans and Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, the sign that rules friendships, groups, clubs and associations.

This might mean that some of your key associations begin to shift and change. You could be drawing away from one group of people or recognising those friends who are supportive and those who are not. It’s also a month when it’s harder to make future goals and in some respect, you’re better off taking life one day at a time. Deal with what’s in front of you rather than trying to leap too far ahead.

For some, there may be an issue around money as the planet Neptune is active this month too. Neptune is currently in Pisces, the sign that rules your money, your possessions and the things you value highly in life. You might be questioning how you’re going to fund an event, an expensive hobby or another key area in your life.

Neptune is a go with the flow energy, It’s subtle but it can leave you feeling all at sea. Put your logical mind to good use this month and don’t turn a blind eye to finances. Spend what you can afford and be wary of putting too much money on credit.

Know that come mid-June, your situation will shift again and once new information comes to light, you can move forward with confidence. Grab your good times whilst you can and don’t let the bigger issues in life stop you enjoying yourself.

This is also a key month for your career and your home and family. This is due to the Full and New Moons which cut across the foundations of your chart. The Moon illuminates, it’s reflective and it helps you see your situation with clarity.

The Full Moon takes place in the early hours of the 4th and its influence can be felt the previous weekend. This Full Moon falls on the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. Trust your intuition during this Full Moon period and focus on the work/life balance. Listen out for insights and self-understanding. The Moon is in Scorpio and your career sector and it’s a perfect time to make a big work decision.

The planet Jupiter is also involved with the Full Moon as it squares both the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter is currently in Leo, the sign that rules your one-to-one relationships. This might indicate that a decision isn’t solely your own and if you’re in a relationship or married, your partner will be persuasive. Try not to get sidetracked by their enthusiasm and stay true to your own career path.

The New Moon takes place in the sign of Taurus on the 18th, down at the base of your chart, ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings and they offer you the chance to make a fresh start. Set your intentions in these areas of your life. If you’re looking for somewhere to live or you’ve been thinking about a member of your family, take the initiative and make things happen fast.

There’s one other planetary movement that’s important to note this month. Venus, the planet of relating, enters Cancer on the 7th where it remains until early June. Cancer is the sign that rules your work, your routine, your lifestyle and health. This suggests that teamwork and partnership will help and support you in these areas of your life. Work alongside others to make your daily and health routines more sociable, more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for work, reach out on the 16th when Venus connects with Neptune in your money sector. This is a lovely day to ask for help or to ask a favour. If you can support someone close in return, then show willing and do your bit.

Finally, Venus clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square from the 22nd to the 25th of the month. This is the second Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. This could be a testing time for work relationships and if you’re socialising with colleagues be careful what you say. Rumours might abound and with Mercury also retrograde, you can’t believe everything you hear. Stay out of the line of attack and avoid the local gossip.

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