Capricorn Monthly Stars May 2015

Capricorn Zodiac StampCapricorn (22 December – 19 January)

The theme of pleasure runs throughout May’s stars. As the month begins, both the Sun and Mars, the passion planet, are in your fellow earth sign of Taurus. Taurus rules the sector of your chart that includes the good things in life, such as new love, children, creative projects and entertainment.

These are the areas into which you can channel your energy, your passion and your legendary determination. Make the most of what life has to offer, focus on fun and ensure that play is high up your list of priorities.

Mars remains in Taurus until the 12th and the Sun until the 21st, but this month the Full and New Moons are also connected to this sector of your chart. The Full Moon takes place in the early hours of the 4th and its influence can be felt the previous weekend. In the UK, this is the first of two Bank Holiday weekends in May.

This Full Moon cuts across the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart focusing on fun, socialising and good times. It’s the perfect weekend for a party or celebration. You might choose to splash out this weekend as Jupiter, the planet of abundance, makes a square aspect to the Full Moon. Jupiter is currently in Leo, the sign that rules joint finances and shared resources in your chart. Jupiter squares can be extravagant, they symbolise generosity and they exude a feel good factor.

Taurus is the sign of new love and the first weekend in May is potentially romantic. Look out for the person who makes you laugh, someone who is fun to be around and enjoys life to the full. The New Moon on the 18th also falls in the sign of Taurus and this is another promising date for love and romance. New Moons are symbolic of new beginnings, the chance to make a fresh start and to sow seeds which can grow and flourish in the future.

There’s another reason why love is in the air this month as the planet Venus enters your opposite sign of Cancer on the 7th where she remains until early June. Venus is the planet of love and Cancer rules your one-to-one relationships. This is a caring, kind and loving combination.

The best weekend for loving relations is the 16th/17th. On the 16th Venus teams up with the planet of romance Neptune and this is wonderful for a special conversation, a proposal or saying ‘I love you’.

The trickiest weekend for love and relationships is the second Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. On the 22nd Venus is opposed by Pluto and on the 25th Venus clashes with Uranus.

This can bring about a repeat situation, an issue from the past that crops up now and again. Pluto is in your own sign of Capricorn so watch out self-destructive behaviour and Uranus is down at the bottom of your chart ruling your home and family. This could be a tricky time if you’re visiting in-laws or family insist on interfering in your own life. It’s not necessarily a major event but could be awkward nonetheless.

There’s also a strong planetary presence in May in the sign of Gemini and Gemini rules your work, you routine, your lifestyle and health. On the 1st, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Gemini followed by Mars, the action planet, on the 12th and the Sun on the 21st.

Gemini is a quick moving, lively sign and this suggests you’re going to be extra specially busy this month and next. You might be starting a new job, implementing new work habits or be shifting your routine towards a healthier lifestyle. Put new plans and ideas into place early in the month because on the 19th, Mercury turns retrograde.

When Mercury is retrograde or on go slow, your plans notoriously take a backwards step. This can indicate communication chaos, misunderstandings and it’s harder to make progress. You have to slow down the pace and it’s not a good time to make major decisions. Mercury remains on go slow until June 11th.

There is another planetary factor which can test you now. This involves your ruling planet Saturn which is currently in the sign previous to yours, Sagittarius, and this is the most hidden sector of your chart. This is often a time of research, preparation, planning and you might be heading towards a major change in your life over the next couple of years.

Saturn in Sagittarius turns your attention inwards and you need to be careful that you don’t let fear, doubt or negativity take over. Saturn can be a harsh taskmaster and exposes your limitations. Saturn opposes all three personal planets in Gemini on the 3rd (Mercury), the 15th (Mars) and the 23rd (Sun). Take your time on or around these dates and notice where in life you’re coming up against obstacles. Are you doubting yourself or feeling confused about your work or a health issue?

The planet Neptune is also involved in this process and Neptune often raises more questions than answers. You lose sight of the path ahead and can feel as if you’re going round in circles. As Mercury is retrograde this month, there is real potential for a period of disorientation.

So be kind to yourself, prioritise your well-being and ensure that you have enough relaxation built into your schedule to benefit you. If you’re changing your eating habits, try not to become too extreme.

All things in moderation is probably a healthy motto for you in the month of May. Taking on too much at work, over cramming your schedule and trying to be all things to all people isn’t wise. Instead pace yourself, be patient if things don’t work out first time around and know that come mid-June you can make progress with whatever is stuck.

In many respects, May is a month of exploration for you trying to get the balance right in your everyday routine and your lifestyle. View this as a work in progress.

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