Pisces Monthly Stars May 2015

Pisces Zodiac StampPisces (19 February – 20 March)

This is a big month for you when you need to focus on the major areas of your life and figure out how to get the balance right between work and home.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is the first planet to enter Gemini, the sign that rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. This takes place on the 1st and Mercury remains in Gemini until July 8th.

On the 12th, Mars, the action planet, joins Mercury in Gemini and on the 21st, the Sun enters this same sector of your chart. This is where you need to focus your attention and to sort things out so that they work for you.

You might be considering moving home, there may be a family celebration to organise or attend or you might be entertaining friends or family at home as Gemini is a sociable sign. As Gemini is a chatty sign, it’s likely that you have lots to discuss with your nearest and dearest.

There are a couple of planetary factors which suggest that none of this is going to be a straightforward process. Firstly, Mercury turns retrograde on the 19th and remains on go slow until June 11th. This can indicate communication chaos, misunderstandings, someone not talking to you and it’s often a challenging time for communication in general.

Tradition states that you’re wise not to make major decisions whilst Mercury is on go slow. This is because you’re dealing with what’s hidden and new information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct. This event takes place mid-June.

So whilst Mercury is on go slow you might find you’re playing a waiting game. You have to be patient, and things don’t pan out as you had expected. Talking goes round in circles bringing more questions than answers. Give yourself a break, let go, pull back, let life run its course whilst Mercury’s on go slow. Once Mercury is back up to speed, then you can make progress and swiftly.

Two other planets are dominant this month. One of them is Saturn in Sagittarius up at the top of your chart. Sagittarius rules your career, your vocation, your status and reputation. This is about where you’re heading in life, your future goals.

Saturn is known as the taskmaster of the heavens and wherever you find Saturn in your chart, you have to show commitment and work hard. This isn’t about overnight success but rather working towards a long term goal. For some, this might also indicate a change of career direction as one path reaches a dead end.

Saturn opposes all three planets in Gemini this month on the 3rd (Mercury), the 15th (Mars) and the 23rd (Sun). This is likely to expose your limitations, put obstacles in your path and block your progress in some way. You might fall out with someone in your family over your choice of career, you might want to swap work for family life and take care of your children, or you might be bored of being at home so much and crave a fulfilling vocation.

Neptune, your ruling planet, also influences your way of thinking. Neptune is in your sign of Pisces squaring the planets in Gemini and Sagittarius. This can cloud your decision as Neptune is the planet of confusion and disillusionment. At least it is when it squares i.e. clashes with planets in the heavens as it does now.

All in all, this suggests that you’re going through a questioning period and right now, there might be more questions than answers. Whilst Mercury is retrograde, this is par for the course and if anything you’re wise to view this period as a time of exploration rather than feeling you have to make a decision fast.

Talk things through with your family, explore different options and know that by the end of June, you will see your way forward more clearly. Until then, you might well be jugggling different areas of your life.

What will help you this month is to make new friends, visit new places and make the most of your local community. Both the Sun and Mars begin the month in the sign of Taurus and Taurus rules these areas of your life. During the first weekend of May, there’s a powerful Full Moon that calls you forth to embrace new experiences and to expand your horizons.

This Full Moon cuts across the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart. It’s exact in the early hours of the 4th but its influence can be felt the previous weekend. In the UK, this is a Bank Holiday weekend so make the most of it. Go somewhere different, mix with a new crowd, alter your perspective on life. Changing your routine in some way can do wonders for your attitude. Be optimistic, say Yes to adventure, live life to the full.

The New Moon takes place in Taurus on the 18th and this is another date that’s promising for new beginnings and making a fresh start. This is also about people in your life, so reach out to others and make the most of your network of connections. Sharing your own problems and issues with other people can be uplifting.

The best news for you this month is the fact that Venus, the planet of love and relating, enters your fellow water sign of Cancer on the 7th where she remains until early June. Venus lights up your romance sector and this is wonderful for new love.

The best weekend is the 16th/17th when Venus teams up with your ruling planet Neptune. This is gorgeously romantic and the perfect weekend to do something special with your partner or to make extra effort to meet someone new.

Being a Pisces, you need romance in life to thrive and live well. If love’s not on the menu, go to the movies, visit an art gallery, attend a music festival. Allow your soul to be stirred and grab hold of new experiences.

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