5 Reasons To Become A Weekly Subscriber

The weekly astrology newsletter and weekly horoscopes are going from strength to strength.

If you’ve been wondering how it would benefit you to receive astrology guidance every Sunday morning and join the growing group of astrology lovers, here are 5 reasons why.

I so love writing the weekly newsletter and horoscopes that I’ll keep adding more reasons to join. Click here: Weekly to sign up today.

Reason One

1. NEW! Birthday Horoscopes exclusive to weekly subscribers. 2,000 words per star sign on your astrology in the year ahead. Aries is available now when you sign up.

Reason Two

2. Annual subscribers receive a free copy of the 2018 Horoscopes eBook (over 170 pages), usual rate £10.

Reason Three

3. Get in before the price increase. You can currently join as an annual subscriber for £39 or a monthly subscriber for £3.99 (dollar payment also available). Prices will go up on May 15th, the day Uranus moves into Taurus. Whatever the rate when you sign up, you remain on that rate for ever!

Reason Four

4. You are eligible to a cheaper rate for astrology readings and reports. This saves you £20 on an astrology reading, for example, a great discount. More discounts are available on Year Ahead reports, etc.

Reason Five

5. Your astrology newsletter wings into your inbox every Sunday morning, the ideal guide to your week ahead. It includes all the top astrology of the week ahead plus weekly horoscopes written in a similar style to my monthly horoscopes. With this up-to-date and accurate information, you’re ready for your week ahead.

Click here: Weekly Subscribers and join today.

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