Full Moon Libra: Seeking Balance

Full Moon LibraFull Moon [10 Libra 45]

London – March 31 2018 (13:37 GMT+1)

New York – March 31 2018 (08:37 GMT-4)

Sydney – March 31 2018 (23:37 GMT+11)

Today’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Libra, cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac – me v. you.

Libra’s zodiac symbol is the Scales. If, like me, you were born with the Moon in Libra, you thrive in a peaceful & harmonious environment and appreciate relationships that are in balance.

In whatever star sign you find the Moon in your birth chart, this is where your emotional needs are met.

Libra is the sign of the zodiac that is averse to conflict. Yet, when you’re born with the sign of the Scales dominant in your birth chart, you invariably have to deal with inequality in your life and you are naturally drawn into relationship issues. It’s often a case of needing to balance the scales rather than living in a fantastical world of constant equilibrium and harmony.

Today’s Full Moon is a case in point as the Moon in Libra holds court and aims for balance. This is no ordinary Full Moon because of other planets challenging the Moon, unsettling the tightrope walker as the tightrope wobbles precariously beneath them. The other planets are shouting ‘look at me’, even lobbing rocks in some cases. Here’s why.

Sun Aries opposite Moon Libra

Firstly, the Sun in Aries opposes the Moon in Libra, Aries being the sign of the ego in which the Sun can shine bright. Me first, my agenda, not yours. Relationship issues can flare up during a Full Moon in Libra when emotions are heightened. Drama is intensified and impulsive, spontaneous behaviour causes controversy.

Venus Taurus = Calm Down

Decide what role you’re going to play in family get-togethers over the holiday weekend and in your significant relationships as this Full Moon is ruled by Venus, the planet of relating. In perfect timing, Venus has now moved into Taurus, an earth sign, where she holds court, in a gentle yet firm manner. Someone needs to tend to the food, calm the peace, quieten the noise. Is this you?

Sun/Mercury Retrograde Conjunction

During this Full Moon, there are two important planetary conjunctions on the verge of taking place, one potentially helpful and one antangonistic. Firstly, retrograde Mercury is moving back towards the Sun and they conjoin on Sunday 1st April at approximately 7pm (GMT +1). The exact degree is 11 Aries 56.

This is an important planetary placing because it’s called an Inferior Conjunction and it’s the start of a new four month Sun/Mercury cycle. This can be a time of pure potential, especially as the Sun and Mercury R come together in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

This is when Mercury changes from evening star to morning star which could be a significant turning point in the current Mercury retrograde cycle. This might be a conversation you have or important insights that emerge. Take time out to listen to your subconscious and inner voice.

Mercury Retrograde themes remain this weekend. You can, however, seek out a new solution to an old problem or at least know what you need to reflect upon and review before April 15th, the date Mercury turns direct.

Mars/Saturn Conjunction

The combination that symbolises the rock-thrower is a powerful Mars/Saturn conjunction which squares this weekend’s Full Moon. This conjunction peaks on April 2nd when Mars and Saturn meet at 8 degrees 57 Capricorn. Both planets like to be in Capricorn; Mars is strategic and focused in the sign of ambition and Saturn is at home here, purposeful and calculating.

This feels like contained energy but if you’re up against an obstacle or limitation in your life, right now it might seem impossible or immovable. Mars and Saturn mean business when they’re in cahoots.

Wrapping It Up

Full Moon LibraThis whole combination is volatile, especially if a tricky Mercury and the Sun in Aries are ready to flare up at any moment. Mars in particular could respond with force or, at the very least, slam the door shut.

The best advice is to choose your battles carefully and decide whether you prefer to take on the role of peacemaker or peacekeeper.

If you’re pushing forward with your own plans and projects, this Full Moon energy is the time of ultimate wobble but, keep striving for balance, and the end result can be successful. Mars/Saturn energy is resilient and resourceful and gets the job done.

What Does It Mean For You?

Finally, here are the areas of your life under the cosmic radar during this important Full Moon in Libra:

  • Libra – image, self-identity, personal goals v. relationships, other people, a third party
  • Scorpio – retreat, secrets, self-undoing v. work, service, health, lifestyle
  • Sagittarius – friends, groups, society, politics v. children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs
  • Capricorn – work, status, responsibility, future goals v. home, family, past
  • Aquarius – travel, study, beliefs, higher purpose v. communication, neighbours, siblings
  • Pisces – other peoples’ money, debt, taboo issues v. personal finances, possessions, values
  • Aries – relationships, other people, a third party v. image, self-identity, personal goals
  •  Taurus – work, service, health, lifestyle v. retreat, secrets, self-undoing
  •  Gemini – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs v. friends, groups, society, politics
  • Cancer – home, family, past v. work, status, responsibility, future goals
  • Leo – communication, neighbours, siblings, local neighbourhood v. travel, study, beliefs, higher purpose
  • Virgo – personal finances, possessions, values v. other peoples’ money, debt, taboo issues

May you walk your tightrope boldly and confidently over the long weekend.

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