Jupiter Sextile Pluto: Second Round

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Jupiter Scorpio sextile Pluto Capricorn – April 14, 2018

Today is the second meeting of the two big planets, Jupiter and Pluto. This is one of the major themes of 2018. While Jupiter is in Pluto’s star sign, Scorpio, the ‘truth’ planet is digging down and plumbing the depths to expose Scorpio’s underworld.

This started with the #MeToo movement and we are currently discovering a whole lot more about data mining as whistle-blowers emerge to expose what’s been hidden from the public eye.

No doubt, there will be more areas of life that are going to be drilled into over the next few months while Jupiter seeks the truth in Plutonic themes, including power, corruption and the unconscious.

On a personal level, Jupiter and Pluto working together can bring great insight or breakthrough in your own life. Both planets are linked to hidden riches, abundance, wealth and power.

Plus, this major aspect is happening at the start of some intense planetary activity day after day. I have three more blog articles planned highlighting why mid-April is one of the most significant periods in the whole year.

At this current Jupiter-Pluto aspect, Jupiter is now in its retrograde phase and Pluto is preparing to turn retrograde on April 22, 2018. Which means this 21 degree point is potent and important for you if you have key planets/angles at this ‘hot spot’ degree. Courage is required to uncover what’s hidden in order to break free.

Jupiter started its retreat at 23 Scorpio 13 on March 9, 2018 and turns direct at 13 Scorpio 21 on July 10, 2018. Notice whether you have key planets/angles at these ‘hot spot’ degrees too. Here’s a recap of the current astrology between Jupiter & Pluto, helping you discover how to use this powerful planetary aspect in your own life:

  • January 16, 2018 (04:13 GMT) – 19 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn
  • April 14, 2018 (09:58 GMT) – 21 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn
  • September 12, 2018 (07:55 GMT) – 18 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn

A sextile aspect harnesses the strength of both planets in an easy and harmonious link. There’s huge opportunity and power in this combination that’s worth taking hold of:


  • Wherever Jupiter resides in your horoscope, this is where you find luck, good fortune and opportunity. It’s an ideal time to take risks, be expansive and look on the bright side. Make the most of the area of life that’s highlighted by Jupiter.
  • The big planet is linked to travel, foreign connections, higher education, the law, publishing, the media and religion. Jupiter represents truth and justice and is identified with the search for meaning and purpose in life.


  • Pluto doesn’t have the best reputation in astrology because its mythological archetype is God of the Underworld, linked to death, darkness and loss. Pluto can take you down to the underworld or you’re more than ready to explore all that’s hidden in life, including the psyche and unexplained phenomena.
  • Pluto’s ultimate goal is self-transformation and when you return to the light from the darkness, you often do so with valuable insight and hidden riches.

In mythology, Jupiter was King of the Gods and Pluto was God of the Underworld. These are a powerful duo and, when these planets are in aspect in a birth chart, themes of power and wealth dominate. Plus, note the star signs they meet in; Jupiter in Scorpio, the star sign linked to healing and regeneration and Pluto in Capricorn, the star sign linked to mastery and achievement.

This profound combination is brilliant for revealing the truth, digging deep to out corruption and immorality and replace them with justice and values that are worthy and honest.

This is an excellent time to commit to a new project or undertaking, preferably one that requires self-discipline, laser focus and inner strength. What you begin now could create something incredible in your life or the lives of others by the last quarter of the year when Jupiter’s ready to leave Scorpio.

This is the planetary equivalent of finding a healthy obsession and committing yourself to it 100%. Notice where you’re being called forth and what your spirit is yearning for. At its best, this combination has the potential to transform and change lives and it can work on both an inner and outer level.

Here’s a guide to which areas of life are being triggered for you when Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn combine forces. How can you bring Jupiter’s power in alignment with Pluto’s resilience?

  • Aries: Jupiter: joint finances, shared resources, the metaphysical realm Pluto: career & vocation, status & reputation
  • Taurus: Jupiter: relationships, contracts, opponents Pluto: travel, study, philosophy, spirituality
  • Gemini: Jupiter: work, routine, lifestyle, health Pluto: joint finances, shared resources, the metaphysical realm
  • Cancer: Jupiter: love affairs, children & pregnancy, creative projects Pluto: relationships, contracts, opponents
  • Leo: Jupiter: home & family, your past Pluto: work, routine, lifestyle, health
  • Virgo: Jupiter: communication, local community, education Pluto:  love affairs, children & pregnancy, creative projects
  • Libra: Jupiter: money, possessions, values Pluto: home & family, your past
  • Scorpio: Jupiter: personal goals & aims, image & profile Pluto: communication, local community, education
  • Sagittarius: Jupiter: inner work, retreat, spirituality Pluto: money, possessions, values
  • Capricorn: Jupiter: friends, groups, social causes, politics Pluto: personal goals & aims, image & profile
  • Aquarius: Jupiter: career & vocation, status & reputation Pluto: inner work, retreat, spirituality
  • Pisces: Jupiter: travel, study, philosophy, spirituality Pluto: friends, groups, social causes, politics

This is truly a time to harness courage, truth and faith in your own life.

Bold moves are required.

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