Zodiac Tarot Horoscopes For Halloween

Halloween, Zodiac TarotHalloween is nearly upon us and to celebrate this magical time of year, I’m delighted to share with you Zodiac Tarot Horoscopes by Jenna Sharron.

Jenna is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader. She has 20 years of experience and 10 years of mixing together tarot and horoscopes to form the ‘tarotscope’.

There’s more astrology and tarot for you to enjoy at Jenna’s website: Astrology Junction.


Tarot Card:  Three of Wands

Aries, you will be faced with a road of discovery on October 31st. It may be Halloween,but there is a certain truth element this day that you are wanting to get to the bottom of. You will do a lot of searching before your mind settles down and is calm again. 


Tarot Card: The Moon

Taurus, you are going to have a very meaningful Halloween night. The moon tarot card indicates that this day will bring you heavy emotions and memorable moments that you will hold near to you forever. So remember to have that camera next to you. 


Tarot Card: The Lovers

Gemini, you are one of the lucky zodiac signs that will be filled with love on Halloween night.A new partnership is foreshadowed this day and existing partnerships will get even stronger. If you’re wanting to make a move on someone of interest, this is the perfect day to do so. 


Tarot Card:  Queen of Pentacles

Cancer, a female will be a big influence at Halloween for you. She may be a lover, mother or your wife. She is someone that likes who you hang out with in your social life and she is a very trusted person. If she says anything today, take her word for it. 


Tarot Card: Queen of Pentacles

Leo, like Cancer you are faced with the Queen of Pentacles on Halloween. This female that has appeared on your tarot card may be a lover, mother or your wife. She may have some input to what you are deciding to do today. Don’t take her words the wrong way as she is only giving you advice for the best. 


Tarot Card: Six of Swords

Virgo, this day you will be traveling and it may be a trip that is related to water. You may be going overseas or to a Queen Mary boat for Halloween. Make the best of this day and take in as much exploration as you can.


Tarot Card: Queen of Swords 

Libra, you may have had a certain conflict or unresolved issue with your friends or family last Halloween. You may have been keeping a grudge. This Halloween night you need to make sure to let your barriers go. Start to trust others around you again and have fun.


Tarot Card:  Four of Cups

Scorpio, this Halloween night you will be facing a direct decision to make. You will be influenced by circumstances around you and this offer or question that will be brought up should be taken into consideration as it can affect your entire life path. 


Tarot Card:  Ten of Swords

Sagittarius, you may be feeling a bit sick this Halloween night.  A cold, bad news, or a small argument that has upset you may have attempted to ruin your night. Don’t take things too harshly around you, everything will be better next month. 


Tarot Card:  Six of Wands

Capricorn, you will be the ‘life of the party’ this Halloween night. Your peers will rely on you and will acknowledge you in the most respected way possible. Have a spooky night! 


Tarot Card:  Ten of Wand

Aquarius, you may have been feeling as if you have had a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. This Halloween night is a perfect time to get your objective straight. Take some time for yourself and make wise decisions. 


Tarot Card:  King of Pentacles

Pisces,  you will have a certain feeling of stability this Halloween night. There won’t be any worries or arguments. You will be fulfilled with what is going around you and have the power to do anything. 

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