Venus, Jupiter, Mars: Your Recipe For Happiness

big love, Venus JupiterThere is something quite extraordinary happening in the pre-dawn sky right now and something amazing taking place in the world of astrology.

Today, Sunday 25th October, at 20:03 GMT, one of the best planetary conjunctions of the year takes place.

Venus and Jupiter are known as the benefics in astrology, i.e. they are the two best planets, and they’re currently sitting side-by-side in the zodiac.

Venus conjunct Jupiter = Big Love

Venus rules love and money, beauty and art and Jupiter expands what it touches. Jupiter is the biggest and best planet and represents opportunity and growth, good fortune and hope.

Put all this together and you have a recipe for happiness. These two planets meet at 15 degrees Virgo, especially good news if you have key planets or angles within 1-2 degrees of this particular zodiac placing but lovely for everyone.

Make the most of this loving vibe and be willing to give and receive love. At its best, this is joyful, lucky and inspires the feel-good factor.

Pre-dawn sky October 26And there’s more good news because if you look at the image of the planets in the pre-dawn sky which I’ve shared here from (here’s a link to the full article) you can see that Mars is part of the picture.

On Saturday 17th October Mars and Jupiter came together in the heavens at 14 degrees Virgo and in 11 days time, it’s the turn of Venus and Mars to get it on.

Venus conjunct Mars = Love & Sex

Venus and Mars, the lovers in mythology, conjoin in the heavens at 24 degrees Virgo on Tuesday 3rd November. Together these two planets combine a loving connection (Venus) with physical attraction and sexual desire (Mars). Love and sex go hand in hand.

Relationships are important now and this is good news after a couple of months when eclipses in Libra (the sign of relating) and communication planet Mercury retrograde in Libra have brought ups and downs on the love front.

This whole period is a chance to re-establish balance and equilibrium within your 1-to-1 relationships. It’s filled with love potential, an opportunity to open your heart, embrace love and be hopeful about all that love and life has to offer.

Something to do, Somebody to love, Something to look forward to

Astrology is all about timing and it seemed no coincidence this week that I read an article by the wonderful Alex Rotas (Alex Rotas photography). Alex is an avid promoter of people over 60 who achieve remarkable things and live life to the full.

The article was entitled A Life Well Lived: Lessons from Kiria Maria. Kiria Maria is a 96 year old Greek woman who’s rarely moved far from her village but has lived a fulfilling and satisfactory life.

The following phrase was quoted in the article and cited as a recipe for happiness: ‘something to do, somebody to love, something to look forward to’: the components that make a life rich and meaningful.

If you know something about astrology you’ll realise why this made me smile. It’s completely in sync with the triple conjunction of Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Mars is the action planet (something to do), Venus is the planet of love (somebody to love) and Jupiter is the future planet, representing hope and optimism (something to look forward to).

So as you gaze at these three planetary bodies in the pre-dawn sky over the next 10 days, bear in mind that happiness is available to you right here, right now.

The recipe to happiness is in front of you every morning as you greet each new day, filled to the brim with new possibility.


4 thoughts on “Venus, Jupiter, Mars: Your Recipe For Happiness”

  1. First of all ,a very happy birthday to you Sally ,a terrific astrologer. You’ve been right about so much and I ‘ll surely want another reading very soon. Maybe I as a taurus with virgo rising should be looking forward to a few things!? Jackie

    1. Thank you Jackie for your birthday wishes and kind words. Yes, it’s all going on for the earth signs so I wish you well too. Lots of action in Virgo right now and 2016 has lovely transformative energy for the earth signs. Let me know when you want a reading. I’m away now until 9th November but around after that. best wishes, Sally

  2. how timely! just watched a movie recently called “Hector and the search for happiness” cute, lovely movie….I am taurus sun in 6th, jupiter, mars and venus are rolling through the 10th…hmmm, venus/mars conjunct at 24 virgo, you say? that is right on my natal pluto. Not exactly loving my career at the moment…maybe this will help? something getting “transformed” in the career??? or maybe something to do with the opposite house, the 4th? natally I have venus/mars conjunct in gem7th, mars rule 5th, venus rules 6th. pluto rules 12th. IDK, dreaming about having fun at work with coworkers? lol , usually its dreaming about being frustrated at work. I would like to love what I do but there are too many details and changes involved. I read somewhere that having a NN in pisces meant needing privacy and space to work…I dont think there is such a job when I am “hands on” at work dealing with people.
    sorry to ramble, starting thinking too much as I was typing! Anywho, love your postings Sally!!

    1. Kim, I saw the Hector movie recently – really enjoyed it. Yes, interesting astrology for you. Looks like it’s linked to work and career – sudden change perhaps? Transforming your attitude to work perhaps? Look out for who you meet too – influential people are part of the mix. Hope it’s good for you. best, Sally

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