Zayn Is Only Heading In One Direction

heading in the opposite directionWhen I woke up today, I wasn’t expecting to write about the ‘big news’ that Zayn Malik has left the band One Direction.

Thousands of teenage girls lie heart-broken whereas my own feelings veered more towards the ‘whatever’ category. But then I had a quick look at Zayn’s astrology and I couldn’t help myself. Bless him, he has it all going on!

This is because the big news astrologically is still the Uranus-Pluto square. The 7th and final square aspect took place on March 17th 2015 and the coming Lunar Eclipse on April 4th 2015 also pulls in the Uranus-Pluto square.

During the eclipse, the Sun is at 14 Aries and the Moon at 14 Libra; whilst Uranus is now at 16 Aries and Pluto at 15 Capricorn. So anyone with planets/key angles in mid-degrees of the four cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn is going to be undergoing a challenging period of change and upheaval.

Zayn’s Chart

Take a peek at Zayn’s chart below and you will see that he has a very close T-square with three planets at mid-degrees of cardinal signs. Mercury at 15 Capricorn is opposite Mars at 16 Cancer and both planets are squared by Jupiter at 14 Libra. This whole dynamic planetary combination is currently being rocked by the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, and the up-coming Lunar Eclipse.

Mercury, the communication planet, is in his 11th house of groups (nice) and is also the planet that rules his Virgo Descendant, the relationship sector of his chart. If we can believe the media, this has all come about because of relationship ‘troubles’. His fianc√© Perrie from Little Mix was at home whilst he was away in Thailand partying all night with other holiday-makers, some of whom were girls (as you do when you’re young and abroad).

The opposition from Mars adds an impulsive edge to his decision and he might not have been thinking straight when he made his move. Jupiter expands what it touches and the opposition from Uranus and the coming eclipse exactly on his Jupiter at 14 Libra blows everything wide open. It’s worth noting that Jupiter is not only his ruling planet as he has a Pisces Ascendant but it’s also his career planet as he has Sagittarius on the Midheaven.

His personal life and his public life have become intimately entwined and what affects one area ultimately impacts on the other area. Zayn has said he’s leaving the band because he wants to lead a ‘normal life’ but surely that’s inconceivable as he’s become a huge name in one of the top groups of recent years and a heart-throb/pin-up to many young girls.

Lacking Fire

Looking at his chart I did wonder whether he was really cut out for a career in showbiz. He has a stellium of Capricorn planets in the 11th house, so there’s the group. He has a sweet nature with Venus in romantic Pisces conjunct his Ascendant (how you come across to others, good-looking too) and Venus opposes a humble Moon in Virgo in his 7th house of relationships. Women and relationships help define who he is.

We all know that Virgo wants to have a squeaky clean reputation yet trine to the stellium in Capricorn which includes a heady Uranus/Neptune conjunction, he’s also a sensation seeker.

What’s lacking in his chart is fire and one sign in particular; Leo, the sign of the performer. If you look at the charts of the other four members of One Direction, they all have a ‘star’ quality, i.e. key planets/angles in Leo. Harry Styles (b. February 1 1994) is a Sun Aquarius with a Leo Midheaven; Liam Payne (b. August 29 1993) is a Sun Virgo with Venus in Leo; Louis Tomlinson (b. December 24 1991) is a Sun Capricorn with the Moon in Leo and Niall Horan (b. September 13 1993) is a Sun Virgo with both the Moon and Venus in Leo.

No Leo for Zayn and his Sagittarius Midheaven is more the explorer/traveller than wanting to be a star. The other four members of the group are continuing with their 2015 tour whilst Zayn is leaving One Direction and heading in the opposite direction.

Zayn & Perrie

Will he and Perrie work it out? Perrie Edwards (b. July 10 1993) is a Sun Cancer, so a classic Sun sign combination of opposites attract: Cancer/Capricorn (the same combination as Prince William & Kate).

Perrie’s Sun at 18 Cancer is close to Zayn’s Mars at 16 Cancer. There’s the passion and the sign that she is an integral part of his decision as Mars is involved in his T-square that’s being triggered by current planetary events.

With no time of birth for Perrie, we don’t have the full picture but she does have Saturn at 29 Pisces, the exact degree of the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 20th 2015. That smacks to me of an ending rather than a new beginning but time will tell. One thing’s for sure, Zayn’s got a battle on his hands and a return to ‘ordinary life’ might be harder than anticipated.


Astrology Chart for Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik, b. January 12 1993, 10:00 am, Bradford, UK

13 thoughts on “Zayn Is Only Heading In One Direction”

  1. Actually Zayn and Perrie are not in a relationship. They are a fake couple only in the public eye. They have been set up by their management to boost Perrie’s career. Keeping this in mind how would interpret Zayn’s chart.
    Also, he does hook up with women but the women he was caught cheating with, are paid to pretend as hook up by Zayn’s management. The idea was to create a scandal bring sympathy and publicity for Perrie. If you do celebrity horoscopes you fake relationships are common in this industry.
    But I think Zayn had enough of all this and has genuinely quit the band because they have been using him to promote Perrie for past 3-4 years. Any human can only take so much, and Pluto-Uraus square opposing his Mars might have triggered his reaction to quit and get rid of his management. However since he is bound by contract, and they can sue him for breaking a contract, he might have agreed to quit but allow Perrie to continue to pretend to be his fiance so that she can have the attention of being Zayn Malik’s fiance. On her own she cannot be famous, hence so much drama. Also they have done this before to Zayn, so this is not the first time. Only this time he has stood his ground and quit the band to be free from such manipulative management. But unfortuanately for him, they are still using his name to promote Perrie, and I don’t know how long they will using his name to promote her. Do you see him getting justice? Do you see his transits? Or can you see her transits and figure that Karma will finally catch up with her some day?

    1. Intriguing theory but I don’t know if I buy it. I might be wrong. Zayn has tricky astrology coming up as his Mercury/Mars opposition links in to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in his chart and he will have Pluto continuing over these key points in his chart in the next few years plus Uranus triggering them by square aspect. His Sun is 22 Capricorn so a huge period of self-transformation for him and v difficult at times. The light in the midst of the darker astrology is his Jupiter Return which will take place next year, November 2016. Jupiter’s both his career planet & his ruling planet so that’s super helpful. Plus it’s in his 7th house of relationships so that will reveal more about his relationships. best, Sally

  2. What are perrie’s transits for this year, and early next year? other than her saturn conjunct her eclipse point you didn’t say anything about her. The relationship end will be announced sooner or later, so the ending with the eclipse makes sense, although they are not a real couple. He is not going to allow her to play the role of his girlfriend for too long. But if he’s kind of helpless because of his contract with his management, then she can continue to play his fiance until Decemeber 2015, but not after that. Because Zayn’s original contract with his management ends December 2015. They cannot control him after his contract is over.

    Anyways, can you please comment on her transits please?

    1. I didn’t look closely at Perrie’s chart apart from checking the immediately obvious synastry between the two. No time of birth for her chart. She too has really tricky astrology over the next couple of years as her Sun Cancer opposite Uranus-Neptune is also in the zap zone of the Uranus-Pluto square spelling huge upheaval and change. Here’s a link to her chart if you want to check more:

  3. Hi! Do you think 2016 will be a better year for him since 2015 isnt gonna go that well? And what happens on november 2016?

    1. I think he has a tumultuous few years to be honest. What’s the November 2016 reference? I can’t see where that’s from. best, Sally

      1. “tumultuous” as in bad? So nothing good for 2016? Also I watched a youtube video on zayn malik astrology and she said we hear from him at the end of 2016 and his solo career starts in may 2017 and she said more success and wealth for him is this true? And the staged relationships is sad I was thinking after they would break it off things would get better for him because he wouldnt be controlled anymore but guess not.

        1. I’ve answered my own question about November 2016. If you scroll down the comments, my earlier reply mentions that Zayn has his Jupiter Return at the end of 2016. This is good news for him as it’s such a powerful planet in his chart. This is why the astrologer suggests this will symbolise success. I think this will be the turning point for him. If he is in a fake relationship, he has to disentangle himself from all of that which isn’t going to be easy for him. He’s a sensitive soul and won’t like living a lie. As long as he gets some strong support from people he can trust, I’m sure he can turn things around. He’s in a privileged position. Hope that helps. best, Sally

          1. Ohhh then im excited! I’m just glad things get better for him. Will he do anything in the meantime? Like I know his songs with naughty boy gets released but will he be going to events or model or something? I hope he doesn’t go into hiding for that long but I know he likes his rest and quiet time so he probably is. Also do you know when hes going to change his name and I know I hope the fake relationship ends soon its clear he wants out. If you listen to his recent interview he sounds so drained especially when Perrie was brought up hes for sure done with it all.

  4. Also the other person commenting isnt wrong! zerrie really are in a fake relationship even zayns cousin and some siblings have told people theyre close with on twitter

    1. Well, life is stranger than fiction then. I find it so sad that these young vulnerable kids are in stage-managed fake relationships. No wonder their astrology looks unsettling. Reality TV at its worst I’d say but then I’m looking at this as someone for whom all the reality shows/reality groups is something new. best, Sally

    1. Thank you for your comment but you wouldn’t count the asteroids when you’re considering elements – only the seven traditional planets and the Ascendant, sometimes the Midheaven.

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