Wimbledon Tennis Predictions 2016

Wimbledon chartUpdate: The chart for the tournament clearly showed the favourite doing well, favourable Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, the rising sign, plus ruling planet Mercury in its sign of rulership Gemini in 10th house – career/success.

In the end a host of favourites dominated: no. 1 seed Serena Williams won a record 22nd Grand Slam singles title & completed the doubles with her sister Venus; Brit Heather Watson took the mixed doubles trophy with a new tennis partner, Henri Kontinen; Brit Gordon Reid won the doubles wheelchair title & the inaugural singles wheelchair title and of course, Brit Andy Murray gained his second Wimbledon title.

I went for no. 1 seed Djokovic but it was Andy Murray who held the trophy aloft with success planet Jupiter close to his Virgo Ascendant and the north node (destiny point) almost exactly conjunct his Ascendant on the day of the final.

It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that we were here looking at the astrology for the French Open and already the Wimbledon fortnight is upon us.

Astrologically, there are few major changes from three week ago but there’s always something interesting to consider, to see how the astrology plays out in real life. This time, Wimbledon coincides with action planet Mars turning direct on June 29th 2016 at 23 Scorpio 04 after 10 long weeks retrograde.

This is important for sports predictions because Mars is the planet most closely linked to athletes which makes sense because Mars rules speed and physical strength.

A French psychologist, Michel Gaugelin, famously undertook research in the 1950’s which became known as ‘the Mars effect’. This research showed a correlation with Mars close to the Ascendant or Midheaven in the natal charts of a higher-than-average number of sportspeople. (The Ascendant is the sign that was rising when you were born linked to the physical body, the Midheaven is the sign which culminates at the top of your chart linked to your destiny/success).

I’m not convinced this holds true for tennis players as it’s the planet Mercury, especially in its rulership of the sign of Gemini, which tends to dominate. Mercury rules dexterity, the hands, quick movements and co-ordination. I’m adding the information that’s relevant in this respect in brackets for each of the tennis players listed below. Most of the top tennis players have either a Sun/Mercury conjunction or key planets/angles in Gemini.

Back to Mars and its change of direction is going to be important at Wimbledon for any player who has planets or key angles at 23 Scorpio [see below]. To see how this can play out in the world of sport, here’s my article from 2012 when Wigan football club pulled off a major coup beating two top teams, Man United & Arsenal, to escape relegation. n.b. Mars turning direct happens approximately once every 2 years: Mars Turning Direct: Doing A Wigan.

The Wimbledon Chart (see above – if you want to see it magnified, click on the image)

This seems quite straightforward to interpret. Virgo Ascendant, so Mercury is the ruling planet of the chart and it’s in the 10th house (career/success) strong in Gemini, the sign linked to tennis players. Mercury also rules the Gemini Midheaven, the career/success point of the chart.

In tournament charts, the Ascendant is linked to the favourite. Lucky Jupiter is conjunct the destiny point North Node in Virgo and both sit on the Ascendant, another nod to the favourite. Mercury makes no more aspects before it changes signs so this can be interpreted as ‘nothing new will come of it’, i.e. we can’t expect to see a new title-holder.

The Moon is at 1 Aries 57 and makes numerous planetary aspects before its final sextile aspect to Mercury. Again picking out Mercury as the planet to note. The world no. 1 is, without a shadow of a doubt, Novak Djokovic, so without something extraordinary happening, the astrology points to another Grand Slam win for Nole.

The Players:

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

I am linking here to my predictions on the Australian Open 2016 as it was then that I started to see the powerful planetary symbolism in Djokovic’ chart. I thought back in January that he was on course to win all four Grand Slams this year but at that time I hadn’t clocked that by winning the French Open 2016 he would already be the first man to hold all four Grand Slam titles since Rod Laver in 1969. An amazing achievement and if he stays fit, it is now a question of who can beat him.

It’s the natal potential in Djokovic’ chart which is so powerful. Mars, the planet, which rules his Scorpio Midheaven trine Pluto in Scorpio close to the Midheaven is a formidable and steely combination, ambitious & relentless. His astrology isn’t amazing this Wimbledon as Jupiter is no longer in close sextile aspect to his Midheaven, as it was at the French Open, but Mars turns direct at 23 Scorpio in his career sector and his own Mercury at 18 Gemini is close to the Midheaven of the Wimbledon chart at 14 Gemini. Minor testimonies but helpful nonetheless.

[Djokovic: Sun Gemini, Mercury Gemini]

Andy Murray, b. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK

Andy Murray is probably starting to wonder why on earth he was born only one week before Novak Djokovic because he’s now lost to his nemesis in 5 out of 7 Grand Slam finals. Let’s not forget the brilliance of this UK player who did beat Djokovic to win the much-coveted Wimbledon trophy 3 years ago and led the UK to Davis Cup glory earlier this year.

Plus, in the run-up to this competition Murray became the first man to win 5 titles at Queen’s Club, the warm-up tournament to Wimbledon and he’s back with Ivan Lendl who coached him to the Wimbledon title 3 years ago. He’s doing everything right and yet his astrology isn’t leaping out. Lucky Jupiter remains close to his Ascendant, although it was more powerfully exact during the French Open, and Mercury in the Wimbledon chart is close to his natal Mars at 26 Gemini. A minor astrological nod to his success.

I can’t find stunning astrology in Lendl’s chart either but my heart is with Murray this competition and I would love for him to win his second Wimbledon title.

[Murray: Mercury Gemini, Gemini Midheaven]

Roger Federer, b. August 8 1981, 8:40am, Basel, Switzerland

Lucky Jupiter is honing in on Federer’s 1st house Venus at 17 Virgo and will be exact on July 5th during the tournament. Plus Mars turns direct at 23 Scorpio between his natal Moon/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio. Both factors are positive but neither is directly related to his career planet, Mercury. Interestingly, it’s both the female planets which have the positive transits and Venus rules love and money. Good news for certain areas of his life.

These are little glimmers of hope for Federer fans but Saturn, the planet linked to injury, remains square his Ascendant as it was during the French Open. If anything, it’s an even tighter aspect during Wimbledon as Saturn is at 11 Sagittarius 24 and Federer’s Ascendant is 11 Virgo 01. No doubt he’ll prove to be a graceful player and will delight his fans once again but he doesn’t have stunning astrology to predict a win.

[Federer: Sun/Mercury conjunction Leo, Gemini Midheaven]

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3 1986, 7:10pm, Manacor, Spain

Nadal is out of Wimbledon and with his Sun at 12 Gemini 49, he is still experiencing his difficult Saturn transit by opposition which coincided with him pulling out of the French Open. Saturn is currently in his 1st house by transit which rules the physical body and Saturn has a way to go before it moves away. The last exact transit is on October 15th 2016 and Saturn only clears his 1st house completely in December 2016.

In addition, the recent Mars retrograde phase [April 17th-June 29th 2016] took place in his 1st house which added to the tricky astrology for him this year. Admittedly Mars does turn direct close to his Scorpio Ascendant so hopefully this will be a boost to his health and spirits even if he won’t be gracing the Wimbledon courts.

[Nadal: Sun Gemini, Mercury Gemini]

The Best of The Rest: (This is the section where I include any player whose astrology stands out during the tournament)

Dominic Thiem, b. September 3 1993, 1:26 am, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

We need to be looking at the up-and-coming youngsters of tennis as the top four are now above 30 or not far off 30 and at 22, Thiem is one to watch. He’s won 4 titles already this year, has entered the world top 10 (seeded 8 at Wimbledon) and reached the semi-finals of the French Open 2016 when Jupiter was exactly conjunct his natal Mercury. A Sun Virgo, he still has Jupiter’s rays in his sign, although separating from his Sun at 10 Virgo and Mercury at 14 Virgo.

What he does have is Mars turning direct almost exactly conjunct his natal Pluto at 23 Scorpio 00. Pluto’s a tricky planet to interpret because it’s about extremes. It can indicate a wipe-out situation or amazing power. Interestingly, Thiem’s Moon is also at 1 Aries, the same sign/degree as the Wimbledon chart’s Moon so plenty going on for Thiem astrologically.

[Thiem: Sun/Mercury conjunction Virgo]

Tomas Berdych, b. September 17 1985, time unknown, Czech Republic

Berdych is now in his 30’s but seeded no. 10 at this Wimbledon tournament. He’s another Sun Virgo and Jupiter is applying to his Sun at 24 Virgo and Mercury at 19 Virgo. Jupiter is at 16 Virgo on June 27th, the start of the tournament and 18 Virgo on July 10th, the day of the final so astrologically this is good news for him.

There’s no time of birth for Berdych unfortunately but again Mars picks out an important planet when it turns direct as Berdych’s Saturn is at 23 Scorpio 41. Whether this is linked to his career is unknown as you need the time of birth to determine the houses of the birth chart (key areas of life). Saturn is sextile his Sun/Mercury combination, so again one to watch.

[Berdych: Sun/Mercury conjunction Virgo]

Alexander Zverev, b. April 20 1997, time unknown, Hamburg, Germany

Another of the young guns, age 19, Zverev has been making waves recently as he beat Roger Federer on grass in the Halle semi-final last week. This victory moved him up the rankings and he’s now the youngest player to enter the ATP Top 30 since Djokovic in 2006. There’s no time of birth for Zverev but I’m including him in this list because his natal Mars is at 17 Virgo 05 so lucky Jupiter will be transiting his Mars during the tournament.

[Zverev: Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction Taurus]

Borna Coric, b. November 14 1996, time unknown, Zagreb, Croatia

Another youngster, age 18, Coric has wins over both Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal to his name. No time of birth for him but with his Sun at 22 Scorpio 21, Mars will be turning direct on it. A lovely boost of Mars energy.

[Coric: Sun/Mercury conjunction Scorpio]

Astrologer’s Prediction

Incase it’s not obvious and without outstanding astrology for any of the main players, I’m sticking with the astrology for the tournament chart which clearly shows the favourite winning and that’s Novak Djokovic.

… for the astro-lovers, the chart for the men’s Wimbledon final is below. Here’s to a wonderful fortnight of tennis.


Wimbledon Final


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    1. hi Samarjeet, I might edit my prediction. I thought it was obvious but you’re not the only one to ask. The chart of the tournament points clearly to the favourite winning, Djokovic, and with no outstanding astrology for either Murray or Federer showing (or the other established seeds), I have to choose Djokovic again.

  1. I was so desperate to see ur prediction that I was looking ur website 5/6 times in a day from last 3 days….

  2. Oh Sally, I so wish it could be Roger holding the trophy this year! But it would be a lot to expect as he has had such problems with injury and illness this year, and there’s the Saturn transit squaring his Ascendant during Wimbledon.

    Thanks for the interesting analysis of the tournament chart, showing indications that the favorite will win. It looks to be pretty straightforward this tournament.

    1. Yes, it will be interesting to see if the astrology holds true. No 100% guarantees – if there was I’d be a millionaire by now 🙂

  3. Hi Sally,
    thank you very much for your Wimbledon prediction.
    It’s obvious you have put a lot of time and passion into it. I love your detailed presentation of all the important facts to the players as well as the link to the ‘Mars retrograde” theme ????☺
    Looking forward to the start!

  4. Sally,

    as you point out, Dominc Thiem again is a man to watch. At the tournament start, besides his Lunar revolution and Mars turning direct on his natal Pluto, his Ascendant directly is hit by the opener’s Midheaven (0,43). I have the feeling these are strong indications that something special will happen for him, once more, also because Jupiter hits his natal IC at the final (0,29).

    Wouldn’t there be Saturn squaring his natal Sun during the tournament. Possibly meeting Youngster Zverev one more time in fourth round, it will be 0,3 exact. What do you think how this will affect him with his Saturn in house 9 and presently retrograde? Mars conjunct his Pluto 0,5 then.

    In fourth round, Zverev would profit from Jupiter Mars conjunction as you write. It will be 0,28 strong at this day, possibly the best transit for athletes.
    Excited to receive your assessment, Sally.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards,

    1. If the time is correct for Thiem, transitting Saturn square Sun is not linked to his Ascendant/1st house which is why it’s less likely to be about injury for Thiem. Saturn is currently transiting through his 6th house however which does rule health and the Sun rules the 2nd house (money) and the 3rd house (communication/siblings). So there’s something going on. His astrology (Mars cnj Pluto) is also linked to partnership – 7th house as Pluto is square to Saturn natally & Saturn rules his 7th. We might find out what this all means during the tournament or it might be a private matter for him.

      1. Thank you very much, Sally, for your detailed answer. I am excited how it will play out for Thiem who has to start against Mayer today.

    1. I did choose a winner – Djokovic. It says so in the Wimbledon Chart section. I’ll add it at the bottom of the article too.

  5. It will be nice to witness a new charge–it will refresh the game. I believe Novak will win as indicated in the information provided by Ms. Kirkman. God willing, if not a new champion, may Federer lift that elusive 8th Wimbledon.

    1. No please. With amlmost 35, will be bad for the game. Is time to the youngsters to surpass the aging big superstars and then, Tennis will follow a new generation who will atract millions of fans around all over the world. Is time to move on and let the past behind, you should do this too.

      1. How would Federer winning his 18th Slam be bad for the game ?
        It is as good for the game as any other new Champion being crowned.

      2. I have to disagree. I think it would be incredible if Federer could win another Grand Slam close to his 35th birthday and it would make a lot of fans incredibly happy. I do agree that it’s time for some new players and I’m looking forward to seeing whether the ones I’ve featured who have good astrology will start to come through.

      3. I support young players. I like Federer–he is the one player that got me hooked on the game so I support him getting his 8th championship at W. If not him, I hope to see a young player rise to the challenge to maintain my interest.

        Please refrain from telling someone to move on–it is so inappropriate. Good luck with your pick. I hope my pick plays well.

        1. You have to let the past behind, is not healthy and good. Let the nostalgia and move forwards kid, time doesnt respect anybody. Hope you can listen this time. Regards.

          1. Tano,

            Listen this time? Please stop. I appreciate the players I like and you can indulge yours. Let’s leave it at that. Cheers mate.

  6. Sally,

    Thank you for all your predictions over the past 4 years. It’s been a pleasure silently following your blog during grand slams. However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the interest has died down. This is not because of your predictions and analysis of astrology (which is better than ever)…but rather because of the monopoly in tennis right now by Novak.

    I’ve been following tennis for a long time. There have been several monopolies, most notably the one by Federer from 2004-2007. The difference is that until now, the players who’ve dominated the sport have been charming, charismatic…to sum it up, likeable. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this isn’t the case with Novak. There are countless people, of various ages, that I’ve talked to who’ve stopped following the sport completely over the past 1.5 years.

    I honestly hope someone new defies the odds and astrology and breaks through soon, maybe on the world’s biggest stage during this Wimbledon. Otherwise, you will continue to notice the dwindling interest through the number of posts your blog is accumulating. Eight posts, less than half a day before the start of play…it’s the lowest I’ve ever seen.

    May the astrology point to a new victor!


    1. hi TennisFan, the predictions are no less popular but there are less comments. There’s less to say when the astrology continues to point to the favourite and I agree, there are quite a few people less interested in the sport now. With sport it always goes in waves and we’re on the verge of new players coming in now. The Big Four – Federer, Nadal, Murray, Djokovic – will all be 30 or over by next year so it’s time for some new champions.
      Personally I like Djokovic and I’ve warmed to him over the years but I’m not rooting him for to win Wimbledon even though the astrology suggests he will. I would love Murray to win this time around and he’s doing all he can to give it a good shot. Hiring Lendl again was a great move in my opinion. I am sad that the astrology isn’t brilliant for Murray although to be fair, it’s not brilliant for anyone this time around which is why I have to stick with the astrology shown in the chart for the tournament. The favourite will win.

      1. Sally, this is interesting–the astrology seems unpredictable at this point. It seems you are suggesting a surprise could happen, is that true? That’s my persception as well.

        1. I hope that there will be surprise winner instead of the same ones. I would love Roger to win as it would be great for the game but Roger’s Astrology is rubbish.

        2. The astrology says not. I think it’s more that I’d like a surprise to happen and I really wanted Andy Murray to have good astrology this time around because I’d love to see him win! Head v. heart for me.

  7. So it’s Djokovic again. Whilst the interpretation of the chart would seem to indicate that things have a way of changing anyway, otherwise, as you say – it would be easy to become a millionaire! I was always told that astrology persuades but it does not compel, which means the unexpected can still happen, otherwise we would all be puppets! As an intuitive piscean I have a feeling that Djokovic won’t win this year.
    I have absolutely no astrological basis of that, but it’s a hunch. Yes, I am a hopeful Murray fan – but I don’t necessarily think he will win either! I just have a feeling that it will be someone different….

    1. hi Lucy. Yes, the whole point of this exercise is to see how astrology symbolizes real life. It’s based on the tenet, ‘as above, so below’ and whether what’s happening in the wider universe can mirror life on earth. It’s been remarkably accurate at times during the last years of these tennis predictions which is why I continue to write them and enjoy sharing them with you all. I have to say that I have a weird hunch something different is going to happen this Wimbledon too but I can’t explain why and I need to go with the astrology. The tournament chart is a clear nod to the favourite; the astrology transits for the players are not so convincing.

      1. Tennis is a youngster men Sally, this is why I hope we see new winners and let the the Big 3 and a half (Murray) as great memory.

    1. It really depends how he gets on with the rest of his Saturn transit. It’s not an easy one. Sorry can’t be more positive at present.

  8. At the risk of repeating myself…

    Players like Federer, Djokovic and Nadal, at their peak, will need to have a clear bad astrology to be defeated.So, this year there is no one that will stop Djokovic barring an injury.

  9. Hi Sally,

    Thank you for posting predictions for Wimbledon. I am not surprised that Novak will win again, it is getting rather boring. I have to agree with another poster that people are getting rather bored seeing same faces in the final or not having someone breaking through.

    Anyway, for Roger well his astrology isn’t great for the year. That is nothing new. If Roger is out of Wimbledon I will not watch it.

    I do hope we have a nice new winner as it would make the game more exciting.

    I hope you are well Sally,


    1. All well here, thanks. I love Wimbledon, Tri, whoever’s playing. There are always some great matches. 🙂

  10. Hi Sally,

    Can Astrology change even when you make predictions in advance? This is what Maxi said Novak is going to win everything.

    This is what Maxi said about Novak (mind you Maxi has been wrong in some of his predictions)

    Today is born a legend. Novak Djokovic has entered the gallery of tennis greats by winning Roland Garros 2016 and complete the Grand Slam.
    Nole is living his “Return of Saturn “. In astrology , Saturn delay in giving a full turn around the Zodiac between 27-30 years which is when first returns to its original position the day of birth of a person. It is the stage of maturity. And act according to their natal determination. In the case of Nole, Saturn in 19 ° of Sagittarius is in harmony (trine) to your Jupiter in 18 ° Aries . Thus during the Saturnian return has very Jovian experiences: honors, successes, fortune . Something that was very well Franzua.
    And will continue acting during the 2016 and 2017 much of the time in which the will reign in the tennis world. This year, back in September when Jupiter in the sky out of Virgo and enters Libra you will be making a trine to his Sun in Gemini. Surely win the US OPEN 2016.

    In the Solar Revolution Nole is opposite Mars orb closed his Sun in Gemini. That could also put more irascible with a tendency to slightly more violent gestures, something he does not usually do.
    For the Serbian something negative could come in the Olympics when Mars again beat his sun.

    And Andy’s Mars opposite closed orb his Mercury home that is in the Midheaven .
    The Scottish should be alert during Wimbledon when Mars will make squaring his Sun and in the Olympics when also receive the martial aspect to your Mercury in Gemini .
    However Murray has an extra help in that Solar Revolution: Venus in conjunction to the Sun ; and Jupiter and Node North expansion both omen and fortune are on your Ascendant Virgo .
    He is a generational Nole and has the same trine between Saturn and Jupiter. As also is living the Saturnian return I estimate that between them will be fighting for the No 1 this year and much of 2017 Greetings!

    What do you think?

    1. Thanks for posting. A bit tricky to understand but I disagree that the Saturn Return has started for either Murray or Djokovic – they are born a week apart so both have Saturn at 19 Sagittarius. Their Saturn Returns kick in later this year in December 2016. It’s likely to be tougher for Murray than Djokovic because Djokovic is Saturn-ruled (Capricorn Ascendant). I do agree that barring some exceptional incident Djokovic has the astrology to go from strength to strength. No doubt he wants to close the gap between the top Grand Slam winners.

  11. Some more indications for Djokovic successfully defending his Wimbledon title:

    -Ruling planet of the final’s Ascendant, symbol for the favorite, Pluto precisely hits his natal Ascendant (0,05). As it did at Melbourne’s final.
    -The final’s Descendant conjuncts his natal Venus (2,37).

    1. Hi Patrick.

      Sally said that Novak hasn’t got great Astrology for Wimbledon. This is from my friend on RF.com

      As for Djoko, we can see if the Pluto transit close to exactly conjunct his Ascendant at the end of the tournament could bring him tough conditions or opponents. The same transit was in effect when he won this year’s AO, but who knows, it may have a more difficult expression now as it is retrograde. He has a possibly difficult progression, Venus opposite Midheaven, precisely exact during Wimbledon. Could this somehow take some happiness away in his career? And transiting Neptune is making an almost exact square to this configuration. Disappointment? He still has the excellent Jupiter-Uranus-Ascendant complex in his progressions that was in effect during RG, and that may tell the story. Success and excitement where he “meets the world.” But it will be interesting to see whether the potentially difficult factors in effect for Wimbledon will make a difference.

      What do you think Patrick?

  12. So called ‘Fans of Tennis’ are the same ones who enjoyed the monopoly of Federer when he mopped up 10 slams in 3 years. These people are clearly not tennis fans, but are deeply upset that Novak is winning them. If they were true tennis fans they would look forward to some young blood winning it rather then RF lifting his 18th.

    As for a change I’m eagerly waiting for Nick Krygios or Thiem or Zverev to start to show up next year if not 2016. Novak has 1 &1/2 years of window to up his legacy. I’m sure he’ll give more heartaches to some people here.

    1. That’s why I am just laughing at those comments about how much they don’t like Djokovic rather than say something defending him. The best way to shut them up is that Djokovic keeps winning every big tournament. I am confident he can make it happen.

    2. Your comment are unfortunate and inaccurate. Frankly, I am not keen on Novak’s game–however, I do like Thiem and Zverev. These two players are exciting and I look forward to them playing often. No need to be mean-spirited.

      1. Josephine, your comment is inaccurate. Many people are getting bored seeing Novak winning all the time. RG was the worse because TV ratings were the lowest since 1998. That is not good for the game. However, people want to see battles and new faces..

        I love Roger and would like to see him win one more time. The rest would be a bonus. I would like to see new faces winning GS instead of Novak all the time. It would give the game excitement and fun to watch. Novak is a good player but doesn’t bring excitement that is the problem.

        1. Hi Roger’s fan,

          I think you’re very funny! I never read any reliable source indicating this year’s French open final rating was low. Maybe women’s? Anyway I don’t think it has something to do with the players. And I don’t understand your theories. Every player is trying his/her best to reach a grand slam’s final, if he/she is not as popular as someone who was beaten by him/her, so should he/she quit? Or should he/she let less good player to win because that player is more popular? Tennis is a sport not a beauty contest, right?

          Novak has a lot of fans worldwide, they love to watch him play. Many tennis legends such as Mats Wilander, Rod Laver, Johnny Mac, super coach Nick Bocherelli, Brad Gilbert, Darren Cahill, former Britain’s No.1 player Tim Henman… They all love watch Novak playing as well. Old Nick even said Novak is the perfect player he has ever seen. Maybe these tennis experts’ tennis knowledge are not as good as yours? You don’t like him or even hate him, of course his match cannot bring you the excitement. However, you need to know you’re not the central of the world, you are not anyone who can point out a player to win because you like him. Novak managed himself to be the best, he and his team worked hard for everything he has achieved, he did not steal anything from any other players. If he is a lot better than anyone else in the field now, why should him not to win? Even your idol praised what he has achieved during his interview in Halle, your idol said clearly Novak is 100% deserved to be in the position he is at right now. So it seems like you don’t agree with your idol at all. Strange but okay.

          Tennis is a sport, not a charity event. Who plays better, who wins. If yoy cannot beat someone, that is because someone plays better than you. So simple!

          There are so many players with so many different playing styles on ATP tour, many of them are the opposite of your idol. Then why don’t you throw these harsh comments to them? Why Novak? Because Novak won almost everything right now, other players’ many fans are simply jealous. I think you did have the same feeling towards Nadal when he was at his prime and beaten you idol as many times as he can. But I am sure you will deny, because he is now far away from a threat to your idol then before.

          By the way, I think young generation Atp players are doing better this year, such as Thiem and Zevrev. Thiem has beaten Mr. Federer twice in a row this year, Zevrev once. I don’t know if you are that happy (sincerely) to see these young players making such progress or not;)

          I will upload a new post regarding the “Rivals” you mentioned earlier.

      2. You are wrong. I am not mean spirited. At least I will never say I don’t like which player or I hate which player or I don’t want which player to win at Sally’s blog. Unlike Tennis fan or Roger’s fan, they threw enough unfair and mean commemts towards Novak.

        1. Josephine,

          The commentators have to say nice things about Novak. They are paid by ATP and ITF to say that about Novak to promote him that their job. It is all business and getting people to come and watch him.. But Novak game doesn’t sell and it is becoming too predictable that what killing the game now. Novak hasn’t got a rival either and is another matter. Attendance is down at Wimbledon. Read other people post before making judgements saying that we throw unfair and mean comments about Novak. There are people out there who don’t like Novak game. I dont’ like his game but accusing me of saying mean things. We all got favourites but respect each views whether we like the player or not.

          Another thing is the game need new faces. Thiem and Zevrev are only winning small tournaments, they need to win the big ones to make the game even more exciting and challenge Novak.

          Lets respect other people views and don’t say that we throw unfair mean comments but people are telling you the truth and how we feel the game is going.

          1. Roger’s fan,

            Haha, tennis experts who like Novak is paid by ATP and ITF? You think they don’t like Novak, however they are forced to say nice things about him ? I really think you seriously need to comment logically. You cannot make up things which was not true, it is disrespectful to so many peole which I mentioned above. Not to mention many of those Tennis legends who like Novak playing are not commentators.

            The reality is that Tennis is a sport, not beauty contest nor charity event, better player wins. Novak Djokovic did nothing wrong. It is not his fault that so many players cannot beat him. He didn’t kill his contemders, you cannot blame him to be the best.

            Talk about the rivals. Your idol and Nadal are rivals which head to head is 11:23. However, Djokovic and Nadal are considered by many Tennis experts as the greatest rival.ever with a Head to Head 26:23, they played each other 49 times which is the most at men’s tennis history. Especially they showed us so many exciting and thriling battles between 2011 to 2012. Four consecutive grand slam final featured this two, so called no rival? Djokovic and your idol are rivals, although not rivals of life, they played each other 45 times with Djokovic leading 23:22. Your idol gave Djokovic a lot of pressure in the past two year, so called no rival? You cannot say Djokovic has no rival since he is winning almost everythng. He wins because he plays better than his opponents. Verse Visa, if his opponent plays better than him, his opponent wins. It is not Djokovic’s fault that they cannot.beat him. And I don’t think Djokovic should let his opponents beat him to satisfy people like you who dislike him and bored to see he win. He is not paid by you or people like you.

    3. Mannar, People enjoyed watching Roger because he had a rival which was Nadal. Novak hasn’t got one that is the difference. I am a tennis fan but I don’t enjoy Novak game at all. I have seen better finals in GS where there were battles, with Novak it isn’t. The game has lost its flair at the moment.

      Many people do want Roger to lift up his 18th GS than Novak winning all the time and would be good for the game.

      The younger players are not ready challenge Novak at the moment. Nick Krygios is never on Novak draw which is surprising.

      I would love to see new faces but Novak isn’t letting them. The game need new winners than Novak.

      1. I have to disagree that Novak doesn’t have a rival – he does, Andy Murray! They’ve now competed in 7 Grand Slam finals and Novak has won 5 of them. It’s highly likely that they’ll be competing again for the Wimbledon trophy.

          1. No, I stopped watching Djokovic-Murray after Wim 2013.

            I suggest you watch this:

            You’ll know why Fed fans call today’s tennis boring. Or at least, see where they’re coming from. And Federer lost that match. So it’s not a victory I want to parade around.

          2. You talk as if all Federer fans are the same which I don’t think is true (see Sathia’s comment as an example). I too am a Federer fan but that doesn’t mean I can’t support and enjoy other players as well. Federer was one of a kind which is partly why he was so well-loved – great astrology chart for popularity too (Sun Leo/Venus 1st house). I love watching tennis and especially Wimbledon. That doesn’t change.

  13. Hi Roger’s Fan,
    in past Grand Slams we could regulary find astrological indications for Novak participating at the final.
    Sally has recently written that Pluto, his Midheaven ruler and closed to his MC in his natal chart, could play a decisive role for Nole’s longstanding run as it sits on his Ascendant since a longer time. Also Sally assumed that Pluto being retrograde shouldnt’t affect him as it’s a very slow moving planet.
    dding Sally’s prediction which points to the favourite and looking away from the stars to what is happening on the courts I personally see only one player to lift the trophy.
    Next year Pluto is moving away from Djokovic’s AC, so maybe there will be more balance at the top?
    The text from your friend sounds interesting. Is he working for Roger’s Website appearance? Your link somehow is going to nowhere 🙂
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Patrick.

      I am confused by your comment here. There seems to be quite a number of contradictions here. You indicate that Novak’s current performance will be longstanding but next year, he will brought down to earth and there will be more of a balance the top as mentioned in the astrological signs. You also mentioned there is only player to lift the trophy–who is that?

      I would appreciate clarification.

    2. Dear Patrick

      Thank you for your lovely reply.

      I got it from http://www.rogerfederer.com website in the main discussion thread under Astrology. You have to join up to become a member. Please post there, we would love to hear from you. It would help the person who does the astrology and compare it.

      Can you please tell us when when see Novak slowly down to give other players a chance to win. I don’t mean just Roger. I mean new faces. The game needs it.

      I got nothing against Novak but it is becoming too predictable and boring.

      Kind Regards

      1. Ok, thank you!

        Checking again for 2017, Pluto seems to move away from Djokovic’s Ascendant first, but as I have recognized it will come back again during the year. So not yet a sign that his run will end next year.

        1. I think the most interesting astrology for Djokovic next year is his progressed Sun changing sign. The progressed Sun moves one degree for every year of birth and it’s currently at 29 Gemini. Next year it changes signs and enters Cancer so this might bring a sea-change for him. Cancer rules home and family – will he want to devote more time to family, will he want to do more for his country? Time will tell but interesting that it leaves the tennis sign (Gemini). Having said that he has Mars, the athlete’s planet, at 1 Cancer so in 2018 he’ll be pretty fired up when the progressed Sun is at 1 Cancer!

          1. Hi Sally,

            Could you please explain more about Novak for 2017 will we see a slowdown or it will be the same as this year? I love Astrology. I find it interesting.

            Thank you

          2. I think Novak will keep on doing what he does best. What will be interesting is seeing how the newer younger players respond.

  14. Hi Mac,

    when you read again you’ll see that I refer Pluto on Djokovic’s Ascendant to his longstanding run till that day ‘as it sits on his AC SINCE a longer time’. As Pluto moves away from his AC next year it will be interesting to see if his opponents will catch up.

    Describing favouring astrology for Nole and his recent play I ment him to win Wimbledon.

  15. Hi Sally and all,

    This is from Lana Wooster for Wimbledon 2016. Let me know what you think of what she said:

    Novak Djokovic – No. 1 Seed

    The commenters on my blog last year pressed me to look at his prospects for this year. I was right about success in the Australian Open, but for the French Open I wrote:

    ” At the beginning of the French Open, he has Chiron square his natal Uranus – not a good start. The transits at the end seem pretty empty, so not much progress made.” I was wrong, and he won the French Open.

    I then went on to say that for Wimbledon 2016:

    “The beginning of Wimbledon (the two tournaments are quite close together) still finds Chiron square his Uranus, and again not much progress by the end.”

    Therefore, he could win again, despite the lacklustre astrological picture. He is a force of nature.

    His coach Boris Becker:

    Boris and Novak have made a very successful team since they formed a partnership. At the beginning of Wimbledon, Boris has Mars sextile his Mars and sextile his Pluto (powerful energy to instil). At the end of the tournament, Mars is on his Neptune, which could be a bit confusing or disorientating.

    Djokovic plays James Ward (GB) in the first round, who has Chiron conjunct his Jupiter (valuable lesson) and square his Uranus (shock to the system) early in the tournament.

    Andy Murray – No. 2 Seed

    Since last Wimbledon, Andy Murray has become a father. I wrote on the birth of his daughter in February:

    “With her Neptune sextile Andy Murray’s Neptune, she will be spiritually in tune with her father. Her Uranus is on his Jupiter, so she will bring wonderful surprises to his life. That’s also true for her relationship with her mother, as she has Uranus trine exactly Kim’s Sun. A beautiful change in their lives.”

    He notably steered the G.B. team to a Davis Cup victory at the end of November 2015.

    He was runner up to Djokovic in the French Open this year, about which I had written last year:

    “Saturn still squares his Ascendant as it starts, which is not easy, plus Pluto squares his natal Jupiter – two big hurdles for him at that time.”

    But he subsequently won at Queen’s. About this year’s Wimbledon, I wrote last year:

    “Chiron squares his natal Mars and Uranus at the beginning, again very difficult obstacles. In addition at the end Mars opposes his Sun – he’ll be in the wars.”

    Chiron also squares Djokovic’s Uranus, as they are born a week apart, but Murray has a little more hassle from Mars to contend with. I will continue to look at Murray’s chances as we go through the tournament, in more detail.

    His coach Ivan Lendl:

    Lendl has Uranus (brillance and success) on his Midheaven (careerpoint) in Leo (competitiveness) in 10th House of Career. Andy is able to take full advantage of this brilliance, as his Jupiter (luck and success) trines this point exactly. Lendl’s Uranian conjunction also speaks of detachment – witness Lendl walking out and doing something else immediately after Murray’s win at Queens!

    Kevin Mitchell observes in the Observer: “The Czech speaks with a directness that cuts to the core of an issue, be it the player’s attitude on court or his attitude to the media.”

    He goes on to say: “He did well with the more compliant Mauresmo until she walked in May, complaining he was ‘complex’ and ‘there was nothing more I can do’, although there was no acrimony.” Andy’s Pluto squaring her natal Mercury was always going to bring her mental challenges.

    Murray plays Liam Broady (GB) in the first round on Tuesday. Neptune sextiles Broady’s natal Mars, so he will derive some benefit from the experience, of an internal nature, so we are not likely to hear about it!

    Roger Federer – No. 3 Seed

    There is still much speculation in the air about whether or not Roger Federer, one of the most popular tennis players of all time, will retire and if so when. But in interviews he is firm about wanting to play as long as possible at his current level.

    The Observer’s Kevin Mitchell describes his current condition:

    “Meanwhile Federer…looks relaxed and fit – and pleased with the results of his post-French rehabilitation.”..having struggled with a back injury, as well as the residue of a knee operation earlier in the year.”

    He did not play in the French Open because of injury.

    In 2015 I wrote for the French Open:

    “…he may not reach the final as some of his favourable aspects have gone off the boil by the end. Saturn will still be trine his Mercury, and Jupiter will be sextile his natal Mars (energy maintained well), but the planetary support I feel is not quite there.”

    In the event, he pulled out of the French Open due to injury.

    I went on to say:

    “(Wimbledon and the U.S. Open) seem rather flat.”

    Then for Wimbledon itself:

    “At the beginning of Wimbledon 2016 there’s a lack of transits to Roger’s chart. Perhaps he is a bit mentally absent. The strongest transit is an exact square from Saturn in Sagittarius to his natal Ascendant in Virgo. He may have family issues preoccupying him at that time, with Saturn on his 4th House cusp. That is the picture right through to the end of Wimbledon, so it may not be a very exciting time for him.”

    But, like Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, Roger often defies the adverse astrological transits.

    His coach Ivan Ljubicic:

    Stefan Edburg will not be travelling with Roger Federer but instead Ivan Ljubicic will be on hand. They have their Marses in trine, which is good energetic flow between them, and in addition Ljubicic’s North Node conjuncts Federer’s Venus, which is a good personal karmic link. Ljubicic’s Uranus sits on Roger’s Moon, which can be very stirring emotionally, but also could at times be wearing. Right through Wimbledon, the South Node is on Ljubicic’s Mars, which could be difficult for him karmically.

    Roger Federer plays Guido Pella (Argentina) in the first round. Guido Pella has strong transits at the beginning of Wimbledon, so should play well.

    Stan Wawrinka – No. 4 Seed

    At the beginning of Wimbledon 2016, Uranus from Aries in Wawrinka’s 10th House sextiles his natal Moon in Gemini in 12th House. That should give him a good intuitive charge.

    At the end of the tournament, Jupiter from Virgo in his 3rd House squares his natal Uranus in Sagittarius in his 6th House, so he could find himself in the final, though the result is not likely to go his way. Saturn from Sagittarius in his 6th House sextiles his natal Jupiter in Aquarius in 8th House, which indicates he will be playing steadily towards the end of the tournament. Neptune will conjunct his Midheaven in Pisces in 9th House, so his direction may be confused at the end.

    His coach Richard Krajicek:

    Here is another top player who has recently changed his coach. Richard Krajicek is a previous winner at Wimbledon, who has a very Jupiterian chart, very positive and enthusiastic. They have a good personal chemistry, though some nervous tension between them. There’s a lot of energy in the air at the beginning of Wimbledon for Krajicek, for example Pluto sextile his Mars, but the transits are much quieter at the end of Wimbledon.

    Wawrinka plays Taylor Fritz (US) in the first round. Fritz will have Jupiter on his North Node, and Pluto trine his North Node, so he should enjoy the challenge and experience.

    1. I’m not that impressed with the astrology used if I’m honest. Not specific enough for my liking and I wouldn’t use Chiron for predictions either. If it’s helpful for you, then that’s great.

  16. I have to say discussions again seem to move in a wrong direction here. We had many posts about disliking Novak Djokovic’s game or appearance in the last Grand Slam blog to the french open.

    In think everybody is free to decide which player to favor or to support but, personally, I agree that it seems to be the wrong place to share these personal opinions in an astrological blog. It offends fans with different positions and I see no use in it for this blog.

    What’s the point to discuss how the reign of a player influences the sport? It is as it is – you will not change anything but annoying obviously more and more people with these posts here. There are many more tennis blogs where this theme might be discussed.

    So why not get back to astrology, the tournament just has started.

    1. Thank you Patrick for saying this!

      I don’t know why since this year’s Aussie Open, every time after Sally predicts Djokovic to win, then some people ( you know who you are) began to write comments to describe how much they dislike Djokovic. I never see any Djokovic’s fans wrote comments here to say who they don’t like, that does not mean they don’t have a player that.they hate. They know it is an astrology blog and it is so absurd to express your hateful feelings about a player here. And also because they know they should respect other fans who has different idols. That is the difference!

      Frankly say I used to come to this blog and enjoy Sally’s analysis and most people’s comments. It was fun and relaxing. However not so much since this year’s Aussie. As a Novak fan, I feel sad about so many disrespectful comments at this blog towards him, and only him.

      1. Hi Josephine,

        I understand your frustration but from what I have read, I don’t notice any bad comments about Novak, just about him winning everything, which is understandably repetitive and not interesting. Novak is not everyone’s cup of tea but to each their own. Many people feel the same about Federer and Murray, even Nadal. Everyone has an opinion and I respect that.

        Hello from Canada, Sally. I love your blog! Go Murray!! Go Federer!!

      2. I appreciate your comment, Josephine. I know people don’t like seeing the same prediction as last time but if that’s what the astrology’s showing, that’s the way it is. If anything, we should be applauding Novak for breaking records and being at the top of his game!

    2. Hi Patrick,

      This is a forum to express. It might not be to your liking. However, the more I read about Sally’s astrological information, the more I understand. I like this blog.


  17. I must say that it is so good to see Juan Martin del Potro playing again–one of my absolute favourite players. He is an exciting player to watch. His next match is with Stan Wawrinka, another great player. I am looking forward to watching this match. What do you think about this match? What will be the outcome?


    1. No time of birth for del Potro. He’s a Sun Libra, 0 degrees, so Jupiter will be positive for him in September. For this match, it’s opposite signs – Sun Libra (del Potro) v. Sun Aries (Wawrinka). No major clues from the astrology. I would think Wawrinka should win but he does have Neptune conjunct his Midheaven (career/success point) right now and that can be tricky. It’s an elusive quality which tends to bring confusion rather than clarity.

      1. Hi Sally,

        Thank you Sally for answering my questions–it is much appreciated. It is so great to have Del Potro back, such an amazing powerful player. It is too bad he has been injured too often. I like both players in this match, so whatever the outcome, I will be pleased.


  18. Does anyone know Del Potro’s birth time? I am trying to figure out the outcome of his match with Wawrinka.


  19. Thank you Patrick for Pointing out the obvious. If there was a like button for your post, I would instantly thumbsup for your post. IMO, I haven’t seen any Nadal or Novak fans dis-respect Federer any time before in astrological blogs. It’s only the Fed fans who come and show their dislike through their posts. They are just upset that Novak is winning and breaking records. I see a lot of hypocrisy when Fed fans mention about change, but go back to Federer winning 18th slam. Where was the change when he was mopping up slams against weak field like Fernando Gonzalez, Mark Philipoussis, Bagdatis or when he faced his favorite pegions like Roddick or Hewitt or Safin?

    Be objective when you post. When I say I want to see a change, as Novak fan I would like to see a youngster step and win. I would root as much for an upcoming youngster as much as I would do for Novak. I think Fed fan base are such a insecure bunch that they have to come and post dis-respectful comments about all time greats, how Tennis has gone down the drain, everyone lost interest in last 1&1/2 years….yada yada. They did the same thing when Nadal was winning in 2013 season. I just wish Sally would moderate the comments. Personal dislikes,tastes and comments regarding the same should be edited to keep this place more cleaner and enjoyable IMHO.

    1. hi Anand, I do moderate the comments when they are written in capitals and bad feelings take over. I haven’t seen anything greatly untoward this time around although I do like it when everyone plays nicely. The tennis is brilliant. Wimbledon is amazing. Let’s enjoy it!

  20. Sally,

    How long does a transit effect a person? Is it a matter of degrees; like if the transit is within 5 or 10 degrees of exact, or is it a matter of what else is going on in the chart, or is it just the person?


    1. A tricky one to answer because each planet’s transit is different as they move at different speeds against the backdrop of the zodiac. Usually I allow a 1 degree orb either way from exactitude and the majority of the slower-moving transits last for a year. They are often felt most strongly when the transit is exact. Hope that helps a little.

  21. Roger fan
    The reason for disappointing tv viewership at RG this year was daily rain, suspension of play, etc. ….maybe you didn’t notice.
    Please don’t blame Novak for the crappy weather.

  22. Why it is not possible not that any unseeded players might have a better astrology on that particular day against the top 4 players u have mentioned here ???

    1. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, Samarjeet. Astrology is a mix of fate and free will so even when the younger players have amazing astrology, they still have to overcome more experienced tennis players. The astrology is a bonus but doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to beat the world no. 1. Often for the youngsters it’s about milestones along the way, like Zverev beating Federer recently in the semi-final – that must have felt brilliant for him.

      1. “The astrology is a bonus but doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to beat the world no. 1. ”

        The opposite might then hold true also …The No.1 might find it difficult if the younger player is at peak form ……

        But let’s wait for 10 more days 🙂 ….

        You have always gone right when u have predicted Djkovic ….

        and twice failed for Federer only 🙂

          1. True …..

            His astrology is different from the one of Sally ….

            but he goes horribly wrong 🙂

    1. Juan was giving us insight who might win FO but his friend comes up with interesting Astrology. Juan and his friend do compare each others. They have been right so far.

      1. Hi Roger’s Fan ,

        whom Juan is predicting as the winner for this time ???

        I guess he is also going for Djko .

        I wish it could be Murray/Federer or the unlucky Berdych .

        Cheers !!!
        Samarjeet ( die hard Fedex fan)

        1. Hiya

          Juan hasn’t said much. He and the others have been so quiet with their predictions. I have posted Juan’s friend one about Murray. I am still waiting for them to post more.

  23. Hi Sally, Thanks for continuing your grand-slam prediction. Very very interesting to read your blogs during grand-slam and also fellow tennis fans who post their views. More than anything, you are spreading awareness on how exciting astrology is especially in the field of sports. Keep it up Sally !!

    1. Thanks Sathia and lovely to read your other comment too congratulating Novak on his achievement. Wise words indeed 🙂

  24. I respect the views shared by few of you that somehow Novak Djocovic does not get the full respect for all his achievements. Its true. Including me as a Federer FAN its very difficult to immediately appreciate what Djoko is doing. Incredible. Its not FEDERER’s fault but we fans have this insecurity of his records getting broken / un-happiness over Federer not winning and that some times crosses the boundary and leads to people viewing as disrespect for other players. The fact that I did not comment on French open blog was because I was afraid that I may post something against Novak. That guy worked very very hard against Nadal and Federer. Improved by miles and in top form now. Its amazing. Best wishes to Him for Calendar Year Grandslam.

    1. I don’t have a time of birth for Kyrgios, b. April 27 1995. He’s a Sun Taurus and nothing leaps out astrologically right now. Mercury (communication) square Mars (anger) in his chart and he can be feisty! I like him – a real character.

    1. … and Thiem went out today, Mars turning direct exactly on his Pluto. Which seems to back up the fact that it depends what planet Mars is transiting when it turns direct how it’s going to turn out. Thiem’s been most successful so far this year with Jupiter applying to his Sun/Mercury conjunction in Virgo, Jupiter is now separating therefore not as strong.

      1. As you said in your prediction, Sally, Pluto can turn out as wipe-out situation.

        Muguruza has nearly the same Pluto as Thiem, born just e few weeks after him, and lost, too, today – and how clearly she did. Wao!

        Personally, I felt Mars slowing down the last days. It felt like sitting in a car braking down and getting real sick ????

        1. Interesting analogy, Patrick. Hope you speed up soon. The astrology plays out for Muguruza too then, after her victory at the French Open. Mars turning direct conjunct Pluto seems to be a difficult transit not a good one.

  25. tomm going to be a good match , Djko n Sam …

    Sally, do you have the birth time for Sam Querrey and Berdych ???

    Berdych is one of the unfortunate player not to win a slam .

    1. No I don’t. Haven’t clocked Querrey before. b. Oct 7 1987, Sun Libra. Berdych I mention on the Wimbledon article as he’s another Sun Virgo who has the potential to do well now Jupiter is in Virgo. No time of birth though.

  26. some comments to me are very silly n immature.
    1) didn’t Sally constantly reminding it’s only a prediction and still rely on the winner to Mk it happen.
    2) even Sally didn’t say that, all of us who understand English shall know the word “prediction” meant
    3) I agree whoever fans you r, comments regarding players preferences shall go to other blogs.
    4) there r millions of audiences of tennis fans, no one misses you if u want to quit watching if your idol is loosing.
    5) if anyone comments regarding the last three encounter between Djok/fed. Matches are not exciting, they don’t deserve to call themselves as tennis fan.
    6) did fed. Be in the same dominance position at one time. Wasn’t it boring if look at it on same aspect? However, as a real tennis lover, we still continue to watch n cheer for the underdog! That’s a genuine act.
    7) whoever become GOAT deserves respect for their talent, efforts, strong will, sacrifices regardless who he is!!!!!
    8) we as tennis fan shall be thankful with the Big 4 existence , they dominate the whole decade but we didn’t find it boring at all.
    9) what’s go up must come down, there is always another mountain higher than yours, another guy more successful , another woman more beautiful, if understand this simple rule n accepts it. No matter who is playing n winning on that count, u will find it entertaining…????????????????????????????

  27. This is what Juan has said :

    I think that debuted on Monday (27/6) have an advantage because the Moon applies to the Sun from the exaltation of this, is likely to be the champion of that part of the picture. and I think that the best chart debut Nishikori and Raonic have it because the sun rules the MC. How do you see this Grand Slam my dear friends ?

  28. Set aside astrology for a minute….

    From pure tennis perspective, I’m 100% sure no single handed backhand player is ever going to win a Grand Slam…..and Wawrinka should remain as the last player to do it ….

    Thiem lost just right now ….

  29. I am looking forward to the Del Potro and Wawrinka match tomorrow. Both spectacular players, so whoever wins, I am happy.

    Sally, how do you view Milos’ chances in this tournament, specially after hiring McEnroe. He hasn’t lost a set and he is 6-1 since French Open. His next opponent is against another great player, Jack Sock. This will be a challenge for Milos–as a Canadian, I am looking for Milos, of course

    1. I did look at the charts for Raonic and McEnroe. I only write about the players’ on the tournament article whose astrology leaps out. No time of birth for either. Sun Capricorn (Raonic) v. Sun Libra (Sock). Sock has great astrology later this year – August/September especially – Jupiter Return (Jupiter Virgo) followed by Jupiter cnj Sun (Jupiter Libra)

    1. It’s an intense Mars this one. Going to be for some time I feel in July. Not sure how it’s affecting the tennis though apart from players who have a direct hit from the transit. I see it in the world right now, a lot of people with very strong emotions & reactions but not sure why that should impact on Wimbledon, if it does?

      1. “I did feel empty, as I became sick. It was not the pressure after winning RG”, Muguruza said in press conference. Funny, if I may repeat my own experience at the day Mars turning forward: I got a slight cold and fever. Muguruza says similiar things.

        Turning Mats adds a special note to the tournament, I have the impression. Maybe it’s also hard for Djokovic, Sally? I remember him shaking on turning day of Mercury at Melbourne against Simon with 100 unforced errors.

        1. This comment was a bit spooky, Patrick, as it was posted before Djokovic lost. Maybe Mars turning direct is linked to ‘giant-killers’ as per my astrology on article ‘Doing a Wigan?’. I will try and get hold of charts for Wales & Iceland if I can. It would be interesting to see if they have planets/angles at 23 Scorpio. I have no time of birth for Sam Querrey so don’t know where Mars Scorpio fell in his chart. It would be great to find out!

  30. Hi,

    Noticing the scheduling of players at Wimbledon and it seems unfair to many players since they have played daily–Venus, Roger, Milos, and so on. Today, Venus played singles and doubles, and she has to play again tomorrow. I know rain has been a problem but it must take a toll on the players. I am concerned. Does weather dramatically change the outcome of the game, astrologically speaking?


    1. You’re wrong. Federer did not play daily. His 1st round match was on Monday and his 2nd was on Wednesday. Actually he was the second man into third round just after Djokovic. And his 3rd round match will be on Friday. Still in Centre Court, he is very lucky! At least, he will be the only man who will finish his 3rd round match on time if there is rain.

    2. Sometimes the astrology symbolises the weather, if Neptune is strong for example because Neptune rules water (rain). This time I don’t really see it in the current astrology so just one of those things…lucky for some, not so lucky for others. You definitely want Jupiter on your side!

      1. Hi Sally,

        Thanks for answering my question directly regarding the weather–it is interesting to see how the weather affects everyone and relating it to astrology. I am glad to see Venus made it through a hard-fought match.


  31. Serena Williams obviously will have a new chance for catching up with Steffi Graf this Wimbledon. Her astrology is offering her standing in the final:

    -The Sun at final’s Saturday conjuncts her natal IC/opposes her n. Midheaven (0,28)
    -The final’s Descendant conjuncts her natal Ascendant (0,25)
    -The Midheaven conjuncts her natal Mars (0,13)

    Taking into account that the favorit(s) shall win this Wimbledon, Serena might win her desperately expected 22th Grand Slam.

    She has her lunar revolution (0,11) and might feel finally completing a cycle with stepping up to Graf?


    1. I’m not so sure about Serena. She does have Pluto transiting her Midheaven this year and she hasn’t won a Grand Slam yet. It’s moving away slowly but still within orb. It completes early next year. I think she might struggle.

      1. I see. I thought Pluto closed to her Midheaven since a while gives her similiar support as it does for Novak regarding his Ascendant?

        Serena has not Novak’s Scorpio Midheaven and Pluto next to it, but in your blog about her astrology, you say Pluto conjuncting fixed star Spica gives her great will power?

  32. Hi Sally and everyone, I’m a bit late on the scene as I’ve been busy watching the BREXIT soap opera going on all week. He..he. I love to hear that Djokovic might win again. I hope he does. He’s so confident in his interviews these days. So it looks like Pluto crossing his ascendant has been great for him. People are now talking about what a ‘steely’ competitor he is. He can’t remember people using those words in particular about him. But he seems very relaxed and in control and is enjoying being the number one player. This is a great time in his life I hope he can get the calendar. Slam. And I’m so glad that Murray is back with Lendl. Hopefully, this is the extra edge he needs to win again. It would be nice for Murray to win Wimbledon again but I also want Djokovic to get the calendar grand slam. Oh the dilemma!

    1. Hi All,

      Anyway the Astrology is pointing out that Novak is going to win. Sad for Roger, and he was denied by Nadal. Who is going to deny Novak? No-one.

      Serena is struggling and Venus is pushed to three sets again. Wawrinka is out by Del Potro.

      Many seeds are dropping like flies. Is it because of Mars gone into Scorpio?

      1. I don’t know that it’s about Mars, Trina. I think it depends on each player’s individual transits. I did suspect Wawrinka might not be firing on all cylinders with Neptune conjunct his Midheaven and it is a delight to see Del Potro back on form again. Serena has Pluto conjunct her Midheaven as I mentioned earlier. I always thought this year would bring change for Serena, especially when Jupiter enters Libra in September. She’s going to have to really want the next tennis Grand Slam, otherwise she might be more drawn towards other areas of life – love/babies?

        1. Neptune conjunct MC:

          Wawrinka in press conference:” I have partly played without being able making clear decisions…that was the reason.”

          1. In one scene during the match, Wawrinka forms both hands as glasses before his eyes.. Nebulous Neptune..

    2. hi Shelley, thank you for your lovely comment. I too have a dilemma now with who I want to win Wimbledon but for me it’s always a good dilemma 🙂 Djokovic’ Pluto transit has been amazing – thanks to his Scorpio Midheaven and Pluto close by! He knows how to be steely for sure.

  33. Rogers Fan….

    The astrology prediction is given for top players. Not for players like Delpo, Querrey, Zverev , Raonic….

    So just wait n watch …..

  34. It will turn out to be good luck for Djkovic….

    Querrey would have definitely wanted to complete the match today ….

    But Djkovic astrology is too strong 😉

    1. Hi everyone, I’ve been away for a couple of days enjoying R&R on the south coast of the UK. Sorry I’m late to reply to all the comments which have come in now Djokovic is out. What an amazing couple of days. I didn’t see any of his tennis match but I kept catching up with the scores with fascination. I think Djokovic has hinted at feeling ill? How he can have lost the 2nd set 6-1 to Sam Querrey seems incredible. Like you, Samarjeet, I felt so confident that when Djokovic was 4-o up in the 3rd set he would come back even after losing the first two sets. Then another rain break… and it didn’t happen.
      This is a real shock and a giant-killer knock out. Who’s Sam Querrey?! Sorry, but he’s not been on my radar. It feels a little like what’s been happening in the Euro 2016, Wales entering the semi-finals and Iceland knocking out England. Unheard of!
      I still don’t know why Djokovic has gone with the current astrology and my immediate response to this is that the astrology hasn’t been correct this time around. Admittedly Djokovic’ astrology wasn’t as good as it was for the French Open but I thought the chart for the tournament showed the favourite winning. I’ll add more if I have further thoughts about the astrology as the tournament unfolds. Will answer the rest of your comments now (and ditch the negative ones!). Sorry I didn’t get it right this time around but I have been on a winning streak so time for a change 🙂 Please if you have thoughts about the astrology everyone, do add your comments. It would be much appreciated.

  35. Hope the rain delays will reset the stars in Querrey’s favor. Sally’s predication was based on no rain-interruptions, right? This match has had several weather delays, so who knows!

    1. Yup, the rain delays messed everything up for Djokovic. I don’t think he was that well? Can anyone comment on what he said after the match? I was away and missed it all!

    1. Hahahahaaaaa…..

      But I do remember Sally had said once

      Astrologer might go wrong but not the Astrology

      1. … and at the moment, I’m struggling with the astrology unless Mars direct is the culprit! More investigation needed.

        1. Hi Sally.

          That is interesting what you said about Mars. Could Mars be the one causing all the problems? Now we are in the second week.

          Juan hasn’t been on here for ages now. It could be noce if he can post his insight on the astrology for Wimbledon.

          France have beaten Iceland.

    1. Hiya

      I am here. I kinda knew that Novak was going to lose. Well done to Sam Querry, he held on.

      Sally, who do you think got a better chance of winning Wimbledon? It is nice to see someone challenge Novak for a change. He looks out of sorts for two days.

      1. Hi Trina, not sure right now because I don’t understand the chart for the tournament. It said the favourite, the favourite is out. I hope that as we see the tournament continue, I will understand more. I don’t want to say Murray right now although I’m sure Murray would be a popular winner with the home crowd.

  36. Hi Fans,

    Djokovic is out from the tournament.

    One cant be winner on all tournament. This is not Djokers Tea.

    Lets hope for andy or juan martin delpotro.


  37. Djokovic gone. Who can be the next favourite. I really want murray to take it . Lets see .. Respect ur prediction. Plz keep predicting for olympic as well.

    1. Murray hasn’t got great Astrology. The Wimbledon chart said the favourite to win. Roger is 7 time champion and he is popular with the crowd.

      1. Ha, just seen this comment. Murray and Federer are even-stevens astrology wise. Federer does have Jupiter close to his Venus but as I said in the article I didn’t think that was about winning the tournament. He might well prove me wrong!

    2. Thank you. Much appreciated. I know that I don’t always get it right but as I’ve been doing well recently, I’m fine not to get this one right. I would like to have a better astrological perspective on why though. Not yet.

  38. Wow–so unexpected. Kudos to Sam–he deserves the win. This opens up the opportunities–how exciting.


  39. Lesley Jackson

    Hmm…..now that’s thrown it wide open! I just have a feeling it’s going to be someone new but we shall see. What do you think about today’s result Sally?

    1. hi Lesley, shocked like everyone else! Don’t see it in the astrology right now. Will hopefully understand more as the tournament unfolds? Have posted some of my theories in previous comments. I would appreciate other astrologers’ input too.

  40. Hi all, am new to this forum. First, Sally, thank you immensely for these predictions. My two favorite hobbies are astrology and watching grand slam tennis. When I found your predictions I almost cried with joy. And your predictions are very well explained and accurate.

    Second, to get this out of the way, I am a ardent Federer fan, but am always impressed by the amazing efforts of all these world class athletes and their dedication to tennis. I was shocked by Djokovic’s loss, but it does open up the tournament for many players. Here’s to more great tennis and rare middle Sunday!!

    1. Thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply. I was away this weekend and watching the tennis from a distance with great interest! I’m hoping to catch some of the key matches in the next week and hoping this will reveal more about the astrology. If you have any thoughts, please do post them here.

  41. hi Sally,

    Can I ask you something ? There is the theory of LAW OF AVERAGES . This means no one can go one winning or losing. Does this theory have a place in astrology ?

    best regards

    1. I don’t know. I don’t think so considering how one player often dominates above the others. We might find out more about why Djokovic lost this one in the weeks to come.

  42. Hope Federer is next to lose. Maybe Cilic or Raonic can defet the old man. Murray or a newbie is my hope.

    1. Tano. Your comment is rude calling Roger old man. Roger has done well to reach the second week better than Novak. Murray doesn’t have great astrology. So, it could be anyone. It is hard to tell.

      1. I wonder if the likes of Roger’s fan will have sore knees from praying for Novak’s loss. Such a sad commentary to take so much pleasure from someone else’s pain and have such an intense dislike for a man because of his tennis . Congratulations to Sam Querry on a great win and I would worry about bad karma if I was so mean spirited to any player. Good luck to the rest of the players.

    2. Old man! He’s only 34…. makes me feel ancient when you say that 🙂 Would love a Murray win personally.

  43. I’m astounded and so disappointed to see Novak lose today. He seemed strangely out of sorts and I’m wondering if there was any indication in his stars to suggest that he was sick or injured?

    1. Djokovic has been winning with Pluto conjunct his Ascendant, the point in the chart which represents the physical body. For most human beings this would be a killer. For Djokovic who has a Scorpio Midheaven ruled by Pluto, it seems to have made him invincible, steely and he has achieved a remarkable feat, holding all four Grand Slam titles at once. So it’s been good for his career, but… perhaps it’s cost him in other ways? I don’t know, only speculating right now. I need a personal consult with Novak if he’s willing. Wouldn’t that be nice!

  44. Djokovic’s secondary progression of Venus opposite Midheaven is now precise to the minute of arc! And transiting Neptune is squaring this configuration, within two minutes of arc from exact! It seems to me that this could be what expressed in defeat. The possibility of some unhappiness and disappointment in the career.

    I hope the favorite will be Roger or Murray. Either of them deserves another Wimbledon title. Of course, my heart belongs to Roger.

    1. But I realize the astrological odds are against Roger with the Saturn transit square his Ascendant.

    2. Interesting prediction and thank you for adding the secondary progressions. I’m not entirely convinced by the progression as the reason for his shock defeat as progressions are slow moving. Maybe it does indicate something around family/past for him though?

  45. AstroTennis,

    It seems from what I have read from Sally that the top 4 don’t have outstanding forecast. However, there are other players still in the game that haven’t been forecasted–Milos, Kei, Del Potro, and others. Of the many, I am impressed with Milos and Del Potro. It is going to be interesting to see who rises to the challenge.


  46. A. Murray will have his hands full with N. Kygrios in the next round–if Kygrios overcomes F. Lopez.


    1. Kirgies is through. I think Murray beat him at a recent Grand Slam? I do like Kyrgios – he’s got spirit.

    1. I did look at their charts at the beginning of the tournament. I don’t think I have birth times for either player so it’s harder to predict. Nothing leaping out though.

    1. Faith,

      I certainly will–he did himself proud by defeating one of the best players, so he deserves to go deep in the tournament.


    2. It is not about wish. I knew Novak would lose when I saw the match. And his Astrology wasn’t great. I respect people viewes. We all have favourites.

      Well done to Sam for playing good tennis. This is what Sport is about!

  47. Well, I may personally want Roger Federer to win. But, I am sure he will have it tough. So far, the opponents he played were all not that great players to give his weak back a further trouble. I will be happy if Federer moves to Semi leave alone Final or Championship. I want to see a new champion. I wish Berdych / Delpotro / Sam Querry / Milos to win this one (in that order)

  48. Jupiter seems to be weak as it’s going slow these days. Zverev should be more competitive with Super-transit Jupiter conjunct natal Mars 0,2 precise against Berdych.

    1. Zverev is out too! Astrology slightly freaky in this tournament. I’m convinced it has to do with the Mars energy!

  49. As I said many times before you all have wrong time of birth for Novak.That’s why the prediction is not right.He is Leo rising, not Capricorn.The time of birth is 10:35am.
    Best wishes Sally, and next time take this time of birth.

    1. hi Sophia, I would love for you to be right but unless you have proof I will stick with the birth-time that has been confirmed.

    2. Sophia, check recent Grand Slam finals and you will see that Sally uses the right birth time for Novak.

      Your time gave him a Moon in Pishes and Midheaven Taurus versus Midheaven Scorpio and MC in tennis sign Gemini. Especially look at Pluto next to his Midheaven which sticks to his Ascendant since months.

      There’s no doubt left.

  50. Ooh Lydia, mean comment. You need to look back over my predictions since 2012 to find out more. Blessings to you 🙂

    1. Hi Sally,

      You are too kind! Throw that Felder comment out of this thread!

      You’ve got so many predictions right in the past. More power to you!

      1. I threw it out! I did want to reply and show that I don’t rise to mean comments but I also don’t want such comments on the blog. Thankfully I don’t receive many like that 🙂

  51. Hi Patrick

    Who do you think got the best astrology for Wimbledon? Wimbledon is becoming more and odd by the day.


  52. My thoughts astrologically with djokovic are that it has everything to do with his Saturn return and what you said about his progressed sun in cancer. In the interview he kept mentioning his family and that tennis wasn’t everything. He has also pulled out of the davis cup against gb. I think it is something really deep. I also think that you were right about the chart and the favourite but I don’t think that meant djokovic. The astrology here is fascinating.

    1. Two things I find odd about this. Firstly, I don’t understand why Wimbledon did’t put Djokovic’ match on Centre Court as he’s the no. 1 seed – weird?! I wonder whether he was mad about that – Mars turned direct in his Career Sector so perhaps issues with the organisers? Secondly, there does seem to be something behind his shock exit reading what he said post-match. He simply said ‘I don’t want to talk about it, please respect this’ and was very gracious/respectful towards Querrey. I didn’t see where he talked about his family, Lesley, but that’s intriguing too especially with his progressed Sun changing signs into Cancer, the family sign, next year, and yes, I did see he’s pulled out of the Davis Cup against GB. I hope we find out more…

  53. In my opinion, the organisers of Wimbledon is so biased. They scheduled Djokovic in court 1 whereas Roger n Murray they put in centre court even for 3rd and 4th round, knowing that there will be rain delays for plays in other courts than centre court. Usually top players are given the centre court.

    I am not really a fan of any players but I love tennis and I appreciate the tenacity shown by Djokovic in the past grand slams .
    I wish to relate a incident where a person went and consulted three astrologers to see where his son can pass the exams. Pls note the son score good results in all class exams. All astrologers conferred that he will pass the final exam. But what happened was different. So where did it go wrong?
    Sally what is your opinion on this ?? Tq

    1. I think it’s strange Djokovic wasn’t on Centre Court too. Re. your question about the astrology. Western astrologers use a mixture of fate and free will with clients so you’re helping the client decide ‘the best course of action’. It sounds as if the son had no ‘will’ to succeed but instead it was more to do with what the parents wanted. That’s my immediate thought.

  54. I heard he told Serbian tv that he has never entered Wimbledon so tired.
    I think he is burned out from RG. Now he will get a nice rest.

      1. I don’t think it is just about physical tiredness.

        The mental fatigue is even bigger! All those practice sessions, traveling and the grind gets to players at some point.

  55. Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering the match between Kei Nishikori vs Marin Cilic at Fourth round.
    This is really interesting match and the repeat of US Open final 2014.
    Can anyone tell me who has got better advantage and astrology to win the match.

    Kindest Regards,

    1. Just been checking back through the charts of the last 8/9. I do have a time of birth for Marin Cilic, not sure how accurate it is though. The time I have of 5am, gives him a Midheaven of 23 Gemini and Mercury in Gemini in the tournament chart was at 24 Gemini. Another Sun Libra, same as Sam Querrey. Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th where it remains for a year so the Librans will be one to watch.

  56. Sally, I don’t think Djokovic was upset on being scheduled to play in court#1. They had Juan vs. Wawrinka which seemed a much bigger match and you had Roger against a local Brit. So those 2 men’s match on center court makes more sense. He also played Kevin Anderson last year at court #1. He didn’t appear to be upset about playing semis against thiem at suzzane lenglen during French Open semis. Don’t think he gets rattled for those things.

    During the match I did see that Djokovic was massaging his shoulders multiple times on his serve. He seemed uncomfortable. Not sure if he was carrying any niggles but there was no word about it anywhere. May be he didn’t want to give out too much information and make himself to be a sore loser. Who knows?

    1. It is an unknown what was going on behind the scenes. We can’t be sure unless he does speak up but gracious of him nonetheless. He doesn’t seem to be a player who gets easily rattled, he comes across as quite easy-going these days. A typical Sun Gemini.

  57. I think Wimbledon/brit press definitely has a bias. Last year they called him a ball girl abuser and the year before the press showed Fed holding the plate instead of Novak holding the trophy. That year they also hassled him about nubs on his shoes. This year he was not allowed to ride his bike around grounds. Then they put number one, 2 time defending champion on court 1 with rain delays etc.

  58. Amado Bustamante

    Federer is now the sentimental favorite to win Wimbledon, though I would like Murray to lift his second trophy.

    1. I agree that Federer is the sentimental favourite and would be breaking a long-standing record if he can claim his 18th Grand Slam title. Murray would be popular too with the home crowd – the two favourites.

  59. Hi,

    I was watching the Sam versus Novak match and I think Sam played an unbelievable match to defeat a champion who had no answers to Sam’s game. We need to stop making excuses–Novak played a good match but Sam played a great match. It is as simple as that–not the rain, not exhaustion, nor the British media being bias because it is disrespecting Sam who just fairly defeated a champion.


    1. Fair point. I didn’t see the match but I did hear Sam served an amazing number of aces. Also Sam won his next round which shows he’s on form.

  60. Roger Federer with next chance to crown for a record 8th Wimbledon title.

    Watching Roger Federer’s chart at Sunday’s final I see a new chance for the Swiss to conquer his 18th Grand Slam.

    Venus trines his natal Moon at the opening chart. As Sally points out, Roger’s natal Venus is hit by success planet Jupiter (0,17) which is still active at Sunday (0,86) due to slow moving Jupiter. This conjunction is sextile the Sun at Sunday (1,02), too. Venus often indicates athletes being in limelight in times of big success.

    The final’s Descendant is conjunct natal Neptune (0,51). North Node sextiles his Mars 0,56. Just turned Mars conjunct his Lilith (0,27). As Sally writes, Mars sits between his natal Uranus and Moon.

    The most hopeful indicator for Roger triumphing is the final’s Midheaven conjunct his Sun at Sunday 0,83.

    With Roger’s standing at Wimbledon holding record 7 titles he could be seen as the favourite, too, doesn’t he? At least as one of the favourites. So maybe the astrology relates to him. I expect Roger to win the tournament. His performance seems to be increasing.

    1. Thanks for your prediction, Patrick. I agree that if Roger won, he would achieve 18 Grand Slams, a record, and he’s always loved by the Wimbledon crowd. Roger and Andy must be seen as the favourites now Novak is out.
      When I wrote my predictions for the tournament, I couldn’t deny Saturn square Roger’s Ascendant and after having injuries earlier in the year I felt it was a big ask for him to win the title. Yet he does have Jupiter conjunct his 1st house Venus, exact today 5th July. Jupiter expands what it touches and Venus rules happiness and popularity – a win would mean both – even though Venus isn’t directly linked to his career! His north node at 0 Leo 54 is also conjunct the chart for the final at 1 Leo 26 – a destiny moment?
      I think it would be fair to say he hasn’t been majorly challenged so far this tournament? So he must have plenty of energy going forward and he must be feeling fantastic now one big threat is out, Novak. With a little bit of luck, no injuries and a following wind… he’s in with a shout.

      1. Thanks for your comment, Sally. Of course, before the tournament less would have been speaking for Roger who started with few match praxis and no final partition in tournaments before. Still things are much going his way so far and we will see how he is going to take the forthcoming big tests. Raonic to beat is a huge thing and that’s coming even before the final against Andy which is in big form, too. If he really makes it, all should come together – especially staying healthy with his back. Let’see ☺

        1. I caught some of yesterday’s match with Cilic and Roger did seem to have the Gods on his side. Lucky Jupiter! Would love him to go all the way…

    1. I’ve just replied to Patrick’s comment about Roger – see below. Andy’s astrology is as per the article. Jupiter moving away from his Ascendant now although still quite close, Mercury in the Wimbledon chart picked out his natal Mars – aggression – and Lendl is back coaching him. He won Wimbledon 3 years ago with Lendl as his coach and he upped his aggression levels, so as I mentioned in the article, he’s doing all the right things! There’s only one of my ‘Best of the Rest’ picks left, Tomas Berdych, but he still has to get past the Czech youngster Vesely today. I would expect Berdych to win that match. Jupiter’s currently strong for him as he has both the Sun and Mercury in Virgo – no time of birth. Interesting that only two youngsters left in the pack, Vesely and Pouille – no time of birth for either. Nothing leaping out astrologically. Both water signs: Vesely – Sun Cancer; Pouille – Sun Pisces. If the chart for the tournament is accurate astrology, we have to be looking at Federer or Murray to take the title rather than someone new. Looking forward to the tennis.

  61. Serbian press says Toronto in question according to someone who can read it.
    I see him skipping Davis cup and toronto, he’s won those.., but not Olympics.

  62. I am most intrigued and conflicted with the Sam versus Milos match–I would be happy with either player winning. However, I would prefer Milos winning. I tried to look at their charts but I am still not sure if I am doing it accurately. What does everyone think?

    On a side note, I am surprised how easily Murray defeated his opponent today. Kudos to him.


    1. Murray’s flying, Roger’s playing beautifully… Querrey v. Raonic – I don’t have a time of birth for either but Sam’s Moon in Aries could be close to where Uranus is currently 24 Aries and Uranus springs surprises. Well, Sam already has to be fair knocking out Novak! It’s not clear astrologically – Sun Libra (Sam) v. Sun Capricorn (Raonic).

  63. Hate to sound smug but check my earlier post! I just had the feeling that Djokovic wouldn’t win this year, in spite of everything saying he would. Not going to commit what I feel now – but looking forward to the tennis…..!

    1. You are allowed to be smug! Intuitive hunches can often be valid. I think I did agree with you?!!… but I had to stay true to the astrology 🙂 If the chart tournament is going to hold true, the favourites are Roger and Andy, probably in that order. Roger’s win would be incredible, a record 18th Grand Slam win. That would be too exciting but it’s early days as he’s got a couple of big matches coming up. He needs a little bit of Jupiter luck 🙂

  64. This slam has renewed my interest in the sport again–how fantastic and intriguing it’s been. Both men and women have been amazing.


    1. I think it’s been great too. Hating it when I have to miss some of the big matches – had two clients yesterday which interfered with my tennis viewing 🙂

  65. Serena Williams and Angie Kerber are approaching the repetition of Melbourne’s final. Kerber with Venus opposite her natal Sun at Saturday.

    Or will another Venus play a key role at Saturday? Serena’s sister will plays with Jupiter conjunct natal Mars these days, against Kerber 0,44 precise. Against Kasatkina it was 0,14 and it was 10-8 third set. Alex Zverev could not convince with the same super athlete transit a few days ago. Be it slow moving Jupiter or the current strange Mars. Her Midheaven is hit by the Sun about 1 degree against Kerber.

    Sally, Venus is another player with natal Planet, her Uranus, conjunct turned forward Mars these days, at final 1,14. Watching the sister’s birth charts, their natal Sun, both in air signs, interestingly mirror each other with Serena’s Mars precisely in the middle – showing who’s No. 1? ☺ As you describe in your wonderful blog about Serena, she has lots of ‘Venus’ in her chart, the sisters’ bonds may be beautifully displayed in this Sun aspect, as Serena (Venus as ruler both of her natal Sun/AC) mirrors herself in her sister’s name.

    If you haven’t read yet:

    The sister’s professional bond shows up too in their charts: the wonder sister’s Midheavens nearly exactly oppose each other. That means, in a possible new Sister act at Saturday, the Sun conjuncts Serena’s natal IC/opposes her Midheaven (0,28). 2 degrees apart, Venus Midheaven doesn’t conjunct precisely.

    As the opening chart offers that the favourite will win this Wimbledon, Serena might achieve her desperately expected 22th Grand Slam. For Serena, the final’s Descendant conjuncts her natal Ascendant (0,25). The Midheaven conjuncts her natal Mars (0,13). She has her lunar revolution (0,11) and might feel finally completing a cycle with stepping up to Graf. Regarding Kerber’s Venus transit, I see the chance for a revanche for Melbourne.

    1. Woah, I’ve just checked out Venus Williams chart and she has it all going on. Jupiter conjunct her natal Mars, Mercury of the chart tournament at 24 Gemini fell between her natal Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini, planet Venus in the tournament chart heading towards player Venus’ Midheaven and as you correctly point out, Patrick, her natal Uranus at 22 Scorpio. This is especially interesting as Uranus is in a positive trine aspect to her natal Mercury in Cancer close to her Midheaven. Mercury is the tennis planet and Mars is firing it up.
      As you also say it is Serena’s lunar return on the day of the final with her own natal Moon at 20 Virgo. Venus also has a planet at 20 Virgo – Saturn – so not such an easy connection from the Moon. Saturn slows you down – Saturn rules her IC – family – maybe she’s aware of Serena’s chance to grab her 22nd Grand Slam?
      Serena is all Pluto at the moment. Her natal Pluto at 23 Libra is conjunct the Ascendant of the women’s final chart and natal Pluto is still close to her Midheaven. Pluto is a tricky planet to interpret in sports astrology because it can add 100% laser focus, the steely element that’s needed to win but it can also prove to be the wipe-out planet.
      It’s intriguing astrology for both sisters though! You have to say that Serena would be favourite to win and grab her elusive Grand Slam victory but I’m loving Venus’ astrology too. (Just checked and Serena is storming her semi-final at the moment!)

  66. Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for the insight into the women’s play–I was hoping for a Serena and Venus final with Venus being victorious. However, I would be happy with Serena winning as well. Fantastic.


  67. @Sally – that’s my piscean intuition. I frequently just have a feeling that goes completely against the grain of a situation, which turns-out to be true. Years ago I was stood in a queue in a betting office in London, around the time of the Grand National, waiting to put a bet on – a little flutter that’s all. For some reason I got this kind of ‘void’ feeling that it would be a waste of time for everyone standing there…..
    Didn’t bother to put the bet on and heard later that the race had to be abandoned for some reason. Odds were something like million to one against such a freak thing happening…! This stuff happens to me all the time but I never make any money out of it lol!

  68. Federer is bit off the movement and struggling against Marin Cilic. Already lost one set and a break down in second. Not looking good for sentimental favorite

  69. What a lucky star turned Federer Around? Just some divine help… he won in 5 sets after saving 3 match poibts !! And its evident tgat he is not fully match fit yet as he could not play many down the line backhand, just hung in there and got lucky. poor cilic, hard luck to him.

    1. I noticed his backhand was off but luck was definitely on his side. He wants this one badly, don’t you think? Raonic will be a big test, so will Murray come to that but you never know. If he can play well, find moments of Federer brilliance and have the best of the luck, anything’s possible.

  70. Roger will have another battle with Milos–I believe Roger lost to him the last two times. Either player, I will be happy. May the best man win. Sally, what do you think will be the outcome of this match? It is hard to figure this one out since there is no indication of Milos’ birth-time.

    As for Murray, I doubt he will have any trouble getting to the final.


    1. Yes, it is tricky to know re. Raonic with no time of birth. Loads of planets in Capricorn and Jupiter heading for a trine to his Venus at 19 Capricorn. If Venus is linked to his career, then that’s definitely a bonus but we don’t know without a time of birth. Federer has Jupiter conjunct his Venus and yesterday’s match proved that he’s still got it. It did feel like divine intervention turning things around. He played some magnificent shots but also more unforced errors, especially on his backhand. Don’t count out Berdych, he has lucky Jupiter heading for his Mercury in his career sector. It’s closing in and Mercury is the planet I always associate with tennis. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s semi finals.

  71. Hi Sally and All

    Juan has just posted this on the Spanish Astrology page.

    Murray debuted with the Moon at 17º Aries , on his native Jupiter.

    What do you think Sally and Patrick?

    1. Hi Trix, the Moon is at 1,5 degree Aries at the opening chart. So not conjuncting Murray’s natal Jupiter.

  72. Hi everyone, great posts Patrick I’ve really been enjoying your analysis. I like what you noted about Wawrinka and Neptune. Neptune on the angles creates great disappointment and you cannot think or see clearly. I think the favourite that Sally saw in the tournament chart is Serena winning. She’s coming into form and after watching the Williams sisters play doubles and make it to the quarterfinals I just felt that they are going to make a run on this tournament like they have in the past. If Venus can get past Kerber she’s in the final. And I don’t doubt that Serena will be there. Which would be such a happy time for Venus and the family considering all the health problems she had. And what about Fererer yesterday against Cillic so superb. I hope he hasn’t used up all of his energy though because he still needs to get past Raonic and Murray to win. Personally, I can’t see Federer losing to Raonic as his movement is far superior. Could we be looking at Serena and Federer lifting the trophy for both? They are both favourites. Federer no matter what is the crowd favourite. As for Djokovic I think the nasty side of Pluto crossing his ascendant is catching up with him. He also has his Saturn return arriving very soon. He seemed very tired to me. We’ll see what the summer brings for him.

    1. Thank you Shelley! Happy that you like it ????
      For Roger I watched his chart a few days ago, see above.
      Yes, superb what Venus shows in her (athlete) late years.
      For Serena you can see strong indications in my post speaking at least for another Wimbledon final. Final’s AC co-ruler Pluto conjunct her MC might speak for her 22nd, too.

    2. Thanks Shelley. Good to hear from you. Serena stormed into the final today. Just about to watch Venus’ match. I’d love Federer to win this one, although if it’s a Murray-Federer final, I’d be happy either way. Berdych does have some nice astrology too though but obviously wouldn’t count as the favourite.

  73. The opening chart’s Ascendant (conjunct Jupiter) hits Berdych’s ruling planet, natal Mercury, yet above 1 degree. Sally already put Berdych into the game as Jupiter is heading towards his Sun in and his ruling planet Mercury in Virgo. IC exactly conjuncts his natal Uranus 0,24. Very often when Uranus is precise, things are getting serious – compare for example Wawrinka’s both GS wins.

    At final’s Sunday, AC conjunct his Pluto 0,96. Berdych’s Mercury conjuncts Jupiter 1,16 which is sextile the Sun 0,16. Interestingly, he plays with Mars (just turned) conjunct his Saturn. In square a tricky combination for athletes. Wawrinka clearly lost with conjunction at RG against Murray. It rather seems to help Berdych these days as the conjunction is about to give energy and power as Sally mentioned recently. This conjunction at final 0,14 precise trine transiting Mercury about 1 degree. Uranus trine his natal Venus 0,04 exact. In my opinion, he’s the player most deserved to finally win a GS.

    1. Thanks for all your astrology analysis this tournament, Patrick. Much appreciated. Just to add, the important point with Mars turning direct conjunct Berdych’s Saturn is the fact that Saturn is sextile his Sun/Mercury conjunction in his career sector, so it’s more likely to be a positive factor than a negative factor for him and so far, he’s doing nicely. He will need to play aggressively against Murray tomorrow.

  74. Thank you Sally! It’s a pleasure to read that ????

    So does that mean transiting planets always have also an impact where this planet is in the birth chart and if this natal planet is making further transits? The house of the sign which the natal planet is ruler of is another factor, isn’t it? How is it possible to see that it is Berdych’s career sector lacking birth time? Thank you very much, Sally!!

    1. oh sorry, Patrick. I’m getting carried away – I don’t know Berdych’s time of birth! I was trying to reply to all the comments quickly this afternoon and was looking at his chart set for 12pm noon. So no, you’re right, I don’t know his Sun/Mercury Virgo are connected to his career.He still has Mars turning direct on his natal Saturn which is sextile the Sun/Mercury and Jupiter honing in on his Mercury so both positive factors for him.

      I don’t quite understand your first question but yes, the house the natal planet rules tells you more about the planet as well as the house it’s in.

      On another note, Venus lost this afternoon. I watched the first set and the commentators were talking about her illness. I didn’t realise how bad it’s been for her. She’s been suffering from an auto-immune disease for 6 years and she did look tired in the first set. It can’t be easy so the astrology shows she’s done well to get this far. Her first Grand Slam semi-final since 2010. I did look again at her chart and it’s all about Saturn. When her illness was diagnosed in 2011, she had Saturn going over her Ascendant, the point in the chart which represents the physical body. I suspect that the illness kicked in before then when she had her Saturn Return, which occurs age 29/30. She has a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Virgo in the 12th house. Mars rules energy/athleticism but Saturn acts as a block, dampens down what it touches. Virgo is the sign which rules the body and health, plus the 12th house is often invisible, what’s hidden. Bless her – Saturn is based on a 7 year cycle so I hope that by next year, 2017, she might start to be free of the disease. Auto-immune diseases require a lot of care and attention. Amazing really that she’s still playing at a top level.

      1. Sally,

        Thank you for the fascinating input on Venus–and I agree that it is amazing that she is still playing at a high level. In her press interview, she mentioned that she has no intention of going anywhere. Kudos to her talent, strength and stamina.


      2. Oh Sally, and I mixed up the final`s start time for both women and men 🙁
        With 2. P.M. MC conjunct Roger`s North Node 0,05 as you wrote – NOT his Sun. Doesn`t change a strong hint for a moment of destiny, though, as you say. What puzzles me is that women`s final MC and Serena`s MC do not exactly oppose each other, anymore with 2 P.M.. But here again, as she`s born only few weeks after Roger, same thing: MC hits her North Node. Catching up with Graf would be a moment of destiny for her nonetheless, wouldn`t it?

        I agree, Venus made a knocked impression today, in the last years she really makes that impression on court. Hope she recovers soon as you see in her astrology. Thanks for your insights!

        What I meant and didn`t express clearly was, if – for the impact of a tranist, besides the natal planet, is it also/always significant how the transiting planet is embossed in the birth chart (located in house/making transits) as natal planet? For example, if for Saturn conjunct natal Mars is it not only important where natal Mars is in birth chart, but also natal Saturn in birth chart to make more precise statements? That`s how I understood what you say about Berdych Mars/Saturn looking also at natal Saturn. Thank you!!

        1. I think the answer to your question is no. With Berdych, it was about Mars transit to natal Saturn. With his natal Saturn it’s therefore important what aspects that makes and if they’re positive, then Mars will fire up the good aspect (if it’s a negative aspect in the natal chart, it might be more challenging). So I would look at a transiting planet in the natal chart personally. Having said that, sometimes if you have a natal aspect in your chart, e.g. Saturn square Neptune, you might identify more strongly with a Saturn-Neptune square when it’s happening in the sky. Hope that all makes sense. There are many different layers to astrology, a bit like peeling an onion!

  75. Hi Sally,

    I am a Federer fan. Watched Federer-Cilic replay again. Federer was very lucky. He was struggling with his rhythm on both forehand and backhand, making silly mistakes. Cilic threw away the match.

    I am not sure with his current form, how he can go beyond semi-final. May be he will need divine intervention in semis and finals too!

    1. … and sadly the Saturn transit seemed to kick in again as he fell in the semi-final. I saw it happen, looked like his knee seemed to give way in the 5th set. If he could have taken the chances in the 4th set, it would be a different story.

  76. Hi Sally,

    I tried to check out the birth time of Milos Raonic. I thought about his childish face could be connected to a Cancer ascendant? If you take 4:37 P.M. as the time Milos came to light and compare to the opening chart of Wimbledon 2016, his Ascendant is hit by Venus 0,37 precise and his Midheaven in Pisces exactly is clashed with the opener’s Descendant 0,11. Looking at the final’s chart, Jupiter (18,26 Virgo) exactly hits his IC 0,00. Wao!

    This birth time also works with multiple successes in Raonic’ career as I checked former final participations. For example, check the recent Queens final MC conjunct AC. It puts his Sun and Mercury in house 6 – he’s known for his professionalism. His Midheaven in Pishes, Jupiter House 2. Also from an astrological point of view, it seems to get tough for Roger today! Uranus conjunct DC at the final. Speaks for the Underdog, doesn’t it?
    Kind regards, Patrick

    1. Interesting, Patrick. Yes, I could see Raonic with a Cancer Ascendant. The chart for the final has three planets in Cancer, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Venus conjunct the 1 degree Leo Midheaven. Venus is important in the final chart because it is the chart ruler (Libra Ascendant), although that does suggest the favourite winning, which is Andy.

  77. I expect Tomas Berdych to take part in the Wimbledon final. Taking 2.30 P.M. as his calculated (unconfirmed) birth time, his Midheaven in Libra directly hits the final’s AC 0,08. As final’s DC is conjunct Uranus, Berdych’s IC falls onto, too. This means, in the opening chart, besides Uranus hit his IC 0,69, vice versa, IC also hits his natal Uranus in Sagittarius.

    Regarding the opener’s arguments speaking for the favourite to win, this may be read for Berdych, too? First, AC conjunct Jupiter falls near his natal Mercury which is one of the astrological key factors for the Czech these days: Jupiter heading to his natal Mercury. And Mercury is closed to the opener’s Midheaven as well as very closed to his DC.
    Citing Sally, moreover the Moon was making a final aspect sextile Mercury in the opener.
    Mars as the ruler of the final’s DC in Aries conjunct Berdych’s Saturn. What do you think, Sally?

    1. hi Patrick, sorry I’m late to answer this. Yes, Berdych had some lovely astrology and a semi-final place must be good for him. I wouldn’t have called Berdych the favourite though. You’ve got to prefer Roger or Andy for the favourite.

  78. So happy for Milos! What a win! As a fan although not a big fan, I am proud.
    I think Roger’s fan must be happy too, finally there is a new name in a grand slam final, and this Wimbledon’s champion is not Djokovic. So you must be very satisfied now, because it is hard to predict the final now.

    1. It’s good to Milos in the final–I would have been happy either way. I hope Milos goes all the way and if he defeats his opponent in the final, he truly deserves it with no asterisk.


    2. I’m going for Andy, Josephine. Serena won the ladies yesterday, the no 1. for the women and Andy is no. 2 seed plus the favourite to win. This would fit the symbolism in the opening chart.

  79. Of all the transits in effect for Roger in today’s match, it was the difficult Saturn transit square his Ascendant that was closest to exact. Roger had a tough opponent and also probably an injury to deal with. The nice Jupiter conjunction to his Venus, still strong during the quarterfinal, had moved away from strongest effect in today’s match.

    It’s a shame for Roger and his legion of fans. I hope he will have another chance at a Wimbledon title. This greatest of champions deserves it.

  80. Hi Sally. You mentioned that Edberg was not that astrologically compatible with Roger. Just out of curiosity, which had he chosen either to be his coach would be a better match astrologically for him Lendl or Becker?

    1. I don’t remember saying that about Edberg. I’m sure I did if you remember it. Looking again at their charts, no close synastry (compatibility between the two charts) leaps out. I don’t know about the other two but I doubt he’d choose either as they are coaches to two of his big rivals. Both water signs, Lendl & Becker, Sun Pisces, Sun Scorpio respectively. Might dampen down Roger’s fire!

  81. I don’t care what the astrology says Murray will not let an opportunity to win a Grand Slam without Roger or Novak there opposite him slip. He is 2-8 in Grand Slam finals and all the finals were contested by either Roger or Novak (0-3 vs Roger)(2-5 vs Novak).IfI were Murray, there in no way I am losing that final.
    Question for Sally, will you being doing any predictions for Olympics?

    1. I expect Murray to win. It fits the astrology of the chart of the tournament and the chart of the final, both of which clearly show the favourite winning… and without Djokovic, Murray is the man. I want him to win too – my heart is with the Scot 🙂

        1. Don’t know is the quick answer. The ruler of the Ascendant was more powerful so the shock didn’t come from the underdog this time?

  82. As much as I like Murray, I am rooting for Milos. Both players are deserving of it, but I have to say, Milos defeated a player who beat a champion and he also beat the greatest and it would also be a first for a Canadian, so it would be nice to see him to raise the cup in acknowledgement for his efforts. Go Milos.


  83. Well said Mac. There are two factors speaking for Raonic if birth time 4:37 P.M. is right. First, Jupiter exactly conjunct his Midheaven axis, second, the Sun trines his MC 0,15 exact.
    Third factor, Uranus conjunct final’s DC didn’t prove to be for Underdog Kerber, today. Sally, moreover Venus as ruler to the MC is closed to MC tomorrow at the final chart.
    Not sure if it’s meaningful, Jupiter and natal Jupiter mirrow each other at the Leo/Virgo cusp.

    1. What do you mean by the Jupiter comment, Patrick? I expect Andy to win today as he’s the favourite. Andy also ha the north node destiny point conjunct his Ascendant right now. Another nod in his favour. Re. Milos, you’re working with your rectified birth time for him?

      1. Yes, Sally, transits were for 4:37 P.M. rectified birth time. I am still checking an alternative and will give you information when I feel secure. Also with Berdych whose rectified time I gave was not right, yet.

  84. Tina Woodford

    I KNEW Serena would win this in 2. This was a very high quality match for sure.

    Firstly, congratulations to Angelique. She played and competed well today, but she ran into the best server in woman’s tennis history, Serena who served up 13 aces, and as we know–grass rewards big serves, and she ties Stefanie Graf with 22 Ladies Singles Slams. She is looking at Margaret Court now who has 24. I truly feel that if Serena can stay motivated and healthy (Big order–especially the health part), she definitely has a chance to not only pass Stefanie, but to catch or possibly pass Court. IF she does catch and pass Court with 25 Singles slams, she retires ASAP.

    Congrats Serena, the BEST ever IMHO, and thank you Sally for having your predictions here yet again.

    1. Serena made a whole different impression at Wimbledon compared to recent Grand Slams. Last year and especially this year Melbourne and Paris she was inconsistent for her level and seemed to struggle with the pressure, at times shouted at her team. In pressure moments on court she kind of appears in very deep conflict within herself. Maybe typical for her Taurus AC? Although she is known for handling this usually well over her career. As you point out in your blog about Serena, it’s the Venus Mars square that makes her so competitive.
      Maybe she learnded to let go by failing three times trying to level with Graf. She had a soft and lovely appearance from the beginning on coming on the court I felt. Her moon return at Saturday maybe also played a role. It was another symphatic performance of her.

      1. Yes I was thrilled for Serena too. I haven’t had a close look at her astrology this time around. She has got Jupiter entering Libra in September 2016 and with her stellium of planets in Libra that’s got to be exciting for her. Whether it applies to the tennis or her personal life, we shall soon see. Interesting that she’s undergoing a Pluto transit (Midheaven) this year, as is Djokovic (Ascendant). I suspect it’s the Pluto transit that’s creating the added pressure which can either work for you or against you.

  85. Well done to the William sisters I just had a feeling Serena was going to accomplish her goal and also win the doubles. Sally, I like your analysis about Venus’ illness. You could see this tournament she looked a lot stronger than she has in recent years but what a strong soul she is to keep fighting to play and train. She’s had a challenging few years and now She has been rewarded with a grandslam in doubles. Maybe a gift from Saturn as she stepped up to the challenge he presented and showed great determination and fight. Now it’s Murray’s turn to win. I think he should edge Raonic today. I don’t know much about Raonic’s chart but I think he’s a Capricorn. Maybe he is benefitting from pluto’s transit as he is definitely becoming a better player. He also has Macenroe in his corner as a consultant which is very powerful. But Murray has shown great calmness during the tournament so hopefully he’ll bring that energy again today.

    1. Raonic is a Capricorn, Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Saturn in Capricorn – so very Capricorn! Pluto currently between Venus and Neptune but not exact to either. No time of birth sadly although Patrick has suggested Cancer Ascendant which could fit.
      Re. Venus, I also noticed that Jupiter will go over her Ascendant later this year once it’s entered Libra so that’s another nod to her health returning. Great news for the doubles win too. I’m going Andy today.

  86. Hi Sally,

    Look at my prediction in FB two days back…

    I had clearly said that if it’s Murray vs Raonic, then Murray in straight sets….

    Cheers !!!!!!

    Congrats Murray….

  87. Murray deserved it because he earned it in his match. Milos was given no chance and had no answers to Murray’s game-plan. However, I am disheartened for Milos. I hope he has many more chances to win this championship.


  88. Very Happy for Murray and Serena. Congratulations to Milos Raonic for the first grandslam final (long overdue).

    Thank You Sally for your passionate prediction and analysis. Always interesting and lovely to read. Thank you all the blog fans who contributed with your posts and analysis. See you all for Olympics !!! (Yes Sally, I request you to include Olympics if possible)

    1. … not sure about Olympics as it’s in the middle of the school holidays when I tend to kick back but you never know 🙂

  89. Another fun tournament has come to a close. Way to go Andy! He handled the pressure of being top dog very well. Brilliant stuff from the William sisters. When they do decide to retire women’s tennis will never be the same. Thank you to Sally for giving us this wonderful forum. Can you please do the Olympics Sally.? Bye for now everyone.

    1. Bye Shelley. Will try to do Olympics if I have the time/inclination and the astrology is leaping! If not, see you at the US Open.

  90. Congrats, Sally! Murray has won as you predicted. He was one of the two favourites as ATP 2 and taking part in every GS final 2016.

    Thank you very much for another exciting Grand Slam Astro blog and all your passionate and supportive comments! ????????????

    Kind regards,

  91. Sally, there is one thing about Roger that came to my mind I would be curious to know your opinion. Roger and Serena have their natal North Node in Leo – indication for a life task – at 1 degree Leo. Is it with North Node near the cusp to the next sign same, as with the star sign, that so closed the person is also strongly influenced by the neighbouring North Node sign, which would be Cancer for Roger/Serena?

    Regarding North Node conjunct Andy’s AC final I remember that North Node was conjunct Jupiter and AC at the opening chart, too.

    1. I don’t agree that the north node or Sun sign are influenced by the sign next door even when they are early/late degrees. The sign that they’re in is the one that’s important. Looking at the opening chart of the tournament again, the Ascendant was very close to Andy Murray’s own Ascendant. A clue perhaps?

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