Mars Turns Direct: The Passion And The Fury

Mars directAction planet Mars turns direct on June 29th 2016 after 10 weeks retrograde. Mars is a difficult planet when it’s on go slow as this is a frustrated Mars.

The planet which rules assertive behaviour, anger, passion, the libido and courage doesn’t like to be held back, tied down, repressed.

Since Mars entered its biennial (every two years) retrograde phase on April 17th 2016, it’s been moving backward, retracing its steps through the zodiac, gathering power and intensity along the way.

Recently, since May 27th 2016, Mars has been retrograde in Scorpio, one of the water signs, linked to deep emotions and hidden motivations which are ultimately about power and control. Scorpio rules secrets and all things hidden. Mars turns direct in Scorpio this week and the intensity of the God of War has been building over the last few days.

If ever there was a time when emotions were running high, it’s now in the United Kingdom. The EU referendum was never going to go smoothly considering it took place when Mars was retrograde. This is unleashed passion and fury which wants to come forth. The country remains divided and opinions are strong.

At least once Mars is back in direct motion, there’s a chance to air bad feelings, to get back on track, to seek out a leader who can inspire the people and take the country in the right direction. Mars in Scorpio switching to direct motion needs a hero. Let’s hope a hero or heroine is ready to save the day.

On a personal level, this will be most powerful for you if you have planets/angles between 23 Scorpio and 9 Sagittarius, the degree points where Mars turned on its tail (9 Sagittarius) and where it reclaims its dominance (23 Scorpio). This is the hot zone where Mars has been moving to and fro and boy, is this one Mars that wants to reclaim its power.

Here are the areas of your life in the hot zone as Mars turns direct. Read your Sun sign first, your Ascendant second:

Aries: Your joint finances, e.g. with institutions and/or exes; your sex life

Taurus: Your relationships, personal & professional; all your 1-to-1’s

Gemini: Your job & everyday lifestyle; your health; how you serve other people

Cancer: Your creativity; your children; fun & entertainment; your love affairs

Leo: Your home & property matters; your family; your past & where you come from

Virgo: All forms of communication; your local community; your siblings & neighbours

Libra: Your money & personal possessions; what you value in life

Scorpio: Your physical energy; your image & appearance; your personal goals

Sagittarius: Your inner journey & your spiritual path; your inner vitality

Capricorn: Your friendships & groups; your involvement with the wider world

Aquarius: Your career & vocation; your status; your role in the public eye

Pisces: Your education; travel & new experiences; where you find meaning in life

Now Mars is turning direct, you can give life an extra push in the right direction and start picking up speed. Mars doesn’t want to procrastinate or wait around for anyone when it’s back to direct motion.

It’s the ideal time to rediscover your passion, stand up for yourself and what you believe in and to engage fully with your life. Here’s hoping the rest of the UK discovers their passion too 🙂



7 thoughts on “Mars Turns Direct: The Passion And The Fury”

  1. Good post Sally. Mars turned direct just as it conjunct my natal Neptune at 23 degrees Scorpio located in my second house. And, I start a new contract on Monday. Very interesting indeed.

  2. At this time, Uranus is in conjunction to my ascendant which is 26 Aries. What affect will it have on me if it goes retrograde?

    1. Uranus tends to be date specific so if your time of birth is exact, the most interesting transit will be when next year when it’s conjunct your Ascendant. Uranus rules change so things happen unexpectedly, relationships start or end suddenly. It’s a good time to do something wild and crazy and tap into the Uranus’ energy.

  3. Also, I have Saturn transiting my eighth house and Mars about to go direct there as well. Saturn transit has been very difficult for me, will Mars going direct help ?

    1. The Mars/Saturn combination isn’t easy as they are the two malefics. Mars catches up with Saturn in Sagittarius in August. Mars does help you make things happen but it’s usually a bit of a fight, a battle. Hope that helps!

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