Who Will Win The US Open Tennis 2012?

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Update 11th Sept 2012. The US Open final took place one day late between Djokovic & Murray, an absolute epic 5 set, 5 hour match.

Och well, the wee Scot squeaked it and bang goes my prediction. Do I mind? Not at all. I knew the final was going to be close and I’m so pleased for Andy Murray. His 1st Grand Slam win. Tough for Nole though.

I promised that I would post a prediction for the US Open after my success with Wimbledon (see post here).

As I have stated in previous posts, Jupiter is the success planet and has been in Gemini since 11th June 2012, so this is an interesting Grand Slam season for the top four mens’ tennis seeds.

Both Nadal and Djokovic are Sun Geminis and Federer and Murray both have their Midheaven (success) point in Gemini and so far this year, the four of them have shared out the glory. Djokovic beat Nadal in the Australia Open, Nadal beat Djokovic in the French Open, Federer beat Murray at Wimbledon and Murray beat Federer at the Olympics. How equal is that?

The US Open starts on 27th August 2012 and ends on 9th September 2012. Who will win? The astrology chart for the opening match is below and we know that Nadal is sadly out injured. I actually made my prediction some months ago and I have money on Djokovic to win the mens’ title. I also put a sneaky bet on Kim Clijsters (seeded 23) to be the surprise winner of the womens’ tournament.

These really are instinctual bets and my heart is not engaged as it was with Wimbledon but some of you did ask so here’s my reply. The key astrology is as follows:

Djokovic has an Ascendant of 16 Capricorn 04 and the Moon in the chart of the opening match falls at 17 Capricorn 35 picking Djokovic out as the key contender. Plus, Djokovic has his Mercury at 18 Gemini 12 and both Mercury/Gemini show prominently in tennis players’ charts due to the agility and dexterity necessary to be a top player.

Jupiter is close to this point (14/15 Gemini throughout the tournament), although you can’t forget that Jupiter in Gemini is also transiting the success sector of both Federer and Murray’s charts but moving further away from their actual Midheaven (success) point.

I just read a review by Boris Becker who believes there may be a surprise winner of the US Open mens’ competition. We shall see but my money’s on Djokovic to end the year as he started it with another Grand Slam win.

US Open astrology chart 2012
US Open, August 27th 2012, 11:00amEDT, Flushing Meadows, USA

To see the birth data of the four top mens seeds, check out my Who Will Win Wimbledon post. The ladies data can be found here.

For those who are interested, Kim Clistjers birth data is: June 8th 1983, 2:17am CED, Bilzen, Belgium. She has a Sun/Mars conjunction at 15/16 Gemini close to where Jupiter is in the heavens during the tournament. Her Saturn is 28 Libra 10 conjunct the ASC of the tournament opening chart plus her Venus is at 1 Leo 47, slightly out of orb but close enough to the opening chart’s MC. It’s a wild card shout!

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30 thoughts on “Who Will Win The US Open Tennis 2012?”

  1. Hi Sally.

    Nice post. I’ve been waiting for this post πŸ™‚
    Was kind of devastated after the cinci final. The feeling – Djokovic’s best is over – sank deep into my mind already. Let us see how many titles he can gather πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do wonder if Jupiter in the success sector will benefit both Federer and Murray but astrologically Djokovic is in with a good shout! I think he’s ready for a win.

  2. Thanks for your prediction Sally. Just wanted to point out that Neptune is currently squaring Djokovic’s Sun though, making it tough for him to pull out a win.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Neptune square the Sun is often about feeling disillusioned and I’m sure he has felt uncertain this year as his remarkable run of wins hasn’t continued. You need to work harder at confidence & self-belief with Neptune transits so hopefully he has good backing from his team.

    1. Thanks for your comment. All but Federer have Mercury in Gemini. Federer has Mercury in Leo. Gemini is the sign ruled by Mercury and Gemini is a dominant sign for all four. Quick & agile, plus rules the hands, Gemini is the tennis players’ sign.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I don’t know how Starnoud makes his predictions – it doesn’t say on his blog.
      I have a bet on Djokovic so I want him to win and the astrology is slightly better for him than Federer or Murray. However, as I said in my blog, the Gemini influence has been strong for all of the top four tennis seeds this year. Let’s see what happens.

  3. hi sally as per indian vedic astrology…… i think roger federer has more chance to win…

    As per Roger Federer’s birth date, his Moon sign is Libra. The sports planet Mars is placed in the sign Gemini, the 9th house from the Moon sign. The 9th house indicates publicity. This indicates that his good form will help him to reach the finals. On the day of final match, the Moon will be transiting in the 9th house, where Mars (the planet of Sports and games) is placed in his birth chart. This favorable transit of the Moon signifies more chances for Federer to win the US open 2012 final

    1. V interesting. I look forward to seeing what happens. Did u see good fortune for Roger Federer at Wimbledon this year too with ur vedic prediction? best, Sally

  4. My question to Rakesh
    1) How about Novak & Andy chances to win? How much less than Roger?
    2) What if the final is rescheduled to Sep 10 or even 11 , will Roger still has a great chance to win?

  5. Hi
    The one Rakesh posted is on the sify site. & They predicted Djokovic to win Wimbledon. Wonder how well Djokovic’s or Murray’s success point are πŸ™‚

    1. hi Laura, thanks for your comment. I haven’t I’m afraid. Clijsters was a wild shot prediction due to her amazing astrology but it wasn’t to be. No doubt the formidable Serena Williams will figure. Saturn is in Libra, her Sun sign, and she seems to be proving what a tough opponent she is. Saturn isn’t always easy but it does add commitment and a dogged determination, and Saturn is exalted in Libra, i.e. it’s a sign that Saturn excels in. Hope that helps.

    1. Yes, it makes a difference, although my original prediction for Djokovic included the chart for the start of the US Open. It will be close but my money is still on Djokovic.

    1. Andy Murray has a great chance against Djokovic. After his Olympics win, he’s on a roll. It will be a close final and hard to call astrologically. I think Djokovic will squeak it just…

  6. “I do wonder if Jupiter in the success sector will benefit both Federer and Murray”

    Looks like that’s what happened. πŸ™‚

    Maybe it was a Moon thing, since it moves faster than any other planet and seems to be the place where that one day can make the difference. Or one of the asteroids.
    Not to say Nole didn’t play a spectacular match.

    Congratulations to Andy!

    1. Wow, what an amazing final. I don’t think it could have been closer after 5 hours. I didn’t watch it but my other half did and said it was one of the best tennis matches he’s ever witnessed. Long ralleys and both guys determined to win. I think it was Andy’s grit and drive that forced through in the end. His first Grand Slam win – epic!

      1. Hi Sally,

        I was just looking at Ivan Lendl’s (Murray’s coach) chart and noticed that transiting Jupiter is currently sextiling Lendl’s 16Β° Leo Midheaven. I wonder if that was the astrological indicator we all missed for Murray eventually winning.

        Anyway your prediction was very nearly right, and I look forward to reading more of them in the future πŸ™‚

        1. Thanks Chris. That’s interesting what you say about Lendl’s chart & yes, that will have helped Murray. When I’m predicting football matches I often look at the chart for the coach but it does generate a lot of extra work for the tennis players. Often the player’s chart is enough. I don’t feel too disappointed about my prediction as Djokovic gave it his all. I just think Murray wanted his first Grand Slam win that little bit more.
          I’m glad you enjoy my predictions & will continue to include them on my blog. bw, Sally

  7. Hi Sally.
    Very close and nice prediction indeed. Felt happy watching Andy win. Being a Novak fan I cannot help but wonder how his year gonna be in 2013. I think next year it would be much more interesting to see Andy and Novak in the slams. I believe Andy would win 1 or two (just a feeling – no prediction). And I also wish Novak to win.

    Any thoughts about grand slams, 2013 and the top four?

    Many Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for your comments. They are much appreciated. You’re leaping ahead with 2013 and I will write predictions but not until next year now. Best wishes.

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