Who Will Win At the Oscars 2022?

Oscars 2022, Academy Awards astrology

UPDATE – March 28 2022

Another high-five night for astrology predictions for the Oscars. All 5 categories correct – yeah! The best film went to CODA which I’m looking forward to watching – a great night for them. Perhaps, the importance of Mercury in the Oscars’ chart, the planet of communication, gave a nod towards the win – I also think it’s linked to that line-up of planets in Aquarius.

Jane Campion won best director for The Power of the Dog which I’m really pleased about. The big controversy seems to be Will Smith slapping Chris Rock regarding a jibe at his wife who’s been suffering from alopecia. Some jokes just aren’t funny. Aries rules the head! Fights are Aries too, the latter being a good reason not to stage the Oscars during Aries season! Pisces or Taurus season in future, please 🙂

Oscars Astrology

The movie awards season is here once again. It seems that Pisces season is no longer the prime time for the Oscars which is a shame as it’s perfect for the glamour of film. This is the third year that the date has changed and this time around, the Sun is in Aries.

It’s always worth taking a look at the symbolism of the astrology for the start of the Oscars. There’s a lot going on in Aries as the Sun is in Aries and the ruling planet of both the Virgo Ascendant & the Gemini Midheaven is talk planet Mercury in Aries sitting next to the Sun. Two asteroids – Chiron (wounded healer) & Pallas (goddess of wisdom) complete the Aries line-up. Aries is the star sign linked to speed, redheads and fast-talking.

The Moon is a key factor in charts of the moment and there’s an interesting line-up in Aquarius. The Moon is in a stellium alongside Mars & Venus, the lovers, & big Daddy Saturn. It feels like a family line-up as the Moon is a symbol of the mother, all in the 6th house.

There are no major planets on or around the Gemini Midheaven – success point – but there is an asteroid, Ceres (goddess of agriculture & motherly relationships).

Also in astrology predictions, it’s important to note where you find the biggest & best planet Jupiter. Jupiter transits promise success and Jupiter is currently at 20 Pisces heading for a conjunction with Neptune at 23 Pisces. The epic conjunction is exact on April 12th. Big dreams are a Jupiter-Neptune theme and this perhaps makes up for the fact that the Sun is no longer in Pisces.

Will the major conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune be significant in the charts of the nominees and the winners? Or, will those Aries & Aquarius placements prove significant? Let’s dive in….

Actress In A Supporting Role

  • Jessie Buckley (b. December 28, 1989) – Sun Capricorn, The Lost Daughter
  • WINNER Ariana Debose (b. January 25, 1991) – Sun Aquarius, West Side Story
  • Judi Dench (b. December 9, 1934) – Sun Sagittarius, Belfast
  • Kirsten Dunst (b. April 30, 1982) – Sun Taurus, The Power of the Dog
  • Aunjanue Ellis (b. February 21, 1969) – Sun Pisces, King Richard

No times of birth for any of the actresses above, apart from Kirsten Dunst. I was surprised not to find a time of birth for Judi Dench and rather remarkably, she’s having her 3rd Saturn Return.

I like the fact that Aunjanue Ellis is a Sun Pisces basking in the glow of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. And, she has her north node at 1 Aries exactly where talk planet Mercury is during the ceremony, plus a Venus-Saturn conjunction in Aries. Even though her Sun is at 3 Pisces, she’s got to be a front runner for the win.

There is a time of birth for Kirsten Dunst but astrologically there’s not a lot leaping out. Her Venus is at 25 Pisces square Neptune so the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is close but perhaps not close enough.

Jessie Buckley is becoming one of my favourite actors. She’s a Sun Capricorn but born on a close Sun-Uranus conjunction, she’s not your typical staid Capricorn. Much more quirky.

Ariana Debose is currently the favourite to win, a Sun Aquarius. If she does win, Jupiter at 20 Pisces is almost exactly trine her Pluto at 20 Scorpio, a positive planetary aspect. Therefore, you would expect Pluto to be linked to her career/vocation/future path. We don’t know for sure without a time of birth.

Astrologer’s Choice: Not an easy one to predict – Aunjanue Ellis has some minor astrology tying in to the Oscar chart but I’m going for Ariana Debose and hoping that her natal Pluto is linked to her career. There may be another reason why she wins – see Director category below.

Actor In A Supporting Role

  • Ciaran Hinds (b. February 9, 1953) Sun Aquarius, Belfast
  • WINNER Troy Kotsur (b. July 24, 1968) – Sun Leo, Coda
  • Jesse Plemons (b. April 2, 1998) – Sun Aries, The Power of the Dog
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee (b. June 13, 1996) – Sun Gemini, The Power of the Dog
  • J. K. Simmons (b. January 9, 1955) – Sun Capricorn, Being the Ricardos

No times of birth for any of the above actors.

Ciaran Hinds has a lot of minor transits on the night – Venus conjunct his Sun at 20 Aquarius, Mercury conjunct his Mars at 1 Aries & the Sun conjunct his Venus at 7 Aries. He’s likely to enjoy himself, whatever happens.

J. K. Simmons is a Sun Capricorn and his natal Mars is at 26 Pisces but wide of the Jupiter-Neptune gaze.

Personally, I loved The Power of the Dog & was delighted to see two actors from the film in this category, Jesse Plemons & Kodi Smit-McPhee who I thought was outstanding. Yet, there’s not a lot that leaps out astrologically without a time of birth. Kodi is a Sun Gemini but it’s wide of the Midheaven degree of the Oscars’ chart.

The front-runner has got to be Troy Kotsur and he does have some favourable astrology. He was born on a Mars-Neptune trine aspect – Mars at 22 Cancer & Neptune at 23 Scorpio. This means that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is completing a Grand Water Trine in his chart which looks lovely for a win.

Plus, there’s a fascinating Chiron connection going on – the wounded healer. Chiron is at 12 Aries conjunct Troy’s north node at 13 Aries, while the Sun & Mercury sit either side of his Chiron at 3 Aries. If Troy wins for his role in CODA (Child of Deaf Adult), he would be the first male deaf actor to win an Oscar.

Astrologer’s Choice: Troy Kotsur

Actress In A Leading Role

  • Olivia Colman (b. January 30, 1974) – Sun Aquarius, The Lost Daughter
  • WINNER Jessica Chastain (b. March 24, 1977) – Sun Aries, The Eyes of Tammy Faye
  • Penelope Cruz (b. April 28, 1974) – Sun Taurus, Parallel Mothers
  • Nicole Kidman (b. June 20, 1967) – Sun Gemini, Being the Ricardos
  • Kirsten Stewart (b. April 9, 1990) – Sun Aries, Spencer

There are times of birth for all the above actors except for Olivia Colman.

Olivia Colman – brilliant actress – is a Sun Aquarius and was born on a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius – there’s that smily, quirky sense of humour. On the night, Saturn at 21 Aquarius is conjunct her Jupiter at 21 Aquarius (Mercury 24 Aquarius) which doesn’t feel like lifting the award. Or, maybe it adds to the gravitas of her acting success in recent years.

Penelope Cruz has a great chance of grabbing an Oscar. She has Venus at 22 Pisces trine the Moon at 22 Cancer – there’s the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 20-23 Pisces sweeping in. Neither planet, however, is linked to her career.

Jessica Chastain has her Sun at 4 Aries with her career planet Mercury at 13 Aries and Venus at 22 Aries. Plus, her natal Moon is at 5 Gemini close to the Midheaven of the Oscar’s chart. Will she be the birthday girl of the ceremony?

Kristen Stewart is the other Sun Aries – 19 degrees. In her birth chart, she’s born with a competitive Mars at 21 Aquarius on her Midheaven at 22 Aquarius. Saturn’s up there on the night – but you’d prefer Jupiter for a win.

Nicole Kidman is one of the favourites for the category but the astrology isn’t convincing. Her Sun is at 29 Gemini so wide of the Oscars’ Midheaven degree.

Astrologer’s Choice: I think this category is between Penelope Cruz & Jessica Chastain. I think Jessica might just sneak it.

Actor In A Leading Role

  • Javier Bardem (b. March 1, 1969) – Sun Pisces, Being the Ricardos
  • Benedict Cumberbatch (b. July 19, 1976) – Sun Cancer, The Power of the Dog
  • Andrew Garfield (b. August 20, 1983) – Sun Leo, tick.tick…BOOM!
  • WINNER Will Smith (b. September 25, 1968) – Sun Libra, King Richard
  • Denzel Washington (b. December 28, 1954) – Sun Capricorn, The Tragedy of Macbeth

Times of birth for everyone in this category – quite extraordinary.

Javier Bardem is a Sun Pisces but it’s wide of the Jupiter-Neptune influence. His Sun is at 11 Pisces.

Benedict Cumberbatch has at times been the favourite for this category. His Sun is at 26 Cancer so the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction isn’t far away from a trine aspect. Otherwise, there’s not a lot leaping out astrologically.

Andrew Garfield, on the other hand, has his Ascendant at 23 Pisces so the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is happening on the most personal point in his horoscope. It’s not necessarily linked to his career, however, but it does speak of miracules.

Denzel Washington has his Mars at 17 Pisces but Jupiter’s been and gone over that point. It’s his Lunar Return on the day and the Sun is on his Descendant, relationship point, which could suggest the limelight going to someone else.

Will Smith has been picking up the awards for his role in King Richard, a film about the tennis-playing Williams’ family. His Midheaven is at 14 Aquarius so the Aquarius stellium is gathering at the peak of his horoscope. Plus, his Ascendant is 7 Gemini linking to the Oscars’ Midheaven at 8 Gemini.

And, he has a Yod or Finger of God aspect in his horoscope. The apex planet is Saturn at 23 Aries and the planetary pattern connects Saturn to Neptune at 24 Scorpio & Pluto at 23 Virgo. This seems to be enough to pick up the influence of the Jupiter-Neptune vibes at 20-23 Pisces.

Astrologer’s Choice: I have to go for Will Smith with that fabulous Finger of God line-up!


  • Kenneth Branagh (b. December 10, 1960) – Sun Sagittarius, Belfast
  • Ryusuke Hamaguchi (b. December 16, 1968) – Sun Sagittarius, Drive My Car
  • Paul Thomas Anderson (b. June 26, 1970) – Sun Cancer, Licorice Pizza
  • WINNER Jane Campion (b. April 30, 1954) – Sun Taurus, The Power of the Dog
  • Steven Spielberg (b. December 18, 1946) – Sun Sagittarius, West Side Story

There are times of birth for three of the directors above but sadly not for Ryusuke Hamaguchi or Jane Campion, the female nominee.

Ryusuke Hamaguchi was born on a Sun-Neptune conjunction. The Sun at 23 Sagittarius conjunct Neptune at 18 Sagittarius – so the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is square to this duo.

You may notice there are three Sun Sagittarius directors in this category – see list above. Ruled by Jupiter, the visionary planet, it is a great star sign for directors. Kenneth Branagh is one of them and Saturn is honing in on his Midheaven at 23 Aquarius.

The other Sun Sagittarius is Steven Spielberg, a well-known director. If his time of birth is correct, his Midheaven is 20 Pisces 46 and Jupiter will be at 20 Pisces 19 as the ceremony begins. This is glorious astrology for a win.

However, his movie West Side Story didn’t do well at the box office and he’s not the favourite to win this category. Which makes me wonder whether the film will do well – perhaps a win for his leading actress Ariana Debose? – see category above.

I would love Jane Campion to win as I’ve always adored her movies. The Piano is probably one of my favourite movies ever & I loved The Power of the Dog. Without a time of birth, we don’t have all the information we need but there is a possibility that her Moon is at 21 Pisces if she’s born in the early hours of her day of birth – Jupiter-Neptune vibes. Plus, she has lovely Venus at 1 Gemini, not far from the Midheaven degree of the Oscars’ chart.

Astrologer’s Choice: Steven Spielberg has the best astrology but I’m willing on Jane Campion and hoping her Moon falls at the right degree of Pisces 🙂

Best Picture

  • Coda
  • Belfast
  • Don’t Look Up
  • Drive My Car
  • Dune
  • King Richard
  • Licorice Pizza
  • Nightmare Alley
  • The Power Of The Dog
  • West Side Story

I don’t have a strong feel for this category. Aries rules speed & power – so Drive My Car & The Power of the Dog may be contenders. The stellium in Aquarius flags up a family theme – possibly dysfunctional in Aquarius – Saturn (Daddy), Moon (Mum) & the ‘lovers’ of the zodiac, Venus & Mars. Licorice Pizza is a coming of age story, West Side Story is based on Romeo & Juliet and Coda is about a child of deaf parents. I may be biased but I’m going for Jane Campion’s film The Power of the Dog.


Past Predictions

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  1. Really amazing, Sally! Congratulations for another astonishing Oscars prediction! Another Sweep.. 🙂

    In Germany, a familiar Comedian who receives his money with dismissive comments about people got slapped sitting in first row awaiting a box fight. A friend of someone he shortly dismissed walked by and gave him some thoughts.. Crazy both incidents happened at the weekend. A prove for morphogenetic fields? 😉 KIind regards, Patrick

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