What 2016 Has In Store (in 140 characters or less)

2016 AstrodiariesI am one of the team who writes the Aussie Astrodiaries for 2016.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting snippets from the diaries revealing what’s in store for you in 2016.


What We Can Say About 2016 (in 140 characters or less)

We’re getting closer and closer to 2016. So here in 140 characters or less is what you can expect from the year ahead… Stay tuned! 

Aries love lives improve in September. Between now and then, you have a chance to make strides at work! http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-aries?ref=sally

Taureans – 2016 will be way easier for you. Take some time out now to recover so you can really go for it next year. http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-taurus?ref=sally

Gemini – 2016 will be your year to learn lots of important love lessons, so make sure you’re paying attention! http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-gemini?ref=sally

Cancerians – people who drove u mad these past few years will make you happier in 2016. For some, love arrives. http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-cancer?ref=sally

Leos – your need to make sure you make time to have fun in 2016. Start diarising some dates asap. We are not joking. http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-leo?ref=sally

Virgos – you have the chance to change your life in 2016, thanks to the eclipses. Use it or lose it! http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-virgo?ref=sally

Librans get lucky in September 2016 when fab Jupiter returns to their sign for the first time in over a decade. http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-libra?ref=sally

Scorpio – you are in recovery mode now. Don’t push yourself. 2016 is about learning to believe in yourself again.  http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-scorpio?ref=sally

Sagittarius – 2016 will be one of the most important of your life. You have to work like a dog to make it work 4 you! http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-sagittarius?ref=sally

Capricorn – you’ll be pleased to hear life is getting easier every day for you as we move into 2016. Thank Jupiter. http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-capricorn?ref=sally

Aquarius – the pressure is off and if you have felt stuck in 2015, don’t panic. That can change in 2016. http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-aquarius?ref=sally

Pisceans have lots 2 look forward to in 2016 thanks to powerful eclipse energy in sensitive parts of their chart.  http://www.paperpocket.com.au/astro-diaries/astro-diary-pisces?ref=sally

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