Virgo Your Year Ahead 2015

flower planet

“If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow”

Beyonce Knowles, singer, Sun Virgo (b. September 4 1981)


Virgo 2015 Year Ahead Summary

2015 is a huge year for you but take your time preparing yourself so you’re ready for those all-important future developments. Advancing your spiritual awareness or experimenting with ways of finding inner calm or peace prepares you fully for the excitements that lie ahead.

Jupiter’s move into your sign of Virgo in the middle of the year is a fitting symbol to put yourself first and to live your life fully. Wanting to make a difference in the world or see more of the world are both possibilities and with Jupiter you can cast your net wide. It’s all about you.

Your attitude to work and money matters continues to shift in the year ahead but your greatest fulfilment lies in the people you meet and let in to your life. For some, 2015 brings a proposal of marriage, a wedding or a new relationship that’s irresistible.

For others, you’re moving on so you can embrace new 1-to-1’s that nourish and nurture you fully. Use the astrology to guide you so you’re in step with the stars and in alignment with your future destiny.

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