Leo Your Year Ahead 2015

sun-flower planet

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line’

Lucille Ball, actress, Sun Leo (August 6 1911)


Leo 2015 Year Ahead Summary

Your year comes to life through the fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, and when you fully embrace the fire sign qualities of enthusiasm, excitement and adventure, magic happens. Jupiter in Leo calls you forth to take an active part in your own happiness and expand your experience of life.  Risk-taking, entrepreneurial activities and big-hearted generosity are your gifts and this is the year to shine bright and let your Leo personality out to play.

Love too is up for grabs and Venus pinpoints your sign for some serious action especially in the middle section of the year (a summer of love in the northern hemisphere and a winter of deep passion in the southern hemisphere). Heed Lucille’s words at the beginning of your forecast as it’s when you love yourself first and focus on your own happiness that relationships can blossom.

Keep a close eye on the basic foundations of life, complete what you started with regard to home and family matters and ensure that you have a new money strategy in place which is grounded in reality and not imagination. Trust that life will guide you and by listening carefully to the astrological signposts, you can move forward in 2015 with confidence and ease.

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