Virgo Horoscopes October 2021

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Mercury Retrograde

Your ruling planet is Mercury, the communicator. Up until the 18th, Mercury is retrograde in Libra and your money sector. This makes for a complex picture around money and it’s not the time to be making a major investment or financial decision if you can help it. More information may come to light later in the month.

It’s not just about money, however, because Libra is linked to your assets & possessions, your values & self-worth. There’s a lot going on here in October. Here’s the planetary line-up:

  • Mercury (communication) – all month, retrograde until the 18th
  • Mars (action/drive) – until the 30th
  • Sun (essence/ego) – until the 23rd

Money matters could feel urgent with Mars in the mix. The key period for action is during the New Moon in Libra on the 6th. This pulls in Mars, which is triggered on the 8th & 9th. Be wary of getting into an argument about money or be caught up in a competitive situation. At the same time, fight for what’s rightfully yours and don’t let other people walk all over you.

Money issues peak during the Full Moon on the 20th. Full Moons are often a time of heightened emotions and this Full Moon feels decisive, a time when you see a situation with clarity. You might have some big decisions to make. If so, do what feels right even if it means experiencing short-term pain in exchange for long-term gain.

This Full Moon is important because it falls two days after your ruling planet Mercury turns direct in Libra on the 18th. This often brings new information to light or you receive a payment you were waiting on. It’s effectively a green light for all financial transactions and money negotiations.

  • Lucky Work & Money dates: 4th, 15th, 18th & 28th

Intense Communications

Communications are important throughout October. This is partly because of what’s happening with your ruling planet Mercury. Also, there’s activity in Scorpio and your communication sector. Here’s the line-up:

  • Venus (love/relating) – until the 7th
  • Sun (essence/ego) – from the 23rd
  • Mars (action/drive) – from the 30th

When it comes to love and close connections, it’s a good month for some heart-to-hearts. Get to know someone better and ask pertinent questions, however taboo. 

This is not the time to leave things unsaid. Instead, wrestle with new concepts, be open-minded and willing to embrace new ideas and opinions.

You may have to be more forceful than usual now and step into your power. You could be taking on a teaching role or be a voice of authority. It would be a good month to invest in your education once Mercury turns direct.

Planets Turning Direct

There are some key turning points throughout October as three of the slower-moving planets turn direct. Pluto is the first on the 6th and switches direction in your fellow earth sign Capricorn. Capricorn rules love affairs in your horoscope, also children & pregnancy, entertainment, luck & your creative projects.

There’s intensity here and October’s likely to be a month when you’re emotionally attached or activated more so than usual. You feel strongly about people, events and personal matters. Relationships could hit fever pitch at times this month so keep a tight hold on your money & your emotions.

  • Intense dates: 1st, 17th & 22nd

The other two planets turning direct are Saturn on the 11th & Jupiter on the 18th, both in Aquarius and your work and health sector.

Therefore, it’s a good month to commit to a new job or health regime (Saturn) and do whatever you can to boost or expand these key areas of your life (Jupiter). Quit a bad habit for example and this could provide a real sense of freedom and accomplishment.

Mercury Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts

Remember the Mercury retrograde mantra – put off the big decisions & major investments until the communication planet is back up to speed on October 18th. Here are some more tips:

  • be flexible, have plans B, C & D up your sleeve
  • take a step back, do less not more
  • double-check everything, read the small print
  • chase up old contacts, revisit the past
  • use all the re-words – revise, rework, review, reconsider
  • rest & retreat when you can
  • do your research ready to act when Mercury turns direct

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