Mercury Retrograde: Repeating Themes

Mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

– September 27 to October 18 2021

Mercury turns retrograde [24 Libra 50] – September 27, 2021 (06:09 GMT+1)

Mercury turns direct [10 Libra 08] – October 18, 2021 (16:17 GMT+1)

The planet of communication Mercury is now retrograde, if you hadn’t already noticed! Here in the UK, there’s been panic buying of fuel this weekend. I was caught up in the car melee as I took my daughter to drama school.

I drove through 3 petrol stations that had sold out of fuel and finally managed to find some fuel still available at a smaller petrol station. Although, you don’t mind queuing for 30 minutes if it gets you from A to B.

You too may have your own stories around this Mercury retrograde as it’s an important one as will be revealed below. Please let me know in the comments how it is for you.

Mercury Retrograde Do’s & Dont’s

What to avoid during Mercury retrograde:

  • buying cars/updating technology
  • making major decisions or investments
  • launching a project/starting something new
  • booking important meetings/interviews
  • not giving yourself enough time


  • because Mercury is hidden from view as it moves from evening star to morning star
  • new information comes to light once Mercury turns direct
  • misunderstandings & untruths often occur during Mercury retrograde

What to actively engage with?

  • the R-words – reflect, retreat, review, revise, re-think
  • research & study, finding things out that lie beneath the surface
  • take a step back, slow things down so you can listen to your inner voice
  • reconnect with people & contacts from your past
  • be open to diversions – remember it’s not always about reaching the destination, but enjoying the journey
  • be open-minded, keep your options open, go with the flow & see where life leads you

What’s so important about this Mercury retrograde phase?

Firstly, this Mercury retrograde takes place in Libra, one of the political signs. And, there’s a lot happening around the world politically, including a recent reshuffle of government here in the UK.

I’ve had readers from the US, Norway & Germany confirming that this is a key time for their governments. A brief rule of thumb is that things will change again once Mercury turns direct on October 18th.

Secondly, there seems to be a bigger pattern playing out here that could link back to November 2020. On November 3, 2020 Mercury turned direct at 25 Libra the exact same degree where it turns retrograde on September 27, 2021.  

This was when we went into our second lockdown in the UK. It was also when I moved home and my Moon is at 24 Libra.  If you have key planets/angles at 22-25 Libra, this could be a pivotal time for you. Events now may reflect back to what was happening early November 2020.

Also, November 3, 2020 was the day of the US Election so it’s likely that events over the next few weeks could bring the election back to light, something new being revealed. There could be repeat themes playing out.

Mercury’s Planetary Aspects

Mercury is going to make three aspects to two important planets during its back-and-forth retrograde phase. Here’s the pattern which has already kicked in:

  • Mercury Libra trine Jupiter Aquarius – September 20 – October 4 – November 1
  • Mercury Libra square Pluto Capricorn – September 22 – October 1 – November 2

When Mercury makes a trine aspect to big planet Jupiter, this is a symbol of big-picture thinking and perfect for meetings, interviews, networking and connections. Mercury trine Jupiter is lucky for travel & education. It’s a good time to trust your luck, take a risk and engage actively with life.  

When Mercury makes a square aspect to Pluto, this can reveal what can’t be said and where things go wrong. The Mercury-Pluto square is a classic symbol of negation, getting a rejection or being dismissed. 

These repeat aspects are happening because Jupiter and Pluto are currently semi-sextile, i.e. closely linked in the zodiac and remain so from September to December 2021. Together, these two planets represent big power, hidden riches & transformation. 

As Jupiter & Pluto work alongside the inner planets like Mercury, some things might not work out but that creates the space for something new to grow. Ask yourself what you need to let go of to make the most of new opportunities. It could be a belief, an attitude or something tangible.

You can see that this is likely to be a pivotal Mercury retrograde phase. Freedom is a key theme and relationships are foreground as Mercury is retrograde in Libra. If you can, take a step back during this Mercury retrograde phase and wait until October 18th before moving forwards once again.

October 18th could be a stand-out date as not only does Mercury turn direct but the planet of truth Jupiter turns direct on the same day at 22 Aquarius. It’s a double whammy of new information coming to light and the truth being revealed.

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