Venus Enters Leo: A Summer Of Love

Leo, lion, goddess

Venus enters Leo – June 5, 2023

The goddess of love Venus enters fire sign Leo today, June 5, 2023. This isn’t unusual as Venus graces each of the zodiac signs once a year. However, what is unusual is that, this time around, Venus will spend a whole four months in Leo. Cue a summer of love.

At its best, Venus in Leo is passionate and devoted to love. A committed love goddess, Venus shines brightly when love lights up her life. Yet, this combination is playful too and the preference might be for dating, whirlwind romances and full-on love affairs.

This is more likely with Mars already in Leo, the planet linked to libido and energy. In fact, Venus and Mars were lovers in mythology and, once Venus enters Leo, she’s chasing after Mars at full speed.

The two never make their union, however, as Venus begins to slow down ready for her retrograde phase when she dives into the underworld. Yet, there’s plenty of fun to be had as the two planets are close until Mars leaves Leo on July 10th.

Do What You Love

However, Venus isn’t only about love relationships. Venus represents what brings you pleasure or joy and is a significator of art and beauty, the things in life you value highly.

Venus in Leo is loud and proud, confident and bold. If you’ve been spending too much time at home, get back out into the world, be a sun-seeker, take a holiday and prioritise fun times.

Venus in Leo craves pleasure and desire and wants to show off and be colourful. Wear bright colours to celebrate Venus’ move into Leo, hang out with the kids, laugh and play more, lounge around indulgently. 

Venus loves to be in Leo where she can be Queen Bee. Venus in Leo wants to take centre stage, enjoy life to the full and make sure she’s doing whatever’s necessary to be noticed and admired. Leo is the star sign that rules glitz & glamour, royalty, drama & acting and Venus in Leo wants to take the leading role.

This is the beginning of a long transit of Venus through Leo. Here are Venus’ movements over the next few months and the all-important dates:

  • Venus enters Leo – June 5, 2023 (14:46 GMT+1)
  • Venus turns retrograde [28 Leo 36] – July 23, 2023 ( GMT+1)
  • Sun conjunct Venus R Leo [20 Leo 28] – August 13, 2023 (12:16 GMT+1)
  • Venus turns direct [12 Leo 12] – September 4, 2023 ( GMT+1)
  • Venus leaves Leo – October 9, 2023 (02:11 GMT+1)

Venus’ retrograde phase is most significant if you have planets/angles at 12° Leo and 28° Leo, where Venus switches direction. Also, 20° Leo, the cazimi point where the Sun & Venus meet. Think of this as a love drop, a sweet moment.;

I’ll be talking more about the Venus’ retrograde phase, the do’s and don’ts of this important 18 month cycle, before Venus turns retrograde late July.

Venus’ 8 Year Cycle

Venus was called the harmoniser in ancient times because she makes an almost perfect cycle in the heavens every 8 years. Therefore, think back to the summers of 2015, 2007, 1999, 1991, 1983 and so on, to see whether this is a significant cycle for you. Was it a summer of love? Or, a season of passion, if you live in the southern hemisphere.

Notice where Leo falls in your horoscope as Venus is going back and forth throughout this area for the next four months. Here’s a quick guide. Read both your Sun & Ascendant sign: 

  • Leo: Your body, your image & appearance, your personal goals & aims, self-love
  • Virgo: Your inner journey & spiritual path; self-care & caring for others
  • Libra: Your friendships & groups, your involvement within society & the wider world
  • Scorpio: Your career & vocation, your status & reputation, your networks & connections
  • Sagittarius: Your learnings, travel & adventure, meaning & purpose, long-distance romance
  • Capricorn: Your joint finances, your sex life, all things hidden & taboo
  • Aquarius: Your relationships – both personal & professional, contracts
  • Pisces: Your job, your routine & lifestyle, how you serve & help other people, employees
  • Aries: Your creativity, skills & talents, your children, fun & entertainment, love affairs
  • Taurus: Your home & family, your past & where you come from, childhood sweethearts
  • Gemini: Your communications, your local community, your siblings & neighbours
  • Cancer: Your money & possessions, your financial & emotional security, your values & self-worth

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6 thoughts on “Venus Enters Leo: A Summer Of Love”

  1. Older and wiser

    The Venus retro is all over my chart so it’s no surprise that I had relationships in 91, 99, 07, 15.

    I was hoping something might come of it for me this time around. I haven’t seen anyone since the ’15 retro.

    I have friends who got married on the day of the ’07 Venus retro. Still married 16 years later. Her Saturn-Venus is late Leo.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Interesting. It sounds as if something might happen this time around 🙂 I love that your friend’s marriage has lasted – not all Venus retrograde marriages are bad. There’s often other astrology going on and it sounds as if your friend was in tune with the Venus retro phase – Venus/Saturn aspects are classic for long relationships 🙂

      1. Older and wiser

        Popped back to update on my Venus Retro so far and see your site has a new layout – looks very swish.

        Ordinarily I might say a daring thing to do during a Venus retro but as my own has so far been all about revamping things at home, perhaps it’s not a bad idea. The VR is happening in my 4th.

        Looking back, I did a big revamp in 2007. In 1991 I was still living at my parents and they moved house so that was a definite change. In ’99 I ended up living with them for the summer – that highlighted difficulties . 2015 being the outlier wbere nothing much 4th house happened.

        No sign of love this time around though – ho hum! But I am carefully rereading a book on manifestation and quite happy not to manifest anyone until the Venus retro is over …

        1. It’s fascinating that the 8 year cycle repeats so closely. A great way of looking at the patterns in your life. It’s been quite an interesting Venus retrograde so far – I know someone who was fed up of their long-term relationship and on the verge of splitting up. The Venus retrograde phase kicked in and they’ve slipped back into the routine, although probably not happy underneath! I guess they may have to wait for Venus to turn direct to change things around 🙂 Sending best wishes.

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