Venus Enters Gemini – Words of Love

Venus enters Gemini – April 3, 2020 (18:11 GMT+1)

The planet of love and relating, Venus, enters Gemini today, one of the air signs. Venus in Gemini is a symbol of diversity, open-minded and tolerant about peoples’ differences. 

Venus & Love

Usually, when Venus is in Gemini, this is great for getting out & about, flirting, dating, making whoopee. However, Venus enters Gemini this week while most of us are in a lockdown situation with little or no opportunity to get out & about, to chat or be flirty – unless you’re very brave during this time of social distancing!

So, how you can make the most of Venus in Gemini, the sign of communication? Firstly, it’s a time to be curious in love and relationships.

Some of you will need to find different ways to communicate with the one you love. We could see pen letters or love letters taking off during the coming weeks, more poetry, expressing your love in words. And, if you live with the one you love, keep the lines of communication open. Learn to be one another’s best friend.

Online dating could become what it was meant to be all along, i.e. you take your time to get to know someone before you meet up in the real world. It can become a true meeting of minds and offer a chance to make new friends too.

Do What You Love

However, Venus isn’t only about love relationships. Venus represents what brings you pleasure or joy and it’s a significator of art & beauty. Gemini is the communicator so this a great time for creative ideas or being innovative with the spoken or written word.

Learn a language, study something new, take up a hobby or skill, rediscover your love of reading, write a novel.

Also, it’s important to note that this is the beginning of a very long transit of Venus through Gemini. Venus remains in the star sign of the twins until August 7th as she turns retrograde next month. Here’s the sequence:

  • Venus enters Gemini – April 3rd
  • Venus turns retrograde [21 Gemini 50] – May 13th
  • Sun conjunct Venus R [13 Gemini 45] – June 3rd
  • Venus turns direct [5 Gemini 20] – June 25th
  • Venus leaves Gemini – August 7th

Love Thy Neighbour

We’ll all be learning new and different ways to get on with our neighbours, to support one another over the coming weeks & months. Gemini rules siblings as well as your local community, so keep tabs on your blood relatives.

Keep the lines of communication open and express your feelings, your love, even if it’s by text.

Notice where Gemini falls in your horoscope as Venus is going back and forth here throughout this area of your life for an unusually long time. Here’s a quick guide. Read both your Sun & Ascendant sign: 

  • Gemini: Your body, your image & appearance, your personal goals & aims
  • Cancer: Your inner journey & spiritual path; your inner voice
  • Leo: Your friendships & groups, your involvement with the wider world
  • Virgo: Your career & vocation, your status & reputation, your role in the public eye
  • Libra: Your education, new experiences, where you find meaning in life
  • Scorpio: Your joint finances, your sex life, all things hidden & taboo
  • Sagittarius: Your relationships – personal & professional
  • Capricorn: Your job, your routine & lifestyle, how you serve & help others
  • Aquarius: Your creativity, skills & talents, your children, fun & entertainment, love affairs
  • Pisces: Your home & family, your past & where you come from, your ancestry
  • Aries: All forms of communication – the written & spoken word, podcasting, your local community, your siblings & neighbours
  • Taurus: Your money & possessions, your financial & emotional security, what you value in life

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