Venus Conjunct Neptune In Pisces: Soothe Your Soul

I’ve becemetery, girlen feeling crabby all morning and not been especially easy to be around. Nothing major, just one of those grumbly types of mornings when you see the things that are wrong or frustrating before you see the things that are lovely & functioning well.

Fortunately my family have been super kind in bringing me out of my grump and I’ve had more than my fair share of help, hugs & laughs 🙂

Just now glancing at the ephemeris I remembered that the Moon is in Cancer today (Cancer’s zodiac symbol is the crab and yes, Cancerians can sometimes be crabby), plus the Moon’s been dealing with the Uranus/Pluto square one more time so feeling a bit grumpy and out-of-sorts fits the astrology.

But look…. here comes a lovely Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces [exact 17:36 GMT Sunday 1st February]. Venus is lady Love and exalted in Pisces and Neptune is romantic and dewy-eyed at best and Neptune rules Pisces. Both planetary bodies are enhanced in the last sign of the zodiac.

This is a super merging of loving energies and the perfect excuse to lose yourself in a romantic, spiritual, creative or artistic experience. Enjoy your own love story or watch one at the movies; explore art or poetry and indulge yourself creatively; listen to music that inspires you & takes you to another place; do whatever you choose that is a soft energy, pampering and soothes the soul.

Venus square Saturn

This Venus/Neptune conjunction comes two days after a Venus-Saturn square; Saturn in Sagittarius square Venus in Pisces. This is a very different energy as Saturn rules boundaries, shoulds & oughts and exposes your limitations. Venus wants to give love freely, Saturn says ‘hold your horses’ and dampens down those loving feelings. Rules & regulations, responsibility & duty aren’t words that Venus enjoys hearing or dealing with.

Saturn-Neptune Square

As an astrologer, I’m really intrigued by these new planetary aspects that are being created when the personal planets transition through the Saturn-Neptune square. It’s a new signature for 2015 now that Saturn has entered Sagittarius and already many of my new clients this year have a Saturn-Neptune story in their charts.

So what are we learning? What is emerging as Venus connects with the two slower-moving planets? What I’ve noticed in my own life is that I’ve been told about sad & tragic events, unexpected & untimely deaths.

It’s always sobering to hear the harsher side of life’s reality: Saturn, old Father Time, stops us in our tracks but in the process we are connected to other people through shared experience which in turn calls forth our compassion and evokes our emotions, albeit sad ones, and all part of Neptune’s watery realm.

Venus caught up in the square and in exaltation reminds us that even when it comes to death, love is the answer. We love more deeply and feel more deeply. Neptune offers a soft and gentle response to Saturn’s sharp corners.

Stop the weeping?

Something else I heard this week reminded me of this battle between Saturn and Neptune when a celebrity stated, ‘I don’t let my children see me weeping’. My immediate response was ‘why on earth not?’. Don’t let Saturn in Sagittarius, what you believe is right, stop you being human & real even in sadness, and perhaps especially in sadness, Neptune in Pisces.

I expect that we’ll discover more about this clash between Saturn & Neptune in the weeks and months to come and each experience will peel away another layer bringing us closer to the truth of what this powerful planetary combination can teach us in 2015. For now, bask in the softness of Venus and Neptune in Pisces and allow your soul to be soothed.


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