Taurus Monthly Stars May 2013

Taurus KitschensyngkTaurus (20 April-20 May)

When Mercury, planet of communication, moves into your sign of Taurus on the 1st of the month, it lines up alongside the Sun (self), Mars (action) and Venus (relating) all in your own sign. This is a stellar line up and a stunning start to your birthday month and the month of May.

When planets are in your own sign, the force is with you as this adds energy and confidence to your personal tool box. You’re the one in charge and the one who can call the shots.

In your solar chart, Taurus rules your physical body and your personal ambitions so this is the time to focus on you and to set some new intentions.

On the 10th there’s a powerful solar eclipse in Taurus, which is a New Moon but with extra punch. Eclipses are often about getting rid of dead wood and shedding what’s old and outdated in order to renew your life with fresh impetus and vigour. Taurus is the sign of natural beauty so it’s a perfect month to clear out your wardrobe, go for a new look, eat more healthily, get fit or do whatever’s necessary in order for you to feel in tip top condition inside and out.

Another important area of your life is relationships and in particular whoever is making things tough for you. This may be an ex, your boss or an authority figure. This is because of Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, currently in your opposite sign of Scorpio, where it’s been since autumn 2012. At the end of last month, Saturn was especially dominant between the 22nd-28th April and on the 1st of this month, Saturn opposes Mars in your sign.

A Mars-Saturn opposition can indicate a stand-off as it’s the equivalent of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Two tough opponents going head to head with neither one prepared to back down. This aspect is followed on the 5th by a Mercury-Saturn opposition which suggests someone saying ‘No’ to your needs or wants or a legal or official block or denial.

If this situation rings true in your own life, then the eclipse in your sign on the 10th is the break-through point. Eclipses are often about external circumstances and the wheel of fate turning to move life on. This time with so many personal planets on your side, it feels as if the eclipse can work for you and you’re more in control. If you can harness its strength and power and stand firm for what you believe in and what you deserve, you may be able to move mountains. One way or another, a New Moon eclipse in your own sign suggests a powerful turning point and a chance to put yourself first.

This is also a brilliant month for money matters with Jupiter, planet of opportunity, blessing your personal money sector. Jupiter moved into Gemini back in June 2012 and at the end of next month it will leave this part of your chart and take residence elsewhere. There are two especially lucky dates in May; one is the 18th when Venus, your ruler, teams up with Uranus, a brilliant day to follow a hunch or trust your intuition and second is the 28th when Venus and Jupiter light up the sky at the same point in the heavens.

Joining them is Mercury (communication) so whatever you want to ask for or make happen, here’s your chance. Venus rules love and money and this trio of planets feels especially lucky. They’ll be visible in the night sky too so look out for the three of them close together low in the night sky. Be expansive, open your heart and have faith that you will attract what you need.

The only note of caution on the financial front is a second eclipse cutting across your money axis on the 25th. This is a lunar or Full Moon eclipse which often brings matters to a head. It feels emotional and dramatic and with Neptune in on the act, ensure that you’re not lead astray or swayed by a sob story or too-good-to-be-true cash offer. Nothing is what it seems when Neptune’s in on the act although Neptune calls forth your compassionate and caring side. Separate fantasy from fact and keep your feet firmly placed on the ground over the weekend of the 25th/26th.

When it comes to love and relationships, you may already suspect that this isn’t an insignificant time for love. Saturn in your opposite sign and last month’s eclipse on the 25th cutting across your relationship axis suggests doors closing for some or the knowledge that a ‘good enough’ relationship may no longer be enough when it comes to love.

If in doubt, put yourself first and even if it means a painful decision, remember that life is short and you deserve to be loved and loved well. Even in the best of relationships, you may have to deal with the more serious issues in life but use this to strengthen the relationship and support each other. Any commitment that’s made at this time is likely to last.

[artwork by Kitschensyngk at flickr.com]

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