Taurus Monthly Stars April 2014

Taurus MandalaTaurus (20 April-20 May)

Your ruler Venus moves into romantic Pisces on the 5th where she remains throughout April. This is important for you as Venus is in good shape this month and even though changes are imminent and April’s stars suggest disruption, you can help.

In Pisces, Venus is caring, kind and sensitive. Venus rules friendship, group associations and the wider social network that encompasses environmental and world concerns. Plus Venus makes helpful aspects to other planets so reach out to others, help a friend, help those in need and do your bit.

For some, this is a promising month for love and meeting someone new makes you feel happy. Love can be a welcome diversion from the more mundane side of life and if you’re looking to meet someone new or go on a date, choose the 12th, 18th or 25th when Venus connects beautifully with other planets.

This is also a wonderful month to find your muse, discover your creative or artistic talents, join a singing group, a creative writing class, learn to sculpt, learn to play an instrument and let your imagination roam wild. Yours is one of the artistic signs of the zodiac as you’re ruled by the planet of art and beauty, Venus. You may decide to teach now or share your artistic skills with others and a part-time role can be a welcome money-earner.

You are building towards something special this month and that’s a New Moon or Solar Eclipse in your sign of Taurus on the 29th. This is fresh start energy and an eclipse is doubly powerful. It can act as a springboard that enables you to jump forward in life and turn things around.

The Sun moves into your sign on the 20th and your confidence builds as the month comes to a close. Again the planetary aspects are helpful to you and with Mercury, the communication planet, also in Taurus from the 23rd, it’s time to find your voice.

This fits in with Venus in Pisces so it may be a singing or creative voice that you discover or rediscover or perhaps it’s a boost in confidence and you want to tell the world who you are. This is good for communication of all kinds, for getting your name noticed and being a star. Time to show off a little, big up who you are and shout your message from the rooftops.

Before all that happens however you have the small matter of the Cardinal Grand Cross in the heavens to deal with which dominates the month of April. In brief you have four planets squaring up to one another and something’s got to give. The signs involved are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the four cardinal signs or the leaders of the zodiac.

This suggests conflicting opinions and for you this may be about a difference of opinion, your principles in life and what’s important to you. You find that you’re challenged by others who disagree with what you believe in or perhaps you have a crisis of confidence about your own long-held beliefs. This can be philosophical, religious, spiritual or simply with regard to your life view. The crux comes over the Easter weekend when you feel this energy most strongly.

The key planet for you in all of this is Mars currently retrograde or on go slow in Libra ruling your work, your routine and lifestyle and your health. Mars is energy and action and if you feel your energy’s depleted or your reserves are low, prioritise rest and relaxation especially over the Easter weekend. If you’re fed up with a 9-to-5 job or a boring routine, expect tensions to escalate and your own frustrations to build again with the Easter weekend being the peak or perhaps a little earlier on or around the 15th.

In fact, you may know what this is all about for you right at the beginning of April but the Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse on the 15th highlights your situation. This is a repeat of an eclipse that took place on October 18th 2013 so look back to that date to see if it gives you any clues on what might be happening in your life now. The Aries/Libra axis which is highlighted rules retreat and work, service to self and service to others.

Mars is also your partner planet and as Mars is currently weak and your planet Venus is strong, you may be the one who’s holding the fort at home or need to give your other half plenty of support and TLC. Bide your time if you’re in a relationship or married and know that once Mars turns direct late May, things will begin to pick up for you both.

Avoid conflict too unless absolutely necessary or constructive as this is a month when tempers can flare easily and you can quickly make a mountain out of a molehill. Hold tight to the knowledge that Venus is in peace-loving Pisces and where possible advocate love not war.


6 thoughts on “Taurus Monthly Stars April 2014”

  1. The full moon in Scorpio on May 14, 2014 will be opposed to my Mercury in Taurus and also (within a degree) opposed to my Taurus sun. I’ve searched for some insight into that aspect, but have found little info.
    Any insights you would be willing to share would be most appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Full Moons often represent a relationship situation and that’s where to look first of all. A Full Moon can mean celebration, highlight a situation or complete a cycle. The Full Moon light is bright and you can make a decision with clarity. In the Full Moon chart, Saturn is conjunct the Moon in Scorpio and Saturn has been going back and forth opposing your Taurus planets since January 2014. You may be letting go of someone or something that weighs you down or is too intense or difficult. As Saturn is involved and Taureans don’t typically initiate change quickly, you may let a situation ‘drag on’ until October 2014. Alternatively, you may be making a commitment to a partner, either personal or professional and this Full Moon will highlight any issues between you. Again it feels as if the turning point and resolution will come later this year. I hope that helps you but do feel free to ask any further questions.

  2. I’ve sent for an Astrology reading from you. It has been years since I had a professional reading, and it is time. I look forward to your email, and will give my personal info then … <3 Thank you.

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