Taurus May 2017

Taurus May 2017

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Your ruling planet Venus has been picking up speed since mid-April and now begins to retrace its steps through the sign of Aries. This is where Venus was back in February so it’s an ideal time to try again with projects or plans that didn’t work out earlier in the year.

Another key planet turns direct at the beginning of May on the 3rd and this planet is Mercury ruling communication. This often brings a theme of second chances or new information comes to light. Either way, it’s another indication that going back over old ground can prove extremely useful.

What’s interesting about both Venus and Mercury is that they are in your preceding sign of Aries. Venus remains here all month and Mercury until the 16th. So you might find that secrets emerge or news that’s been hidden.

The focus is on your inner world whether you’ve been dealing with a sensitive or personal issue. Yes, there’s a chance for progress but this may be about letting go of certain plans or things that haven’t worked out. In a way, it’s about wrapping up the past so you can create space for new ideas and projects to emerge.

Plus, the Sun is in your sign of Taurus until the 20th so this is your birthday month and an excellent time to get organised. You enjoy life when you know what you’re doing and where you’re heading. You work best with a regular routine and you know where you stand. Plus, if someone’s been withholding information or you have your suspicions about someone close, now’s the time to ask.

Focus on order in your life and move away from chaos. Simplify or streamline your routine. Get rid of what’s no longer needed. Spend more time than usual thinking about yourself and consider what makes you happy and where you find comfort and ease in your life.

This is a positive month to make future plans and involve other people in the process. You might want to line up a holiday or trip away with friends or consider studying a subject either for fun or educational purposes. Line up some new goals that will help you feel secure or at least enable you to have a clear path ahead.

This is an excellent time to put in an application for a degree course or to gain new qualifications that will benefit you in the future. The 9th and 31st are especially positive in this respect.

You can also make progress now with money matters and it’s here where you’re wise to focus your ambition. Action planet Mars is in Gemini and your personal money sector throughout the month of May and plays a key role in your financial fortunes.

If you’re looking for work or you want to make progress in your current job, this is a good time to act. The 12th promises success and the 31st is a date to trust your intuition. Plus the New Moon on the 25th lights up your personal money sector, so set your intentions around money and speak up and ask for what you want or need.

Gemini is the sign of communication so draw up some new plans, do your accounts and be vocal in what you want to achieve financially.

You may have struggled financially over the last couple of years as the taskmaster of the heavens, Saturn, has been in your joint finance sector. Progress is invariably slow when Saturn’s in town and there could be a specific reason why you can’t get ahead as quickly as you would like.

There may yet be a setback or hold up in this respect and events around the 29th will reveal more. Yet this is also a month when you can at least try and do things differently. This is because of a major aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries which takes place on the 19th.

These two planets are working in unison so trust your intuition and use technology or the internet to further your knowledge, to gain recommendations and to update your own skill set around money. If you’re stuck financially, this is a positive symbol for crowdfunding or setting up a fundraising page online.

It’s also a good time to become cash savvy, perhaps recycling what you already have and transforming it into something new. One way or another, you’re likely to be engaged with investments, an inheritance, savings or debt this month. It’s not a completely smooth path ahead but use the timing well and make a well-calculated move mid-month.

This is also an intriguing time for your 1-to-1 relationships. Firstly, there’s a Full Moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio on the 10th and Scorpio rules your relationship sector. Scorpio is an intense, deep sign and Full Moons tend to heighten emotions.

If you’re ready to move a relationship on to the next level or you want to know where you stand when it comes to love, here’s your opportunity. After two months when key planets have been retrograde or on go slow, Venus and Mercury, you’re back in the saddle. The more you focus on your relationships, the more you can achieve.

Yet Venus in Aries indicates that things are happening behind the scenes or in private. This may be a love affair that you want to keep secret or unrequited feelings. Perhaps you’re trying to let go of someone from your past and even though you’re making progress, you’re not 100% there.

What takes place around the 25th can help you move on. Sometimes you need a ritual or a deeper reason to let go and this may appear on or around this date. Certainly May is a month to make steady progress but that also means discerning what’s come to an end and where you’re ready to start over.

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