Making The Most Of A New Moon In Taurus

New Moon [6 Taurus 27]

Wednesday 26 April (13:16 GMT+1) – London

Wednesday 26 April (08:16 GMT-4) – New York

Wednesday 26 April (22:16 GMT+10) – Sydney

New Moon alert! It’s that time of the month when we await a new lunar cycle which always begins with the New Moon. This New Moon is possibly one of the best of the year. This is because it takes place in Taurus, a sign that’s much loved by the Moon. It’s thought of as a ‘safe harbour’.

Plus, this New Moon is unadulterated by any other major planetary aspects. The Sun and Moon sit side by side in the zodiac, the perfect team. The King (Sun) and Queen (Moon) of the sky, the Sun ruling the day and the Moon the night.

Here are some top tips on how to make the most of the New Moon’s potential:

1. Set your intentions for the month ahead. Launch a project, start something new. (Even though communication planet Mercury is retrograde for another week, this New Moon favours gentle new beginnings).

2. Make a wish on the crescent moon. This will appear in the night sky over the next couple of days. When you first catch a glimpse, make your wish as New Moon wishes can come true.

3. Write an abundance cheque. You can do this with any cheque. Write your name where it says ‘payee’, add how much you want to receive, choose any figure you like, the more abundant the better and sign it ‘with love from the universe’. Tuck it away and wait and see what manifests by the time of the Full Moon in two weeks. This is doubly advantageous because Taurus is the sign that rules money so make the most of this potentially abundant New Moon.

4. Be in nature. Taurus is one of the earth signs so revel in simple pleasures, the glory and beauty of nature that’s all around you. Stop what you’re doing, sit or walk outside, give thanks for the constancy of nature

5. Sing. Taurus rules the throat and there are many amazing Taurus singers with unique voices. Adele (b. May 5 1988) is a fine example. Sing in a choir, sing to your children, sing in the shower.

6. Eat, drink and be merry. Taurus is one of the sensual earth signs linked to food and produce. So make this a special New Moon and savour good food, enjoy good company and share in good times. If you’re a budding chef, knock up a special meal for your loved ones. Be happy.

7. Meditate. There’s no rush when the New Moon is in Taurus. Stop the world and get off the hamster wheel of life for a few minutes, an hour, whatever works for you. Stop and go within. Slow things down to snail’s pace.

Finally, here’s a quick reminder which areas of life are lit up for you during the New Moon:

  • Aries – money & values
  • Taurus – personal goals & self image
  • Gemini – solitude & secrets
  • Cancer – friends & wider society
  • Leo – career & status
  • Virgo – travel & study
  • Libra – joint finances & sexuality
  • Scorpio – love & relationships
  • Sagittarius – job & health
  • Capricorn – birth i.e. kids, love, creative project
  • Aquarius – home & family
  • Pisces – local community & ideas

Wishing you much happiness, laughter and abundance on a glorious New Moon in Taurus.

(Image – Abundance and the Four Elements by Jan Brueghel the Elder)

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