Taurus December 2020

Love Relationships

Your ruling planet Venus remains in Scorpio and your relationship sector until the 15th. Venus makes only positive planetary aspects on the 6th, 10th, 14th & 15th. Therefore, it’s a good month to prioritise love and relationships and work at your 1-to-1’s.

Find your soul-mate, the person you connect with best, either personally or professionally. Create strong unions as you move towards the end of 2020.

Solar Eclipse

Money is also under the cosmic spotlight this month, especially joint finances and shared resources.

The Sun is in Sagittarius and this sector of your horoscope until the 21st and talk planet Mercury is here from the 1st to the 20th. It’s a time to negotiate well and consider your future investments or goals.

There is, however, a major factor highlighting these areas of your life. This is the New Moon Solar Eclipse which falls in Sagittarius on the 14th.

This follows on from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and your personal money sector on November 30th. Eclipses often coincide with dramatic events, the ups & downs of life.

This suggests your money situation is unlikely to be stable. Yet, there’s also the potential to make the right move and do well. See what opportunities come your way on or around the New Moon Eclipse and get ready to take action a few days later.

This might be linked to finding the right partner, expert or adviser, someone dynamic and motivated who can make things happen.

This eclipse cycle isn’t only about money, although this is a key feature. It’s also about where your values lie, your self-worth, your hidden desires or motivations. Notice the emotional pull around money and what you’re willing to give and receive.

At its best, this powerful Solar Eclipse energy could make a difference to your life financially, emotionally and/or sexually.

Jupiter-Saturn – Career Goals

As 2020 completes, it’s important to turn your gaze towards the future. This is because Jupiter & Saturn both change star sign on the 17th & 19th and enter Aquarius and your career and vocation sector.

This is an important planetary shift. Jupiter rules opportunity & growth, while Saturn rules responsibility & commitment.

The Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction on the 21st could be the start of a extraordinary year for you. Think back twelve years ago when Jupiter was last in this sector of your horoscope. Think about what was happening and how you can use this shift upwards to the best of your ability.

You could be presented with an opportunity to play big, fly high and expand your horizons. Jupiter’s the biggest planet in the heavens and represents the entrepreneur, the visionary. Jupiter in Aquarius wants you to up your game. 

Also, Saturn has a lot in common with the earth signs, like your star sign Taurus. Saturn knows how to turn dreams into reality, draw up the business plan, take the necessary steps to reach your chosen goal.

Plus, Jupiter connects you with the world as it’s the global planet. On the same day as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the 21st, the Sun enters Capricorn, another of the earth signs. This is about travel and study, expanding your horizons.

Talk planet Mercury is here too from the 20th onwards. Reach out to your wider network to expand your career. Consider work abroad or take a sabbatical to study something you’ve always dreamed about.

It’s your choice but the astrology is urging you to become more involved within society, whatever your personal vision. This may become clear to you on the Full Moon in Cancer on the 30th.

4 thoughts on “Taurus December 2020”

  1. Sally,

    Compelled by your lovely “Currier and Ives” carousel photocard for December Taurus. Thanks for all your insight, support, and great recommendations navigating 2020.

    Wishing you joy, light, and merriment this season.

    Best wishes,

  2. Older and wiser

    Aqua transits have generally been good to me with the exception of Saturn’s last trip there. I was in my first job and had a lot of growing up to do – got given a nitpicky boss who held me accountable. Hated him at the time as all irresponsible people would!! Also moved out of my parents home as things became unbearably tense there. It was the beginning of growing up.

    Generally enjoyed the uranus/neptune/jupiter years as seemed to have some success in life – started new jobs in 1997 and 2009. Certainly need it all to come to fruition now as have been struggling along for the past few years. My hope and optimism have taken a big hit with Saturn in my 9th. None of my plans have worked out and I feel I’m running out of options.

    1. Yes, it will be interesting to see what happens as Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius – it’s going to be a very different transit, at least in 2021 – and hopefully it will deliver more hope & faith. Sending best wishes.

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