Sagittarius December 2020

December horoscopes

Sun Sagittarius

December is your birthday month and the Sun remains in Sagittarius until the 21st, the day of the Solstice. If you’re a typical Sagittarius, you’re a hedonist at heart and it’s fitting that you celebrate your birthday during one of the most festive months of the year.

For many Sagittarius individuals, the run up to the holiday season is the perfect excuse to celebrate and enjoy yourself. This year, you may be finding new ways of staying connected and celebrating your birthday.

Talk planet, Mercury, is also in Sagittarius from the 1st to the 20th. Therefore, the focus is firmly on you and your personal goals and aims.

This is about your image and profile and how you come across to other people and how the world sees you. Find your voice and ensure you’re heard. This is a good month to reinvent yourself and consider what you want to do differently moving forwards.

Eclipse Season

Plus, it’s always going to be an important month when you have an eclipse in your star sign. The eclipse date is the 14th when there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This eclipse is part of a bigger eclipse cycle that began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021.

This eclipse cycle cuts across the sector of your horoscope which represents you on the one hand, your identity, your image and profile, your personal goals and aims.

The other axis of the zodiac represents your 1-to-1’s, your close relationships, both personal and professional. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th may have been a significant time for you in one or both of these areas.

As eclipses bring change, it’s unlikely that your relationships are going to be the same at the start of this eclipse cycle as they are at the end. Plus, you’re unlikely to be the same person, especially if you’re being called forth to reconsider what’s important to you.

Tend to these key areas of your life – identity & relationships – and look at where change is needed or where change may happen. Have you lost sight of who you are or do you play a role that no longer suits you in a significant 1-to-1? 

Also, notice who comes into your life during the eclipse as eclipses are often turning points, moments of destiny, linked to endings and new beginnings.

The Sagittarius eclipse could be super turbo-charged for you and lead you into the limelight. As there’s a lovely Venus-Jupiter connection on the same day as this eclipse, this may be linked to money prospects, a gift or promotion.

Jupiter-Saturn Aquarius

The big news this month is the fact that your ruling planet, the planet of luck and opportunity, Jupiter, is on the move. And this year, Jupiter is not alone.

Both Jupiter & Saturn, the leaders of the planetary pantheon change star sign on the 17th & 19th. Then, on the 21st, they make their Great Conjunction in Aquarius, the star sign ruling the collective, turning your attention towards the future.

This is an important shift in the heavens. Jupiter has been in Capricorn and your personal money sector throughout 2020. Yet, Jupiter has been alongside Saturn & Pluto.

So, this hasn’t necessarily been an easy time financially, whether you’ve had to rework the way you earn money or deal with debt or a furlough situation.

Even though Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn, the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, the day of the Solstice. Plus, talk planet Mercury is in Capricorn from the 20th onwards.

Seeds which have been sown throughout 2020 could come to fruition at the end of the year, boosting your finances. If you’re looking for work or a job, you might hear of a new opportunity on the 25th or 28th. 

The Full Moon on the 30th would also be a good date to sign or seal a financial deal and trust your intuition around money.

Jupiter and Saturn’s move into Aquarius lights up your communication sector. This is ideal for all forms of communication, debating, gathering and sharing ideas and information, making new friends and learning new skills. 

A new role as a voice-over artist, a new job as a journalist, a new role as a blogger? Use your voice to the best of your ability as you leave 2020 behind and move into 2021.

Decide where and how you want to actively use Jupiter & Saturn in your communication, learning and ideas sector. You might become a teacher or start a course of learning that takes you through to 2023. Aquarius rules your siblings and neighbours, so look out for movements here too.

The 21st, the day of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, would an ideal date for a community venture. Or setting up an online website or initiative that helps bring people together. Your love of social justice could be activated during this new era, this new wave.

11 thoughts on “Sagittarius December 2020”

  1. Cheryl Schofield

    Thank you Sally! Being a Sagittarius(23 Nov) through and through, the last few years have been pretty tough to say the least! But I do feel that in this time I have changed significantly, maybe grown up?! Done a lot of thinking and feel I’m now ready to be Sagi again and have some fun! So this all sounds hopeful to me, and hopefully we will all come through this time with a more spiritual and forgiving way of being together. Thanks again ☺

  2. Suresh Venkataraman

    Date of birth : 10th December 1955
    Sally : no earnings past 18 months in Recruiting services.
    Surviving on small Rental income
    When earnings will improve

    1. Hi Suresh, I’m sorry to hear things have been difficult for you. As a Sun Sagittarius, the last set of eclipses would have triggered your financial houses – not easy. Hopefully you’ll see a shift as the planets start to change signs at the end of this year. It’s a new landscape in 2021. Sending best wishes.

    1. You can book in for an astrology reading if you like. Details on the Astrology Readings page in the navigation bar. I’m fully booked now throughout December and taking bookings for January.

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