Jupiter Conjunct Saturn: The Great Conjunction

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn [0 Aquarius 29]

– December 21, 2020 (18:21 GMT)

Get your telescope, your binoculars and your eyes at the ready – the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the night sky will be the closest conjunction of these two great planets for a long, long time – 800 years. In fact, they may look like a double planet.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction heralds a new age. This major planetary conjunction takes place once every 20 years and has always been an important symbol of the times, giving a flavour of the subsequent 20 years. In whichever star sign the conjunction falls, this gives you an idea of what’s coming and which areas of life are foreground.

In traditional astrology and before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto, the two planets, Jupiter & Saturn, were the most significant and visible in the night sky. The furthest planets away from the Sun – Jupiter the biggest planet and Saturn the planet delineating the boundary of the universe.

In mythology, they were both leaders of the Gods, Saturn representing the old order and Jupiter representing the new order. In fact, it’s thought that the Star of Bethlehem was an exceptionally bright Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in approximately 7BC, heralding a new king, leader and era. These are truly important planets.

Mutation Conjunction

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020 is even more momentous because it’s a ‘Mutation Conjunction’. This means that for the last 200 years, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions have fallen primarily in earth signs, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, but that is starting to change.

The last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place in Taurus in May 2000, the star sign ruling money & consumerism (its flip side being greed).

Also, the star sign ruling nature and earth’s abundance. What we produce and grow, how we tend to the earth and the money markets have all been key areas of development in the last twenty years. 

Take that back even further, 200 years further back, and the movement of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions into earth signs coincided with the Industrial Revolution. It’s been a 200 year era of production, manufacturing, excavating the very material that forms our earth. 

The New Air Era

So, this is the start of 200 years when the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will fall in the air signs, Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. We already have some inkling of what this is going to be about. 

Firstly, there’s often one Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that’s rogue and leads the way. Think back to 1980 and there was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra, giving us some idea of what to expect about the new ‘air’ era.

The element Air rules ideas, the sharing of information, networks, social connections, communications and technology. The World Wide Web (WWW) began in 1989 during this first Jupiter-Saturn 20 year era in an air sign. Since then, social media, cell-phones and global connections have exploded into our world.

2020 has given us even more of a clue about what this new era will entail. The information superhighways have taken over from physical travel. Real jobs are now taking place on Zoom and other virtual software. Many skills that used to be done by humans are being replaced by robots and automation. 

Space too is opening up with more countries investing in space travel – the ultimate ‘air’ adventure. Air represents breath too, so maybe we will be learning to live with new viruses over the next 200 years that are air-borne. We’re entering a new age.

The new ‘air’ era promises change to the collective at a political, social, humanitarian and environmental level. More likely than not, some of the changes taking place will need to be radical. Everyone may have to be less self-oriented and more concerned about what’s best for the whole. 

Jupiter & Saturn – Working Together

Jupiter & Saturn encourage us to focus on the future (Jupiter) and use the best of the past (Saturn). The fact that they unite at 0 degrees Aquarius on the Winter Solstice leading us in to 2021 feels revelatory. If you have key planets/angles close to 0 degrees Aquarius, then you too are on the verge of something special.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Jupiter is linked to joy (the term jovial derives from Jove, another name for Jupiter) and brings good fortune, opportunity and growth.

Saturn is the planet of limitation. If Jupiter is Yes, then Saturn is No. From Saturn comes the word saturnine, meaning a gloomy disposition. Saturn is the planet of realism, boundaries and hard work.

These two planets are opposite in nature. Ultimately, this is the battle between faith (Jupiter) and fear (Saturn). Yet, Jupiter can learn from Saturn’s discipline and ‘get real’ mentality and Saturn can learn from Jupiter’s desire to take risks and think big. When they are working together, this is the optimistic realist, the practical visionary.

This is going to be a truly exciting time for science, space travel, New Age thinkers, social activists, pioneering leaders, inventors, visionaries, rebels and innovators. 

Planets in Aquarius urge you to ‘embrace your weird’ and not worry about being conventional or fitting in to the norm. The main focus is on the collective and social issues and creating a better world for everyone.

Next Steps

I’ve been posting more articles recently about Saturn & Jupiter moving into Aquarius and what it means for you from a star sign perspective.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with all the astrology taking place as we move into this new air era, you can sign up to my Weekly Horoscopes & Astrology Newsletter here: Weekly Astrology.

8 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Saturn: The Great Conjunction”

  1. Once again, you give us a fascinating take on what’s happening in the heavens.

    I’m particularly interested in the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction as I was born with these two planets conjunct in Capricorn, in my natal 4th house, and I’m also an Aquarian. But I was wondering when you said that this was the closest they’d been for a long while – in my case there is literally 57” between them, at 25 Capricorn 10’ 10” and 25 Capricorn 11’ 7” – are they completely conjunct this time round?

    As I’ve said to you before, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens over the next few months – as you may recall, my mum died recently, and after a long time caring for her, I’m looking at going to live in Spain, so it will certainly be a time of change for me!

    I hope that in spite of current conditions, you and your son will have a lovely festive season.

    1. They always make an exact conjunction every 20 years so some people will be born when they are exactly at 0 Aquarius 29. It’s the closest conjunction from an astronomical perspective and will be the closest visible conjunction since 1226. I hope that makes sense 🙂 Good luck with your future plans.

  2. My first teacher of astrology was born with the 1940 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus in the 4th House. With help from his father, he built his own house from the conception to the roof. Typical to Earth energy and tradition, he integrated the architecture of the Medieval Templars with not even a single piece of metal in the structure, using instead mortises and tenons. Three levels, the basement with rough wood, the main floor with hand-work wood crowned by a cupola with a stain glass mandala gazing at the stars.
    And from the road, it looked like a spaceship.
    Thank you Sally for your well-thought article. On a larger scale, moving from Pisces to Aquarius era, maybe we need less charity and more equality between human beings.

    1. What a wonderful story re. your astrology teacher and perfect for the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus. Yes, I am with you on less charity and more equality. Sending festive wishes.

  3. Hi Sally, once again, an amazing and informative article 🙂

    May I ask a quick question? You say that if I have key planets/angles close to 0 degrees Aquarius then I too will be on the verge of something special…

    My Midheaven is at 0 Aqu 46′, and I’m 27 in Jan so coming up to my first Saturn return too (at 27 Aqu 14′).

    Is the Midheaven at 0 degrees Aquarius just as momentous as if it was a planet?

    Hopefully that’s a quick question 😅

    Thank you in advance, look forward to hearing from you and sending you and your family best wishes for the festive season and New Year.


    1. Yes, it’s as momentous – fantastic to have the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on your Midheaven – career/success point of the horoscope – seeding a new chapter in your life.

      1. Oh great! That makes so much sense with what’s happening in that area for me right now 🙂 thank you so much for your advice!

  4. My day had a very Jupiter-Saturn feeling. I went to see some friends who’d rented a nearby cottage so they could be in the area to visit parents and relatives.

    So long since I’ve seen them, so lovely to see them, their kids, play some games and lots of laughter. And a small exchange of Christmas gifts. Great to get out into the local countryside and visit an area where I’ve never been even though it’s only 10-15 miles away. That was the Jupiter-side.

    But, on the Saturn side, by the time I went to see them, I was tired from a busy, non-stop morning and awake since 5am. It was a gloomy, grey, rainy day. I had to keep slowing to 30mph through a series of villages on the 60mph A-road and the journey felt like it took for ever, along with the vigilance of trying to find the correct turnings and the pressure of cars up behind me that couldn’t pass.

    A real mix of expansiveness and delays.

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